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2012 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Pre-primary Caucus: Saturday 28 April 2012
Primary: Tuesday 5 June 20121
Delegation Meeting: Sunday 24 June 2012
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Obama, Barack Hussein2,075,905  99.98%547.0  89.82%609.0 100.00%
Richardson, Darcy G.221   0.01%  
Meyer, Michael W.R., Jr.129   0.01%  
Ramos, Luis Alberto, Jr.54   0.00%  
Uncommitted 62.0  10.18% 
Total2,076,309 100.00%609.0 100.00%609.0 100.00%

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California Primaries for Statewide offices and Congress
California State and Local Government


The delegate selection processes herein was updated 7 June 2011 per the CALIFORNIA DELEGATE SELECTION PLAN FOR THE 2012 DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION ADOPTED JULY 31, 2011 AMENDED FEBRUARY 6, 2012.

The state received a 20% pledged delegate bonus for starting in Stage III (May and June).

Starting on Tuesday 20 March 2012, a 15% pledged delegate bonus is awarded when clusters of 3 or more neighboring states begin on the same date.

5 June 2012 Primary returns from an official source.


Saturday 28 April 2012 - Pre-primary Caucus

National District-level delegates are slated. Only those participants who sign a pledge of support to a particular candidate may participate.

National Convention District Delegates will be selected from the slate of nominees using a pre-designated order. Once the allocation of district delegates among presidential preferences is determined by the primary, the delegates are selected by their order.


Participation in California's delegate selection process is open to all voters who wish to participate as Democrats. Under California law, voters who are either registered as Democrats or have declined to state a recognized political party may request a Democratic primary ballot. Voters who do so, will have the request noted on their voter file. Any U.S. citizen resident in California who is not on parole for a felony conviction may register to vote as a Democrat.

Tuesday 5 June 2012: 547 of 609 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are pledged to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today's California Presidential Primary. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be pledged National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  • 365 district delegates are to be pledged proportionally to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the State's 53 congressional districts.
    • CD 1: 7
    • CD 2: 9
    • CD 3: 7
    • CD 4: 7
    • CD 5: 8
    • CD 6: 7
    • CD 7: 6
    • CD 8: 6
    • CD 9: 6
    • CD 10: 5
    • CD 11: 8
    • CD 12: 11
    • CD 13: 11
    • CD 14: 9
    • CD 15: 8
    • CD 16: 5
    • CD 17: 8
    • CD 18: 9
    • CD 19: 7
    • CD 20: 8
    • CD 21: 5
    • CD 22: 5
    • CD 23: 5
    • CD 24: 8
    • CD 25: 6
    • CD 26: 7
    • CD 27: 7
    • CD 28: 8
    • CD 29: 6
    • CD 30: 8
    • CD 31: 6
    • CD 32: 6
    • CD 33: 8
    • CD 34: 6
    • CD 35: 6
    • CD 36: 6
    • CD 37: 8
    • CD 38: 7
    • CD 39: 6
    • CD 40: 6
    • CD 41: 6
    • CD 42: 5
    • CD 43: 7
    • CD 44: 7
    • CD 45: 7
    • CD 46: 5
    • CD 47: 7
    • CD 48: 7
    • CD 49: 6
    • CD 50: 6
    • CD 51: 6
    • CD 52: 7
    • CD 53: 7
  • 182 delegates are to be pledged to presidential contenders based on the primary vote statewide.
    • 121 at-large National Convention delegates
    • 61 Pledged PLEOs
Tuesday 5 June 2012 PrimarySource: California Secretary of State Statement of Vote
Certified: 13 July 2012
Delegates  547  547

Sunday 24 June 2012: Delegation Meeting

National Convention Pledged PLEO and At-Large delegates are elected, by a quorum of the district-level delegates, according to the results of the primary.

The remaining 62 National Convention delegates consist of

  • 62 Unpledged PLEO delegates:
    • 26 Democratic National Committee members.
    • 35 Members of Congress (2 Senators and 33 Representatives).
    • 1 Governor.
    • 0 Distinguished Party Leaders (former DNC chairman Charles Taylor Manatt passed away 22 July 2011).

