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Parties Grouped by Classification
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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2016] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable


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Libertarian Party

Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
1 Incumbent
318 Candidates
56 Links

StatePartyCandidate or LinkOffice
AlabamaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Alabama
AlaskaLibertarianAlaska Libertarian Party
LibertarianWilliam S. "Billy" ToienCandidate for Governor
American Samoa  
ArizonaLibertarianThe Arizona Libertarian Party
(Libertarian)Zhani DokoCandidate for House CD 1
(Libertarian)Jenn GrayCandidate for Secretary of State
(Libertarian)Barry HessCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Michael KielskyCandidate for Attorney General
(Libertarian)Adam KokeshCandidate for Senate Class 1
(Libertarian)Kelly NobleCandidate for House CD 8
(Libertarian)Kim RuffCandidate for Mine Inspector
ArkansasLibertarianArkansas Libertarian Party
LibertarianTJ CampbellCandidate for Commissioner of State Lands
LibertarianTom CanadaCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianDavid E. DinwiddieCandidate for Auditor
LibertarianAshley EwaldCandidate for Treasurer
Libertarianformer Tull Mayor Frank GilbertCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
LibertarianKerry HicksCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianMichael J. "Mike" KalagiasCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianChristopher OlsonCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianElvis D. PresleyCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianJoe Ryne SwaffordCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianMark WestCandidate for Governor
CaliforniaLibertarianLibertarian Party of California
LibertarianLibertarian Party of California
(Libertarian)James M. EyerCandidate for House CD 13
LibertarianTim FerreiraCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
LibertarianJoshua L. HancockCandidate for House CD 49
LibertarianZoltan IstvanCandidate for Governor
LibertarianGail K. LightfootCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianAngela Elise McArdleCandidate for House CD 34
LibertarianWilliam "Bill" MerrymanCandidate for House CD 22
LibertarianDerrick Michael ReidCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianBrandon ReiserCandidate for House CD 48
LibertarianKennita WatsonCandidate for House CD 17
LibertarianNickolas WildstarCandidate for Governor
ColoradoLibertarianLibertarian Party of Colorado
LibertarianRoger BarrisCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianKen BilesCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianRaymon Anthony DoaneCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianBruce GriffithCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianScott HelkerCandidate for Governor
LibertarianGaylon KentCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianKat MartinCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianTodd MitchemCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianJeremiah ReevesCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianBill RobinsonCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianBennett RutledgeCandidate for Secretary of State
ConnecticutLibertarianLibertarian Party of Connecticut
LibertarianJesse BrohinskyCandidate for Treasurer
LibertarianHeather GwynnCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianRodney "Rod" HanscombCandidate for Governor
LibertarianRichard LionCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianPaul PassarelliCandidate for Comptroller
LibertarianDan RealeCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianMark StewartCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJeffrey "Jeff" ThibeaultCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
DelawareLibertarianNadine M. FrostCandidate for Senate Class 1
Democrats Abroad  
District of ColumbiaLibertarianDistrict of Columbia Libertarian Party
LibertarianBruce MajorsCandidate for Delegate to the House of Representatives
LibertarianMartin MoultonCandidate for Mayor
FloridaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Florida
GeorgiaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Georgia
Libertarianformer County Probate Judge Martin Lindsey Cowen, IIICandidate for House CD 13
LibertarianDoug CraigCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJ. Smythe DuValCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianDonnie FosterCandidate for Comptroller General/Commissioner of Insurance
LibertarianRobin Aaron GilmerCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianStephanie M. "Steph" GrandeCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
LibertarianDavid McCaigueCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianTed MetzCandidate for Governor
HawaiiLibertarianThe Libertarian Party of Hawaii
LibertarianMichelle Rose TippensCandidate for House CD 1
IdahoLibertarianBev "Angel" BoeckCandidate for Governor
LibertarianWilliam Scott "W. Scott" HowardCandidate for House CD 1
IllinoisLibertarianThe Libertarian Party of Illinois
Libertarian. .Candidate for Governor
LibertarianClaire BallCandidate for Comptroller
LibertarianSteve DutnerCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianJonathan J. HarlsonCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianBubba HarsyCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianCharles HelmickCandidate for House CD 17
LibertarianGrayson "Kash" JacksonCandidate for Governor
LibertarianMichael "Mike" LeheneyCandidate for Treasurer
(Libertarian)Preston NelsonCandidate for House CD 12
LibertarianEd RutledgeCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianMatthew C. ScaroCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJon StewartCandidate for Governor
IndianaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Indiana
LibertarianLucy M. BrentonCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianThomas G. "Tom" FerkinhoffCandidate for House CD 6
