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2012 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Non-binding Primary: Tuesday 31 January 2012
County Caucuses: Saturday 5 May 20121
State Convention: Saturday 2 June - Sunday 3 June 2012
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Obama, Barack Hussein 276.0  92.00%296.0  98.67%
Uncommitted 24.0   8.00% 
Not Announced  4.0   1.33%
Total 300.0 100.00%300.0 100.00%

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Florida Primaries for Statewide offices and Congress
Florida State and Local Government


The delegate selection processes herein was updated 13 December 2011 per the FLORIDA DELEGATE SELECTION PLAN FOR THE 2012 DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION ISSUED BY THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY Approved by the Florida State Democratic Executive Committee at its meeting on June 11, 2011 Revised per DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee October 25, 2011. Notes here.

On 8 February 2011 State Senator Arthenia Joyner (Democratic) filed S 860. On 9 February state Representative Martin David "Marty"Kiar (Democratic) filed companion HB 695. These bills move the state's Presidential primary from from the last Tuesday in January (24 January 2012) to the first Tuesday in March (6 March 2012). Statue reference: 103.101.

On 19 May 2011, Florida Governor Richard L. "Rick" Scott (Republican) signed HB 1355 which, among other things, creates the Presidential Preference Primary Date Selection Committee. This committee has until 1 October 2011 to set the date of the 2012 Presidential Primary. That date will be no earlier than the 1st Tuesday in January (3 January 2012) and no later than the 1st Tuesday in March (6 March 2012). There are 10 members: The Secretary of State (the non-voting chair), 3 appointed by the Governor (no more than 2 may be from the same political party), 3 appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives (no more than 2 may be from the same political party), and 3 appointed by the President of the Senate (no more than 2 may be from the same political party).

On 10 September 2011, Frank Leone (DNC Virginia) re: DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting Report wrote that Arizona, Florida, and Georgia Democratic Parties will begin their delegate selection process using a caucus should their states decide to hold a pre-window primary.

On 30 September 2011, the Florida Presidential Preference Primary Date Selection Committee decided to hold the Florida Presidential Primary on Tuesday 31 January 2012.


No later than 1 October 2011, the Florida Presidential Preference Primary Date Selection Committee sets the date of the Florida Presidential Primary. On 30 September 2011, the Florida Presidential Preference Primary Committee voted 7-2 to hold the Florida Presidential Primary on Tuesday 31 January 2012.

Tuesday 31 January 2012: Florida non-binding Presidential Primary. The primary has no effect on delegate allocation.

Since the only candidate on the ballot is President Obama, the primary is cancelled.


After HB 1355 was signed into law, the date of the Florida Primary is set by the Florida Legislature's Presidential Primary Date Selection Committee. The Committee is required to make their decision no later than 1 October 2011. If the Primary is held before 6 March 2012 (out of compliance with the Democratic National Committee rules), the results of the 5 May 2012 County Caucuses is used to pledge National Convention delegates. Accordingly, the state receives a 20% pledged delegate bonus for starting in Stage III (May-June).

All Democratic voters are eligible to participate in the caucus of the county in which they are registered to vote.

Saturday 5 May 2012 - County Caucuses. 276 of 300 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are pledged to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in the County Caucuses. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be pledged National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  • 184 district delegates are to be pledged proportionally to presidential contenders based on the caucus results in each of the State's 25 congressional districts (using the District boundaries of the 2000 Census). (the numbers below are from 25 October 2011). No presidential preference vote was taken at the caucuses. All delegates are pledged to President Obama.
    • CD 1: 5 delegates
    • CD 2: 8 delegates
    • CD 3: 8 delegates
    • CD 4: 6 delegates
    • CD 5: 9 delegates
    • CD 6: 8 delegates
    • CD 7: 8 delegates
    • CD 8: 8 delegates
    • CD 9: 7 delegates
    • CD 10: 7 delegates
    • CD 11: 7 delegates
    • CD 12: 7 delegates
    • CD 13: 8 delegates
    • CD 14: 7 delegates
    • CD 15: 7 delegates
    • CD 16: 8 delegates
    • CD 17: 9 delegates
    • CD 18: 5 delegates
    • CD 19: 10 delegates
    • CD 20: 8 delegates
    • CD 21: 5 delegates
    • CD 22: 8 delegates
    • CD 23: 8 delegates
    • CD 24: 8 delegates
    • CD 25: 5 delegates
  • In addition, 92 delegates are to be pledged to presidential contenders based on the caucus vote statewide.
    • 61 at-large National Convention delegates.
    • 31 Pledged PLEOs

Saturday 2 June - Sunday 3 June 2012: State Convention.

National Convention delegates are elected during the State Convention according to the results of the primary.