These 62 delegates and will go to the Democratic National Convention officially "Unpledged".


On 29 July 2011, California Governor Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr. signed AB80. The bill, introduced by Assembly Member Paul Fong (Democratic) on 3 January 2011, moves the Presidential Primary from the 1st Tuesday in February (7 February 2012) to the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in June (5 June 2012), the same day as the statewide primary.

Delegation to the National Convention

California Delegation (as posted at, 20 August 2012)

Calvin K AbbasiChatsworth
Robert AblonOakland
Martha O AcevedoMerced
Douglas AckmanSacramento
Jeffrey S AdairRedwood City
Ja'Net AdamsPasadena
Leonardo AguilarWhittier
M Hope AguilarLos Angeles
Rene AguileraRoseville
Horfa B AguileraRoseville
Alicia C. AguirreRedwood City
Zeny AgullanaSacramento
Steven K AlariSacramento
Matthew AlbractOakland
Carlos AlcalaWest Sacramento
Mercedes M AlcoserSan Diego
Catherine D AlexanderCupertino
Anthony AlexanderSan Jose
Anila AliIrvine
Aidan I Ali-SullivanHayward
Gloria R AllredLos Angeles
Francisco M AlonsoMonterey Park
Tom AmmianoSan Francisco
Perry A AmosLos Angeles
Erik M AnciauxGoleta
Bobbie Jean AndersonLOS ANGELES
Mary Ann AndreasBanning
Victor M ArranagaSan Jose
David O AtkinsVentura
Dante A AtkinsLos Angeles
Gurdev S AtwalStockton
Gwendolyn P AustinLos Angeles
Hussam AyloushCorona
Adeniyi A AyoadeSacramento
Joe Baca 
Christa M BackstromSierra Madre
Elizabeth A BadgerWinnetka
Nimi BadwalzElk Grove
Iqbal S BadwalzElk Grove
Shawn K BagleySalinas
Marjetka L BagleySalinas
Rajbir K BainiwalStockton
Kulbir K BainiwalStockton
Betty J BallSan Marcos
Leslie BannermanSan Jose
Paris KC BarclayValley Village
Precious BarnesElk Grove
Michael BarnettOakland
Michael J BarrettBishop
Karen Bass 
Denise C BauerBelvedere
Eric C BaumanNorth Hollywood
Mary G BayerTemecula
Xavier Becerra 
Marissa A BejaranoChula Vista
Brenda L BellGreen Valley Lake
Colleen BellLos Angeles
Cecile S BendavidWoodland Hills
Howard Berman 
Elmy A BermejoSan Francisco
Nachhatar S BhullarArcadia
Rachel BinahLittle River
Thora BirchWest Hollywood
Cory BlackAtascadero
Hillary D BlackerbySanta Barbara
Doris J BlakerInglewood.
Marty BlockSan Diego
Bob J BlumenfieldBurbank
Candace A BondMalibu
Bernice A BonillasBakersfield
Karippaparampil T BoseCarlsbad
Diane BoudreauxChino
Richard J BovaEscondido
Debra L BowenSacramento
Barbara Boxer 
Daphne D BradfordLos Angeles
Steven C BradfordGardena
Harvey A BrodySan Francisco
Debra E BronerCrescent City
Chris BrownLos Angeles
Kevin I BrownLos Angeles
Taisha BrownEl Cajon
Alyssa BrownGoleta
Corrine BrownSacramento
Jerry BrownElk Grove
Renee Brown-HoltLos Angeles
Erika BuendiaSan Diego
Timolin A BurkeSanta Monica
Karen BurneySacramento
Joni L BurnsLos Angeles
Kenneth C BurtCarmichael
Alan BurtonLos Angeles
Kimiko C BurtonSan Francisco
John BurtonSan Francisco
Francine P BusbyCardiff by the Sea
Marsha A BusickMilpitas
Cruz M BustamanteElk Grove
Betsy ButlerBeverly Hills
Joseph A CalabreseLos Angeles
Margot R CalabreseLos Angeles
Ernie M CalderonBakersfield
