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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1976 and 2004)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than the Democrats and the Republicans, receiving a minimum of 2/10ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1976 and 2004 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2004] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.2% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable


Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
443 Incumbents
46 Candidates

StatePartyCandidate or LinkOffice
AlabamaRepublican(pending)Candidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Robert AderholtIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Spencer BachusIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Jo BonnerIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanAuditor Beth ChapmanIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanCongressman Terry EverettIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanTreasurer Kay IveyIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAttorney General Troy KingIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanGovernor Bob RileyIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Mike RogersIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanSenator Jeff SessionsIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSenator Richard ShelbyIncumbent Senate Class 3
AlaskaRepublicanLieutenant Governor Loren D. LemanIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanGovernor Frank H. MurkowskiIncumbent Governor
RepublicanSenator Lisa MurkowskiIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanSenator Ted StevensIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Don E. YoungIncumbent House At-Large
American Samoa  
ArizonaRepublicanSecretary of State Jan BrewerIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Jeff FlakeIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Trent FranksIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman J.D. HayworthIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Tom HorneIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanCongressman Jim KolbeIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanSenator Jon KylIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanMine Inspector Douglas K MartinIncumbent Mine Inspector
RepublicanSenator John McCainIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanTreasurer David PetersenIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Rick RenziIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman John ShadeggIncumbent House CD 3
ArkansasRepublican(pending)Candidate for Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman John BoozmanIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanGovernor Mike HuckabeeIncumbent Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Win RockefellerIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
California(Republican)Steven W. BlakeCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Mary BonoIncumbent House CD 45
RepublicanMarilyn BrewerCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Ken CalvertIncumbent House CD 44
RepublicanCongressman John CampbellIncumbent House CD 48
RepublicanJohn CampbellCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanSerge A. ChernayCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanDavid R. CrouchCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Randy "Duke" CunninghamIncumbent House CD 50
RepublicanCongressman John T. DoolittleIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman David DreierIncumbent House CD 26
RepublicanJohn Thomas FlynnCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Elton GalleglyIncumbent House CD 24
(Republican)Alan S. GamsonCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Wally HergerIncumbent House CD 2
(Republican)Delecia HoltCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Duncan HunterIncumbent House CD 52
RepublicanCongressman Darrell E. IssaIncumbent House CD 49
RepublicanJohn KellyCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Jerry LewisIncumbent House CD 41
RepublicanCongressman Dan LungrenIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanScott MacCabeCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanGuy E. MaillyCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Howard P. "Buck" McKeonIncumbent House CD 25
RepublicanSecretary of State Bruce McPhersonIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Gary G. MillerIncumbent House CD 42
RepublicanMarsha A. MorrisCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Devin NunesIncumbent House CD 21
RepublicanMichael O'BrienCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Richard W. PomboIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman George P. RadanovichIncumbent House CD 19
RepublicanCongressman Dana RohrabacherIncumbent House CD 46
RepublicanCongressman Edward R. RoyceIncumbent House CD 40
RepublicanMarshall Samuel SandersCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanGovernor Arnold SchwarzeneggerIncumbent Governor
RepublicanShane SinghCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanBruce Robert StevensCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanEdward A. SuppeCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Bill ThomasIncumbent House CD 22
RepublicanDon UdallCandidate for House CD 48
ColoradoRepublicanSenator Wayne AllardIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Bob BeauprezIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanSecretary of State Gigi DennisIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Joel HefleyIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanActing Treasurer Mark HillmanIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Marilyn MusgraveIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Jane NortonIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanGovernor Bill OwensIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Tom TancredoIncumbent House CD 6
ConnecticutRepublicanCongressman Nancy L. JohnsonIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanGovernor M. Jodi RellIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Christopher ShaysIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Rob SimmonsIncumbent House CD 2
DelawareRepublicanCongressman Michael N. CastleIncumbent House At-Large
RepublicanAuditor R. Thomas Wagner, Jr.Incumbent Auditor
District of Columbia  
FloridaRepublican(pending)Candidate for Governor
Republican(pending)Candidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Michael BilirakisIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanA & CS Commissioner Charles H. "Charlie" BronsonIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services
RepublicanCongressman Virginia "Ginny" Brown-WaiteIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanGovernor John Ellis "Jeb" BushIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Ander CrenshawIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanAttorney General Charlie CristIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Lincoln Diaz-BalartIncumbent House CD 21
