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2012 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Primary: Tuesday 6 March 2012
Town Caucuses: April 2012 (tentative)
State Convention: Saturday 19 May 2012
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Romney, Willard "Mitt"23,964  39.53%9  52.94%13  76.47%
Paul, Ronald E. "Ron"15,370  25.35%4  23.53%4  23.53%
Santorum, Richard J. "Rick"14,271  23.54%4  23.53% 
Gingrich, Newton Leroy "Newt"4,942   8.15%  
Huntsman, Jon M., Jr.1,213   2.00%  
Perry, James Richard "Rick"544   0.90%  
Write-in322   0.53%  
Total60,626 100.00%17 100.00%17 100.00%

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The delegate selection processes herein was updated 16 November 2011.

2010 Vermont Republican Party Platform


Tuesday 6 March 2012: All 17 of Vermont's delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound to presidential contenders in today's Presidential Primary. [Rules of the Vermont Republican State Committee, Rule 11. i.]

  • The presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in the state's lone Congressional District is awarded the 3 National Convention District delegates. Since Vermont has but 1 Congressional District, this is effectively a statewide winner-take-all contest.
  • 14 statewide (10 At-Large, 1 Bonus, plus 3 party leader) delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound to presidential contenders according to the statewide vote.
    • If one candidate receives 50% or more of the vote, that candidate receives all 14 statewide delegates.
    • Otherwise, the statewide delegates are proportionally bound to those candidates receiving at least 20% of the statewide vote. When rounding, if there is one too few delegates allocated, round the allocation up for the candidate with the most votes and for one too many, round down for the candidate with the least votes.
    • The party's rules do not specifically detail what is to happen should no candidate receives the requisite 20%.

April 2012 (tentative): Republican Town Caucuses meet for the purpose of electing delegates to the State Presidential Nominating Convention. [Rules of the Vermont Republican State Committee, Rule 11.d.]


Saturday 19 May 2012: State Convention. National Convention Delegates are are elected according to the results of the primary. [17 VSA Section 2715]

The 3 party leaders, the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the Vermont's Republican Party, will attend the convention as unbound delegates by virtue of their position. This statement contradicts the delegate allocation formula for the primary.

Delegates ... to the Republican National Convention shall be bound in the first ballot .... Delegates ... shall be released if their candidate is not placed into nomination ... or officially withdraws. [Rules of the Vermont Republican State Committee. Rule 11. i.]

19 May 2012 update from Daily Paul: Not awesome. 2 delegates for Paul. 12 delegates for Romney.

20 May 2012: A report provided by Paul Dame. He attended the Vermont Convention and was selected as a national delegate.

Ron Paul picks up 2 of 14 delegates in Vermont with 10 of 14 Alternates, including the #1 alternate.
The three party leaders are super delegates who all endorsed Romney earlier this year. Of the 14 delegates voted on Saturday, 2 are known Paul supporters, 8 have officially endorsed Romney (, and the other 4 are unconfirmed at this time. One of the delegates was also the former campaign manager for Rick Perry earlier in the election cycle.
The two Paul supporters were the only delegates NOT listed on the Romney slate passed out at the convention, however one unconfirmed report cites the fact that at least one person on the Romney slate never asked to be put on the slate, nor did the Romney campaign ask permission to put his name on their slate. So there are questions as to how this slate was created.
Here is the full list of Delegates and Alternates in order of their election:
1. former Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie (Romney)
2. state Senator Randy Brock (Romney)
3. Jay Shepard
4. state Auditor Tom Salmon (Romney)
5. Darcie Johnston
6. Mark Candon
7. Rick Cochran
8. Dave Sargent
9. Mark Snelling
10. Craig Benson
11. Terrace Mcknight
12. Jane Mcknight
13. Paul Dame
14. Stewart Skill
15. Carl Parton
16. Paul Carroccio
17. Brian Albarelli
18. Mindy Wren
19. Edward Pomicter
20. Linda Kirker
21. Suzanne Butterfield
22. John Kleinhans
23. William Brownlee
24. Adam Howard
25. George Hutchins
26. Jeff Dunn
27. Dexter Lefavour
28. Larry Williams

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