(Libertarian)Heather Leigh MeloyCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianMark W. RutherfordCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianJohn SchickCandidate for Auditor
IowaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Iowa
LibertarianCharles AldrichCandidate for House CD 4
(Libertarian)Marco BattagliaCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianTroy HagemanCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianTimothy HirdCandidate for Treasurer
LibertarianBryan Jack HolderCandidate for House CD 3
(Libertarian)Jules OfenbakhCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianFred PerrymanCandidate for Auditor
LibertarianJake PorterCandidate for Governor
LibertarianRick StewartCandidate for Secretary of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
(Libertarian)Mark David StraussCandidate for House CD 2
KansasLibertarianLibertarian Party of Kansas
LibertarianJeff CaldwellCandidate for Governor
LibertarianChristopher Kelly "Chris" ClemmonsCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianRob HodgkinsonCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianThomas PadgettCandidate for Governor
LibertarianEthan RandleasCandidate for Governor
LibertarianKelly Don StandleyCandidate for House CD 2
KentuckyLibertarianLibertarian Party of Kentucky
LibertarianGregory BolesCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianFrank HarrisCandidate for House CD 6
LouisianaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Louisiana
LibertarianThe Libertarian Party Of Louisiana
LibertarianAaron J. AndrusCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianRonald DeneneaCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianHoward KearneyCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianBoyd KendallCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianKyle RandolCandidate for House CD 5
MaineLibertarianLibertarian Party of Maine
LibertarianGilbert DoughtyCandidate for Governor
LibertarianBrian Phillip KresgeCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianRichard LightCandidate for Governor
LibertarianChris LyonsCandidate for Senate Class 1
MarylandLibertarianDavid "Dave" BishopCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianKevin Terome CaldwellCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianMichael CarneyCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianDavid R. GriggsCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianJames David "David" LasharCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianJenica MartinCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianJacob PulcherCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianShawn QuinnCandidate for Governor
LibertarianArvin VohraCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianJasen WunderCandidate for House CD 8
MassachusettsLibertarianLibertarian Association of Massachusetts
LibertarianDaniel" Dan" FishmanCandidate for Auditor
MichiganLibertarianLibertarian Party of Michigan
LibertarianLibertarian Party Of Michigan
LibertarianBrian James EllisonCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianWilliam H. "Bill" GelineauCandidate for Governor
LibertarianLeonard Charles SchwartzCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianGregory Scott StempfleCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianJohn J. TatarCandidate for Governor
MinnesotaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Minnesota
LibertarianChris DockCandidate for Auditor
LibertarianJosh WelterCandidate for Governor
MississippiLibertarianLibertarian Party of Mississippi
LibertarianDanny BedwellCandidate for Senate Class 1
MissouriLibertarianMissouri Libertarian Party
LibertarianMark BlissCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianBenjamin T. "Ben" BrixeyCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianJapheth Ray CampbellCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianRobb E. CunninghamCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianDan HoganCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianAlexander HowellCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianLarry A. "Tony" KirkCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianSteven KoonseCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianSean O'TooleCandidate for Auditor
LibertarianJonathan Lee ShellCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianCisse SpraginsCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianDonald V. StolleCandidate for House CD 3
MontanaLibertarianMontana Libertarian Party
LibertarianMontana Libertarian Party - Facebook
LibertarianRick BreckenridgeCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianElinor SwansonCandidate for House At-Large
NebraskaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Nebraska
LibertarianJim SchultzCandidate for Senate Class 1
NevadaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Nevada
LibertarianSteven Paul "Steve" BrownCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianTimothy "Tim" HaganCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianJared LordCandidate for Governor
LibertarianGregg LucknerCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianRobert van Strawder, Jr.Candidate for House CD 1
New HampshireLibertarianLibertarian Party of New Hampshire
LibertarianNew Hampshire Liberty Party
Libertarianformer state Representative Tom AlciereCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianDan BelfortiCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianBedford Board Member Aaron DayCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJilletta JarvisCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJustin Francis O'DonnellCandidate for House CD 2
New JerseyLibertarianNew Jersey Libertarian Party
LibertarianClaudio BelusicCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianEveline "Eve" BrownsteinCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianDan DelaneyCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianScott DiRomaCandidate for House CD 10