RepublicanCongressman Mario Diaz-BalartIncumbent House CD 25
RepublicanCongressman Tom FeeneyIncumbent House CD 24
RepublicanCongressman Mark A. FoleyIncumbent House CD 16
RepublicanChief Financial Officer Tom GallagherIncumbent Chief Financial Officer
RepublicanCongressman Katherine HarrisIncumbent House CD 13
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Toni JenningsIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Richard Anthony "Ric" KellerIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Connie MackIncumbent House CD 14
RepublicanSenator Mel MartinezIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman John L. MicaIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Jefferson B. "Jeff" MillerIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Adam H. PutnamIncumbent House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Ileana Ros-LehtinenIncumbent House CD 18
RepublicanCongressman Clay ShawIncumbent House CD 22
RepublicanCongressman Clifford B. "Cliff" StearnsIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman David "Dave" WeldonIncumbent House CD 15
RepublicanCongressman C.W. "Bill" YoungIncumbent House CD 10
GeorgiaRepublicanSenator Saxby ChamblissIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanEducation Superintendent Kathy CoxIncumbent Superintendent of Education
RepublicanCongressman Nathan DealIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Phil GingreyIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanSenator Johnny IsaksonIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Jack KingstonIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman John LinderIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Charlie NorwoodIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanComptroller General/Insurance Commissioner John Weimann OxendineIncumbent Comptroller General/Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanGovernor Sonny PerdueIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Tom PriceIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Lynn WestmorelandIncumbent House CD 8
GuamRepublicanGovernor Felix CamachoIncumbent Governor
HawaiiRepublicanLieutenant Governor James "Duke" Aiona, Jr.Incumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanGovernor Linda LingleIncumbent Governor
IdahoRepublican(pending)Candidate for Governor
RepublicanSenator Larry E. CraigIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanTreasurer Ron G. CraneIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanSenator Mike CrapoIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanController Keith JohnsonIncumbent Controller
RepublicanGovernor Dirk KempthorneIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman C.L. "Butch" OtterIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanLieutenant Governor James E. "Jim" RischIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Michael K. "Mike" SimpsonIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanAttorney General Lawrence G. WasdenIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanSecretary of State Ben YsursaIncumbent Secretary of State
IllinoisRepublicanCongressman Judy BiggertIncumbent House CD 13
RepublicanCongressman J. Dennis HastertIncumbent House CD 14
RepublicanCongressman Henry J. HydeIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Timothy V. "Tim" JohnsonIncumbent House CD 15
RepublicanCongressman Mark Steven KirkIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Ray LaHoodIncumbent House CD 18
RepublicanCongressman Donald A. ManzulloIncumbent House CD 16
RepublicanCongressman John M. ShimkusIncumbent House CD 19
RepublicanTreasurer Judy Baar TopinkaIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Gerald C. "Jerry" WellerIncumbent House CD 11
IndianaRepublicanTreasurer Tim BerryIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Dan BurtonIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Steve BuyerIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanAttorney General Steve CarterIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Chris ChocolaIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanGovernor Mitchell E. "Mitch" DanielsIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman John N. HostettlerIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanClerk of State Supreme Court David C. LewisIncumbent Clerk of State Supreme Court
RepublicanSenator Richard G. LugarIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanAuditor Connie NassIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanCongressman Mike PenceIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Suellen ReedIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanSecretary of State Todd RokitaIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Becky SkillmanIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Mike SodrelIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanCongressman Mark SouderIncumbent House CD 3
IowaRepublican(pending)Candidate for House CD 1
Republican(pending)Candidate for Governor
Republican(pending)Candidate for Secretary of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
RepublicanSenator Charles "Chuck" GrassleyIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Steve KingIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Tom LathamIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman James A. "Jim" LeachIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Jim NussleIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanAuditor Dave VaudtIncumbent Auditor
KansasRepublicanSenator Samuel D. BrownbackIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanTreasurer Lynn JenkinsIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAttorney General Phill KlineIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Jerry MoranIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner Sandy PraegerIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanSenator Pat RobertsIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Jim RyunIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanSecretary of State Ron ThornburghIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Todd TiahrtIncumbent House CD 4
KentuckyRepublicanSenator Jim BunningIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Geoff DavisIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Richie FarmerIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanGovernor Ernie FletcherIncumbent Governor
RepublicanSecretary of State C. M. "Trey" GraysonIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Ron LewisIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanSenator Mitch McConnellIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Anne Meagher NorthupIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Stephen B. PenceIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Harold "Hal" RogersIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Edward WhitfieldIncumbent House CD 1
