The Green Papers
Governor's Chairs, Senate, and House Seats
up for Election on 6 November 2018
with no incumbent running for them

This table is updated after each state completes its nominating process. Currently, 53 jurisdictions have completed their nominating processes: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Governor's Chairs, Senate and House Seats...
Open (incumbent not running for re-election)
No incumbent running
Uncontested (one candidate running)
Multiple incumbents running
Only One Major Party Candidate

Senate Class 1
Democratic - Congressman  Kyrsten Sinema
Republican - Congressman  Martha E. McSally
Green - Angela Green
(Libertarian); Write-in - Barry Hess
(The Old Republic); Write-in - Jonathan Ringham B
(None); Write-in - Michael DeCarlo
(Democratic); Write-in - Sheila May Bilyeu
(Republican); Write-in - Robert Kay
(Independent); Write-in - Jeff Pearce
House CD 2
Democratic - former Congressman  Ann Kirkpatrick
Republican - Lea Marquez Peterson
(Independent); Write-in - Jordan Flayer
Write-in; (Republican) - Melissa Grable
House CD 9
Democratic - former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton
Republican - Stephen L. "Steve" Ferrara
Democratic - Lieutenant Governor  Gavin Newsom
Republican - John H. Cox
House CD 39
Democratic - Gilbert "Gil" Cisneros
Republican - former Assemblywoman Young Kim
House CD 49
Democratic - Mike Levin
Republican - Board of Equalization member  Diane L. Harkey
Democratic - Congressman  Jared Polis
Republican - Treasurer  Walker Stapleton
Libertarian - Scott Helker
Unity - William "Bill" Hammons
House CD 2
Democratic - Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Executive Director Joseph "Joe" Neguse
Republican - Peter Yu
Independent - Nicholas Stephen Dreselly "Nick" Thomas
Libertarian - Roger Barris
(Green); Write-in - Kevin Alumbaugh
Democratic; Working Families - former Greenwich Selectman Edward "Ned" Lamont
Republican; Independent Party of Connecticut - Robert "Bob" Stefanowski
Griebel Frank for CT - Richard "Oz" Griebel
Libertarian - Rodney "Rod" Hanscomb
House CD 5
Democratic; Working Families - Jahana Hayes
Republican; Independent Party of Connecticut - former Meriden Mayor Manny Santos
(Republican); Write-in - John Pistone
Republican - former Congressman Ronald D. "Ron" DeSantis
Democratic - Tallahassee Mayor Andrew D. Gillum
Reform - Darcy G. Richardson
No Party Affiliation - Kyle Chaderwick "KC" Gibson
No Party Affiliation - Ryan Christopher Foley
(Green); No Party Affiliation - Bruce Stanley
House CD 6
Republican - Michael "Mike" Waltz
Democratic - former Ambassador Nancy Soderberg
House CD 15
Republican - state Representative  Vincent Ross "Ross" Spano
Democratic - Kristen Carlson
(No Party Affiliation); (Green); Write-in - Dave Johnson
(Democratic); Write-in - Jeffrey G. "Jeff" Rabinowitz
House CD 17
Republican - state Senator Greg W. Steube
Democratic - Allen L. Ellison
House CD 27
Democratic - former Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Elvira Shalala
Republican - Maria Elvira Salazar
No Party Affiliation - Mayra Joli
Republican - Secretary of State Brian Porter Kemp
Democratic - former state Representative  Stacey Abrams
Libertarian - Ted Metz
House CD 1
Democratic - former Congressman Edward E. "Ed" Case
Republican - former state Representative Campbell "Cam" Cavasso
Libertarian - Michelle Rose Tippens
Green - Zachary B. "Zach" Burd
Nonpartisan - Calvin C. Griffin
Republican - Lieutenant Governor  Brad Little
Democratic - former state Representative  Paulette E. Jordan
Libertarian - Bev "Angel" Boeck
Constitution - Walter L.. Bayes
Write-in; (Independent) - Lisa Marie
House CD 1
Republican - former state Senator Russ Fulcher
Democratic - Cristina Ana McNeil
Independent - Natalie M. Fleming
Libertarian - William Scott "W. Scott" Howard
Independent - Paul Farmer
Constitution - Marvin Thomas "Pro-Life" Richardson
Independent - Gordon Joe Counsil
Write-in; (Independent) - Michael J. Rath
House CD 4
Democratic - Cook County Commissioner Jesus G. "Chuy" Garcia