  • National Convention Congressional District delegates are elected at Congressional District Caucuses at the State Convention.
  • National Convention Pledged PLEO and At-Large delegates are elected by National Convention District Level delegates.

The remaining 24 National Convention delegates consist of

  • 23 Unpledged PLEO delegates:
    • 12 Democratic National Committee members.
    • 10 Members of Congress (1 Senator and 9 Representatives).
    • 0 Governors.
    • 1 Distinguished Party Leader (former DNC Chairman Kenneth Curtis).

These 24 delegates and will go to the Democratic National Convention officially "Unpledged".

Delegation to the National Convention

Florida Delegation (as posted at, 20 August 2012)

Burton AaronsonDelray Beach
Deeba AhmadOrlando
Michael A AlbettaFt. Lauderdale
Ercilia AlbistuTampa
Cynthia "Toni" AlfredJacksonville
Ray AlfredJacksonville
David AltermattPanama City Beach
Paul AndersonAuburndale
Troy AnthonyNew Port Richey
Karen Beth AronowitzMiami
Loranne AusleyTallahassee
Jon AusmanTallahassee
Daisy J BaezCoral Gables
Lucia BaezMiami Beach
Terrell Wayne BaileyDeLand
Bruce BallisterTallahassee
Gloria BattleDeerfield Beach
Ruth BedellTallahassee
Dorothy Bendross-MindingallMiami
Patricia "Patty" BensonBradenton
Margaret A BentonFt. Pierce
Bret BerlinMiami
Lori BermanDelray Beach
Stephen BittelMiami Beach
Daisy BlackEl Portal
Joyce BlakeOcala
Michael BonacoltaLehigh Acres
Susan BottcherGainesville
Joe BowyerWinter Haven
Richard "Rick" Q BoylanSt. Pete Beach
LaVon BracyOrlando
Terrie BradyJacksonville
Dustin BranchAuburndale
Jason BraswellEustis
Travis L BridgesJacksonville
Henry BrightNokomis
Emma BrinkleyDaytona Beach
Alan BrockCrawfordville
Bradford E BrownMiami
Corrine BrownWashington
Alvin BrownJacksonville
Beryle BuchmanPlant City
Bob BuckhornTampa
Dwight BullardMiami
Rhett BullardWhite Springs
Jacquelene N BurkePort St. Lucie
Vernon J BurtonLake Helen
Cynthia M BuschPlantation
(Winnie) Patricia ByrdPanama City
Christopher CanoTampa
Larry D CappMiami
Annette CappellaElkton
Marilyn G CappielloTampa
Hector CaraballoMiami
Yesenia CashmanJacksonville
Kathy CastorWashington
Mitchel CeasarPlantation
Ed ChambersLakeland
Carson ChandlerOrlando
Charles S Chestnut IVGainesville
Radwan ChowdhuryJacksonville
Mae ChristianMiami
John Boston ClarkTallahassee
Gwyndolen Clarke-ReedDeerfield Beach
Alan ClendeninTampa
Ella K CoffeeRiverview
William Mike ColemanBoca Raton
Elizabeth CollinsMiami
Clara CookTallahassee
Terry CooleyWilton Manors
Susie B CopelandBradenton
Arthur CostaMiami
Janet CruzTampa
Leo CruzOviedo
Ken CurtisSarasota
Joyce CusackDeLand
Michael T DamesMiami Gardens
Marna S DavidsonBoynton Beach
Michelle C DavisBoynton Beach
Samuel DavisHomosassa
Paula M DeLaneyGainesville
Tiffany DeLeonPort Saint Lucie
Brian DempseyOcala
Ted DeutchWashington
JoAnne DeVriesSarasota
Ben DiamondTampa
Lourdez DiazPembrook Pines
Elizabeth "Betty" DiMaioFt. Lauderdale
Viviene Dixon-SmithTamarac
Alice M DonovanPort Richey
Midge DoschJupiter
Trevor DoyleLutz
Kristin DozierTallahassee
Kathleen "Kate" E DuffyFort Meyers Beach
Larry DupreeTampa
Seeta Durjan-EsmailbeguiSatellite Beach
John "Buddy" DyerOrlando
Angela EadyKissimmee
Verna Lewis EdingtonMiami
Barbara S EffmanSunrise
Patricia M EmmertJupiter
Kenneth EvansLauderdale By The Sea
Joseph FalkMiami
Jose A FernandezOrlando
David A FernandezPalmetto
Rita FerrandinoSarasota
Thomas G FinnertyBradenton
