The Green Papers 2022 General Election
118th U.S. House
Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts
by Party

Senate Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Gubernatorial Popular Vote by Party
House Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party


The popular vote tallies are UNOFFICIAL and have been acquired from various sources.
The FEC tallies are compiled from each candidates' reported "Total Receipts". The grand total includes candidates participating in the general election -- the total EXCLUDES funds collected by candidates eliminated during the primary/caucus nomination process.
This tally may exclude results for uncontested contests.

Nationwide Overview

The overview is grouped by Major Party (Democratic and affiliates, Republican), Major Third Party (Libertarian, Green), Other Third Party, Independent, and Others (write-in, scattering, none of the above, etc.). Votes cast for fusion candidates (candidates appearing under the banner of multiple parties) are tallied under the Major Party.

Affiliated Party
or Classification
Total Receipts
Democratic540    $65,636,168
Independent50    $10,495
Libertarian9    $3,732
Other Third Party5     
Republican586    $71,454,915
8 listings1,197    $137,105,310

Nationwide Party Details

Candidate's Balloted Party(ies)Affiliated Party
or Classification
Total Receipts
American Patriot PartyOther Third Party1    
DemocraticDemocratic535   $65,403,015
Democratic-Farmer LaborDemocratic5   $233,153
IndependentIndependent30   $773
Independent AmericanOther Third Party1    
Legal Marijuana NowOther Third Party1    
LibertarianLibertarian9   $3,732
No Party AffiliationIndependent8    
No Party PreferenceIndependent6   $4,264
Non AffiliatedIndependent1    
NonpartyIndependent1   $270
Not readily classifiableOthers3    
Peace And FreedomOther Third Party1    
RepublicanRepublican586   $71,454,915
U.S. TaxpayersOther Third Party1    
UnaffiliatedIndependent4   $5,188
18 listings 1,197   $137,105,310

State Party Details

AZNot readily classifiable2 
CANo Party Preference6 
CANot readily classifiable1 
FLNo Party Affiliation7 
MIU.S. Taxpayers1 
MNDemocratic-Farmer Labor5 
MNLegal Marijuana Now1 
NVNo Party Affiliation1 
NYPeace And Freedom1 
ORNon Affiliated1 
PAAmerican Patriot Party1 
UTIndependent American1 

Candidate Details

(I) = incumbent
* = winner
Total Receipts
AKAt-LargeShannon Scott EvansRepublican   
AKAt-LargeJulio PerezRepublican   
AKAt-LargeRandy PurhamRepublican  $140
AKAt-LargeDonald E. "Don" Young (I)Republican  $129,482
ALCD 01Jerry Lee Carl, Jr. (I)Republican  $118,604
ALCD 02Reginald Terell "Terell" AndersonDemocratic   
ALCD 02Felix Barry "Barry" Moore (I)Republican  $97,508
ALCD 03Michael Dennis "Mike" Rogers (I)Republican  $58,833
ALCD 03Douglas A. "Doug" BellIndependent   
ALCD 04Rhonda GoreDemocratic   
ALCD 04Robert Brown Aderholt (I)Republican  $31,929
ALCD 04Joshua "Josh" GaddisRepublican   
ALCD 05Kevin Andrew "Andy" BlalockRepublican   
ALCD 05Morris J. "Mo" Brooks, Jr. (I)Republican  $274,152
ALCD 05Dale Whitney StrongRepublican  $171,588
ALCD 05Casey WardynskiRepublican   
ALCD 05Harrison Gage Woodard WrightRepublican   
ALCD 06Gary Palmer (I)Republican  $244,519
ALCD 06Kevin G. StewartIndependent   
ALCD 07Terrycina Andrea "Terri" Sewell (I)Democratic  $190,950
ALCD 07Beatrice Jackson NicholsRepublican   
ARCD 01Eric Alan "Rick" Crawford (I)Republican  $48,325
ARCD 02James French "French" Hill (I)Republican  $153,625
ARCD 03Lauren Mallett-HaysDemocratic   
ARCD 03Neil KumarRepublican   
ARCD 03Stephen A. "Steve" Womack (I)Republican  $50,581
ARCD 04Bruce Westerman (I)Republican  $102,044
AZCD 01Clayton MonetteDemocratic   
AZCD 01Dorian Nosie-RomoDemocratic   
AZCD 01Tom O'Halleran (I)Democratic  $344,411
AZCD 01Walter Jack "Walt" BlackmanRepublican  $30,265
AZCD 01Katherine "Kat" GallantRepublican   
AZCD 01John W. MooreRepublican   
AZCD 01Ryan ReynaRepublican   
AZCD 02Kirsten EngelDemocratic  $151,044
AZCD 02Catherine EulerDemocratic   
AZCD 02Amy FitchDemocratic   
AZCD 02Randall S. "Randy" FrieseDemocratic   
AZCD 02Daniel HernandezDemocratic   
AZCD 02Ann Kirkpatrick (I)Democratic   
AZCD 02Casey "Case" MellenDemocratic   
AZCD 02Brett MurphyDemocratic   
AZCD 02Douglas NanceDemocratic   
AZCD 02Marcos J. UrreaDemocratic   
AZCD 02Mike BoydRepublican   
AZCD 02Troy DavisRepublican   
AZCD 02Christopher HindleRepublican   
AZCD 02Marissa M. MitchellRepublican   
AZCD 02Gabe TapiaRepublican   
AZCD 02Eric ThouttRepublican   
AZCD 02Christopher "Topher" HaleNot readily classifiable   
AZCD 03Joe CollinsDemocratic   
AZCD 03Raúl M. Grijalva (I)Democratic  $73,521
AZCD 03Jacob HansenRepublican   
AZCD 03Michael McLeanRepublican   
AZCD 03Daniel WoodRepublican   
AZCD 04Matthew Charles "Matt" DanielDemocratic   
AZCD 04Delina DiSantoDemocratic  $161
AZCD 04Judith "Judy" StahlDemocratic   
AZCD 04Christopher BerryRepublican   
AZCD 04Vaughan Brandon "Brandon" DeHartRepublican   
AZCD 04Michael RebeiroRepublican   
AZCD 05Joan GreeneDemocratic  $19,139
AZCD 05Benjamin "Ben" LariveeDemocratic   
AZCD 05Weston PaigeDemocratic   
AZCD 05Javier RamosDemocratic   
AZCD 05Andy Biggs (I)Republican  $242,866
AZCD 05Edgar ChavezRepublican   
AZCD 05Lara HodgeRepublican   
AZCD 05Andre MillerRepublican   
AZCD 05Frank Acosta, Jr.Independent   
AZCD 05Travis "TJ" LindbergIndependent   
AZCD 06Katie AlexDemocratic   
AZCD 06Jevin D. HodgeDemocratic   
AZCD 06Stevie LoBoscoDemocratic   
AZCD 06Hiral Vyas TipirneniDemocratic  $23,790
AZCD 06Eric UlisDemocratic   
AZCD 06Josh BarnettRepublican   
AZCD 06Cassandra KimmRepublican   
AZCD 06Kevin KonczalRepublican   
AZCD 06Elijah NortonRepublican   
AZCD 06Luke PaciniRepublican   
AZCD 06Sara RaceyRepublican   
AZCD 06David S. Schweikert (I)Republican  $176,706
AZCD 06Jeffrey "Jeff" MetrickLibertarian   
AZCD 07Dane AmlingDemocratic   
AZCD 07Ruben Gallego (I)Democratic  $155,954
AZCD 07Nina BeckerRepublican   
AZCD 07Silas MaxwellRepublican   
AZCD 07Jeffrey Nelson "Jeff" ZinkRepublican   
AZCD 07Jeffery ThomasIndependent   
AZCD 08Donald CaseDemocratic   
AZCD 08James Thomas "Jim" HolmesDemocratic   
AZCD 08Michael Archangel MuscatoDemocratic  $11,563
AZCD 08Brent RosenbaumDemocratic   
AZCD 08Hemant KumarRepublican   
AZCD 08Debbie Lesko (I)Republican  $153,275
AZCD 08Jorge "George" Martinez, Jr.Republican   
AZCD 08James TabertRepublican   
AZCD 09Greg Stanton (I)Democratic  $145,678
AZCD 09Kelly CooperRepublican   
AZCD 09David Victor "Dave" GilesRepublican  $13,608
AZCD 09Jana JacksonRepublican   
AZCD 09Orlando C. Johnson, Jr.Republican   
AZCD 09Jesus Rene "Rene" Lopez, Jr.Republican   
AZCD 09Justin MusgroveRepublican   
AZCD 09Saul A. RodriguezRepublican   
AZCD 09Alex StovallRepublican  $13,346
AZCD 09Jeffery ThomasNot readily classifiable   
CACD 01Marcus Scott GodfreyLibertarian   
CACD 01Doug LaMalfa (I)Republican  $91,349