Republican - Mark Wayne Lorch
House CD 4
Republican - state Representative  James R. "Jim" Baird
Democratic - Tobi Beck
House CD 6
Republican - Gregory J. "Greg" Pence
Democratic - Jeannine Lee Lake
Libertarian - Thomas G. "Tom" Ferkinhoff
Write-in; (Independent) - John Miller
Write-in; (Independent) - Heather Leigh Meloy
Democratic - state Senator  Laura Kelly
Republican - Secretary of State  Kris W. Kobach
Independent - Greg Orman
Libertarian - Jeff Caldwell
Independent - Richard "Rick" Kloos
House CD 2
Republican - Steve Watkins
Democratic - former state Representative Paul T. Davis
Libertarian - Kelly Don Standley
Democratic - state Attorney General  Janet T. Mills
Republican - University of Maine System Trustee Shawn H. Moody
Independent - state Treasurer Teresea M. "Terry" Hayes
Independent - Alan Caron
(Independent); Write-in - Kenneth A. Capron
(Independent); Write-in - former state Senator John T. Jenkins
Write-in; (Unenrolled) - J. Martin Vachon
House CD 6
Democratic - David Trone
Republican - Amie Hoeber
Libertarian - Kevin Terome Caldwell
Green - George Gluck
House CD 3
Democratic - Lori Loureiro Trahan
Republican - Rick Green
Independent - Michael P. "Mike" Mullen
House CD 7
Democratic - Boston City Council Member  Ayanna S. Pressley
Democratic - forner state Senator Gretchen Whitmer
Republican - Attorney General William D. "Bill" Schuette
Libertarian - William H. "Bill" Gelineau
U.S. Taxpayers - Todd M. Schleiger
Green - Jennifer V. Kurland
Natural Law - Keith Butkovich
House CD 9
Democratic - Andy Levin
Republican - Candius Stearns
Working Class - Andrea Kirby
Green - John V. McDermott
House CD 11
Democratic - Haley Stevens
Republican - Lena Rose Epstein
Libertarian - Leonard Charles Schwartz
- Cooper Jon Nye
House CD 13
Democratic - Rashida Tlaib
Working Class - Sam Johnson
Green - D. Etta Wilcoxon
Write-in; (Democratic) -   Brenda Jones
Write-in; (Democratic) - John Conyers, III
Democratic-Farmer Labor - Congressman Timothy J. "Tim" Walz
Republican - Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson
Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis - Thomas Christopher "Chris" Wright
Libertarian - Josh Welter
(Socialist Workers Party); Write-in - Jacquie Henderson
(Republican); Write-in - Jeffrey Wharton
House CD 1
Republican - James "Jim" Hagedorn
Democratic-Farmer Labor - Daniel "Dan" Feehan
House CD 5
Democratic-Farmer Labor - state Representative  Ilhan Omar
Republican - Jennifer L. "Jen" Zielinski
(Green); Write-in - Les Lester
House CD 8
Republican - St. Louis County Commissioner  Pete Stauber
Democratic-Farmer Labor - former state Representative Joseph "Joe" Radinovich
(Green); Independence - Ray Henry John "Skip" Sandman
House CD 3
Republican - District Attorney Michael Patrick Guest
Democratic - state Representative  Michael Ted Evans
Reform - Matthew Holland
Democratic - Clark County Commissioner  Stephen F. "Steve" Sisolak
Republican - Attorney General  Adam Paul Laxalt
No Political Party - Ryan Bundy
Independent American - Russell J. Best
Libertarian - Jared Lord
House CD 3
Democratic - Susan Kelley "Susie" Lee
Republican - Daniel John "Danny" Tarkanian
Libertarian - Steven Paul "Steve" Brown
No Political Party - David Scott Goossen
Independent American - Harry Lee Vickers
No Political Party - Gilbert "Gil" Eisner
No Political Party - Tony Gumina
House CD 4
Democratic - former Congressman  Steven Alexzander Horsford
Republican - former Congressman  Cresent Leo Hardy
Independent American - Warren Ross Markowitz
No Political Party - Rodney C. Smith
Libertarian - Gregg Luckner
No Political Party - Dean Anthony McGonigle
New Hampshire
House CD 1
Democratic - Executive Councilor  Christopher C. "Chris" Pappas
Republican - former Liquor Commission Enforcement and Licensing Director Eddie Edwards
Libertarian - Dan Belforti
New Jersey
House CD 2
Democratic - state Senator  Jeff Van Drew
Republican - former Atlantic County Freeholder Seth Grossman
Libertarian - John Ordille
Time for Truth - Steven Fenichel