Terence FlemingGainesville
Rafael FloresMiami
Ingrid FluellenJacksonville
Brian Michael FontPembroke Pines
Andrew FordAtlantic Beach
Evelyn T FoxxGainesville
Wanda FrancisFt. Lauderdale
Stacy FrankTampa
Sheila FranklinFt. Lauderdale
Eufaula FrazierMiami
Anne GannonDel Ray Beach
Alan F GarciaClermont
Matilda GarciaTampa
Evelyn T GarciaLake Worth
Marlene "Mickey" GarganNaples
Marcus GarzaTampa
Dominique GelinOrlando
Joseph S GellerFt. Lauderdale
Mary Jane GibbonsTampa
Joseph "Joe" GibbonsHallandale Beach
Audrey GibsonJacksonville
Hazel GillisJacksonville
George P GillisJacksonville
Andrew GillumTallahassee
Phillip GiornoCassadaga
Lori GlasserSunrise
Diane GlasserTamarac
Craig GlasserSunrise
Warren GodboltDade County
Alma R GonzalezTallahassee
Kenneth GoodfriendTamarac
Joanne GoodwinPompano Beach
Kathleen "Kat" GordonOrlando
Denise M GoreMerritt Island
Bob Graham 
Grace GreenKissimmee
Summer GreeneFort Lauderdale
Michael C GudisCrystal River
Laura HammadOrlando
Michael HamzeWellington
Mark S HaniseeS. Pasadena
Siobhan HarleyTampa
Roxanne HarrisPalm Beach Gardens
Glenn HarrisTarpon Springs
Lee HarrisJacksonville
Dianne HartTampa
Robert "Bob" HartnettOrlando
Alcee HastingsWashington
Jessica Hawkins-GreenidgeAventura
Doug HeadOrlando
Alexander "Alex" HecklerMiami Beach
Harold (Bill) HellerSt. Petersburg
Steve HempingNaples
K.C. HenryOrlando
Millie HerreraMiami
Douglas Don HickmanRedington Shores
Marlon HillMiami
Tony HillJacksonville
Michael HittlemanSunrise
Rand HochW. Palm Beach
Samuel A HortonPensacola
Rudolph V HowardPort St. Lucie
Nancy HurlbertLeesburg
Charlene G HypesLakeland
Fedrick IngramPembroke Pines
Donesa L JacksonOviedo
Cozette Price JacobsNew Smyrna Beach
Nancy C JacobsonOrlando
Jennifer James SotoJacksonville
Lizzie R JenkinsArcher
Teresa JenkinsPunta Gorda
Eric JohnsonFt. Lauderdale
Vonzelle JohnsonDeLand
Julia JonesPort Orange
Johnnie Jones IIIBronson
Mia L JonesJacksonville
Terry G Jones Jr.Jacksonville
Brannon JordanTampa
Debbie JordanFort Meyers
Patricia JotkoffMelbourne
Arthenia L JoynerTampa
Elizabeth JuddMiami
Margaret "Marti" KaraPoinciana
Jonathan P KendallSewall's Point
Suzanne B KikerGainesville
Joseph M KingNew Port Richey
Joan LaneDeLand
Luis LauredoKey Biscayne
Alena K LawsonNewberry
Beverly LedbetterDade City
Michael LedbetterDade City
Judith "Judy" LeeSpring Hill
Cindy LernerPinecrest
Lillian LewisSt. Petersburg
Lisa LicksteinPalm Beach Gardens
Wendi LipsichDelray Beach
Shannon LoveSt. Petersburg
Craig LoweGainesville
Linda E LucasSt. Petersburg
Daisy W LynumOrlando
Scott C MaddoxTallahassee
Jerry MalloryNiceville
John MandujanoLargo
Van ManskerPensacola
John Marks IIITallahassee
Preston MarshallMiami
Pam MartinIslamorada
Thomas MastersRiviera Beach
Beth MatugaTallahassee
Cassandra Y McAwayPensacola
Lorraine McCannSt. Petersburg
Gary Evan McClellanFt. Lauderdale
Sandra McClintonCape Coral
Herminia "Elena" McCulloughWesley Chapel
Gloria Jean McGeeMiami
Reginald B McGillOrlando
Susan McGrathSt. Petersburg
Aaron McKinneyMiami
Tamel L McKinneySanford
Ramsay McLauchlanMadeira Beach
Johnnie (Adora Obi Nweze) McMillianMiami
Cedric McMinnMiami
Daniel McNaughtonCape Coral
Luella McQueenJacksonville
Patricia "Pat" MellersonMiami
Eugene Mendoza Jr.Parrish
Janet MendozaParrish
Lesley J Miller Jr.Tampa
Ronald MillsFort Lauderdale
Rick MinorTallahassee
Brenda MiraclePanama City Beach
Brett MirskyPort Orange
Chris MitchellTampa
Chuck MohlkeNaples