CACD 01Jeffrey R. LavinDemocratic   
CACD 01David PetersonDemocratic   
CACD 02Jared W. Huffman (I)Democratic  $45,543
CACD 02Aaron SmithRepublican   
CACD 03John Raymond Garamendi (I)Democratic  $58,133
CACD 03Tamika HamiltonRepublican  $21,716
CACD 03Monika Louise Sheldon-LondonRepublican  $4,200
CACD 04Brynne KennedyDemocratic  $95,955
CACD 04Thomas "Tom" McClintock (I)Republican  $111,960
CACD 05Jason KishineffGreen   
CACD 05Anthony MillsNo Party Preference   
CACD 05C. Michael "Mike" Thompson (I)Democratic  $125,633
CACD 06Christine "Chris" BishRepublican  $1,245
CACD 06Mathew Ray JedeikinNo Party Preference   
CACD 06Doris K. Matsui (I)Democratic  $49,705
CACD 07Amerish "Ami" Bera (I)Democratic  $124,494
CACD 07Robert "Buzz" PattersonRepublican   
CACD 08Blanca GomezDemocratic  $587
CACD 08Derek MarshallDemocratic  $111,767
CACD 09Gerald Mark "Jerry" McNerney (I)Democratic  $137,092
CACD 10Simon Michael AslanpourRepublican   
CACD 10Michael James BarkleyDemocratic   
CACD 10Jeff DenhamRepublican   
CACD 10Josh Harder (I)Democratic  $1,087,913
CACD 10Angelina Rosario SigalaDemocratic   
CACD 11Mark DeSaulnier (I)Democratic  $94,933
CACD 12Shahid ButtarDemocratic  $17,428
CACD 12Eric CurryDemocratic   
CACD 12John DennisRepublican  $29,423
CACD 12Greg LentzRepublican   
CACD 12Nancy Pelosi (I)Democratic  $4,047,142
CACD 12Jeff Alan PhillipsDemocratic  $513
CACD 12Joseph C. RobertsRepublican   
CACD 12Bianca Von KriegDemocratic   
CACD 13Barbara Lee (I)Democratic  $232,069
CACD 14Jackie Speier (I)Democratic  $11,774
CACD 15Jackie S. CotaRepublican  $500
CACD 15Alison HaydenRepublican   
CACD 15Eric Michael Swalwell (I)Democratic  $537,363
CACD 16Jim Costa (I)Democratic  $70,498
CACD 16David Anthony GiglioRepublican  $124,291
CACD 17Rohit "Ro" Khanna (I)Democratic  $1,519,851
CACD 18Anna G. Eshoo (I)Democratic  $202,507
CACD 18Rishi KumarDemocratic  $28,535
CACD 18Greg TanakaDemocratic  $43,930
CACD 19Ignacio Israel Cruz-LaraRepublican   
CACD 19Zoe Lofgren (I)Democratic  $227,106
CACD 20Jeff GormanRepublican  $68
CACD 20James Varni "Jimmy" Panetta (I)Democratic  $167,966
CACD 21Terrence John "TJ" CoxDemocratic   
CACD 21Chris MathysRepublican  $106,831
CACD 21Bryan OsorioDemocratic   
CACD 21Nicole ParraDemocratic  $30,901
CACD 21David G. Valadao (I)Republican  $322,144
CACD 22Phil ArballoDemocratic  $273,399
CACD 22Eric GarciaDemocratic  $65,015
CACD 22Lourin HubbardDemocratic   
CACD 22Devin Gerald Nunes (I)Republican  $1,427,254
CACD 23Bruno AmatoDemocratic  $113,855
CACD 23Kevin McCarthy (I)Republican  $2,904,827
CACD 23Marisa WoodDemocratic   
CACD 24Salud O. Carbajal (I)Democratic  $512,169
CACD 24Gurpinder Singh SagooRepublican   
CACD 25Christopher "Chris" BellinghamDemocratic   
CACD 25Michael "Mike" Garcia (I)Republican  $656,877
CACD 25Ruth LuevanosDemocratic   
CACD 25Rhoda NazaninDemocratic  $34,965
CACD 25John Quaye "Quaye" Quartey, IIDemocratic   
CACD 25Christy SmithDemocratic  $103,910
CACD 25Dara Faye StranskyDemocratic   
CACD 26Julia Brownley (I)Democratic  $158,665
CACD 26Matthew "Matt" JacobsRepublican  $202,320
CACD 26Ronda KennedyRepublican   
CACD 26Daniel WilsonNo Party Preference   
CACD 27Judy Chu (I)Democratic  $42,189
CACD 27Giuliano Giovanni "Gio" DePaolisNo Party Preference  $4,264
CACD 27Johnny J. NalbandianRepublican  $2,390
CACD 28Jonathan Alexander BraunDemocratic   
CACD 28Sal GenoveseDemocratic   
CACD 28G. "Maebe A. Girl" PudloDemocratic  $1,184
CACD 28Adam B. Schiff (I)Democratic  $1,947,991
CACD 29Tony Cárdenas (I)Democratic  $85,624
CACD 29Angelica Maria DuenasDemocratic  $2,632
CACD 30Shervin AazamiDemocratic  $20,917
CACD 30Aejaz "Raji" RabDemocratic   
CACD 30Aarika Samone RhodesDemocratic  $14,372
CACD 30Brad Sherman (I)Democratic  $166,617
CACD 30Lucie Lapointe VolotzkyRepublican  $200
CACD 31Pete Aguilar (I)Democratic  $393,611
CACD 31Carolyn Elizabeth CovellRepublican   
CACD 32Mumin KhanDemocratic   
CACD 32Grace Flores Napolitano (I)Democratic  $15,547
CACD 33Derrick Rollin GatesRepublican   
CACD 33Ted W. Lieu (I)Democratic  $238,520
CACD 33Sarah Sun LiewRepublican   
CACD 33Patrick Jean RaphaelRepublican   
CACD 33Leah ToomimRepublican   
CACD 34Jimmy Gomez (I)Democratic  $131,584
CACD 35Mike CargileRepublican  $150
CACD 35Norma J. Torres (I)Democratic  $35,284
CACD 36Brian E. HawkinsRepublican  $7,926
CACD 36Raul Ruiz (I)Democratic  $290,894
CACD 37Karen R. Bass (I)Democratic  $268,662
CACD 38Sylvester Ugonna Ani, Jr.Democratic   
CACD 38Paul Irving JonesIndependent   
CACD 38Elizabeth MoreiraDemocratic  $3,468
CACD 38Linda T. Sánchez (I)Democratic  $26,999
CACD 39Jay ChenDemocratic  $363,099
CACD 39Eric J. ChingRepublican   
CACD 39Steve CoxNo Party Preference   
CACD 39Young Kim (I)Republican  $545,102
CACD 40Anthony Felix, Jr.Democratic   
CACD 40Lucille Roybal-Allard (I)Democratic  $22,000
CACD 41Aja SmithRepublican  $30,954
CACD 41Mark A. Takano (I)Democratic  $224,144
CACD 42Kenneth S. "Ken" Calvert (I)Republican  $227,275
CACD 42Saul CastilloDemocratic   
CACD 42Regina L. MarstonDemocratic   
CACD 42Russ McMahonDemocratic   
CACD 42Brandon MoselyDemocratic  $5,800
CACD 42William Edward "Liam" O'Mara, IVDemocratic  $4,875
CACD 42Angel Anthony RiosDemocratic   
CACD 43Joe Edward Collins, IIIRepublican  $538,447
CACD 43Omar NavarroRepublican  $37,129
CACD 43Maxine Waters (I)Democratic  $101,907
CACD 44Nanette Diaz Barragán (I)Democratic  $64,128
CACD 45Brian J. BurleyRepublican  $32,868
CACD 45Brian FordeDemocratic   
CACD 45Katherine "Katie" Porter (I)Democratic  $2,150,227
CACD 46Jose Luis "Lou" Correa (I)Democratic  $128,254
CACD 46Jestin SamsonDemocratic   
CACD 46Cecilia "Ceci" TrumanRepublican   
CACD 47John BriscoeRepublican   
CACD 47William "Will" GriffithDemocratic   
CACD 47Alan S. Lowenthal (I)Democratic  $29,524
CACD 47William Moses SummervilleDemocratic   
CACD 48Krzysztof "Chris" BalasinskiNo Party Preference   
CACD 48Harley E. Rouda, Jr.Democratic  $378,122
CACD 48Michelle Park Steel (I)Republican  $544,827
CACD 49Mike Levin (I)Democratic  $469,144
CACD 49Brian L. MaryottRepublican  $52,969
CACD 49Christopher RodriguezRepublican   
CACD 50Sam AbedNot readily classifiable   
CACD 50Mari BarosayDemocratic   
CACD 50Stephen William HoulahanDemocratic  $1,056
CACD 50Darrell Edward Issa (I)Republican  $402,655
CACD 51Juan Carlos Vargas (I)Democratic  $36,291
CACD 52Judah HosannaRepublican   
CACD 52Scott Peters (I)Democratic  $137,931
CACD 53Sara Jacobs (I)Democratic  $656,441
CACD 53Barrett Holman LeakDemocratic   
COCD 01Diana L. DeGette (I)Democratic  $84,058
COCD 01Dom WatersDemocratic   
COCD 02Joseph "Joe" Neguse (I)Democratic  $402,423
COCD 03Debora Lynn "Debby" BurnettDemocratic   
COCD 03Kerry DonovanDemocratic  $643,596
COCD 03Naziha Karima In'am HadilDemocratic   
COCD 03Susan Lynn MartinezDemocratic   
COCD 03Kellie RhodesDemocratic   
COCD 03Root RoutledgeDemocratic   
COCD 03Soledad "Sol" Sandoval TafoyaDemocratic  $45,526