Jose Z CalderonSan Dimas
Charles M CalderonWhittier
Don Luis A CamachoPacific Palisades
Nora CamposSan Jose
Lois Capps 
Regina CareySan Rafael
Sergio CarrilloWilmington
Sophia CarrilloBrawley
Rafael CastellanosSan Diego
James CastroWest Sacramento
Lori A CaudillLos Osos
Imelde Ceja-ButkiewiczBakersfield
Karina CervantezWatsonville
Elyna M CespedesSacramento
Sherl L ChamblissSanta Clara
Karen ChangHacienda Heights
Christina ChartierBanning
Alejandra ChavezDowney
Sarabjit Kaur CheemaUnion City
Jill CheslerSan Jose
John ChiangTorrance
Peter Y ChiuPalo Alto
Norman S ChramoffWest Hollywood
Judy Chu 
Micaela CichockiRiverside
Wanda D ClemmonsRiverside
Paul M CohenSan Rafael
Robert ColeLos Angeles
Jacqueline G CollinsOakland
Helen W CollinsBakersfield
Shalini (Shelly) K CollinsDanville
Matthew CorralesSan Diego
Jim Costa 
James CostosLos Angeles
Adrienne V CotaSacramento
Ralph A CotaSacramento
Raymond M CoyneSan Diego
Alicia J CrankMountain View
Krisna Crawford-VelascoGranada Hills
Kip CrosbyEl Cerrito
Hilary CrosbyEl Cerrito
Deborah L Cunningham-SkurnikRancho Santa Margarita
Carolyn L CurtisPalo Alto
Margaret DanielsChula Vista
Michael G DavenportRichmond
La Shanna M DavidsonEl Cajon
Gray DavisLos Angeles
Mike DavisLos Angeles
Susan Davis 
Fera DayaniSacramento
Roberto A De AlbaChula Vista
Norma N de la PenaMontebello
Hector De La TorreSouth Gate
Dot De LeonWalnut
Kevin De LeonSan Fernando
Alexander C De OcampoLos Angeles
Addisu S DemissieOakland
Eunice DerishChico
Seth DerishChico
Susan D Devine (Vessely)San Luis Obispo
Tejinder S DhamiFremont
Scott A DickCarmel Valley
Roger DickinsonSacramento
Suzanne DitmarsSan Diego
Charles L DollFullerton
Pankit DoshiRowland Heights
Rebecca DotenLos Angeles
Pam DouglasLong Beach
Andrew M DoyleDowney
Andrew DrabkinSacramento
GIl A DuarteLa Puente
James R DudleyMoreno Valley
Deborah DudleyHuntington Beach
Shefali Razdan DuggalSan Francisco
Camille G DunnLancaster
Maria Elena DurazoLos Angeles
Jess DurfeeSan Diego
Kimberly E DursoNevada City
Delta E DuvaliCerritos
Christopher J DuvaliLong Beach
Mary Ellen EarlySherman Oaks
Maria Echaveste 
Andrew R EinhornHuntington Beach
Jo Elias-JacksonSan Francisco
Basim ElkarraSacramento
Michelle H ElmerPorter Ranch
John B EmersonBeverly Hills
Jacqueline BM EmersonBeverly Hills
Herb EngstromSan Jose
Bernardo EnriquezSanta Ana
Avery C EpsteinOrinda
Thomas S EpsteinOrinda
Martha M EscutiaWhittier
Anna Eshoo 
Luis J EspinosaCamarillo
Sally EspinozaSacramento
Trestan I FairweatherLos Angeles
Sam Farr 
Dianne Feinstein 
Rocky R FernandezHayward
Sonia FernandezPomona
Soyla J FernandezSacramento
Bob Filner 
Joseph E FletcherCarmel
Annie FloresOakland
Isabel FloresLa Puente
Michael FloresSacramento
Tenoch FloresSacramento
David A FoltzBig Bear Lake
Michael FongLos Angeles
Carolyn FowlerLos Angeles
Sadhana D FranchiHillsborough
Carina M Franck-PantoneSanta Ana
Linnie R Frank-BaileyCorona
Kermit F FranklinLancaster
Chanee Franklin MinorOakland
Martel FraserVentura
Jeffery M FreitasPleasant Grove
Anzorena C FuentesTorrance
Regina M GagePrunedale
Lynette I GailordOakland
Alexandra Gallardo-RookerWest Sacramento
