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The Statutes at Large (cited as X Stat. y [where X is the appropriate Volume and y the page in said Volume on which the header of the Law in question is to be found]) is the official compilation of Laws of the United States of America (that is: Acts of the U.S. Federal Government) in, more or less, chronological order. The text of Federal Law, as it is found in the Statutes at Large, is controlling for all legal purposes (excepting where a Title of the United States Code might have been enacted in toto by Congress [thus, as so-called "Positive Law"]) since said text is based directly on the so-called "Session Laws" printed up as each bill, order or resolution passed by both houses of Congress is sent to the President of the United States for his/her signature (or, perhaps, veto) per Article I, Section 7, clauses 2 and 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

By the way: it is the style of The Green Papers to primarily cite Federal Law, when necessary and where practicable, on this very website by reference to the Statutes at Large.

The compilation of the Statutes at Large is arranged as follows:

Treaties made under the authority of the United States of America (whether with Native American Indian Tribes or Foreign Nations) were included within Volumes 9 thru 63 (thus, 1845-1949), a practice that ended with the authorization of a separate official compilation of such Treaties beginning in 1950; in addition: Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders have been published irregularly- as well as, at times, at least somewhat erratically- as part of the Statutes at Large over the course of its entire publication history.

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