COCD 03Gregg Harrison SmithDemocratic  $61,204
COCD 03Donald ValdezDemocratic  $67,150
COCD 03Colin WilhelmDemocratic  $14,369
COCD 03Lauren Boebert (I)Republican  $845,870
COCD 03Marina ZimmermanRepublican   
COCD 03Joseph Anthony "Joey" CampIndependent   
COCD 04Isaac Ian "Ike" McCorkleDemocratic  $17,903
COCD 04Rome VibeDemocratic   
COCD 04Kenneth R. "Ken" Buck (I)Republican  $150,399
COCD 05Jeremy J. DowellDemocratic   
COCD 05Santiago David Goenaga-TorresDemocratic   
COCD 05Rebecca KeltieRepublican   
COCD 05Douglas L. "Doug" Lamborn (I)Republican  $5,235
COCD 05Marcus MurphyUnaffiliated  $5,188
COCD 05Ryan Casey ThompsonUnaffiliated   
COCD 06Jason Crow (I)Democratic  $461,308
COCD 06Rebecca Gail LeatherwoodRepublican   
COCD 06Glenn Rickerson, IIIRepublican   
COCD 06Eric MulderLibertarian   
COCD 07Kyle Alexander FaustDemocratic   
COCD 07Edwin G. "Ed" Perlmutter (I)Democratic  $67,928
COCD 07Laurel l Anne ImerRepublican   
CTCD 01Muad HreziDemocratic  $88,624
CTCD 01John B. Larson (I)Democratic  $121,932
CTCD 01Andrew Joseph LegnaniDemocratic  $2,690
CTCD 01Lawrence Zidovsky "Larry" LazorRepublican   
CTCD 02Joseph D. "Joe" Courtney (I)Democratic  $61,410
CTCD 02Mike FranceRepublican  $56,690
CTCD 03Rosa L. DeLauro (I)Democratic  $215,008
CTCD 03Eric StoresundDemocratic   
CTCD 03Justin Cobb PaglinoGreen   
CTCD 04Jim Himes (I)Democratic  $42,329
CTCD 04Brian MerlenDemocratic   
CTCD 05Jahana Hayes (I)Democratic  $204,656
DEAt-LargeLisa Blunt Rochester (I)Democratic  $219,192
FLCD 01Phillip Charles "Phil" EhrDemocratic  $148
FLCD 01Rebekah JonesDemocratic   
FLCD 01Matthew Louis "Matt" Gaetz, II (I)Republican  $1,831,540
FLCD 01Bryan JonesRepublican   
FLCD 01Jeremy KellyRepublican   
FLCD 01Gregory Charles "Greg" MerkRepublican   
FLCD 01Ralph John "John" Mills, IIIRepublican   
FLCD 01Angela Marie Walls-WindhauserRepublican   
FLCD 01Laketria GilbertIndependent   
FLCD 02Karen StriplingDemocratic   
FLCD 02Neal Patrick Dunn (I)Republican  $46,976
FLCD 02Linda Susan BrooksNo Party Affiliation   
FLCD 02Aaron Frank RutherfordNo Party Affiliation   
FLCD 03Danielle Nicole HawkDemocratic   
FLCD 03Tom Beckwith WellsDemocratic   
FLCD 03Kat Cammack (I)Republican  $138,132
FLCD 04Erick Javier AguilarRepublican  $135,550
FLCD 04Leigha J. "Luna" Garner-LopezRepublican   
FLCD 04Gary L. KonizRepublican   
FLCD 04John H. Rutherford (I)Republican  $64,249
FLCD 05Alfred "Al" Lawson, Jr. (I)Democratic  $32,474
FLCD 05Jon ChubaRepublican   
FLCD 06Michael "Mike" Waltz (I)Republican  $287,404
FLCD 06Joseph "Joe" HannoushLibertarian   
FLCD 06John Gerard NolanNo Party Affiliation   
FLCD 07Stephanie Murphy (I)Democratic  $338,749
FLCD 07Mark BuschRepublican   
FLCD 07Joe CavagnaRepublican   
FLCD 07Brady DukeRepublican   
FLCD 07Jeremy S. LiggettRepublican  $13,651
FLCD 07Cory MillsRepublican   
FLCD 07Anthony SabatiniRepublican  $172,294
FLCD 08Dena GraysonDemocratic  $675
FLCD 08Perry GreggDemocratic   
FLCD 08William "Bill" Posey (I)Republican  $22,977
FLCD 08Patrick Lee WellsRepublican  $249
FLCD 09Kevin Copeland ParkerDemocratic   
FLCD 09Hendrith Vanlon Smith, Jr.Democratic   
FLCD 09Darren Soto (I)Democratic  $49,964
FLCD 09Jose Alfredo CastilloRepublican  $7,901
FLCD 09Kenneth James "Kenny" HartpenceRepublican   
FLCD 09Becky E. HitesRepublican   
FLCD 09William "Bill" OlsonRepublican  $14,204
FLCD 09Sergio E. OrtizRepublican  $500
FLCD 09George Garrett Shepherd, IIIRepublican   
FLCD 10Jack Joseph AchenbachDemocratic   
FLCD 10Aramis AyalaDemocratic   
FLCD 10Randolph BracyDemocratic   
FLCD 10Natalie JacksonDemocratic   
FLCD 10Teresa TachonDemocratic   
FLCD 10Willie MontagueRepublican   
FLCD 10Carter MorganRepublican   
FLCD 11Gavriel Eliyahu SorianoRepublican   
FLCD 11Daniel "Dan" Webster (I)Republican  $113,517
FLCD 11Antonio Luis "Tony" Rosado, Sr.No Party Affiliation   
FLCD 12William "Bill" VanHornDemocratic   
FLCD 12Kimberly H. WalkerDemocratic   
FLCD 12Gus Michael Bilirakis (I)Republican  $137,255
FLCD 13Ben DiamondDemocratic   
FLCD 13Christian David HotchkissDemocratic   
FLCD 13Eric LynnDemocratic  $332
FLCD 13Anna Paulina LunaRepublican  $-840
FLCD 13Frank S. CraftLibertarian   
FLCD 14Katherine Anne "Kathy" Castor (I)Democratic  $71,781
FLCD 14Anthony W. "Tony" EldonDemocratic   
FLCD 14Alix Christopher "Jack" "St. Christopher" "Jesus" Toulme, Jr.Democratic   
FLCD 14Christine Yvonne QuinnRepublican   
FLCD 14Erik MishiyevNo Party Affiliation   
FLCD 15Jesse PhilippeDemocratic   
FLCD 15Lilawatie "Lily" RamcharranDemocratic  $14,784
FLCD 15Scott Franklin (I)Republican  $117,868
FLCD 16Benjamin "Nio" Miranda-PadillaDemocratic   
FLCD 16Jan SchneiderDemocratic   
FLCD 16Vernon "Vern" Buchanan (I)Republican  $375,649
FLCD 16Martin HydeRepublican   
FLCD 17Andrew BevanDemocratic   
FLCD 17Dan LambertDemocratic   
FLCD 17Greg W. Steube (I)Republican  $117,008
FLCD 18Pamela M. "Pam" KeithDemocratic   
FLCD 18Melissa MartzRepublican   
FLCD 18Brian Mast (I)Republican  $749,727
FLCD 18Joe SmithRepublican   
FLCD 19Cindy Lyn BanyaiDemocratic  $9,449
FLCD 19Byron Donalds (I)Republican  $365,952
FLCD 20Matt BoswellDemocratic   
FLCD 20Marlon A. OniasDemocratic   
FLCD 20Ervan Katari MillerRepublican   
FLCD 20Leonard Louis SerratoreNo Party Affiliation   
FLCD 21Lois J. Frankel (I)Democratic  $90,960
FLCD 21Jeffrey D. BuongiornoRepublican   
FLCD 21Rod DorilásRepublican   
FLCD 21Keith FeitRepublican  $4,245
FLCD 21Daniel John "Dan" FranzeseRepublican   
FLCD 21Laura LoomerRepublican  $45,481
FLCD 22Theodore Eliot "Ted" Deutch (I)Democratic  $51,811
FLCD 22Steve Michael ChessRepublican   
FLCD 22Darlene SwaffarRepublican   
FLCD 22Christine ScottNo Party Affiliation   
FLCD 23Debbie Wasserman Schultz (I)Democratic  $108,202
FLCD 23Jeffrey E. "Jeff" OlsonRepublican   
FLCD 23Carla A. SpaldingRepublican  $184,534
FLCD 23Saad B. SulemanRepublican   
FLCD 23Rubin YoungRepublican   
FLCD 24Christine Alexandria OlivoDemocratic  $5,578
FLCD 24Frederica S. Wilson (I)Democratic  $28,505
FLCD 24Lavern SpicerRepublican  $2,675
FLCD 25Adam GentleDemocratic   
FLCD 25Mario Diaz-Balart (I)Republican  $64,275
FLCD 26Juan ParedesDemocratic   
FLCD 26Carlos A. Giménez (I)Republican  $212,382
FLCD 26Jeremiah SchafferRepublican   
FLCD 27Angel MontalvoDemocratic   
FLCD 27Maria Elvira Salazar (I)Republican  $525,436
GACD 01Joyce GriggsDemocratic   
GACD 01Wade Wilkes Herring, IIDemocratic   
GACD 01Joseph "Joey" PalimenoDemocratic   
GACD 01Earl Leroy "Buddy" Carter (I)Republican  $144,852
GACD 02Sanford Dixon Bishop, Jr. (I)Democratic  $89,768
GACD 02Vivian Louise ChildsRepublican   
GACD 02Tracy TaylorRepublican   
GACD 03Anderson Drew "Drew" Ferguson, IV (I)Republican  $329,590
GACD 04Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr. (I)Democratic  $41,446
GACD 05Ian Anthony MedinaDemocratic   
GACD 05Nikema Natassha Williams (I)Democratic  $60,026