Hector E GamezTracy
John Garamendi 
Corrine R Garbani SanchezTemecula
Eric GarcettiLos Angeles
Maria GarciaSan Jose
Ernest F GarciaDowney
Lori A GarciaDanville
Matthew GarciaRoseville
Helen GarnerAnaheim
Glenn GarryNewbury Park
Emilie G GatfieldSan Jose
Mike GattoLos Angeles
Jeffrey W GavittMurrieta
Michael D GelfandRancho Santa Fe
Chris T GembinskiSan Francisco
Joanne E GiffordNapa
Marie I GilSanta Rosa
Satdip GillWoodland
Kulwant GillSan Jose
Richard E GipsonMERCED
Kenny M GlennBellflower
Mark GonzalezLos Angeles
Javier GonzalezSan Jose
Andrew W GovenarSacramento
Margaret GranadoWhittier
Jimmie GrayLos Angeles
Nancy R GrayMurrieta
Wendy GreuelLos Angeles
Manmeet S GrewalModesto
Marilyn GrunwaldVan Nuys
Enedelia GuerraSacramento
Richard GuerreroSacramento
Christopher GuerreroLos Angeles
Richard E GuntherNewbury Park
Anne B GustOakland
Melinda Guzman MooreFair Oaks
Janice Hahn 
Tyler SG HalenWoodland Hills
Ray E HalesSylmar
Courtney HallFremont
Isadore HallCompton
Kristin M HalpinHuntington Beach
Pam HamamotoTiburan
Susan G HamillWalnut Creek
Bruce HamiltonHALF MOON BAY
Lonnee E HamiltonPasadena
Diane C HamwiLos Angeles
Matt HaneySan Francisco
John R HannaSanta Ana
Kathleen E HarmonSan Diego
Emma HarperSacramento
Patricia HarrisSan Luis Obispo
Alene B HarrisCarson
Kamala D HarrisSan Francisco
Kamil HasanSaratoga
Sean HassanSan Bruno
Ronald P HattisRedlands
Rick HauptmanSan Francisco
Jacquelynn Y HawthorneLos Angeles
Laurel J HeathChico
Eric D HeinsSan Francisco
Bridgette L HendricksFREMONT
Jean E HendrixModesto
Lisa HenkaGold River
Carl Henley Esq.Los Angeles
Maria E HenryRoseville
Mia Z HenryLos Angeles
Brandon HernandezSan Francisco
Consuelo HernandezSacramento
Lorena HernandezSan Francisco
Hattie R HerringLong Beach
Sandra K HesterClaremont
Alexander M HilkeFremont
Virginia HillPauma Valley
Barry D HirschSanta Rosa
Roger J HoltLos Angeles
Mike HondaWashington
Blake M HooperPetaluma
Lillie M HoustonRialto
Dolores HuertaBakersfield
Sonia M HuestisCourtland
Robert S HuestisWalnut Grove
Jared HuffmanSan Rafael
Alice A HuffmanSacramento
Marenda C HughesCompton
Aleita J HugueninRancho Muerita
Melissa HurtadoSanger
David HurtadoMoreno Valley
Smita N HussainOakland
Ingrid E HuttLos Angeles
Andrew R HymanSan Rafael
David A HymanNorth Hills
Ricardo F IcazaManhattan Beach
Jessica M JacksonMill Valley
Peggye A JacksonDIAMOND BAR
Olivia B JamesWest Covina
Jorge JaramilloSan Mateo
Karine Jean-PierreLos Angeles
Jazymne JeffersonWalnut Creek
Billie A Jelks-HoodMadera
Bernita M JenkinsBakersfield
Andres E JimenezBerkeley
Erick J JimenezAlta Loma
Michael L JimenezSacramento
Walter E JohnsonHanford
Cheryl J JohnsonCovina
James A JohnsonLong Beach
Kevin M JohnsonSacramento
Susan M JohnsonFremont
Matthew JohnsonLos Angeles
Reginald B Jones-Sawyer Sr.Los Angeles
Mario JuarezOakland
Ash KalraSan Jose
Mani KangOrange
Parvinder KangSacramento
Max D KaninWashington
Judith R KatzburgWestlake Village
Harinder KaurUnion City
Gabriel A KearneyPetaluma
Kathleen KeithleyChatsworth
Janet KellerLaguna Beach
Michael G KempSan Diego
Lena L. KennedyPasadena
John KennedyPasadena