LouisianaRepublicanCongressman Rodney AlexanderIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Richard H. BakerIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Charles Boustany, Jr.Incumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Piyush "Bobby" JindalIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman "Jim" McCreryIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanSenator David VitterIncumbent Senate Class 3
MaineRepublicanSenator Susan M. CollinsIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSenator Olympia J. SnoweIncumbent Senate Class 1
MarylandRepublicanCongressman Roscoe G. BartlettIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanGovernor Robert L. "Bob" Ehrlich, Jr.Incumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Wayne T. GilchrestIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Michael SteeleIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
MassachusettsRepublicanLieutenant Governor Kerry Murphy HealeyIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanGovernor Mitt RomneyIncumbent Governor
MichiganRepublican(pending)Candidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Dave CampIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanAttorney General Mike CoxIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Vernon J. EhlersIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Peter HoekstraIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Joe KnollenbergIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanSecretary of State Terri Lynn LandIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Thaddeus G. McCotterIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman Candice S. MillerIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Mike RogersIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman John H.J. "Joe" SchwarzIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Fred UptonIncumbent House CD 6
MinnesotaRepublican(pending)Candidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanAuditor Patricia "Pat" AndersonIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanSenator Norm ColemanIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Gil GutknechtIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Mark R. KennedyIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanSecretary of State Mary KiffmeyerIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman John KlineIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Carol MolnauIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanGovernor Tim PawlentyIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Jim RamstadIncumbent House CD 3
MississippiRepublicanGovernor Haley BarbourIncumbent Governor
RepublicanAuditor of Public Accounts Phil BryantIncumbent Auditor of Public Accounts
RepublicanSenator Thad CochranIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSenator Trent LottIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Charles W. "Chip" Pickering, Jr.Incumbent House CD 3
RepublicanTreasurer Tate ReevesIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Amy TuckIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Roger F. WickerIncumbent House CD 1
MissouriRepublicanCongressman Todd AkinIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanGovernor Matt BluntIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Roy BluntIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanSenator Christopher "Kit" BondIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Jo Ann EmersonIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Samuel B. "Sam" Graves, Jr.Incumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Kenny C. HulshofIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Peter KinderIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanTreasurer Sarah SteelmanIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanSenator Jim TalentIncumbent Senate Class 1
MontanaRepublicanSenator Conrad BurnsIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSecretary of State Brad JohnsonIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Dennis "Denny" RehbergIncumbent House At-Large
NebraskaRepublican(pending)Candidate for House CD 3
Republican(pending)Candidate for Secretary of State
Republican(pending)Candidate for Governor
RepublicanAttorney General Jon BruningIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Jeff FortenberryIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanSecretary of State John A. GaleIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanSenator Chuck HagelIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanGovernor Dave HeinemanIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Tom OsborneIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanTreasurer Ron RossIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Rick SheehyIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Lee TerryIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanAuditor of Public Accounts Kate WitekIncumbent Auditor of Public Accounts
NevadaRepublican(pending)Candidate for Governor
RepublicanController Kathy AugustineIncumbent Controller
RepublicanAttorney General George J. ChanosIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanSenator John EnsignIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Jim GibbonsIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanGovernor Kenny GuinnIncumbent Governor
RepublicanSecretary of State Dean HellerIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Lorraine T. HuntIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanTreasurer Brian K. KrolickiIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Jon PorterIncumbent House CD 3
New HampshireRepublicanCongressman Charles BassIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Jeb BradleyIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanSenator Judd GreggIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanSenator John E. SununuIncumbent Senate Class 2
New JerseyRepublican(pending)Candidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Mike FergusonIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanDouglas R. ForresterCandidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Rodney P. FrelinghuysenIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman Scott GarrettIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Frank A. LoBiondoIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Jim SaxtonIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Christopher H. SmithIncumbent House CD 4
New MexicoRepublicanSenator Pete V. DomeniciIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanPublic Lands Commissioner Patrick H. LyonsIncumbent Commissioner of Public Lands
RepublicanCongressman Steve PearceIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Heather A. WilsonIncumbent House CD 1
New YorkRepublican(pending)Candidate for Senate Class 1
Republican(pending)Candidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Sherwood L. "Sherry" BoehlertIncumbent House CD 24
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Mary O. DonohueIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Vito J. FossellaIncumbent House CD 13