GACD 06Elfreda DesvignesDemocratic   
GACD 06Lucia Kay "Lucy" McBath (I)Democratic  $804,802
GACD 06Harold EarlsRepublican   
GACD 06Mallory StaplesRepublican   
GACD 06Suzi VoylesRepublican   
GACD 06Eric Michael WelshRepublican   
GACD 07Carolyn Bourdeaux (I)Democratic  $683,923
GACD 07Lisa Noel BabbageRepublican   
GACD 07Michael Allen CorbinRepublican   
GACD 07Richard Dean "Rich" McCormickRepublican  $234,739
GACD 08James Austin "Austin" Scott (I)Republican  $11,020
GACD 09Andrew Clyde (I)Republican  $53,718
GACD 10Tabitha Johnson-GreenDemocratic  $196
GACD 10Kimberly Ann Clark ReuterDemocratic   
GACD 10Andrew AlveyRepublican   
GACD 10Timothy BarrRepublican   
GACD 10Paul Collins Broun, Jr.Republican   
GACD 10Michael A. "Mike" Collins, Jr.Republican   
GACD 10David M. CurryRepublican   
GACD 10Marc McMainRepublican   
GACD 10Matt RichardsRepublican   
GACD 11Beau Alexander Ryan CannonDemocratic  $195
GACD 11Antonio Miguel Daza-FernandezDemocratic   
GACD 11Heather KilpatrickDemocratic   
GACD 11Barry D. Loudermilk (I)Republican  $17,516
GACD 11Angela Grace DavisIndependent   
GACD 12Elizabeth "Liz" JohnsonDemocratic   
GACD 12Richard Wallen "Rick" Allen (I)Republican  $111,104
GACD 12Neil SingletonRepublican   
GACD 13Jerrod KnappDemocratic   
GACD 13Martin Lindsey Cowen, IIILibertarian  $232
GACD 14Lateefah B. ConnerDemocratic  $33,187
GACD 14Wendy DavisDemocratic   
GACD 14Marcus FlowersDemocratic  $469,832
GACD 14Holly McCormackDemocratic  $84,579
GACD 14Brittany Trambauer-SmithDemocratic   
GACD 14Mark Daniel ClayRepublican   
GACD 14Marjorie Taylor Greene (I)Republican  $3,219,754
HICD 01Edward E. "Ed" Case (I)Democratic  $17,116
HICD 02Kaiali'i "Kai" Kahele (I)Democratic  $89,596
IACD 01Ashley Hinson Arenholz (I)Republican  $570,828
IACD 02Jason RogersDemocratic   
IACD 02Mariannette Jane Miller-Meeks (I)Republican  $545,155
IACD 03Cindy Axne (I)Democratic  $555,113
IACD 03Mary Ann HanusaRepublican   
IACD 04Randall "Randy" Feenstra (I)Republican  $363,514
IDCD 01Russell "Russ" Fulcher (I)Republican  $26,730
IDCD 02Michael Keith "Mike" Simpson (I)Republican  $52,425
IDCD 02Trey ThatcherUnaffiliated   
ILCD 01Kirby Jerome BirgansDemocratic  $5,874
ILCD 01Christopher "Chris" ButlerDemocratic   
ILCD 01Jahmal ColeDemocratic  $27,145
ILCD 01Darius Yorel "Dee" NixDemocratic   
ILCD 01Michael Anthony ThompsonDemocratic   
ILCD 01Philanise WhiteRepublican   
ILCD 01Glenda Wright-McCullumIndependent   
ILCD 02Robin L. Kelly (I)Democratic  $163,106
ILCD 03Marie Newman (I)Democratic  $224,477
ILCD 04Jesus G. "Chuy" Garcia (I)Democratic  $85,398
ILCD 05Raleigh BowmanDemocratic  $703
ILCD 05Khai-Hoan Dac "Hoan" HuynhDemocratic   
ILCD 05Mike Quigley (I)Democratic  $41,910
ILCD 06Sean Casten (I)Democratic  $252,007
ILCD 06Justin BurauRepublican   
ILCD 07Kina Isis CollinsDemocratic  $3,548
ILCD 07Danny K. Davis (I)Democratic  $16,700
ILCD 08Junaid AhmedDemocratic  $215,910
ILCD 08S. Raja Krishnamoorthi (I)Democratic  $1,248,131
ILCD 09Janice D. "Jan" Schakowsky (I)Democratic  $209,051
ILCD 10Kim NowakDemocratic   
ILCD 10Bradley Scott "Brad" Schneider (I)Democratic  $449,502
ILCD 11G. William "Bill" Foster (I)Democratic  $146,549
ILCD 11Krishna K. BansalRepublican   
ILCD 12Keith Garth RichardsonDemocratic   
ILCD 12Michael J. "Mike" Bost (I)Republican  $146,430
ILCD 13R. David PalmerDemocratic   
ILCD 13Rodney L. Davis (I)Republican  $393,760
ILCD 14Lauren A. Underwood (I)Democratic  $809,629
ILCD 15Mary Miller (I)Republican  $98,394
ILCD 16Leona Di AmoreRepublican   
ILCD 16Adam Kinzinger (I)Republican  $1,148,452
ILCD 16Gene KoprowskiRepublican   
ILCD 16Catalina LaufRepublican  $163,460
ILCD 16Jack Lombardi, IIRepublican   
ILCD 16James "Jim" MarterRepublican  $3,287
ILCD 16Teresa Marie PfaffRepublican   
ILCD 16Geno YoungRepublican   
ILCD 16Marsha Viriginia WilliamsIndependent   
ILCD 17Cheri Bustos (I)Democratic  $326,281
ILCD 17Corey AllenRepublican   
ILCD 17Charles William "Charlie" Helmick, Jr.Republican   
ILCD 17Esther Joy KingRepublican  $163,578
ILCD 18Michael A. SwansonDemocratic  $782
ILCD 18Darin McKay LaHood (I)Republican  $423,710
INCD 01Thomas "Tom" McDermottDemocratic   
INCD 01Frank J. Mrvan (I)Democratic  $25,880
INCD 01Aleem YoungDemocratic   
INCD 02Jackie Swihart Walorski (I)Republican  $200,931
INCD 03Forrest Anthony BowerDemocratic   
INCD 03John Matthew StephensDemocratic   
INCD 03James E. "Jim" Banks (I)Republican  $112,236
INCD 04James R. "Jim" Baird (I)Republican  $13,630
INCD 05Victoria Spartz (I)Republican  $331,340
INCD 06Barton Wayne "Bart" TeetersDemocratic   
INCD 06Gregory J. "Greg" Pence (I)Republican  $256,668
INCD 07André D. Carson (I)Democratic  $38,712
INCD 08Larry D. Bucshon (I)Republican  $100,157
INCD 08Gabriel Mathew "Gabe" WhitleyRepublican   
INCD 09D. Liam DorrisDemocratic   
INCD 09Matthew John "Matt" FyfeDemocratic   
INCD 09Chad HarmonDemocratic   
INCD 09Babak RezaeiDemocratic   
INCD 09Joseph A. "Trey" Hollingsworth, III (I)Republican  $63,665
KSCD 01Tracey Robert Mann (I)Republican  $201,064
KSCD 02Jacob "Jake" LaTurner (I)Republican  $208,277
KSCD 03Sharice L. Davids (I)Democratic  $540,168
KSCD 03Amanda L. AdkinsRepublican  $3,239
KSCD 04Ron Estes (I)Republican  $272,466
KYCD 01James R. Comer (I)Republican  $28,252
KYCD 01David SharpRepublican   
KYCD 02William Dakota ComptonDemocratic   
KYCD 02Steven Brett "Brett" Guthrie (I)Republican  $82,814
KYCD 04Thomas H. Massie (I)Republican  $62,355
KYCD 04Claire WirthRepublican   
KYCD 05William Robert "Billy" HibbittsDemocratic   
KYCD 05Harold Dallas "Hal" Rogers (I)Republican  $19,880
KYCD 05Richard Jacob Van DamRepublican   
KYCD 06Christopher "Chris" PreeceDemocratic   
KYCD 06Garland "Andy" Barr (I)Republican  $506,247
LACD 01Stephen J. "Steve" Scalise (I)Republican  $3,223,766
LACD 03Ryan AbshireIndependent   
LACD 03Dustin GrangerDemocratic   
LACD 03Clay Higgins (I)Republican  $146,709
LACD 04James Michael "Mike" Johnson (I)Republican  $37,062
LACD 06Garret Graves (I)Republican  $46,989
MACD 01Richard E. Neal (I)Democratic  $327,710
MACD 02James P. "Jim" McGovern (I)Democratic  $95,020
MACD 02Nicholas "Nick" BarassiRepublican   
MACD 02Louis G. MarinoRepublican   
MACD 02Jeffrey "Jeff" Sossa-PaquetteRepublican  $25,000
MACD 03Lori Loureiro Trahan (I)Democratic  $415,057
MACD 04Jacob D. "Jake" Auchincloss (I)Democratic  $469,347
MACD 04Julie HallRepublican  $1,295
MACD 05Katherine M. Clark (I)Democratic  $324,662
MACD 06Seth W. Moulton (I)Democratic  $299,139
MACD 07Ayanna S. Pressley (I)Democratic  $250,672
MACD 08Stephen F. Lynch (I)Democratic  $48,901
MACD 08Michael RuizDemocratic   
MACD 09William Richard "Bill" Keating (I)Democratic  $72,628
MACD 09Jesse BrownRepublican  $2,175
MACD 09Mark LittlesRepublican  $25,700
MDCD 01R. David "Dave" HardenDemocratic   
MDCD 01Mia MasonDemocratic  $495
MDCD 01Heather Renay MizeurDemocratic  $353,543
MDCD 01Jennifer PingleyDemocratic   