Lori A Kern-GreenbergLa Mesa
Katie KernerSacramento
Estella KesslerSelma
Kulwant S KhairaSan Mateo
Kafele J KhalfaniRiverside
Talat KhanAlta Loma
Charu T KhopkarLong Beach
Joe E KianiLaguna Hills
Theodore KimLos Angeles
Coby KingWest Hills
Elaine M KnightSacramento
Michael B KongLos Angeles
Paula E KozlenRancho Mirage
Vernon C KozlenRancho Mirage
John H KraftAlhambra
Kyle KrahelOceanside
Peter G. KreysaWest Hollywood
Heide KruegerLaguna Woods
Marla KurtzLancaster
Mark L KyleSan Rafael
Bill KysellaHollywood
Lawrence R LabradoIrvine
Andrew LachmanLos Angeles
Leah LaCroixSan Francisco
Lili Z LaghaiIrvine
Sukhwinder S LambaSanta Rosa
Anna L LaneMill Valley
Ricardo LaraBell Gardens
Daraka K LarimoreSanta Barbara
Mai H LassiterLos Angeles
San Juana LaurelAlta Loma
Thomasina LawrenceLos Angeles
Michael LawsonLos Angeles
Susana LealNational City
Maria E LealNational City
Odessia D LeeVictorville
Clark LeeWalnut
Ed M LeeSan Francisco
Barbara LeeOakland
Mark R LenoSan Francisco
Jaylene LeslieDublin
Alexis K LewisPalo Alto
Ted W LieuTorrance
Deirdre LightfootSanta Monica
Sherryan A LimaSaugus
Diana T LimonGranada Hills
Elizabeth N LinnermanStockton
Thomas LintonBanning
Willie E LittleOceanside
Samuel T LiuManhattan Beach
Robert C LivseyPiedmont
Sor LoChico
Gregory A LoewAtherton
Zoe Lofgren 
Charles E LogginsSan Dimas
Robert LongerElk Grove
Jennifer J LongleySan Francisco
Elena Rose LoomisMonterey
Daniel J LopezSan Marino
Antonia LopezLa Mesa
Jacqueline M LopezIndio
Marisol G LopezOakland
David A LowSacramento
Frances T LowSacramento
Evan LowCampbell
Bonnie A LowenthalLong Beach
Brian LugoBanning
Priscilla LuvianoSanta Ana
Dana N LynchFullerton
Ruben MacarenoVisalia
Mark MacarroTemecula
Margaret A MackSacramento
Gail B MacklerSan Diego
Ida MacMurrayLa Habra
Kerman Maddox 
Samuel MahoodDavis
Elizabeth (Betty) MalmgrenNapa
Darshan S MannRodeo
Basem N MannehDaly City
Sousan Manteghi-SafakishSan Martin
Cynthia Marroquin-HenleyLos Angeles
Kimberly K MarteauBeverly Hills
Charles MartinBanning
Robert MartinBanning
Rose Ann MartinezSANGER
Sasha L MartinezSan Francisco
Yvette M MartinezWhittier
Gloria A MasielTemecula
Andrew Masiel Sr.Temecula
Ferial A MasryNewbury Park
Doris Matsui 
Roxanne M MayfieldWhittier
Elisa B Mc ConneheaLong Beach
Nancy McFaddenSacramento
Mattie McFadden-LawsonLos Angeles
Tina S McKinnorLawndale
Sherman S McLaurinLa Verne
Brenda D McNeillVallejo
Keva L McNeillVallejo
Jerry McNerney 
Ruby MedranoLos Angeles
Tony MendozaArtesia
Alberto MendozaSan Francisco
Sandra MendozaLos Angeles
Michael A MergilLa Verne
Justin D MeyersParadise
Natasha J MiddletonOakland
Glenn MillanCosta Mesa
George Miller 
Alicia C. MinanaHermosa Beach
Juliet MinassianGlendale
Holly J MitchellLos Angeles
Shaian MohammadiSaratoga
Timothy MolinaSan Francisco
Shirley MorrisonGlendale
Bob MulhollandChico
Donald J MullenSan Diego
Molly A. MuroPlacentia
Russell G MurphyTemecula
Arthur MurrilloSan Francisco
Chris MyersSacramento
Steven S MyersCorona Del Mar
Ammar J NajjarChula Vista
Lanz Gerald P NalaganSacramento
Grace Napolitano 
Madhu NarasimhanFremont
Adriana D NavarroLos Angeles
Janice B NewloveEl Dorado Hills
