The Green Papers: District of Columbia 2018 General Election
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Elections for Statewide offices and Congress
✓ Primary: Tuesday 19 June 2018
✓ General Election: Tuesday 6 November 2018
Wednesday 21 March 2018 - Filing Deadline - Primary.
Tuesday 19 June 2018 - Primary. Polling hours 7:00a-8:00p EDT (1100-0000 UTC).
Wednesday 8 August 2018 - Filing Deadline - Independent/Third/Minor.
Tuesday 6 November 2018 - General Election. Polling hours 7:00a-8:00p EST (1200-0100 UTC).
2010 Census:601,723 (0.19% of 309,785,186)
2012, 2016, 2020 Electoral Votes:3(0.56% of 538)
Capital:Washington, DC

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District of Columbia State and Local Government

Only voters registered with the Democratic, Republican, DC Statehood Green, and Libertarian parties are eligible to vote in a primary election. Unregistered voters may register and declare their party affiliation during early voting or on election day.

2018 Elections from the District of Columbia Board of Elections.

19 June 2018 Primary returns from the DC Board of Elections.
Results from WTOP.

6 November 2018:
Candidates in the November 6, 2018 General Election from the District of Columbia Board of Elections.
Certified returns from the District of Columbia Board of Elections.


Mayor  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2014, 2018. Home Rule

Seat up for regular election Democratic Mayor  Muriel E. Bowser
• Re-elected Tuesday 6 November 2018
First elected: 2014
Seat up for regular election: Tuesday 6 November 2018
 Candidate list (4, 3 write-ins)
  Elected Democratic 171,608 74.13% Mayor  Muriel E. Bowser
  Candidate D.C. Statehood Green 20,950 9.05% former School Board Member Ann C. Wilcox
  Candidate Independent 15,478 6.69% Dustin "DC" Canter
  Candidate Scattering 9,053 3.91% WRITE-IN
  Candidate Libertarian 7,569 3.27% Martin Moulton
  Candidate Scattering 6,724 2.90% UNDER VOTES
  Candidate Scattering 100 0.04% OVER VOTES
Total 231,482 100.00%  

Delegate to the House of Representatives  2 year term, Election Cycle: 2016, 2018. Home Rule

Seat up for regular election Democratic Territorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton
• Re-elected Tuesday 6 November 2018
First elected: 1990; re-elected: 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016.
Seat up for regular election: Tuesday 6 November 2018
 Candidate list (5, 4 write-ins)
  Elected Democratic 199,124 85.94% Territorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton
FEC H0DC00058; 31 Dec 18; Tot $419,730; Dsb $489,479
  Candidate Republican 9,700 4.19% Nelson Frederick Rimensnyder
FEC H4DC00092; 26 Nov 18; Tot $9,370; Dsb $8,439
  Candidate D.C. Statehood Green 8,636 3.73% Natale N. "Lino" Stracuzzi
FEC H8DC00143
  Candidate Independent 5,509 2.38% John C. Cheeks
FEC H8DC00192
  Candidate Libertarian 4,034 1.74% Bruce Majors
FEC H2DC00096; 15 Oct 18; Tot $0; Dsb $693
  Candidate Scattering 2,774 1.20% UNDER VOTES
  Candidate Scattering 1,766 0.76% WRITE-IN
  Candidate Scattering 157 0.07% OVER VOTES
  Candidate Write-in; (Socialist Workers Party)     Ned Measel
Total 231,700 100.00%  
 Non-voting Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. A candidate must receive a majority of the popular vote in order to be elected as Delegate to the House. A runoff election is scheduled in the event that no candidate receives the requisite majority.

Political Parties    Parties appear in parenthesis and italics when a candidate receives the endorsement of a given Party and/or official sources indicate a candidate's association with a particular Party but only where the Party in question does not appear on the actual ballot as such.

Major Parties   Those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016. See Classification of Political parties.
  Democratic (affiliates): 2 incumbents, 2 candidates
  Republican: 1 candidate
Major Third Parties   Any Party, other than a Major Party, receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016. See Classification of Political parties.
  D.C. Statehood Green (affiliate of Green): 2 candidates
  Libertarian: 2 candidates
Other Third Parties
  Socialist Workers Party: 1 candidate
  Independent: 2 candidates
Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable
  Scattering: 6 candidates
  Write-in: 1 candidate
Candidates running under the banner of more than one party are counted towards each party's total. A candidate who has lost a primary or is apparently no longer a candidate is not counted.


Candidates for office appear on this page in italics where 'The Green Papers' does not yet have independent confirmation from a legal election authority that the person has been officially certified to appear on the ballot.

Primary dates marked "presumably" and polling times marked "reportedly" are based on unofficial or estimated data (especially as regards local variations from a jurisdictionwide statutory and/or regulatory standard) and are, thereby, subject to change.

"FEC" indicates the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Campaign Finance Summary.

When available, we post each candidate's FEC identification number, the date of their most recently filed Report of Receipts and Disbursements, their "Tot" [Total Receipts (contributions received or what came in: FEC Form 3, Line 16, Column B)] and their "Dsb" [Total Disbursements (expenditures or what was spent: FEC Form 3, Line 23, Column B)]. A link is provided to the Federal Election Commission's Summary Report for those who might wish to explore the details.

If a candidate raises or spends $5,000 or less, he or she is not subject to FEC reporting requirements.

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