MDCD 01Andrew P. "Andy" Harris (I)Republican  $239,373
MDCD 02Charles Albert Dutch "C.A. Dutch" Ruppersberger, III (I)Democratic  $74,834
MDCD 02Joe KelleyRepublican   
MDCD 03Malcolm Thomas ColomboDemocratic   
MDCD 03John Peter Spyros Sarbanes (I)Democratic  $15,635
MDCD 03Antonio PitoccoRepublican   
MDCD 04Anthony Gregory Brown (I)Democratic  $111,879
MDCD 04George McDermottRepublican   
MDCD 04Jeff WarnerRepublican   
MDCD 05Steny Hamilton Hoyer (I)Democratic  $308,087
MDCD 05McKayla Nicollette WilkesDemocratic  $32,190
MDCD 06Aruna MillerDemocratic  $229,276
MDCD 06David J. Trone (I)Democratic  $52,623
MDCD 06Jonathan JenkinsRepublican  $8,869
MDCD 06Neil Conrad ParrottRepublican  $10,817
MDCD 06Robert "Bob" PoissonnierRepublican   
MDCD 06David AugustIndependent   
MDCD 07Kweisi Mfume (I)Democratic  $25,730
MDCD 07Michael PearsonRepublican   
MDCD 07Amber IveyIndependent   
MDCD 08Jamin B. "Jamie" Raskin (I)Democratic  $524,223
MECD 01Chellie M. Pingree (I)Democratic  $42,156
MECD 02Jared F. Golden (I)Democratic  $544,387
MECD 02Michael Phillip SuttonDemocratic   
MECD 02Michael D. "Mike" PerkinsRepublican   
MECD 02Peggy SheriffRepublican   
MICD 01John W. "Jack" Bergman (I)Republican  $206,200
MICD 02William P. "Bill" Huizenga (I)Republican  $130,238
MICD 03Audra Lemons-JohnsonRepublican  $13,778
MICD 03Gabriella "Gabi" ManolacheRepublican   
MICD 03Peter Meijer (I)Republican  $519,741
MICD 03"Tom" Thomas John NortonRepublican  $38,660
MICD 04Anthony Dean FeigDemocratic   
MICD 04John Moolenaar (I)Republican  $91,151
MICD 05Daniel T. "Dan" Kildee (I)Democratic  $115,901
MICD 05Ethan C. HobsonU.S. Taxpayers   
MICD 06Stephen "Steve" CarraRepublican   
MICD 06Jon RochaRepublican  $4,605
MICD 06Ezra ScottRepublican   
MICD 06Jerry SolisRepublican  $5,500
MICD 06Frederick Stephen "Fred" Upton (I)Republican  $360,392
MICD 07Timothy L. "Tim" Walberg (I)Republican  $168,109
MICD 08Elissa Slotkin (I)Democratic  $848,041
MICD 08Mike DetmerRepublican  $4,910
MICD 09Andy Levin (I)Democratic  $272,881
MICD 10Brian Steven JayeDemocratic  $5,880
MICD 11Haley Stevens (I)Democratic  $588,853
MICD 11Samukh KallurRepublican   
MICD 12Debbie Dingell (I)Democratic  $74,023
MICD 13Rashida Tlaib (I)Democratic  $258,310
MICD 14Brenda Lulenar Lawrence (I)Democratic  $64,564
MNCD 01James "Jim" Hagedorn (I)Republican  $238,776
MNCD 01Michael Mark Ereth HastingsRepublican   
MNCD 01Ronald "Logan" WajerIndependent   
MNCD 02Angela Dawn "Angie" Craig (I)Democratic  $517,972
MNCD 02Tyler KistnerRepublican  $150,231
MNCD 03Lily Joy EricksonDemocratic-Farmer Labor   
MNCD 03Dean Phillips (I)Democratic  $366,499
MNCD 04Evan Berman KailDemocratic-Farmer Labor   
MNCD 04Betty McCollum (I)Democratic-Farmer Labor  $233,153
MNCD 05Khanh TranDemocratic-Farmer Labor   
MNCD 05Ilhan Omar (I)Democratic  $297,945
MNCD 05Lacy JohnsonRepublican   
MNCD 05Michael MooreLegal Marijuana Now   
MNCD 06Thomas Earl "Tom" Emmer, Jr. (I)Republican  $325,076
MNCD 07Ernest Joseph Oppegaard-Peltier, IIIDemocratic-Farmer Labor   
MNCD 07Michelle Fischbach (I)Republican  $225,037
MNCD 07Travis E. "Bull" JohnsonLibertarian  $2,705
MNCD 08Peter Allen "Pete" Stauber (I)Republican  $353,333
MOCD 01Cori Bush (I)Democratic  $364,277
MOCD 01Earl ChildressIndependent   
MOCD 02Raymond ReedDemocratic   
MOCD 02Bob AndersRepublican  $365
MOCD 02Ann L. Wagner (I)Republican  $592,613
MOCD 02Wesley Gilman SmithConstitution   
MOCD 03Josh NicoloffDemocratic   
MOCD 04Jeffery "J.D." LeathersDemocratic   
MOCD 05Emanuel Cleaver, II (I)Democratic  $88,028
MOCD 06Henry Robert MartinDemocratic  $5,957
MOCD 06Samuel B. "Sam" Graves, Jr. (I)Republican  $106,547
MOCD 07Billy Long (I)Republican  $147,830
MOCD 07Derral ReynoldsRepublican   
MOCD 07Audrey RichardsRepublican   
MOCD 08Jeremy Todd DennisonRepublican  $6,760
MOCD 08Jason T. Smith (I)Republican  $76,088
MSCD 01Hunter Kyle AveryDemocratic   
MSCD 01John Trent "Trent" Kelly (I)Republican  $42,237
MSCD 01James Marion McKay, Jr.Independent   
MSCD 02Bennie G. Thompson (I)Democratic  $44,076
MSCD 02Ron EllerRepublican   
MSCD 02Brian Wesley FlowersRepublican  $62
MSCD 02Jeffrey Lynn KeunekeRepublican   
MSCD 03Michael Patrick Guest (I)Republican  $9,837
MSCD 04Carl Lester BoyantonRepublican   
MSCD 04Raymond N. BrooksRepublican   
MSCD 04Walter Michael "Mike" EzellRepublican   
MSCD 04Steven McCarty Palazzo (I)Republican  $29,535
MSCD 04Alden Patrick JohnsonLibertarian   
MSCD 04Jesse Graham "Graham" HudsonIndependent   
MTCD 01Matt Rosendale (I)Republican  $222,513
MTCD 01William Charles "Bill" Schustrom, Jr.Democratic   
MTCD 02Ryan K. ZinkeRepublican   
MTCD 02Curt Andrew Zygmond, Sr.Independent   
NCCD 01George Kenneth "G. K." Butterfield, Jr. (I)Democratic  $35,571
NCCD 01DeAndre Antwan CarterDemocratic   
NCCD 01Jason Albert SpriggsDemocratic   
NCCD 01Sandy SmithRepublican  $85,474
NCCD 02Deborah Koff Ross (I)Democratic  $197,259
NCCD 02Mahesh "Max" GanorkarRepublican   
NCCD 02George E. HoldingRepublican   
NCCD 03Barbara D. GaskinsDemocratic   
NCCD 03Gregory Francis "Greg" Murphy (I)Republican  $31,053
NCCD 04David Eugene Price (I)Democratic  $40,227
NCCD 04René BorgheseRepublican  $8,706
NCCD 04Craig Robert KinseyRepublican   
NCCD 04Steve A. Von LoorRepublican   
NCCD 05Michael Stephan AckermanRepublican  $170
NCCD 05Virginia Ann Foxx (I)Republican  $290,447
NCCD 05Jeff GregoryConstitution   
NCCD 06Kathy Ellen Manning (I)Democratic  $134,691
NCCD 06Joseph Lee "Lee" HaywoodRepublican   
NCCD 07Brandon W. AckerDemocratic   
NCCD 07Denton LeeDemocratic   
NCCD 07Stephen "Steve" MillerDemocratic  $7,031
NCCD 07Montel Shamar RichardsonDemocratic   
NCCD 07Teresa L. Royal PainterRepublican   
NCCD 07David Cheston Rouzer (I)Republican  $69,154
NCCD 08Charles E. "Charles" EvansDemocratic   
NCCD 08Richard Lane Hudson, Jr. (I)Republican  $322,578
NCCD 09Fernando Christian Cano, Jr.Democratic  $487
NCCD 09Charles GrahamDemocratic   
NCCD 09Ramin "Ram" MammadovDemocratic   
NCCD 09James Daniel "Dan" Bishop (I)Republican  $397,666
NCCD 10Madeline "Maddie" ParraDemocratic   
NCCD 10Patrick Timothy McHenry (I)Republican  $185,663
NCCD 11Jasmine Beach-FerraraDemocratic  $381,572
NCCD 11Jay R. CareyDemocratic   
NCCD 11Morris D. "Moe" DavisDemocratic  $16,769
NCCD 11Katie DeanDemocratic   
NCCD 11Eric GashDemocratic   
NCCD 11Roberto Luis "Bo" HessDemocratic   
NCCD 11Joshua Michael "Josh" RemillardDemocratic  $41,929
NCCD 11Lynda BennettRepublican  $1,519
NCCD 11David Madison "Madison" Cawthorn (I)Republican  $1,046,202
NCCD 11Wendy Marie-Limbaugh NevarezRepublican   
NCCD 12Alma Shealey Adams (I)Democratic  $37,995
NCCD 12Rogelio L. LawsinRepublican  $3,400
NCCD 12Tyler LeeRepublican   
NCCD 12Joel MaxwellRepublican   
NCCD 12Francisco RiosRepublican  $10,000
NCCD 13Scott HuffmanDemocratic  $60
NCCD 13Robert Nicholas "Bo" HinesRepublican  $233,992
NDAt-LargeKelly M. Armstrong (I)Republican  $95,879
