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Open Governor's Chairs, Senate and House Seats
at the time of the 2018 General Election

Governor's Chairs, Senate and House Seats...
Open (incumbent not running for re-election)
No incumbent running
Uncontested (one candidate running)
Multiple incumbents running

IncumbentPartyOfficeReason for not seeking re-election
Senator Jeff FlakeRepublicanSenate Class 1Open Seat. 24 October 2017: Will not seek re-election in 2018.
Congressman  Martha E. McSallyRepublicanHouse CD 2Open Seat. 12 January 2018: Running for the Senate Class 1 seat in 2018.
Congressman Trent FranksRepublicanHouse CD 8Vacant Office. 7 December 2017: "This morning I notified House leadership that I will be leaving Congress as of January 31st, 2018."
8 December 2017: "... the best thing for our family now would be for me to tender my previous resignation effective today ...."
Congressman  Kyrsten SinemaDemocraticHouse CD 9Open Seat. 28 September 2017: Running for the Senate Class 1 Seat in 2018.
Governor  Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr.DemocraticGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  Edward R. "Ed" RoyceRepublicanHouse CD 39Open Seat. 8 January 2018: "I have decided not to seek reelection in November."
Congressman  Darrell Edward IssaRepublicanHouse CD 49Open Seat. 10 January 2018: "I have decided that I will not seek re-election."
Governor John W. HickenlooperDemocraticGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  Jared PolisDemocraticHouse CD 2Open Seat. 11 June 2017: Candidate for Governor in 2018.
Governor  Dannel P. "Dan" MalloyDemocraticGovernorOpen Chair. 13 April 2017: Will not run for re-election in 2018.
Governor  Richard L. "Rick" ScottRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  Ronald D. "Ron" DeSantisRepublicanHouse CD 6Open Seat. 5 January 2018: Candidate for Governor in 2018.
Congressman  Thomas Joseph "Tom" RooneyRepublicanHouse CD 17Open Seat. 19 February 2018: "I will not be running for re-election to Congress in 2018."
Congressman  Ileana Ros-LehtinenRepublicanHouse CD 27Open Seat. 30 April 2017: Not running for re-election.
Governor John Nathan "Nathan" DealRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  Colleen Wakako HanabusaDemocraticHouse CD 1Open Seat. 1 September 2017: Running for Governor in 2018.
Governor C.L. "Butch" OtterRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. 14 October 2014: "Won't run for a fourth term" in 2018.
Congressman  Raúl Rafael LabradorRepublicanHouse CD 1Open Seat. 9 May 2017: Announced he is a candidate for Governor in 2018.
Congressman  Luis V. GutierrezDemocraticHouse CD 4Open Seat. 28 November 2017: "Will not be seeking re-election...."
Congressman  Theodore Edward "Todd" RokitaRepublicanHouse CD 4Open Seat. 9 August 2017: Candidate for the Senate Class 1 seat in 2018.
Congressman  Allen Lucas "Luke" MesserRepublicanHouse CD 6Open Seat. 26 July 2017: Running for the Class 1 Senate Seat in 2018.
Congressman Lynn JenkinsRepublicanHouse CD 2Open Seat. 25 January 2017: "I will not be running for any office in 2018."
Governor  Paul R. LePageRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  John K. DelaneyDemocraticHouse CD 6Open Seat. 27 July 2017: Not running for re-election.
Congressman  Nicola S. "Niki" TsongasDemocraticHouse CD 3Open Seat. 9 August 2017: Not running for re-election.
Governor  Richard D. "Rick" SnyderRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  Sander Martin "Sandy" LevinDemocraticHouse CD 9Open Seat. 2 December 2017: Announced retirement.
Congressman  David A. "Dave" TrottRepublicanHouse CD 11Open Seat. 11 September 2017: House CD 11 Trott "I have decided not seek re-election in 2018".
Congressman John Conyers, Jr.DemocraticHouse CD 13Vacant Office. 29 November 2017: Media reports state the congressman is retiring.
5 December 2017: Announced resignation effective immediately.
8 December 2017: Governor Richard D. "Rick" Snyder (Republican) called a Special Election to fill the vacant seat of Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (Democratic) who resigned on 5 December 2017. The office will be listed twice on the 7 August 2018 Primary and 8 November 2018 General Election ballots -- once to choose a candidate to fill the vacancy from November 2018 to January 2019 and the other to choose a candidate for the regular 2 year term beginning in January 2019.