LibertarianDaniel "Dan" KrauseCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianRyan MartinezCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianJohn OrdilleCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianRobert PolesCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianMichael RufoCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianMurray SabrinCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianRobert ShapiroCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianJames "Jim" TosoneCandidate for House CD 5
New MexicoLibertarianLibertarian Party of New Mexico
LibertarianA. Blair DunnCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianPublic Lands Commissioner Aubrey Dunn, Jr.Incumbent Commissioner of Public Lands
LibertarianPublic Lands Commissioner Aubrey Dunn, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 1
(Libertarian)Robin L. DunnCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
Libertarianformer state Representative Sandra D. JeffCandidate for Secretary of State
Libertarianformer Governor Gary Earl JohnsonCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianMichael G. LuceroCandidate for Commissioner of Public Lands
LibertarianChristopher "Chris" ManningCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianLloyd Joseph PrincetonCandidate for House CD 1
(Libertarian)Bob WalshCandidate for Governor
New YorkLibertarianLibertarian Party of New York
LibertarianLibertarian Party of New York
LibertarianVictoria AlexanderCandidate for House CD 19
LibertarianMichael ArcatiCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianAaron CommeyCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianChristopher Robbin Fuentes-PadillaCandidate for House CD 6
Libertarianformer Tuckahoe School Board Member Cruger E. GallaudetCandidate for Comptroller
LibertarianChristopher B. "Chris" GarveyCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianAndrew C. HollisterCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
LibertarianPaul D. RippergerCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianChristopher "Chris" SchmidtCandidate for House CD 21
LibertarianLarry SharpeCandidate for Governor
North CarolinaLibertarianLibertarian Party of North Carolina
LibertarianThomas Aaron "Tom" BaileyCandidate for House CD 13
LibertarianBarbara Jean HoweCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianClifton Burton "Clif" Ingram, Jr.Candidate for House CD 11
LibertarianJapheth Nthautha "Jeff" MatemuCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianJeffery "Jeff" ScottCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianPerry Thompson "Scerry Perry" WhitlockCandidate for House CD 4
North DakotaLibertarianLibertarian Party of North Dakota
LibertarianNorth Dakota Libertarian Party
LibertarianRoland RiemersCandidate for Secretary of State
Northern Marianas  
OhioLibertarianLibertarian Party of Ohio
LibertarianRobert "Bob" CooganCandidate for Auditor
(Libertarian)David HarlowCandidate for House CD 10
LibertarianTravis IrvineCandidate for Governor
LibertarianBruce JaynesCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianDon KissickCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianDirk Austin KubalaCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianDavid LowryCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianDavid MacKoCandidate for House CD 14
LibertarianJohnathan Wayne Miller, Jr.Candidate for House CD 15
LibertarianDustin NannaCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianMatthew Brendan O'ConnorCandidate for House CD 12
OklahomaLibertarianOklahoma Libertarian Party
LibertarianRichard Michael CastaldoCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianRex L. LawhornCandidate for Governor
LibertarianChris PowellCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJohn YeutterCandidate for Auditor and Inspector
OregonLibertarianLibertarian Party of Oregon
LibertarianLibertarian Party of Oregon
LibertarianNicholas J. "Nick" ChenCandidate for Governor
LibertarianRussell M. "Decker" ClevelandCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianGary L. DyeCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianDrew A. LaydaCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianFrank Leroy LengeleCandidate for Governor
LibertarianMike SmithCandidate for Governor
LibertarianDaniel K. "Dan" SouzaCandidate for House CD 5
PennsylvaniaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Pennsylvania
Libertarianformer Erie County Councilman Ebert G. "Bill" BeemanCandidate for House CD 16
LibertarianJames "Jim" BroseCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianJustin CassidyCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianDale Ronald Kerns, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianKen V. KrawchukCandidate for Governor
LibertarianDrew Gray MillerCandidate for House CD 18
LibertarianSandra SalasCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianSteve ScheetzCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianTim SilfiesCandidate for House CD 7
Libertarianformer Canon-McMillan School Board Member Kathleen "Kathy" SmithCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
Puerto Rico  
Republicans Abroad International  
Rhode IslandLibertarianLibertarian Party of Rhode Island
South CarolinaLibertarianSouth Carolina Libertarian Party
LibertarianRichard B. "Dick" WithingtonCandidate for House CD 7
South DakotaLibertarianKurt EvansCandidate for Governor
LibertarianGeorge D. HendricksonCandidate for House At-Large
TennesseeLibertarianLibertarian Party of Tennessee
(Libertarian)Sherry L. ClarkCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Justin CornettCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Gabriel FancherCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Sean Bruce FlemingCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)William Andrew "Andrew" HelmstetterCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Cory KingCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Matthew KochCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Alfred Shawn RapozaCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)David RossCandidate for House CD 6