NECD 01Jeffrey Lane "Jeff" Fortenberry (I)Republican  $179,094
NECD 02Donald John "Don" Bacon (I)Republican  $328,234
NECD 03Adrian M. Smith (I)Republican  $42,533
NHCD 01Christopher C. "Chris" Pappas (I)Democratic  $348,222
NHCD 01Julian Marc AcciardRepublican   
NHCD 01Robert Andrew BurnsRepublican   
NHCD 01Gilead TowneRepublican   
NHCD 02William Michael BrykDemocratic   
NHCD 02Ann McLane "Annie" Kuster (I)Democratic  $436,486
NJCD 01Donald W. Norcross (I)Democratic  $66,458
NJCD 02Timothy C. "Tim" AlexanderDemocratic  $46,070
NJCD 02Carolyn RushDemocratic   
NJCD 02Hector TavarezDemocratic  $1,775
NJCD 02Jeff Van Drew (I)Republican  $522,711
NJCD 03Andrew "Andy" Kim (I)Democratic  $961,545
NJCD 03Tricia FlanaganRepublican   
NJCD 04Christopher Henry "Chris" Smith (I)Republican  $76,304
NJCD 05Joshua S. "Josh" Gottheimer (I)Democratic  $964,768
NJCD 05Nicholas A. "Nick" D'AgostinoRepublican   
NJCD 05Frank T. PallottaRepublican  $3,433
NJCD 06Sherry Leanne EuvinDemocratic   
NJCD 06Frank Pallone, Jr. (I)Democratic  $175,976
NJCD 07Rik MehtaRepublican   
NJCD 08Albio Sires (I)Democratic  $59,220
NJCD 09William J. "Bill" Pascrell, Jr. (I)Democratic  $161,843
NJCD 09Michael WildesDemocratic  $153
NJCD 10Donald M. Payne, Jr. (I)Democratic  $28,412
NJCD 11Rebecca Michelle "Mikie" Sherrill (I)Democratic  $716,946
NJCD 11Hillery BrotscholRepublican  $3,738
NJCD 11Robert D. KovicRepublican   
NJCD 11Patrick James Quinn, IIIRepublican   
NJCD 12Bonnie Watson Coleman (I)Democratic  $94,599
NJCD 12Darius MayfieldRepublican  $17,276
NMCD 01Sheridan Joshua LundDemocratic   
NMCD 01Michaela ChavezRepublican   
NMCD 01Mark MooresRepublican  $595,423
NMCD 01Peggy Muller-AragónRepublican   
NMCD 01Edward HollingtonIndependent   
NMCD 02Stella Yvette "Yvette" Herrell (I)Republican  $365,060
NMCD 03Teresa Leger Fernandez (I)Democratic  $128,562
NVCD 01Alice Costandina "Dina" Titus (I)Democratic  $48,080
NVCD 01Amy VilelaDemocratic   
NVCD 02Rahul JoshiDemocratic   
NVCD 02Aaron Michael SimsDemocratic   
NVCD 02Mark Eugene Amodei (I)Republican  $77,749
NVCD 03Susan Kelley "Susie" Lee (I)Democratic  $607,407
NVCD 03April BeckerRepublican  $143,444
NVCD 03Noah MalgeriRepublican   
NVCD 03Reinier PrijtenRepublican  $2,044
NVCD 03Mark RobertsonRepublican  $69,182
NVCD 04Steven Alexzander Horsford (I)Democratic  $363,210
NVCD 04Tony LaneRepublican   
NVCD 04Samuel James "Sam" PetersRepublican  $135,388
NVCD 04Carolina SerranoRepublican   
NVCD 04John JohnsonNo Party Affiliation   
NYCD 01John Rogers Atkinson, IVDemocratic   
NYCD 01Bridget FlemingDemocratic   
NYCD 01Kara HahnDemocratic   
NYCD 01Austin C. SmithDemocratic   
NYCD 01Lee Michael Zeldin (I)Republican  $509,866
NYCD 02Muzibul "Mizib" HuqDemocratic  $1,275
NYCD 02Michael "Mike" SaxDemocratic   
NYCD 02Andrew R. Garbarino (I)Republican  $258,378
NYCD 03Melanie D'ArrigoDemocratic  $294
NYCD 03Navjot Pal KaurDemocratic   
NYCD 03George Anthony Devolder-SantosRepublican  $216,782
NYCD 03Kevin SurdiRepublican  $8,775
NYCD 04Kathleen M. Rice (I)Democratic  $110,902
NYCD 05Gregory Weldon Meeks (I)Democratic  $134,103
NYCD 05Nader AkhlaghyPeace And Freedom   
NYCD 06Grace Meng (I)Democratic  $108,322
NYCD 07Nydia Margarita Velázquez (I)Democratic  $32,967
NYCD 08Hakeem S. Jeffries (I)Democratic  $514,253
NYCD 08Queen JohnsonDemocratic   
NYCD 08Jordan "Clementine" VasquezDemocratic   
NYCD 09Yvette D. Clarke (I)Democratic  $61,740
NYCD 09Steven Lewis GreenDemocratic   
NYCD 09Isiah JamesDemocratic  $6,225
NYCD 10Benine Najim HamdanDemocratic   
NYCD 10Ian Anthony MedinaDemocratic   
NYCD 10Jerrold Lewis "Jerry" Nadler (I)Democratic  $61,085
NYCD 10Ashmi ShethDemocratic   
NYCD 11Alfred Michael "Mike" DeCillisDemocratic   
NYCD 11Brittany Ramos DeBarrosDemocratic  $128,799
NYCD 11Nicole Malliotakis (I)Republican  $358,263
NYCD 11Andrew D. WolfeRepublican   
NYCD 12Rana AbdelhamidDemocratic   
NYCD 12Jesse CerrottiDemocratic   
NYCD 12Carolyn Bosher Maloney (I)Democratic  $387,025
NYCD 12Suraj PatelDemocratic   
NYCD 13Adriano Espaillat (I)Democratic  $69,375
NYCD 14Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (I)Democratic  $2,790,118
NYCD 14Desi CuellarRepublican   
NYCD 14Mike RendinoRepublican   
NYCD 15Ritchie John Torres (I)Democratic  $353,712
NYCD 16Jamaal A. Bowman (I)Democratic  $218,341
NYCD 17Mondaire Jones (I)Democratic  $580,167
NYCD 18Sean Patrick Maloney (I)Democratic  $670,139
NYCD 18Sakima McClintonRepublican  $1
NYCD 18Colin J. SchmittRepublican   
NYCD 19Antonio Delgado (I)Democratic  $1,083,696
NYCD 19Brandon BuccolaRepublican   
NYCD 20Justin Raphael ChairesDemocratic  $5,160
NYCD 20Cole Francis MatthewsDemocratic   
NYCD 20Paul David Tonko (I)Democratic  $103,718
NYCD 20Elizabeth L. "Liz" JoyRepublican  $190
NYCD 21Ezra WatsonDemocratic   
NYCD 21Lonny KoonsRepublican   
NYCD 21Elise M. Stefanik (I)Republican  $1,112,882
NYCD 22Elyssa Mikaela BoltDemocratic   
NYCD 22Anthony J. BrindisiDemocratic  $55,599
NYCD 22Mikayla RidleyDemocratic   
NYCD 22Claudia TenneyRepublican  $903,017
NYCD 22Hal StewartIndependent   
NYCD 23Hugh BaharRepublican   
NYCD 23Andrew McCarthyRepublican   
NYCD 23James P. RecottaRepublican   
NYCD 23Thomas W. "Tom" Reed, II (I)Republican  $648,121
NYCD 24John M. Katko (I)Republican  $436,291
NYCD 25Joseph D. "Joe" Morelle (I)Democratic  $135,865
NYCD 26Brian M. Higgins (I)Democratic  $50,837
NYCD 27Christopher L. "Chris" Jacobs (I)Republican  $167,541
OHCD 01Savanna ReddenDemocratic   
OHCD 01Brent W. CentersRepublican   
OHCD 01Steven J. "Steve" Chabot (I)Republican  $210,451
OHCD 02Brad R. Wenstrup (I)Republican  $153,681
OHCD 03Joyce B. Beatty (I)Democratic  $174,647
OHCD 03Matthew Allen MeadeDemocratic   
OHCD 04Jeffrey Alan "Jeff" SitesDemocratic  $375,945
OHCD 04James D. "Jim" Jordan (I)Republican  $2,128,768
OHCD 05Jeffrey John Agan, Jr.Democratic   
OHCD 05Robert Edward "Bob" Latta (I)Republican  $122,666
OHCD 05Youseff Milad BaddarNonparty  $270
OHCD 06Bill Johnson (I)Republican  $295,153
OHCD 07Robert Brian "Bob" Gibbs (I)Republican  $8,736
OHCD 07Brandon Michael LapeRepublican   
OHCD 08Warren Davidson (I)Republican  $39,208
OHCD 09Marcia Carolyn "Marcy" Kaptur (I)Democratic  $54,720
OHCD 09J.R. MajewskiRepublican  $3,441
OHCD 10Baxter StapletonDemocratic   
OHCD 10John AndersonRepublican   
OHCD 10Michael R. "Mike" Turner (I)Republican  $300,943
OHCD 11Seth CoreyDemocratic   
OHCD 11Daniel P. CorriganDemocratic   
OHCD 12Daniel Jay O'Connor, Jr.Democratic   
OHCD 12Alaina ShearerDemocratic  $80
OHCD 12William Troy "Troy" Balderson (I)Republican  $170,639
OHCD 13Robert SantosRepublican   
OHCD 13Jill Eaton SimmsRepublican   
OHCD 14Brenden P. KelleyDemocratic  $90,750
OHCD 14David P. "Dave" Joyce (I)Republican  $172,175
OHCD 15Daniel McArthur "Dan" KilgoreDemocratic   
OHCD 15Elizabeth Grace McKenzieUnaffiliated   
OHCD 16Matthew DiemerDemocratic  $4,775
OHCD 16Aaron Paul GodfreyDemocratic   