Cannot Be Bought - Anthony Parisi Sanchez
Other - William R. Benfer
House CD 11
Democratic - Rebecca Michelle "Mikie" Sherrill
Republican - Assemblyman  Jay Webber
Honesty, Integrity, Compassion - Robert F. Crook
Libertarian - Ryan Martinez
New Mexico
Democratic - Congressman  Michelle Lujan Grisham
Republican - Congressman Stevan E. "Steve" Pearce
House CD 1
Democratic - Debra A. "Deb" Haaland
Republican - Janice E. Arnold-Jones
Libertarian - Lloyd Joseph Princeton
House CD 2
Democratic - Xochitl Torres Small
Republican - state Representative Stella Yvette "Yvette" Herrell
New York
House CD 25
Women's Equality; Independence; Democratic; Working Families - state Assemblyman  Joseph D. "Joe" Morelle
Reform; Republican; Conservative - James T. "Jim" Maxwell
North Carolina
House CD 9
Republican - Mark Everette Harris
Democratic - Daniel Kent "Dan" McCready
Libertarian - Jeffery "Jeff" Scott
North Dakota
House At-Large
Republican - state Senator  Kelly M. Armstrong
Democratic-Nonpartisan League - former state Senator Mac Schneider
Independent - Charles Tuttle
Republican - Attorney General  Michael "Mike" DeWine
Democratic - former First Director of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard "Rich" Cordray
Libertarian - Travis M. Irvine
Green - Constance Gadell-Newton
House CD 16
Republican - Anthony E. Gonzalez
Democratic - Susan Moran Palmer
Republican - Kevin Stitt
Democratic - former state Attorney General Drew Edmondson
Libertarian - Chris Powell
House CD 1
Republican - Congressman-elect  Kevin R. Hern
Democratic - Tim Gilpin
House CD 4
Democratic - state Representative Madeleine Dean Cunnane
Republican - Daniel E. "Dan" David
House CD 5
Democratic - former Wallingford-Swarthmore School Board Member Mary Gay Scanlon
Republican - Pearl Kim
House CD 6
Democratic - Christina Jampoler "Chrissy" Houlahan
Republican - Gregory Michael "Greg" McCauley, Sr.
House CD 7
Democratic - former Allentown City Solicitor Susan Ellis Wild
Republican - Lehigh County Commissioner Martin W. "Marty" Nothstein
Libertarian - Tim Silfies
Write-in; (Green) - Brianna Lee Johnston
House CD 9
Republican - former state Revenue Secretary Daniel P. "Dan" Meuser
Democratic - former state Agriculture Secretary Dennis "Denny" Wolff
House CD 13
Republican - John Joyce
Democratic - former Hollidaysburg School Board Member Brent M. Ottaway
House CD 14
Republican - state Senator Guy L. Reschenthaler
Democratic - Bibiana Boerio
South Carolina
House CD 1
Democratic - Joseph K. "Joe" Cunningham
Republican - state Representative  Katherine Elizabeth "Katie" Arrington
House CD 4
Republican - state Senator  William R. Timmons, IV
Democratic - Brandon Pendarvis Brown
American - Guy V. Furay
South Dakota
Republican - Congressman  Kristi Lynn Noem
Democratic - state Senator  Billie H. Sutton
Libertarian - Kurt Evans
House At-Large
Republican - former Public Utilities Commissioner Dustin "Dusty" Johnson
Democratic - former state Court Judge Timothy W. "Tim" Bjorkman
Independent - Ronald Lee "Ron" Wieczorek
Libertarian - George D. Hendrickson
Senate Class 1
Republican - Congressman  Marsha Blackburn
Democratic - former Governor Philip N. "Phil" Bredesen
Independent - former Morgan County Commissioner Trudy A. Austin
Independent - former Nashville Mayor Dean Hill
Independent - Kris L. Todd
Independent - John "Jae" Carico
Independent; (Republican) - Robert Breton "Breton" Phillips
Independent - Kevin Lee McCants
Republican - Bill Lee
Democratic - former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean
Independent; (Libertarian) - Sherry L. Clark
Independent - Mark Wright
Independent - Patrick Whitlock
Independent; (Green) - Yvonne Neubert
Independent; (Libertarian) - Heather Scott
Independent - Mark "Coonrippy" Brown
Independent - Joe B. Wilmoth
Independent; (Libertarian) - George Blackwell Smith, IV
Independent; (Libertarian) - Cory King
Independent; (Libertarian) - Tracy C. Yaste Tisdale
Independent; (Libertarian) - Justin Cornett
Independent - Chad Riden
Independent - Robert Sawyers, Sr.
