Traditional Sections and Regions
of the several States

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State Section Region Survey
AlabamaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthPublic Domain
AlaskaWESTPacificPublic Domain
ArizonaWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
ArkansasSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthPublic Domain
CaliforniaWESTPacificPublic Domain
ColoradoWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
ConnecticutNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
DelawareNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
District of ColumbiaNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
FloridaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthPublic Domain
GeorgiaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthMetes & Bounds
HawaiiWESTPacificMetes & Bounds
IdahoWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
IllinoisMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
IndianaMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
IowaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
KansasMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
KentuckySOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
LouisianaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthPublic Domain
MaineNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
MarylandNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
MassachusettsNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
MichiganMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
MinnesotaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
MississippiSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthPublic Domain
MissouriMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
MontanaWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
NebraskaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
NevadaWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
New HampshireNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
New JerseyNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
New MexicoWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
New YorkNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
North CarolinaSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
North DakotaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
OhioMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
OklahomaSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthPublic Domain
OregonWESTPacificPublic Domain
PennsylvaniaNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
Rhode IslandNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
South CarolinaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthMetes & Bounds
South DakotaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
TennesseeSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
TexasSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthMetes & Bounds
UtahWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
VermontNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
VirginiaSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
WashingtonWESTPacificPublic Domain
West VirginiaSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
WisconsinMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
WyomingWESTIntermountainPublic Domain

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