OHCD 16Anthony E. Gonzalez (I)Republican  $616,524
OHCD 16Max MillerRepublican  $508,369
OHCD 16Jonah SchulzRepublican  $8,237
OKCD 01John Patrick SwobodaDemocratic  $653
OKCD 01Kevin R. Hern (I)Republican  $146,173
OKCD 02Markwayne Mullin (I)Republican  $82,212
OKCD 03Frank D. Lucas (I)Republican  $10,851
OKCD 04Thomas Jeffery "Tom" Cole (I)Republican  $41,678
OKCD 05Stephanie Bice (I)Republican  $342,117
ORCD 01Suzanne M. Bonamici (I)Democratic  $77,546
ORCD 01David RussRepublican  $271
ORCD 01Rick HofsheierNon Affiliated   
ORCD 02Cliff Bentz (I)Republican  $39,449
ORCD 02Raiph R. HuberRepublican   
ORCD 03Earl Blumenauer (I)Democratic  $64,224
ORCD 04Peter Anthony "Pete" DeFazio (I)Democratic  $387,735
ORCD 04Alek SkarlatosRepublican  $14,066
ORCD 04Jeremy Van TressRepublican   
ORCD 05Mark GambaDemocratic  $704
ORCD 05Walter Kurt "Kurt" Schrader (I)Democratic  $126,246
ORCD 05Amy Ryan CourserRepublican  $9,750
ORCD 05Nate SandvigRepublican   
PACD 01Brian K. Fitzpatrick (I)Republican  $360,597
PACD 02Brendan F. Boyle (I)Democratic  $173,826
PACD 02Salem SnowDemocratic   
PACD 03Dwight Evans (I)Democratic  $37,053
PACD 03Gilberto GonzalezDemocratic   
PACD 03Alexandra M. HuntDemocratic  $18,171
PACD 03Austin RodillDemocratic  $1,631
PACD 04Madeleine Dean Cunnane (I)Democratic  $118,989
PACD 05Mary Gay Scanlon (I)Democratic  $129,004
PACD 05David "Dave" GalluchRepublican   
PACD 05Richard "Dick" SchwetzAmerican Patriot Party   
PACD 06Christina Jampoler "Chrissy" Houlahan (I)Democratic  $583,834
PACD 06Robert James Kennedy, IIIRepublican   
PACD 07Tuong M. "Vi" TranDemocratic   
PACD 07Susan Ellis Wild (I)Democratic  $531,568
PACD 07Kevin DellickerRepublican   
PACD 07Lisa SchellerRepublican  $648,956
PACD 08Matthew Alton "Matt" Cartwright (I)Democratic  $477,364
PACD 08Teddy DanielsRepublican  $53,253
PACD 09Daniel Philip "Dan" Meuser (I)Republican  $55,030
PACD 10Eugene DePasqualeDemocratic  $18,407
PACD 10Brian AllenRepublican  $141
PACD 10Scott G. Perry (I)Republican  $310,433
PACD 11Daniel Leroy Burton, Jr.Republican   
PACD 11Lloyd K. Smucker (I)Republican  $194,985
PACD 12Frederick B. "Fred" Keller (I)Republican  $95,924
PACD 13John Joyce (I)Republican  $41,638
PACD 14Guy L. Reschenthaler (I)Republican  $130,521
PACD 15Glenn William "G.T." Thompson, Jr. (I)Republican  $183,898
PACD 16George J. "Mike" Kelly, Jr. (I)Republican  $71,917
PACD 17Conor James Lamb (I)Democratic  $411,455
PACD 18Jerry DickinsonDemocratic  $200
PACD 18Michael F. "Mike" Doyle (I)Democratic  $21,266
PACD 18Jake D. WebsterDemocratic   
RICD 01David N. Cicilline (I)Democratic  $655,347
RICD 01Allen R. WatersRepublican  $3,792
RICD 01Frederick "Fred" WysockiRepublican   
RICD 02James R. "Jim" Langevin (I)Democratic  $118,220
RICD 02Robbert B. "Bob" LanciaRepublican   
SCCD 01Nancy R. Mace (I)Republican  $518,828
SCCD 01Lynz Piper-LoomisRepublican   
SCCD 01Courtney Yvonne BurksIndependent   
SCCD 02Addison Graves "Joe" Wilson, Sr. (I)Republican  $139,064
SCCD 03Jeffrey D. "Jeff" Duncan (I)Republican  $129,290
SCCD 04William Richardson Timmons, IV (I)Republican  $66,371
SCCD 05Ralph W. Norman, Jr. (I)Republican  $41,743
SCCD 06James Enos "Jim" Clyburn (I)Democratic  $257,674
SCCD 06John ChapmanRepublican   
SCCD 07Ryan Nigel Norfield Norris, Jr.Democratic   
SCCD 07Graham AllenRepublican   
SCCD 07Barbara ArthurRepublican  $68
SCCD 07William H. BaileyRepublican   
SCCD 07Louis BushayRepublican   
SCCD 07Brandon Shaw "Coop" CooperRepublican   
SCCD 07Justin Keith DavisonRepublican   
SCCD 07Tom DunnRepublican  $3,050
SCCD 07Georhe William KiteRepublican   
SCCD 07Mark Struthers McBrideRepublican   
SCCD 07Steve ReichertRepublican   
SCCD 07Hugh Thompson "Tom" Rice, Jr. (I)Republican  $404,731
SCCD 07William Kenneth "Ken" RichardsonRepublican  $154,787
SCCD 07Jeanette M. SpurlockRepublican  $49
SDAt-LargeDustin "Dusty" Johnson (I)Republican  $148,601
TNCD 01Diana Harshbarger (I)Republican  $100,569
TNCD 02Tim Burchett (I)Republican  $59,429
TNCD 03Nathaniel "Nate" Doss, IIIDemocratic   
TNCD 03Meg GormanDemocratic   
TNCD 03Charles J. "Chuck" Fleischmann (I)Republican  $166,615
TNCD 03Kenneth Farrell "Kenny" Morgan, Sr.Republican   
TNCD 03Greg PuccettiRepublican   
TNCD 04Scott Eugene DesJarlais (I)Republican  $19,214
TNCD 04Gerald W. Hood, IIIRepublican   
TNCD 04Lawrence N. D. "Doug" MeyerRepublican   
TNCD 05James H. S. "Jim" Cooper (I)Democratic  $8,164
TNCD 05Jacquelyn Odessa "Odessa" KellyDemocratic   
TNCD 05Quincy McKnightRepublican   
TNCD 05Robert Starbuck "Robby" NewsomRepublican   
TNCD 05Richard Alan Shannon, Jr.Independent   
TNCD 06John W. Rose (I)Republican  $119,975
TNCD 06Christopher Brian MondayIndependent   
TNCD 07Mark E. Green (I)Republican  $177,155
TNCD 08David Kustoff (I)Republican  $336,809
TNCD 09Stephen Ira "Steve" Cohen (I)Democratic  $29,273
TNCD 09Mark Brewer CrainIndependent   
TXCD 01Hank GilbertDemocratic   
TXCD 01Louis B. "Louie" Gohmert, Jr. (I)Republican  $74,637
TXCD 01Robert Lee LeviIndependent   
TXCD 02Michael Alan "Mike" BillandRepublican  $3,465
TXCD 02Daniel "Dan" Crenshaw (I)Republican  $2,146,488
TXCD 02Lucia S. RodriguezRepublican   
TXCD 03Terry TuckerDemocratic   
TXCD 03Blaine HardinRepublican   
TXCD 03Nicholas V. "Van" Taylor (I)Republican  $576,429
TXCD 04Russell FosterDemocratic   
TXCD 04Patrick "Pat" Fallon (I)Republican  $21,010
TXCD 05Kathleen Cordelia BaileyDemocratic   
TXCD 05Charles M. "Charlie" GearingDemocratic   
TXCD 05Lance Gooden (I)Republican  $96,011
TXCD 07Elizabeth Pannill "Lizzie" Fletcher (I)Democratic  $667,269
TXCD 07Wesley HuntRepublican   
TXCD 07Roland LopezRepublican   
TXCD 07Damien MockusRepublican   
TXCD 07Timothy "Tim" StroudRepublican   
TXCD 08Laura JonesDemocratic  $1,407
TXCD 08Clementine VasquezDemocratic   
TXCD 08Rudy A. AtencioRepublican   
TXCD 08Kevin Patrick Brady (I)Republican  $275,898
TXCD 08Jameson EllisRepublican   
TXCD 08Jerry Ford, Sr.Republican   
TXCD 08Jonathan Keith HullihanRepublican   
TXCD 08Ryan JarchowRepublican   
TXCD 08Morgan Joe LuttrellRepublican   
TXCD 08Christopher John "Chris" RevisRepublican   
TXCD 08Jonathan Andrew MitchellIndependent   
TXCD 09Alexander "Al" Green (I)Democratic  $27,989
TXCD 09Melissa Mechelle WilliamsRepublican   
TXCD 10Michael T. McCaul (I)Republican  $435,941
TXCD 11August Lee Pfluger, II (I)Republican  $147,439
TXCD 12Trey Joseph HuntDemocratic  $4,102
TXCD 12Christopher D. "Chris" RectorDemocratic   
TXCD 12Kay N. Granger (I)Republican  $137,597
TXCD 12Chris PutnamRepublican  $125
TXCD 13Mary Kathleen "Kathleen" BrownDemocratic   
TXCD 13Ronny Lynn Jackson (I)Republican  $285,336
TXCD 14Jeff AntonelliDemocratic   
TXCD 14Cyrus SajnaDemocratic   
TXCD 14Ruben Landon DanteRepublican   
TXCD 14Gina Dunckel SmithRepublican   
TXCD 14Randy Weber (I)Republican  $21,944
TXCD 15Vicente González (I)Democratic  $181,030
TXCD 15Monica de la Cruz-HernandezRepublican  $159,689