Independent; (Libertarian) - Vinnie Vineyard
Independent - Rick Tyler
Independent; (Libertarian) - Gabriel Fancher
Independent; (Libertarian) - Sean Bruce Fleming
Independent; (Libertarian) - Alfred Shawn Rapoza
Independent - Jessie D. McDonald
Independent - Toney Randall Mitchell
Independent; (Libertarian) - Mike Toews
Independent; (Libertarian) - Matthew Koch
Independent; (Libertarian) - Jeremy Allen Stephenson
Independent - Tommy Ray McAnally
Independent; (Libertarian) - Jaron D. Weidner
Independent; (Libertarian) - William Andrew "Andrew" Helmstetter
House CD 2
Republican - Knox County Mayor  Tim Burchett
Democratic - Renee Hoyos
(Libertarian); Independent - William Gregory "Greg" Samples
Independent - Jeffrey Alan Grunau
(Republican); Independent - Marc Robert Whitmire
Independent - Keith A. LaTorre
House CD 6
Republican - former state Agriculture Commissioner John W. Rose
Democratic - Dawn Barlow
(Libertarian); Independent - David Ross
Independent - Lloyd Dunn
House CD 7
Republican - state Senator  Mark E. Green
Democratic - Justin Kanew
Independent - Leonard D. "Lenny" Ladner
Independent - Brent Legendre
House CD 2
Republican - Daniel "Dan" Crenshaw
Democratic - Todd Catlett Litton
Libertarian - Stephen Patrick "Patrick" Gunnels
Independent - Scott Ralston Cubbler
House CD 3
Republican - state Senator  Nicholas V. "Van" Taylor
Democratic - Lorie Louise Burch
Libertarian - Christopher John "Chris" Claytor
House CD 5
Republican - state Representative  Lance Gooden
Democratic - Danny Eugene "Dan" Wood, Jr.
(Libertarian); Write-in - Phil Gray
House CD 6
Republican - former Arlington City Council Member Ron Wright
Democratic - Jana Lynne Sanchez
Libertarian - Jason Allen Harber
House CD 16
Democratic - former El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar
Republican - Rick Seeberger
Independent - Ben Mendoza
(Independent); Write-in - Samuel Lee "Sam" Williams, Jr.
House CD 21
Republican - Chip Roy
Democratic - Joseph Kopser
Libertarian - Lee Santos
House CD 29
Democratic - state Senator Sylvia R. Garcia
Republican - Phillip Arnold Aronoff
Libertarian - Cullen Bryan Burns
Senate Class 1
Republican - former Massachusetts Governor Willard "Mitt" Romney
Democratic - Salt Lake County Councilwoman Jenny Wilson
Constitution - Timothy Noel "Tim" Aalders
Libertarian - Craig R. Bowden
Independent American - Reed C. McCandless
Write-in; (Unaffiliated) - Caleb Dan Reeve
(Unaffiliated); Write-in - Tyrone Jensen
Write-in; (Unaffiliated) - Ryan Daniel Jackson
(Unaffiliated); Write-in - Hektor Madison Köppre Reiksthegn
(Unaffiliated); Write-in - Glade G. Fitzgerald
(Unaffiliated); Write-in - Cody Robert Judy
Write-in; (Unaffiliated) - Abe Korb
House CD 5
Republican - Denver Lee Riggleman, III
Democratic - Leslie C. Cockburn
House CD 6
Republican - state Delegate Benjamin Lee "Ben" Cline
Democratic - Jennifer Lynn Lewis
House CD 8
Democratic - Kim Schrier
Republican - state Senator Dino Rossi
West Virginia
House CD 3
Republican - state Delegate  Carol Devine Miller
Democratic - state Senator  Richard Neece Ojeda, II
House CD 1
Republican - University of Wisconsin Regent Bryan George Steil
Democratic - Randy Bryce
Independent - Ken Yorgan
Write-in; (Independent) - Joseph Kexel
Republican - Treasurer  Mark Gordon
Democratic - former state Representative Mary A. Throne
Constitution - Rex "T-Rex" Rammell
Libertarian - Lawrence Gerard Struempf
Senator 3
Congressman 63
Governor 17

Parties appear in parenthesis and italics when a candidate receives the endorsement of a given Party and/or official sources indicate a candidate's association with a particular Party but only where the Party in question does not appear on the actual ballot as such.


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