Gavin NewsomBeverly Hills
Jeffrey P NibertPleasanton
Rocio NievesOakland
Kuljit S NijjarStockton
Crystal Nix-HinesWest Hills
Nikki NoushkamCerritos
Sarah NowshiravanFolsom
Uduak E NtukLong Beach
Fabian NunezSacramento
Jan M O'BrienCorte Madera
Peggy C O'Neil-RosalesLong Beach
Will OliverMadera
Sota OmoiguiTarzana
Kia-Jacquelyn OmotaladeSan Francisco
Mary Rose OrtegaLos Angeles
Alex PadillaLos Angeles
Brent D PageLos Angeles
Jerome C PandellDanville
Amrik Singh PannuHercules
Boyden J PantoneSanta Ana
Evan G ParentSan Diego
Catherine ParkLos Angeles
Darren W ParkerLancaster
Mona F PasquilWalnut Grove
Maria L PattersonManteca
Christopher M PattersonSacramento
Ellouise PattonSan Francisco
Tim PattonLong Beach
Tim PaulsonSan Francisco
Louis PaulsonWalnut Creek
Eric PayneFresno
Amy PearlLos Altos
Christine PelosiSan Francisco
Nancy Pelosi 
Willie L PeloteSacramento
Bertrand R Perdomo-UclesLos Angeles
Linda PerezLos Angeles
V. Manuel PerezCoachella
John A PerezSacramento
Theodore PerleLake Forest
Dana M PerlmanLos Angeles
Max V PerreyMill Valley
Addison M PetersonLancaster
Monica D PetersonLos Angeles
Susan M PfeiferSan Francisco
Thomas C PhiferIrvine
Julie E PierceSimi Valley
Anthony H PierceSimi Valley
Leah PimentelSan Francisco
Shervin K PishevarMenlo Park
Ellen S PitrowskiSan Luis Obispo
Francis D PondLos Angeles
Jeffrey PrangWest Hollywood
Curren D Price Jr.Los Angeles
Beatrice PrietoFresno
Jacob J PrileyRoseville
Robbin G ProuttLos Angeles
Rebecca J ProzanSan Francisco
Art PulaskiOakland
Jean QuanOakland
Pablo B. QuintanillaBerkeley
Gabriel QuintoEl Cerrito
Sabahat N RafiqMonte Sereno
Abdul S RahmanAntioch
Gladys RamirezVisalia
Melissa RamosoArtesia
Lorna H RandlettSan Francisco
Robert RankinCarson
Patricia R RavitzNovato
Jackalyn L RawlingsRiverside
Brian E RayChico
Morgan L RayomeLivermore
Mona A RazaniAliso Viejo
Shefali Razdan DuggalSan Francisco
Christina Razo PerezLake Forest
Phil R RechtLos Angeles
Ricardo ReyesSouth Gate
Rex A RichardsonLong Beach
Laura Richardson 
Odest T Riley Jr.Inglewood
Gregory M RiveraHollister
Rosalinda RiveraMartinez
Troy D RiveraMartinez
Carol L RobbGrand Terrace
Craig C RobertsSan Diego
Brett CS RobertsLos Angeles
Leslie A RobertsonSan Leandro
Jacqueline "Jacque" C RobinsonPasadena
Casey H RobinsonLos Angeles
Maria RoblesSacramento
Christopher P RobsonLong Beach
Greg L RodriguezPalm Springs
Tisa I RodriguezPerris
Christine G RodriguezCorona
Evelyn RodriguezSan Francisco
Arturo S RodriguezKeene
Jason A RodriguezSan Jose
Lupe J RodriguezLos Angeles
Arturo RodriguezKeene
Matt RogersFresno
Joe P RomeroWoodland
Erika RomoChico
Nancy A RossMoreno Valley
Stefanie RoumeliotesSan Francisco
Lucille Roybal-Allard 
Rosa M RussellLos Angeles
Mike A SaifieRedlands
Carolyn M SaitoSan Francisco
Kalimah Y SalahuddinPacifica
Placido SalazarForest Knolls
Karla SalazarLos Angeles
Roberta C SalazarForest Knolls
Anthony T SalvaggioManhattan Beach
Melissa L San MiguelSan Francisco
Mary Jane SanchezDesert Hot Springs
Richard W SanchezTemecula
Linda Sanchez 
Loretta Sanchez 
Aaron SandersBERKELEY
Patricia "Patt" D SandersInglewood
