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2012 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Straw Poll: Friday 21 October 2011
Precinct Caucuses: Saturday 4 February 2012
County Conventions: Saturday 10 March - Saturday 31 March 2012 (tentative)
State Convention: Saturday 5 May - Sunday 6 May 2012
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Romney, Willard "Mitt"16,486  50.01%14  50.00%5  17.86%
Gingrich, Newton Leroy "Newt"6,956  21.10%6  21.43% 
Paul, Ronald E. "Ron"6,175  18.73%5  17.86%17  60.71%
Santorum, Richard J. "Rick"3,277   9.94%3  10.71% 
NO VOTE69   0.21%  
Bachmann, Michele M.   
Cain, Herman   
Huntsman, Jon M., Jr.   
Johnson, Gary Earl   
Perry, James Richard "Rick"   
Abstention  5  17.86%
Not Announced  1   3.57%
Total32,963 100.00%28 100.00%28 100.00%

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The delegate selection processes herein, were updated on 20 December 2011.

Nevada may begin their delegate selection primaries, caucuses, and conventions on Wednesday 1 February 2012. [The Rules of the Republican Party - Rule 15(b)(1)].

6 February 2012: Nevada GOP Press Release: NVGOP Caucus Results Certified. Note: The certified vote mentioned in this article does not include the "NO VOTE" appearing in the twitter feed.

Here are some articles detailing the reasons for the reporting delays...
Nevada GOP dealing with trouble box of questionable ballots - Las Vegas Sun.
Nevada caucuses: State GOP rolls snake eyes -
Move Over, Iowa, Nevada Has A Caucus Problem Too - NPR.

Results from the Nevada GOP caucus webpage
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Friday 21 October 2011 Western Republican Leadership Conference in Las Vegas. 550 votes were cast. Cain: 31%, Romney: 29%, Gingrich: 20%, Paul: 10%, Perry: 4%, Bachmann: 1%, Santorum: 1%, Huntsman: 0.3%, Johnson: 0%.


Only registered Republicans in Nevada are already eligible to participate in the caucuses.

Saturday 4 February 2012: Republican Party Precinct Caucuses meet. Each Precinct Caucus casts votes for Presidential candidates and chooses the precinct's delegates to the County Conventions. There are 1,835 caucuses (the party published the 1,835 number before the caucuses but the certifed vote showed 1,800 caucuses). Most caucuses run from noon to 3p PST but at least one caucus in Clark County (home to possibly half of all Republicans expected to participate) will begin at 7p PST. The party plans to announce the first set of results at 5p and the second set at 10p. (0600 GMT).

  • 28 National Convention delegates are proportionally bound to Presidential contenders based on today's caucus vote.
  • A 3.57% threshold is required in order for a contender to be allocated delegates [1 / 28 delegates = 3.57%].
  • For those candidates receiving 3.57% or more of the vote: The number of delegates = 28 × (candidate's popular vote) ÷ (total statewide vote).
  • Round to the nearest whole number. The rules for rounding to too few or too many delegates are not known.

Link to party's caucus website: and

Here's how we compute the delegate count:

  1. For those candidates receiving 3.57% or more of the vote: The number of delegates = 28 × (candidate's popular vote) ÷ (total statewide vote) (we are uncertain about the rounding).

Saturday 4 February 2012 Precinct Caucus
Precincts Reporting: 100.0%
(as of Monday 6 February 2012 5:35a PST)
Source: Nevada Republican Party Caucus Results
Delegates  28  14  6  5  3

Saturday 10 March - Saturday 31 March 2012 (tentative): Republican Party County Conventions convene in each county. Each County Convention chooses delegates to the Nevada State Republican Convention. Final dates to be determined.

10 March 2012: Clark County
31 March Douglas County

1 April 2012 from Ron Paul Wins Delegates in Nevada GOP County Conventions

2 May 2012 from Las Vegas Sun: RNC to NV GOP: Don’t let Ron Paul delegates take over national convention slots or don’t bother coming to Tampa.
RNC Letter to Chairman McDonald.


Saturday 5 May - Sunday 6 May 2012: The Nevada State Republican Convention convenes. The State Convention meets as a whole to choose all 28 delegates to the Republican National Convention according to the results of the Precinct Caucuses. Note: The bindings were recalculated to exclude those candidates who suspended their campaigns.

The 3 party leaders, the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the Nevada's Republican Party, will attend the convention by virtue of their position bound to their preferred presidential candidate.

Nevada's delegates are bound for the 1st ballot at the National Convention.

6 May 2012 from Las Vegas Review-Journal: Paul takes 22 Nevada GOP delegates; Romney gets three.

6 May 2012 from Las Vegas Sun: Ron Paul supporters capture majority of Nevada’s national delegates. Delegates to national GOP convention must vote in first round according to caucus results but are free to vote for others if there is a second round. Paul's supporters won 22 of the 25 national delegate ... 3 automatic delegates are expected to support Romney ... Romney will have 6 supporters....

  • Delegates elected: Paul 22, Romney 6 (3 delegates + the 3 RNC delegates).
  • Carl Bunce, Chair of the Paul campaign in Nevada, indicated that that the Paul supporters would "follow the rules" in Tampa. The updated bindings, based on the 4 February caucus vote of those candidates still in the race are Romney 20 (28 × 16,486 ÷ 22,661 = 20.37 => 20) and Paul 8 (28 × 6,175 ÷ 22,661 = 7.628 => 8).


15 December 2010: The Nevada Republican Executive Committee voted to hold the state's 2012 Presidential Caucuses on 18 February 2012. The contest will be proportional and the delegates will be bound.

In July 2011, the Nevada Republican Executive Board voted to hold their Presidential Primary "the Saturday after New Hampshire".

On 1 October 2011, the Nevada Republican Party Executive Board voted to hold Nevada's 2012 Presidential Caucuses sometime in January 2012. Reference: Las Vegas Review Journal.

On 4 October 2011, Republican Party Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian indicates the party would hold its caucus before 21 January 2012. Reference: Las Vegas Review Journal.

On 5 October 2011, the Nevada Republican Party announced they will hold their 2012 Presidential Caucuses on 14 January 2012.

Nevada Presidential Caucus Moved to January 14th
Las Vegas – Nevada's First in the West Presidential Caucus has officially been moved to January 14th, 2012, Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian announced today.
"I'm extremely pleased to finally have a firm date for a caucus that will greatly improve Nevada's standing and relevance in terms of national politics," Tarkanian said. "By establishing this date, we maintain Nevada's standing as one of the first four 'carve-out' states and as the very first in the west."
The date of Nevada's caucus was thrown into turmoil when Florida, in violation of agreed-upon rules, moved its primary to January, causing the four carve-out early states, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada to scramble to find new dates to maintain the agreed-upon order."
"This is absolutely in the best interest of our state," Tarkanian said. "We are in the process of creating a caucus that will energize Republicans throughout Nevada and the west, and allow us to play a major role in deciding who will carry the fight to unseat Barack Obama and his destructive policies."

On 22 October 2012, Nevada Republican Party moved the date of their Precinct Caucuses from 14 January to 4 February 2012 and the Nevada Democratic Party moved the date of their Precinct Caucuses from 14 to 21 January. Reference FoxNews article here.

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