TXCD 16Veronica Escobar (I)Democratic  $80,122
TXCD 16Irene Armendariz-JacksonRepublican  $547
TXCD 16Samuel Lee "Sam" Williams, Jr.Republican  $125
TXCD 17Marshall J. WoodsDemocratic   
TXCD 18Charles ThompsonDemocratic   
TXCD 19Jodey Cook Arrington (I)Republican  $49,431
TXCD 20Joaquin Castro (I)Democratic  $90,935
TXCD 20Mauro Everett GarzaRepublican  $15,054
TXCD 20Michael Travis StevensRepublican   
TXCD 21Alan EllisDemocratic   
TXCD 21Michael "Smitty" SmithDemocratic   
TXCD 21Scott William SturmDemocratic   
TXCD 21Michael Alexander FrenchRepublican   
TXCD 21Robert LowryRepublican   
TXCD 21Chip Roy (I)Republican  $302,352
TXCD 22Matthew Richard "Matt" BergDemocratic  $10,365
TXCD 22Eugene HowardDemocratic   
TXCD 22James Scott "Jim" SquiresDemocratic   
TXCD 22Troy E. Nehls (I)Republican  $147,020
TXCD 23John LiraDemocratic   
TXCD 23Alia Garcia-UresteRepublican   
TXCD 23Ernest Anthony "Tony" Gonzales, II (I)Republican  $557,003
TXCD 24Elizabeth Ann "Beth" Van Duyne (I)Republican  $313,381
TXCD 25Tyler Ray SmithRepublican   
TXCD 25Roger Williams (I)Republican  $219,686
TXCD 26Michael C. Burgess (I)Republican  $51,495
TXCD 27Michael J. Cloud (I)Republican  $130,784
TXCD 28Tannya BenavidesDemocratic   
TXCD 28Henry R. Cuellar (I)Democratic  $263,332
TXCD 28Sandra Linn WhittenRepublican   
TXCD 29Sylvia R. Garcia (I)Democratic  $27,956
TXCD 30Barbara Len Mallory CarawayDemocratic   
TXCD 30Shenita Lache ClevelandDemocratic   
TXCD 30Jane Hope HamiltonDemocratic   
TXCD 30Zachariah C. ManningDemocratic   
TXCD 30Jessica MasonDemocratic  $22,992
TXCD 30Demetrick "Tre" PennieRepublican  $46,855
TXCD 30Angeigh Jeannean RocellerpittsRepublican   
TXCD 31John Rice Carter (I)Republican  $174,169
TXCD 31Michael Howard "Mike" WilliamsRepublican   
TXCD 32Colin Allred (I)Democratic  $564,665
TXCD 32Genevieve D. CollinsRepublican  $32,019
TXCD 32Montgomery "Monty" MarklandRepublican   
TXCD 32Bardia "Brad" NamdarkhanRepublican   
TXCD 32Girien Ricardo SalazarRepublican   
TXCD 33Marc Allison Veasey (I)Democratic  $66,494
TXCD 34Ryan TreviñoDemocratic   
TXCD 34Filemon B. Vela (I)Democratic  $8,626
TXCD 34Mayra Nohemi FloresRepublican  $22,407
TXCD 34Philip "Phil" SoteloRepublican   
TXCD 35David Lee Anderson, Jr.Democratic   
TXCD 35Lloyd Alton Doggett, II (I)Democratic  $51,353
TXCD 35Danielle Amelia FewingsDemocratic   
TXCD 35Claudia Andreana ZapataDemocratic   
TXCD 35William Linn HaywardRepublican   
TXCD 36Brian Babin (I)Republican  $53,026
UTCD 01Blake David Moore (I)Republican  $106,341
UTCD 02Chris Stewart (I)Republican  $82,491
UTCD 02Thomas James DemilleIndependent American   
UTCD 02Phelan Douglas AchesonIndependent  $23
UTCD 03John Curtis (I)Republican  $93,451
UTCD 04Burgess Owens (I)Republican  $462,922
VACD 01Stewart NavarreDemocratic   
VACD 01Robert J. "Rob" Wittman (I)Republican  $47,849
VACD 02Elaine G. Luria (I)Democratic  $625,666
VACD 02Larry Thomas Altman, IIIRepublican   
VACD 02Andy BaanRepublican  $1,175
VACD 02Jarome BellRepublican  $22,311
VACD 02Theodore "Ted" EngquistRepublican   
VACD 02Jennifer A. "Jen" KiggansRepublican   
VACD 03Robert Cortez "Bobby" Scott (I)Democratic  $47,455
VACD 03John William Collick, Jr.Republican  $25
VACD 04Aston Donald "Donald" McEachin (I)Democratic  $63,065
VACD 04Leon Benjamin, Sr.Republican  $3,882
VACD 05Shadi AyyasDemocratic   
VACD 05Jack Lewis "Lewis" Combs, Jr.Democratic   
VACD 05Robert G. "Bob" Good (I)Republican  $144,142
VACD 05Kimberly LoweRepublican   
VACD 06Benjamin Lee "Ben" Cline (I)Republican  $64,809
VACD 07Abigail A. Spanberger (I)Democratic  $712,249
VACD 07Gautam "Gary" BarveRepublican   
VACD 07John CastoraniRepublican   
VACD 08Donald Sternoff "Don" Beyer, Jr. (I)Democratic  $313,578
VACD 08Victoria VirasinghDemocratic   
VACD 08Heerak Christian KimIndependent  $750
VACD 09H. Morgan "Morgan" Griffith (I)Republican  $36,468
VACD 10Jennifer T. Wexton (I)Democratic  $260,779
VACD 10John BeattyRepublican   
VACD 10Monica CarpioRepublican   
VACD 10Paul Kinney Lott, Sr.Republican   
VACD 10Clay PercleRepublican   
VACD 11Gerald Edward "Gerry" Connolly (I)Democratic  $445,904
VACD 11Ally DalsimerDemocratic  $16,407
VACD 11Manga AnantatmulaRepublican  $13,594
WACD 01Suzan Kay DelBene (I)Democratic  $165,609
WACD 02Jason CallDemocratic  $18,727
WACD 02Leif D. JohnsonRepublican   
WACD 02Richard Ray "Rick" Larsen (I)Democratic  $88,284
WACD 03Brent William HennrichDemocratic  $1,779
WACD 03Jaime Lynn Herrera Beutler (I)Republican  $744,755
WACD 03Chris JenkinsDemocratic   
WACD 03Joseph "Joe" KentRepublican  $269,377
WACD 03Lucy Esther Joan LauserDemocratic  $254
WACD 03Matthew August OvertonRepublican   
WACD 03Heidi St. JohnRepublican  $130,877
WACD 03Wadi YakhourRepublican  $34,558
WACD 04Loren CulpRepublican   
WACD 04Evan Owen "Ev" JonesIndependent   
WACD 04Bradley A. "Brad" KlippertRepublican   
WACD 04Daniel Milton "Dan" Newhouse (I)Republican  $289,493
WACD 04Jerrod SesslerRepublican  $2,100
WACD 05Cathy Ann McMorris Rodgers (I)Republican  $507,537
WACD 06Aaron HansenRepublican  $346
WACD 06Derek Kilmer (I)Democratic  $238,230
WACD 06Elizabeth KreiselmaierRepublican   
WACD 07Pramila Jayapal (I)Democratic  $447,993
WACD 08Matt LarkinRepublican   
WACD 08Kim Schrier (I)Democratic  $613,685
WACD 09Amelia "Mia" Casmier-PazDemocratic   
WACD 09Stephanie D. GallardoDemocratic   
WACD 09David Tadashi "Bobblehead Dave" IshiDemocratic   
WACD 09Krystal MarxDemocratic   
WACD 09David Adam "Adam" Smith (I)Democratic  $112,466
WACD 10Marilyn Strickland (I)Democratic  $222,071
WACD 10Keith Roland SwankRepublican   
WICD 01Bryan George Steil (I)Republican  $285,175
WICD 02Mark Pocan (I)Democratic  $76,804
WICD 03Ronald James "Ron" Kind (I)Democratic  $222,341
WICD 03Derrick F. Van OrdenRepublican  $533
WICD 04Gwendolynne S. "Gwen" Moore (I)Democratic  $98,669
WICD 05Scott L. Fitzgerald (I)Republican  $67,267
WICD 06Amy Irene WashburnDemocratic  $1,926
WICD 06Glenn S. Grothman (I)Republican  $110,795
WICD 06Douglas MullenixRepublican   
WICD 07Audun MikkelsonRepublican   
WICD 07Thomas "Tom" Tiffany (I)Republican  $34,687
WICD 08Michael John "Mike" Gallagher (I)Republican  $830,250
WICD 08Jacob John VandenPlasLibertarian  $795
WVCD 01David Bennett McKinley (I)Republican  $66,985
WVCD 01Michael Raymond SiscoRepublican   
WVCD 02Alexander Xavier "Alex" Mooney (I)Republican  $2,456,462
WYAt-LargeRobyn M. BelinskeyRepublican   
WYAt-LargeAnthony BouchardRepublican  $334,541
WYAt-LargeElizabeth "Liz" Cheney (I)Republican  $1,539,099
WYAt-LargeCharles "Chuck" GrayRepublican  $173,279
WYAt-LargeBryan Eugene KellerRepublican   
WYAt-LargeDenton KnappRepublican   
WYAt-LargeBryan E. MillerRepublican   
WYAt-LargeMarissa Joy SelvigRepublican  $1,968
WYAt-LargeDarin Dale SmithRepublican   
49 states430 offices1,197 candidates   $137,105,310

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