Sabrina K SandersLong Beach
Veronica A SandersLos Angeles
Tanisha K SandhuEl Sobrante
Harpreet S SandhuRichmond
Jeannette M ScharichSonoma
Adam J SchiffLos Angeles
Adam Schiff 
Rae L SchindlerOrinda
Shonda ScottOakland
Jessica C SedilloBay Point
Susan A ShannonLos Angeles
Garry S ShayReseda
Stephen E ShermanVan Nuys
Brad Sherman 
Hari P ShettyFolsom
Joanne ShimpockHuntington Beach
Teri M ShortSalinas
Jocelyn SidaFontana
Khawar SiddiqueBeverly Hills
Terry L SimmsChino
Rumka SinghSanta Rosa
Jaskirate SinghMilpitas
Daljit SinghVisalia
Resham SinghBakersfield
Raj K SinghRiverside
John R SmithFremont
Charlesetta SmithPort Hueneme
Michael S SmithLos Angeles
Danielle E SmithLos Angeles
Kenneth A SolomonSanta Monica
Melissa R SolomonPacific Palisades
Jaithara SookprasertSacramento
Jeffrey SorosLos Angeles
Catharine A SorosLos Angeles
Joe A SouzaTurlock
Margaret M SouzaTURLOCK
Rosemary SovaLos Angeles
Wynona M SpearsDowney
Jackie Speier 
Christopher StampolisSanta Clara
Jerilyn V StapletonHollywood
Pete Stark 
Lisa T StarrLos Angeles
Mark L StebbinsStockton
Marvin J StovallHawthrone
Sandré R SwansonAlameda
Maureen E SweeneySolana Beach
Trung V TaHuntington Beach
James A TabbSan Diego
Angela D TateWalnut Grove
Nicholas S TaxeraSan Jose
Angelica TellecheaSacramento
Armando J TellesEscondido
Connye L ThomasLos Angeles
Michael H ThomasonSan Diego
Mike Thompson 
Antonio P TiradoCALEXICO
Joaquin TorresSan Francisco
Marcia A TorunoOrovile
Igor A TregubBerkeley
Joletta TsosieBanning
Matt TuchowSan Francisco
Daniel J TuckerEl Cajon
TyRon D TurnerLos Angeles
Gloria J Tyler-MalleryBonita
Keith UmemotoSacramento
Laura D UslanClarksburg
Uche J UwahemuRichmond
April A VargasMontara
Mark A VargasLos Angeles
Nora VargasChula Vista
Adam S VaronaSacramento
Melinda K VasquezSan Diego
Benjamin VasquezTemecula
Jason Vegasacramento
Monique S VieiraSacramento
Andrea VillaSan Diego
Cirian M VillavicencioSACRAMENTO
Paula M VillescazCarmichael
Harjot S VirkRoseville
Maheet S VirkRoseville
Kenneth M ViscovichModesto
Dean E VogelDavis
Carol N WaldmanRancho Santa Fe
Ayesha K WalkerLos Angeles
A Lee WalkupWest Hollywood
Ronald I WallOntario
Diane M WallaceManhattan Beach
Dean WallaceDublin
David M WalterLos Altos
Sonny WardLos Angeles
Steven M WarzeeSonora
Jeannie L WashingtonNorth Hollywood
Julie M WatersOakland
Maxine WatersLos Angeles
Henry Waxman 
John R WeedSanta Maria
Shawnda L WestlySacramento
Steve P WestlyAtherton
Robert J WestwoodRancho Mirage
Yvonne F WheelerLong Beach
Forrest W WilliamsSan Jose
Diana C WilliamsAzusa
Adell O WilliamsInglewood
Clark A WilliamsSan Jose
Elizabeth C WilsonRockland
Jennifer F Wilson FitzgeraldPalm Springs
Mark S WirthForest Falls
David WolfLong Beach
Lynn Woolsey 
Ryan A WullschlegerVisalia
Rosalind WymanLos Angeles
Jessica A YasSherman Oaks
Betty T YeeSan Francisco
Leland Y YeeSan Francisco
Johnathon YoderLos Angeles
Hanna G YoonLos Angeles
Vivian YoshiokaPomona
Amos J Young Jr.Pomona
Steven R YoungNewport Beach
Laurence ZaksonLos Angeles
Deval R ZaveriSan Diego
Catherine M ZinnSan Francisco
Imaad ZuberiEl Monte
Alexandra K ZuccoMonrovia
Lawrence J ZyndaLA JOLLA