27 December 2017: A lawsuit, Rhodes v Snyder, e.d., 2:17cv-14186, was filed to force the special election to be called before November 2018.
Governor Mark DaytonDemocraticGovernorOpen Chair. 21 November 2016: Retiring at the end of his term.
Congressman Timothy J. "Tim" WalzDemocraticHouse CD 1Open Seat. 27 March 2017: Candidate for Governor
Congressman  Richard Michael "Rick" NolanDemocraticHouse CD 8Open Seat. 9 February 2018: "... I am announcing today that I will not be a candidate for reelection, and will retire at the end of the current term."
Senator Thad CochranRepublicanSenate Class 2Open Seat. 5 March 2018: "U.S. Senator Thad Cochran ... announced his intention to resign from the U.S. Senate effective 1 April 2018 ... I regret my health has become an ongoing challenge ..."
21 March 2018: Governor Phil Bryant (Republican) announced that upon Senator Cochran's resignation, he will appoint state Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Cindy Hyde-Smith (Republican) to the Senate Class 2 Seat.
Governor  Phil BryantRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit. At term limit.
Congressman  Gregg HarperRepublicanHouse CD 3Open Seat. 4 January 2018: Not seeking re-election.
Governor Steve BullockDemocraticGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit. At term limit
Governor  Brian E. SandovalRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  Jacklyn S. "Jacky" RosenDemocraticHouse CD 3Open Seat. Running for the U.S. Senate Class 1 seat in 2018.
Congressman  Ruben Jesus KihuenDemocraticHouse CD 4Open Seat. aka Ruben Jesus Kihuen Bernal
New Hampshire
Congressman  Carol Shea-PorterDemocraticHouse CD 1Open Seat. 5 October 2017: "... I am announcing my intention to leave the House of Representatives in January 2019, when my present term ends."
New Jersey
Congressman Frank A. LoBiondoRepublicanHouse CD 2Open Seat. 7 November 2017: Will not seek re-election.
Congressman Rodney P. FrelinghuysenRepublicanHouse CD 11Open Seat. 29 January 2018: Announced that he would not run for re-election.
New Mexico
Governor  Susana MartinezRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman Michelle Lujan GrishamDemocraticHouse CD 1Open Seat. 13 December 2016: Announced run for Governor in 2016.
Congressman  Stevan E. "Steve" PearceRepublicanHouse CD 2Open Seat. 10 July 2017: Candidate for Governor in 2018.
New York
Congressman  Louise McIntosh SlaughterDemocraticHouse CD 25Vacant Office. 16 March 2018: Died following a fall at aged 88.
North Dakota
Congressman  Kevin CramerRepublicanHouse At-LargeOpen Seat. 15 February 2018: Put out a Facebook invite for a "Cramer for Senate Announcement & Rally".
Governor  John Richard KasichRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman Patrick J. "Pat" TiberiRepublicanHouse CD 12Vacant Office. 19 October 2017: Announced resignation. "Today, it is with a humble and thankful heart that I announce I will not be seeking reelection. While I have not yet determined a final resignation date, I will be leaving Congress by January 31, 2018."
4 January 2018: Announced resignation effective 15 January 2018.
15 January 2018: Resigned.
Congressman James B. "Jim" RenacciRepublicanHouse CD 16Open Seat. 20 March 2017: Running for Governor in 2018.
11 January 2018: Running for the Class 1 Senate Seat in 2018.
Governor  Mary C. FallinRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  James Frederick "Jim" BridenstineRepublicanHouse CD 1Open Seat. Not running for re-election in 2018.
1 September 2017: Congressman Jim Bridenstine was nominated by President Trump to be Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Congressman  Robert A. "Bob" BradyDemocraticHouse CD 1Open Seat. 31 January 2018: Announced he would not seek re-election.
Congressman Patrick L. "Pat" Meehan, Jr.RepublicanHouse CD 7Open Seat. 25 January 2018: "... I will not seek re-election to the United States Congress for the 7th Congressional District in 2018...."
Congressman  William Franklin "Bill" ShusterRepublicanHouse CD 9Open Seat. 2 January 2018: Announced retirement
Congressman  Louis J. "Lou" BarlettaRepublicanHouse CD 11Open Seat. 28 August 2017: Running for the Class 1 Senate Seat in 2018.
