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2022 Gubernatorial Primaries at a Glance

This "at a glance" look at the primary in each State simply lists the winner (and, in many cases, the candidate who came in second) in each Primary in chronological order.

boldface followed by (inc) indicates the incumbent

Date State Democrat
R Winner % Second % R Winner % Second %
Tuesday 1 March 2022 Texas  O'Rourke        Abbott (inc) L West  
Tuesday 3 May 2022 Ohio  Whaley L Cranley    DeWine (inc) 48 Renacci 28
Tuesday 10 May 2022 Nebraska  Blood        Pillen 34 Herbster 30
Tuesday 17 May 2022 Idaho  Heidt U      Little (inc) D McGeachin  
Oregon  Kotek D Read    Drazan 24 Tiernan 18
Pennsylvania  Shapiro U      Mastriano 44 Barletta 20
Tuesday 24 May 2022 Alabama  Flowers 34% v. Sanders-Fortier 33% proceed to 21 June Runoff  Ivey (inc) D Blanchard  
Arkansas  Jones L Bland    Huckabee Sanders      
Georgia  Abrams U      Kemp (inc) L Perdue  
TexasR        R        
Tuesday 7 June 2022 California  Newsom (inc) D          Dahle  
Top Two Primary Top Two Primary
Iowa  DeJear U      Reynolds (inc) U    
New Mexico  Grisham (inc) U      Ronchetti D Dow  
South Dakota  Smith P      Noem (inc)      
Tuesday 14 June 2022 Maine  Mills (inc) U      LePage U    
Nevada  Sisolak (inc)        Lombardo 38 Gilbert 27
South Carolina  Cunningham D McLeod    McMaster (inc)      
Tuesday 21 June 2022 AlabamaR Flowers D Sanders-Fortier  R        
ArkansasR        R        
GeorgiaR        R        
Tuesday 28 June 2022 Colorado  Polis (inc) U      Ganahl D Lopez  
Illinois  Pritzker (inc)        Bailey D Sullivan  
New York  Hochul (inc) L Williams    Zeldin 44 Giuliani 23
Oklahoma  Hofmeister L Johnson    Stitt (inc) L Kintsel  
South CarolinaR        R        
Tuesday 19 July 2022 Maryland                  
Tuesday 2 August 2022 Arizona                  
Thursday 4 August 2022 Tennessee                  
Saturday 6 August 2022 Virgin Islands                  
Tuesday 9 August 2022 Connecticut                  
Saturday 13 August 2022 Hawaii                  
Tuesday 16 August 2022 Alaska                  
South DakotaR        R        
Tuesday 23 August 2022 Florida                  
OklahomaR        R        
Tuesday 6 September 2022 Massachusetts                  
Tuesday 13 September 2022 New Hampshire                  
Rhode Island                  


2022 General Election Outline

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