(Libertarian)William Gregory "Greg" SamplesCandidate for House CD 2
(Libertarian)Jeremy Allen StephensonCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Tracy C. Yaste TisdaleCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Mike ToewsCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Vinnie VineyardCandidate for Governor
TexasLibertarianLibertarian Party of Texas
LibertarianGlenn Daren AdairCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianHumberto "Bert" AguinCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianRobert Boss AppelbaumCandidate for House CD 36
LibertarianKenneth Howard "Ken" Ashby, Jr.Candidate for House CD 4
LibertarianMelina Gail BakerCandidate for House CD 32
LibertarianNicholas G. BeckerCandidate for House CD 17
LibertarianJeffrey C. BluntCandidate for House CD 20
LibertarianMark Robert BolerCandidate for House CD 26
LibertarianCullen Bryan BurnsCandidate for House CD 29
LibertarianJeffrey Donald "Jeff" CallawayCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianRichard Vaughn CarpenterCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
LibertarianPeter Charles ChurchmanCandidate for House CD 17
LibertarianChristopher John "Chris" ClaytorCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianDonald Eugene "Don" Conley, IIICandidate for House CD 14
LibertarianRuben Schmidt CorvalanCandidate for House CD 23
LibertarianAnthony Douglas CristoCandidate for House CD 15
LibertarianCalvin DeWeeseCandidate for House CD 13
LibertarianNeal Monroe DikemanCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianChristopher James "Chris" DuncanCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianShalesh GanjooCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianKathie Youngblood GlassCandidate for Governor
LibertarianPhil GrayCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianMackenzie Dee GrubbsCandidate for House CD 16
LibertarianStephen Patrick "Patrick" GunnelsCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianJason Allen HarberCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianMichael Ray HarrisCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianJason Michael HopeCandidate for House CD 31
LibertarianMichael "Mike" IdrogoCandidate for House CD 20
LibertarianScott Lanier JamesonCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianShawn Wade JonesCandidate for House CD 30
LibertarianWilliam George "Bill" KelseyCandidate for House CD 10
LibertarianMichael Jay "Mike" KollsCandidate for House CD 24
LibertarianJames Lee KongCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianPhilip Scott "Phil" KurtzCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianNicholas J. LandholtCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianJacob Tyler LeddyCandidate for House CD 12
LibertarianBenjamin Gibson "Ben" LederCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianRoss Lynn LeoneCandidate for House CD 15
LibertarianEmmanuel LewisCandidate for House CD 24
LibertarianDesarae Ericka LindseyCandidate for House CD 25
LibertarianMark Evan LoeweCandidate for House CD 21
LibertarianJohn Barry Richard McElligottCandidate for House CD 22
LibertarianKerry Douglas McKennonCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
LibertarianRickey Dean Morris, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianShane Dustin NewsomCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianClark Ryan PattersonCandidate for House CD 35
LibertarianCarlos J. "Chuck" PenáCandidate for House CD 20
Libertarianformer San Antonio River Authority Board Member Nazirite Ruben Flores "Ruben" PerezCandidate for House CD 29
LibertarianMatthew Sean "Matt" PiñaCandidate for Commissioner of General Land Office
LibertarianGilbert Roland "Roland" RangelCandidate for House CD 24
LibertarianJason Gordon ReevesCandidate for House CD 33
LibertarianGilbert Roland "Gil" RobinsonCandidate for House CD 21
LibertarianMichael Pasquale "Mike" RyanCandidate for House CD 10
LibertarianRichard SaettoneCandidate for House CD 29
LibertarianBenjamin David "Ben" SandersCandidate for Comptroller of Public Accounts
LibertarianLee SantosCandidate for House CD 21
LibertarianPatrick Crew SmithCandidate for Governor
LibertarianRhett Rosenquest SmithCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianLuke Alton SpencerCandidate for House CD 18
LibertarianArthur Maxwell Thomas, IVCandidate for House CD 28
LibertarianDaniel F. TinusCandidate for House CD 27
LibertarianDaniel F. TinusCandidate for House CD 27
Libertarianformer Lago Vista City Councilman Mark Jay TippettsCandidate for Governor
LibertarianKory D. WatkinsCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJames Michael "Mike" WrightCandidate for Railroad Commissioner 2
UtahLibertarianLibertarian Party of Utah
LibertarianCraig R. BowdenCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianJeffrey WhippleCandidate for House CD 2
VermontLibertarianVermont Libertarian Party
LibertarianSeth CournoyerCandidate for Governor
LibertarianCaleb MercureCandidate for Governor
Virgin Islands  
VirginiaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Virginia
LibertarianStevan Michael PorterCandidate for House CD 11
Libertarianformer Powhatan County Supervisor Joseph Buckler "Joe" WaltonCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianMatt J. WatersCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianPeter Joseph "Pete" WellsCandidate for House CD 4
WashingtonLibertarianLibertarian Party of Washington State
LibertarianBrian LukeCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianMike LukeCandidate for Senate Class 1
LibertarianRichard Travis ReyesCandidate for House CD 8
West VirginiaLibertarianLibertarian Party of West Virginia
LibertarianRusty HollenCandidate for Senate Class 1
WisconsinLibertarianLibertarian Party of Wisconsin
LibertarianPhillip "Phil" AndersonCandidate for Governor
LibertarianPatrick BairdCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
WyomingLibertarianLibertarian Party of Wyoming
LibertarianKit CarsonCandidate for Secretary of State

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.


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