Congressman Charles Wieder "Charlie" DentRepublicanHouse CD 15Open Seat. 8 September 2017: Congressman Dent will not seek re-election.
South Carolina
Congressman  Harold W. "Trey" Gowdy, IIIRepublicanHouse CD 4Open Seat. 31 January 2018: "... This is the right time, for me, to leave politics and return to the justice system...."
South Dakota
Governor  Dennis M. DaugaardRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman Kristi Lynn NoemRepublicanHouse At-LargeOpen Seat. 14 November 2016: Candidate for Governor in 2018.
Senator  Robert P. "Bob" Corker, Jr.RepublicanSenate Class 1Open Seat. 26 September 2017: "After much thought, consideration and family discussion ... I have decided that I will leave the United States Senate when my term expires ...."
Governor William "Bill" HaslamRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. Term Limit
Congressman  John J. Duncan, Jr.RepublicanHouse CD 2Open Seat. 31 July 2017: Announced that he would not seek re-election.
Congressman Diane Lynn BlackRepublicanHouse CD 6Open Seat. 2 August 2017: Running for Governor in 2018.
Congressman  Marsha BlackburnRepublicanHouse CD 7Open Seat. 4 October 2017: Running for the Class 1 Senate Seat in 2018.
Congressman  Lloyd "Ted" PoeRepublicanHouse CD 2Open Seat. 7 November 2017: "I will continue this work every day until I retire at the end of this term...."
Congressman  Samuel Robert "Sam" JohnsonRepublicanHouse CD 3Open Seat. 6 January 2017: Announced he won't seek re-election.
Congressman  Jeb HensarlingRepublicanHouse CD 5Open Seat. 31 October 2017: "Today I am announcing that I will not seek reelection to the U.S. Congress in 2018."
Congressman Joe Linus BartonRepublicanHouse CD 6Open Seat. 30 November 2017: "I am announcing today that I will not seek reelection in 2018...."
Congressman  Robert "Beto" O'RourkeDemocraticHouse CD 16Open Seat. 31 March 2017: Announced that he is running for the U.S. Senate Class I seat in 2018.
Congressman  Lamar Seeligson SmithRepublicanHouse CD 21Open Seat. 2 November 2017: "For several reasons, this seems like a good time to pass on the privilege of representing the 21st District to someone else...."
Congressman  Randolph Blake "Blake" FarentholdRepublicanHouse CD 27Open Seat. 14 December 2017: Media reports state Congressman Farenthold will not seek re-election. The Congressman made the decision after the filing closed and will be on the March 2018 primary ballot. The Republican Party has filed suit Civil Case No. 1:17-cv-01167 in Federal Court (Austin) to get his name removed from the ballot. The Democratic Party is also suing Civil Case No. 1:17-cv-01186 but apparently dropped their case after the court decided that Congressman Farenthold would not be on the ballot.
Congressman  Raymond Eugene "Gene" GreenDemocraticHouse CD 29Open Seat. 13 November 2017: "I have decided to not seek reelection for Representative of Texas' 29th Congressional District. It has been an honor serving #TX29 since I was first elected in 1992."
Senator Orrin G. HatchRepublicanSenate Class 1Open Seat. 02 January 2018: "I've decided to retire at the end of this term...."
Congressman Robert William "Bob" GoodlatteRepublicanHouse CD 6Open Seat. 9 November 2017: "I cannot begin to express how blessed I am to have had the opportunity to serve. Now is the right time to step aside - I will not seek re-election."
Nominations-- Democrats will nominate by Convention. Republicans will nominate by Convention.
Congressman  Dave ReichertRepublicanHouse CD 8Open Seat. 6 September 2017: Not a candidate for re-election.
West Virginia
Congressman  Evan H. JenkinsRepublicanHouse CD 3Open Seat. 8 May 2017: Running for the U.S. Senate Class 2 seat in 2018.
Governor Matt MeadRepublicanGovernorOpen Chair. 7 February 2017: Will not run for re-election in 2018.
OfficeReason for Open Chair or Seat
VoluntaryVacantTerm LimitTotal

Parties appear in parenthesis and italics when a candidate receives the endorsement of a given Party and/or official sources indicate a candidate's association with a particular Party but only where the Party in question does not appear on the actual ballot as such.


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