RepublicanCongressman Sue W. KellyIncumbent House CD 19
RepublicanCongressman Peter T. KingIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman John "Randy" KuhlIncumbent House CD 29
RepublicanCongressman John M. McHughIncumbent House CD 23
RepublicanGovernor George E. PatakiIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Thomas M. ReynoldsIncumbent House CD 26
RepublicanCongressman John E. SweeneyIncumbent House CD 20
RepublicanCongressman James T. WalshIncumbent House CD 25
North CarolinaRepublicanLabor Commissioner Cherie Killian BerryIncumbent Commissioner of Labor
RepublicanSenator Richard M. BurrIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Howard CobleIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanSenator Elizabeth H. DoleIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Virginia FoxxIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Robert C. "Robin" HayesIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Walter B. Jones, Jr.Incumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Patrick T. McHenryIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanAuditor Leslie "Les" MerrittIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanCongressman Sue MyrickIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanCongressman Charles H. TaylorIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanSteve TroxlerCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Steve TroxlerIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
North DakotaRepublicanPS Commissioner Tony ClarkIncumbent Public Service Commissioner 2
RepublicanPS Commissioner Kevin CramerIncumbent Public Service Commissioner 1
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Jack DalrympleIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanTax Commissioner Cory FongIncumbent Tax Commissioner
RepublicanGovernor John HoevenIncumbent Governor
RepublicanSecretary of State Alvin A. "Al" JaegerIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanAuditor Robert "Bob" PetersonIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner Jim PoolmanIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanTreasurer Kelly SchmidtIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAttorney General Wayne StenehjemIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanPS Commissioner Susan E. WefaldIncumbent Public Service Commissioner 3
Northern MarianasRepublicanGovernor Juan Nekai BabautaIncumbent Governor
RepublicanGovernor Juan Nekai BabautaCandidate for Governor
OhioRepublican(pending)Candidate for Governor
RepublicanSecretary of State J. Kenneth "Ken" BlackwellIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman John A. BoehnerIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanTreasurer Jennette B. BradleyIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Steve ChabotIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanSenator Mike DeWineIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Paul E. GillmorIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Dave HobsonIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Bruce JohnsonIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Steven C. LaTouretteIncumbent House CD 14
RepublicanAuditor Betty MontgomeryIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanCongressman Bob NeyIncumbent House CD 18
RepublicanCongressman Michael G. OxleyIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanAttorney General Jim PetroIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Deborah PryceIncumbent House CD 15
RepublicanCongressman Ralph RegulaIncumbent House CD 16
RepublicanCongressman Jean SchmidtIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanJean SchmidtCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanGovernor Bob TaftIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Pat TiberiIncumbent House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Michael R. TurnerIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanSenator George V. VoinovichIncumbent Senate Class 3
OklahomaRepublican(pending)Candidate for Governor
Republican(pending)Candidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCorporation Commissioner Bob AnthonyIncumbent Corporation Commissioner 2
RepublicanCorporation Commissioner Denise A. BodeIncumbent Corporation Commissioner 1
RepublicanCorporation Commissioner Jeff CloudIncumbent Corporation Commissioner 3
RepublicanSenator Tom CoburnIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Tom ColeIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Mary FallinIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanSenator James M. InhofeIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Ernest IstookIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Frank D. LucasIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman John SullivanIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanLabor Commissioner Brenda Reneau WynnIncumbent Commissioner of Labor
OregonRepublicanSenator Gordon H. SmithIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Gregory Paul WaldenIncumbent House CD 2
PennsylvaniaRepublicanAttorney General Tom CorbettIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Charles W. DentIncumbent House CD 15
RepublicanCongressman Phil EnglishIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Michael G. "Mike" FitzpatrickIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Jim GerlachIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Melissa HartIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Tim MurphyIncumbent House CD 18
RepublicanCongressman John E. PetersonIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Joseph R. PittsIncumbent House CD 16
RepublicanCongressman Todd PlattsIncumbent House CD 19
RepublicanSenator Rick SantorumIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Don SherwoodIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Bill ShusterIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanSenator Arlen SpecterIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Curt WeldonIncumbent House CD 7
Puerto Rico  
Rhode IslandRepublican(pending)Candidate for Secretary of State
RepublicanGovernor Donald L. CarcieriIncumbent Governor
RepublicanSenator Lincoln D. ChafeeIncumbent Senate Class 1
South CarolinaRepublicanCongressman J. Gresham BarrettIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Andre BauerIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Henry E. BrownIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanSenator Jim DeMintIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanComptroller General Richard A. EckstromIncumbent Comptroller General
RepublicanSenator Lindsey GrahamIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSecretary of State Mark HammondIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Bob InglisIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanAttorney General Henry McMasterIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanGovernor Mark SanfordIncumbent Governor