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1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.


  Election 2012 - Presidential Primary, Caucus, and Convention Home  
  Presidential Candidates  
Rule Making and Process
  30 December 2009 - Democratic Change Commission's Recommendations for the 2012 Presidential Nominating Process  
  20 August 2010 - Democratic National Committee approves 2012 Call To Convention and Delegate Selection Rules  
  6 August 2010 - Republican Temporary Delegate Selection Committee's Recommendations for the 2012 Presidential Nominating Process  
  States Alphabetically  
  Events Chronologically  
  Major Events Chronologically  
  Democratic "First Determining Step" Chronologically  
  Chronological Cumulative Allocation of Delegates  
  Weekly Delegate Distribution and Availability  
  Democratic Pledged and Unpledged Summary   --   Republican Pledged and Unpledged Summary  
  Democratic Hard and Floor Summary   --   Republican Hard and Floor Summary  
Delegate Allocation
  Democratic Quick Reference   --   Republican Quick Reference  
  Democratic Detailed Delegate Allocation   --   Republican Detailed Delegate Allocation  
  Democratic Delegate Selection and Voter Eligibility   --   Republican Delegate Selection and Voter Eligibility  
  Primaries at a Glance  
  Historical Analysis of the Presidential Nominating Process  
  Historical Analysis of the apportionment of delegate votes at the National Conventions of the two major parties  
  Primary/Caucus/Convention Glossary  
  Statutory Election Information of the Several states / Presidential Primary  
  Dates of PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES re: selection and/or allocation/distribution of Delegates to Major Party National Conventions  
  Major Third Party (Constitution, Green, Libertarian) Presidential Nomination Process  
  Straw Polls