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Presidential Nominating Process
Primary: Tuesday 6 March 2012
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Romney, Willard "Mitt"456,512  37.94%38  57.58%66 100.00%
Santorum, Richard J. "Rick"446,223  37.08%25  37.88% 
Gingrich, Newton Leroy "Newt"175,552  14.59%  
Paul, Ronald E. "Ron"111,239   9.24%  
Perry, James Richard "Rick"7,446   0.62%  
Huntsman, Jon M., Jr.6,431   0.53%  
Uncommitted 3   4.55% 
Total1,203,403 100.00%66 100.00%66 100.00%

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The delegate selection processes herein, was updated 9 February 2012.


Tuesday 6 March 2012: 63 of 66 of Ohio's delegates to the Republican National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders in today's Ohio Presidential Primary. These delegates are morally but not legally bound to any candidate.

  • 48 district delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the 16 congressional districts: each congressional district is assigned 3 National Convention delegates and the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in that district will receive all 3 of that district's National Convention delegates.
  • 15 at-large delegates (10 base at-large delegates plus 5 bonus delegates) are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the statewide primary vote.
    • If one candidate receives a majority of the statewide vote (more than 50%), that candidate is allocated all 15 of the at-large delegates.
    • If no candidate receives a majority of the statewide vote, each presidential candidate receiving 20% or more of the statewide vote shall be allocated delegates accordingly based on their percentage of the vote total of those candidates who met the 20% threshold. Round delegate allocations to the nearest whole number. (There are no written rules to handle a case where rounding results in too few or too many delegates being allocated.)

The Presidential candidates pre-approve delegate candidates who appear on the Presidential Primary ballot. The Presidential primary vote for the Presidential candidates is used to compute the delegate allocations. The delegate candidates receiving the most votes fill then fill those allocations. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum did NOT file a slate of delegate candidates in CDs 6, 9, and 13. Circa 4 May 2012: Romney will not challenge Santorum on these delegates. This changes the tally from Romney 38, Santorum 21, available 4 to Romney 38, Santorum 25. Reference: 4 May 2012 from Romney drops delegate challenge in Ohio

In addition, 3 party leaders, the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the Ohio's Republican Party, will attend the convention as unpledged delegates by virtue of their position.


HB 194, introduced on 18 May 2011 by Representatives Robert P. Mecklenborg (Republican) and Louis W. Blessing, Jr. (Republican), was signed into law by Governor John Richard Kasich (Republican) on 1 July 2011. The bill moves the partisan and Presidential primaries from the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in March (in Presidential election years) to the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in May.

A 19 August 2011 report in The Columbus Dispatch, Election-law opponents get small window to gather signatures, states that opponents of HB 194 are gathering signatures to overturn the bill. If they are successful, the Presidential Primary would be moved back to 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in March.

On 12 September 2011, state Senator Keith Faber (Republican) introduced SB 217. In the event HB 194 is overturned, this bill, like HB 194, moves the partisan and Presidential primaries from the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in March (in Presidential election years) to the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in May.

On 13 September 2011, state Representatives Louis W. Blessing, Jr. (Republican) and Sean O'Brien (Democratic) introduced HB 318. The bill eliminates the March primary elections in presidential election years by requiring all primary elections to be conducted on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May.

22 September 2011: Ohio's primary will be in March - The Daily Record.

22 September 2011: Section 3 of HB 319 (Congressional district boundaries) sets the date of the 2012 statewide and Presidential primaries to 6 March 2012.

6 October 2011 from The Columbus Dispatch: We'll see more Republican presidential candidates in Ohio, says state GOP chairman

20 October 2011: The state Senate passed an updated version of HB 319. The bill calls for a 12 June 2012 Presidential and U.S. House primary and a 6 March 2012 primary for the U.S. Senate and state legislature.

On 21 October 2011, the Ohio House of Representatives passed HB 319 and Governor John Kasich signed the bill into law. Ohio will hold a 6 March 2012 primary for the U.S. Senate, state Legislature, and County offices and a 12 June 2012 primary for Presidential and the U.S. House.

14 December 2011: The Ohio Legislature passed HB 369. This bill moves the statewide and Presidential primaries to 6 March 2012.

On 15 December 2011, Ohio Governor John Richard Kasich (Republican) signed HB 369. The law moves the statewide and Presidential primaries from Tuesday 12 June 2012 to Tuesday 6 March 2012.

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