Jean MonestimeNorth Miami
James L Moran Jr.Tallahassee
Alison Berke MoranoWesley Chapel
Anne MorganHernando
Gayle T MorganTampa
Belinda F Morgan-SterlingAltamonte Springs
John C MorrisPort Orange
Michael W MoskowitzParkland
Judy C MountMarianna
Kevin L MuthBoca Raton
Jennifer J NanekLake Wales
Ahmad (Abe) NawabSt. Petersburg
Samuel Louis NeimeiserTallahassee
Mark NeJameOrlando
Bill NelsonWashington
Mark C NisbettPensacola
Dorrick NurseOcala
Frank C OrtisPembroke Pines
Edith OwensMiami Gardens
Eduardo PadronMiami
Mervis E ParkerPembroke Pines
John C ParkerJacksonville
Edward PascoeMiami Beach
Nicholas J PellitoTallahassee
Misty PentonTallahassee
Richard A PerryOcala
Ella PhillipsFort Lauderdale
Sally PhillipsTampa
John "Rich" PiperLargo
Diana PittarelliHollywood
Kristy PolackwichVero Beach
Ira RaabWest Palm Beach
Michael RajnerFort Lauderdale
John A RamosDelray Beach
William H RandallOrange Park
Susannah RandolphOrlando
Scott RandolphOrlando
Stephanie Ann RasendorfCoral Springs
Betty ReedTampa
Jonathan ReiskindGainesville
William RettingerPalm Bay
Nan H RichWeston
Amy RitterOrlando
Terrie L RizzoBoca Raton
Shannon RobertsCape Canaveral
Vivan RodriguezOrlando
Robert RoldanPort St. Lucie
Linda RosenthalBoca Raton
Steven RosenthalMiami
Timothy A RossWilton Manors
Velma RounsvilleJacksonville
David RuckerOrlando
Denise RutjenOrlando
Heidi SanchezBelleair Beach
Peter E Santiago-NefskyMiami
Isabel F SantosBoca Raton
Eric SaporitoLakeland
Edmond SarfatyLake Worth
Linda Saul-SenaTampa
Willie SaundersLongwood
America SchrohMiami
Wanda SchwererBelleair Beach
Juanita M ScottPensacola
Terry ScottDeerfield Bch
Charles "Clay" SelfridgeSt. Cloud
Mark SenaTampa
Sean ShawTampa
Steve ShermanFort Meyers
Jack ShifrelCoconut Creek
Aude M.L SicardPembroke Pines
Mark Alan SiegelBoca Raton
Nancy D Silvestri71 Pierce
Adelaide "Alex" SinkThonotosassa
Rod SmithTallahassee
Dylan SmithGainesville
Susan SmithOdessa
Phyllis SmithPompano Beach
Christopher SmithFort Lauderdale
Stephen SmithPalm Coast
Delia A Smith-OrthUniversity Park
Sharon SmoleyOcoee
Michelle Spence-JonesMiami
Justin SpillerJacksonville
Warner J SquireBartow
Cynthia A StaffordMiami
Bernice "Bunny" SteinmanBoynton Beach
Joel L StieglitzBoynton Beach
Annette Taddeo-GoldsteinPinecrest
Allison TantTallahassee
Kenneth B TaylorFort Meyers
Robert J TaylorPunta Gorda
Janet B. TaylorClewiston
Judy TerrillHudson
Linda M ThigpenPembroke Pines
Cynthia Crawford ThomasCoral Springs
Cedrick ThomasRiviera Beach
Davette ThompsonSebring
Geraldine F ThompsonOrlando
Karen L ThurmanDunnellon
Perry E Thurston Jr.Plantation
Barry TillisOrlando
Andrew TobiasNew York City
Rick TorrenceSt. Augustine
Carmen TorresOrlando
Kathleen TruedSt. Augustine
Patricia TurrentineJacksonville
Christian UlvertMiami
Andrew VazMiami
Dylan VeidePort St. Lucie
Rose M WashingtonLongwood
Debbie Wasserman SchultzFt. Lauderdale
Jeffrey S WeinerMiami
Paul J WeissNew Smyrna Beach
Karen WelzelWinter Haven
Marcus L WheelerCocoa
James WhippleNaples
Corey WilbornJacksonville
Jeffery G WilkinsonChuluota
Alan WilliamsTallahassee
Marian WilliamsHeathrow
Cole P WilliamsBradenton
Mike WilliamsSt. Marks
Kenneth (Ken) WilliamsTampa
Alberta K WilsonRockledge
Frederica WilsonWashington
Jack WolffPlant City
Judith C WoodsonSpring Hill
Jeff WrightTallahassee
Jeanette D WynnQuincy
Fred YonkmanSt. Augustine
Freddie YoungMiami

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