RepublicanAdjutant General Stan SpearsIncumbent Adjutant General
RepublicanInterim Agriculture Commissioner Hugh E. WeathersIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanCongressman A. G. "Joe" WilsonIncumbent House CD 2
South DakotaRepublicanLieutenant Governor Dennis DaugaardIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanTreasurer Vern LarsonIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAttorney General Larry LongIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanSecretary of State Chris NelsonIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanGovernor Mike RoundsIncumbent Governor
RepublicanAuditor Rich SattgastIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanSenator John ThuneIncumbent Senate Class 3
TennesseeRepublicanSenator Lamar AlexanderIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Marsha BlackburnIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman John J. Duncan, Jr.Incumbent House CD 2
RepublicanSenator Bill FristIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman William L. "Bill" JenkinsIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Zach WampIncumbent House CD 3
TexasRepublicanAttorney General Greg AbbottIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Joe BartonIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Henry BonillaIncumbent House CD 23
RepublicanCongressman Kevin BradyIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Michael C. BurgessIncumbent House CD 26
RepublicanRailroad Commissioner Victor G. CarrilloIncumbent Railroad Commissioner 1
RepublicanCongressman John R. CarterIncumbent House CD 31
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Susan CombsIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanCongressman Mike ConawayIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanSenator John CornynIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman John CulbersonIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Tom DeLayIncumbent House CD 22
RepublicanLieutenant Governor David DewhurstIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Louis GohmertIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Kay GrangerIncumbent House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Ralph HallIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Jeb HensarlingIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanSenator Kay Bailey HutchisonIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Sam JohnsonIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanRailroad Commissioner Elizabeth A. JonesIncumbent Railroad Commissioner 2
RepublicanCongressman Kenny MarchantIncumbent House CD 24
RepublicanCongressman Michael T. McCaulIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Randy NeugebauerIncumbent House CD 19
RepublicanGeneral Land Office Commissioner Jerry PattersonIncumbent Commissioner of General Land Office
RepublicanCongressman Ron PaulIncumbent House CD 14
RepublicanGovernor Rick PerryIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Ted PoeIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Pete SessionsIncumbent House CD 32
RepublicanCongressman Lamar SmithIncumbent House CD 21
RepublicanComptroller of Public Accounts Carole Keeton StrayhornIncumbent Comptroller of Public Accounts
RepublicanCongressman Mac ThornberryIncumbent House CD 13
RepublicanRailroad Commissioner Michael L. WilliamsIncumbent Railroad Commissioner 3
UtahRepublicanTreasurer Edward T. "Ed" AlterIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanSenator Robert F. BennettIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Rob BishopIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Chris CannonIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanSenator Orrin G. HatchIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Gary HerbertIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanGovernor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.Incumbent Governor
RepublicanAuditor Auston G. JohnsonIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanAttorney General Mark ShurtleffIncumbent Attorney General
VermontRepublicanAuditor of Accounts Randy BrockIncumbent Auditor of Accounts
RepublicanGovernor James H. "Jim" DouglasIncumbent Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Brian E. DubieIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
Virgin Islands  
VirginiaRepublicanSenator George F. AllenIncumbent Senate Class 1
Republicanformer State Senator William T. "Bill" BollingCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Eric I. CantorIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Jo Ann S. DavisIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Thomas M. "Tom" Davis, IIIIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman Thelma D. DrakeIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman J. Randy ForbesIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Virgil H. Goode, Jr.Incumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Robert W. "Bob" GoodlatteIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanAttorney General Judith W. JagdmannIncumbent Attorney General
Republicanformer Attorney General Jerry W. KilgoreCandidate for Governor
RepublicanState Delegate Robert F. "Bob" McDonnellCandidate for Attorney General
RepublicanSenator John W. WarnerIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Frank R. WolfIncumbent House CD 10
WashingtonRepublicanCongressman Doc HastingsIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanAttorney General Rob McKennaIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Cathy McMorrisIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanSecretary of State Sam ReedIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Dave ReichertIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanPublic Lands Commissioner Doug SutherlandIncumbent Commissioner of Public Lands
West VirginiaRepublicanCongressman Shelley Moore CapitoIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanSecretary of State Betty IrelandIncumbent Secretary of State
WisconsinRepublicanCongressman Mark GreenIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Thomas E. "Tom" PetriIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Paul D. RyanIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman F. James "Jim" Sensenbrenner, Jr.Incumbent House CD 5
RepublicanTreasurer Jack C. VoightIncumbent Treasurer
WyomingRepublicanCongressman Barbara CubinIncumbent House At-Large
RepublicanSenator Michael B. EnziIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanTreasurer Cynthia M. LummisIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAuditor Max MaxfieldIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Jim McBrideIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanSecretary of State Joseph B. "Joe" MeyerIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanSenator Craig ThomasIncumbent Senate Class 1

Parties are listed as (party) when a candidate receives the endorsement of a party but that endorsement does not appear on the ballot.


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