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2012 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
District Conventions: Tuesday 6 March - Saturday 24 March 2012
State Convention: Thursday 26 April - Saturday 28 April 2012
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Romney, Willard "Mitt"4,554  32.22%8  29.63%18  66.67%
Santorum, Richard J. "Rick"4,254  30.10%8  29.63% 
Paul, Ronald E. "Ron"3,410  24.13%6  22.22%9  33.33%
Gingrich, Newton Leroy "Newt"1,878  13.29%2   7.41% 
Uncommitted36   0.25%3  11.11% 
Total14,132 100.00%27 100.00%27 100.00%

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The delegate selection processes herein was updated following a telephone call to the party on 20 September 2011.


Alaska Republican Party Convention process from a party source.

20 March 2012 update from Alaska Dispatch: GOP vote finalized, Rick Santorum picks up an Alaska delegate


Participation is for registered Republicans only. A voter may register or re-registered as a Republican on the day of the convention. After voting in the preference poll, the Republicans are encouraged to participate in their District Conventions which will commence at 7:30 pm.

Tuesday 6 March - Saturday 24 March 2012: 24 of 27 delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today's District Conventions. In addition, each District chooses delegates to the Alaska State Republican Convention. [Rules of the Alaska Republican Party, Article V. Section 15: (g)(4), (7), (9)]

  • 24 at-large National Convention delegates are to be proportionally bound to presidential contenders according to the statewide vote.
    • Beginning with the candidate who received the most votes, multiply [the percentage of votes received] by [24 National Convention Delegates] and round any remainder up to the next whole number. Repeat for the next highest vote getter until all 24 delegates are allocated.
    • If a candidate drops out before the State Convention, the national delegates apportioned to that candidate are re-apportioned non-pledged.
Tuesday 6 March 2012 District ConventionsSource: 20 March 2012 / Alaska Dispatch / GOP vote finalized, Rick Santorum picks up an Alaska delegate
CandidateTotal delegates × vote ÷ total votes
= fractional delegates
to candidate
Romney24 × 4,554 ÷ 14,132 = 7.7339
Round up to 8
Santorum24 × 4,254 ÷ 14,132 = 7.2245
Round up to 8
Paul24 × 3,410 ÷ 14,132 = 5.7911
Round up to 6
Gingrich24 × 1,878 ÷ 14,132 = 3.1894
Limited to 2
Uncommitted24 × 36 ÷ 14,132 = 0.0611
Limited to 0
Totals  24

Thursday 26 April - Saturday 28 April 2012: The Alaska State Republican Convention convenes. The State Convention chooses 24 of 27 delegates from Alaska to the Republican National Convention according to the results of the District Conventions.

Note: National Convention delegates may be elected at the Tuesday 6 March 2012 Caucuses.

In addition, 3 party leaders, the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the Alaska's Republican Party, are elected at today's state convention and will attend the National Convention as unpledged delegates by virtue of their position.

Delegates to the National Convention shall be elected from the Delegates to the State Convention ... [and] ... shall be pledged to support a Qualified Presidential Candidate ... so long as their preferred Candidate maintains an active campaign. After the second round of balloting ... if the Candidate to which the Delegate is pledged is the candidate receiving the fewest number of votes ..., the Delegate is no longer required to support that candidate. If a ... delegate ... pledged to a ... Presidential Candidate who is no longer a candidate for the Republican Nomination for President as of the date of the National Convention, that delegate ... shall be deemed non-pledged. [Rules of the Alaska Republican Party, Article V. Section 15: (g)(2) (8)]

29 April 2012 Victory in Alaska!.

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