The Green Papers
Governor's Chairs, Senate, and House Seats
up for Election on 7 November 2006
with no incumbent running for them

This table is updated after each state completes its nominating process. Currently, 52 jurisdictions have completed their nominating processes: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Governor's Chairs, Senate and House Seats...
Open (incumbent not running for re-election)
No incumbent running
Uncontested (one candidate running)
Multiple incumbents running
Only One Major Party Canddidate

Republican - Sarah H. Palin
Democratic - former Governor Tony Knowles
Independent - Andrew J. Halcro
Alaskan Independence - Don R. Wright
Libertarian - William S. "Billy" Toien
Green - David M. Massie
(Veterans Party of America); Write-in - Ted Gianoutsos
House CD 8
Democratic - Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords
Republican - Randall "Randy" Graf
Libertarian - David F. Nolan
Independent - Jay Dudley Quick
Democratic - Attorney General Mike Beebe
Republican - Asa Hutchinson
Independent - Rod Bryan
Green - Jim Lendall
House CD 22
Republican - Kevin McCarthy
Democratic - Sharon Mae Beery
Democratic - Willliam "Bill" Ritter, Jr.
Republican - Congressman Robert Louis "Bob" Beauprez
Libertarian - Dawn Winkler-Kinateder
Unaffiliated - Paul Noel Fiorino
American Constitution - Clyde J. Harkins
(Unaffiliated); Write-in - Gary Cooper
Write-in; (Unaffiliated) - Darla Herold
Write-in; (Republican) - Charles Walter "Chuck" Sylvester, Jr.
House CD 5
Republican - Douglas L. "Doug" Lamborn
Democratic - Jay Fawcett
Write-in; (Republican) - Richard D. Hand
(Republican); Write-in - Gregory S. Hollister
(Democratic); Write-in - Brian X. Scott
House CD 7
Democratic - Edwin "Ed" Perlmutter
Republican - Rick O'Donnell
Green - David Joel "Dave" Chandler
American Constitution - Roger McCarville
(Concerns Of People); Write-in - John J. Heckman, Jr.
(Democratic); Write-in - Steve Moore
Republican - Attorney General Charlie Crist
Democratic - Congressman James Oscar "Jim" Davis, III
Reform - Max Linn
No Party Affiliation; (Libertarian) - John Wayne Smith
No Party Affiliation - Richard Paul Dembinsky
No Party Affiliation - Karl C.C. Behm
(Socialist Workers Party); Write-in - Omari Musa
(Socialist Party USA); Write-in - Atlee David Yarrow
House CD 9
Republican - Gus Michael Bilirakis
Democratic - Phyllis Hendler Busansky
House CD 11
Democratic - Katherine Anne "Kathy" Castor
Republican - Eddie Adams, Jr.
(Republican); Write-in - James C. "Jim" Greenwald
House CD 13
Republican - Vernon "Vern" Buchanan
Democratic - Christine L. Jennings
House CD 16
Democratic - Timothy Edward "Tim" Mahoney
Republican - state Representative Joe Negron
No Party Affiliation - Emmie Lee Ross
House CD 4
Democratic - Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.
Republican - Catherine Davis
House CD 2
Democratic - Mazie K. Hirono
Republican - Robert Charles "Bob" Hogue
Republican - Congressman C.L. "Butch" Otter
Democratic - Jerry M. Brady
Constitution - Marvin Pro-Life Richardson
Libertarian - Ted Dunlap
House CD 1
Republican - William T. "Bill" Sali
Democratic - Larry L. Grant
Independent - David Edwin "Dave" Olson
United Party - Norman Andrew "Andy" Hedden-Nicely
Constitution - Paul Smith
House CD 6
Republican - Peter J. Roskam
Democratic - L. Tammy Duckworth
House CD 17
Democratic - Philip G. "Phil" Hare
Republican - Andrea Lane Zinga
Democratic - Secretary of State Chester "Chet" Culver
Republican - Congressman Jim Nussle
Green - Wendy S. Barth
Libertarian - Kevin Litten
Socialist Workers Party - Mary J. Martin
House CD 1
Democratic - Bruce L. Braley
Republican - Michael Louis "Mike" Whalen
Independent - James F. Hill
Nominated By Petition - Albert W. Schoeman
Senate Class 1
Democratic - Congressman Benjamin L. "Ben" Cardin
Republican - Lieutenant Governor Michael S. Steele
Green; (Libertarian); (Populist) - Kevin B. Zeese
Write-in; (Democratic) - Lih Young
House CD 3
Democratic - John Peter Spyros Sarbanes
Republican - John David White
Libertarian - Charles Curtis McPeek, Sr.
Democratic - Deval L. Patrick
Republican - Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey
Independent - Christy Mihos
Green-Rainbow - Grace Ross
House CD 7
Republican - Timothy L. "Tim" Walberg
Democratic - Sharon Marie Renier
Libertarian - Robert L. Hutchinson
U.S. Taxpayers - David P. Horn
Write-in; (Republican) - Congressman John H.J. "Joe" Schwarz
Senate Class 1
Democratic-Farmer Labor - Amy Klobuchar
Republican - Congressman Mark Raymond Kennedy
Independence - Robert Maxwell Fitzgerald
Green - Michael James Cavlan
Constitution - Ben Powers
House CD 5
Democratic-Farmer Labor - Keith Maurice Ellison
Republican - Alan Raymond Fine
Independence - Tammy Louise Lee
Green - Jay Pond
House CD 6
Republican - Michele M. Bachmann
Democratic-Farmer Labor - Patty Wetterling
Independence - John Paul Binkowski
House CD 3
Republican - Adrian M. Smith
Democratic - Scott Michael Kleeb
Republican - Congressman James Arthur "Jim" Gibbons
Democratic - Dina Titus
Independent American - Christopher H. Hansen
Green - Craig O. Bergland
House CD 2
Republican - Secretary of State Dean Heller
Democratic - Jill T. Derby
Independent - Daniel Rosen
Independent American - James C. Kroshus
New Jersey
House CD 13
Democratic - Albio Sires
Republican - John J. Guarini
Socialist Workers Party - Brian Williams
Independent - Herbert H. Shaw
Independent - Dick Hester
Independent - Esmat Zaklama
New York
Working Families; Democratic; Independence - Attorney General Eliot L. Spitzer
Republican; Conservative - John J. Faso
Green - Malachy McCourt
Libertarian - John Clifton
Rent is too High - Jimmy McMillan
Socialist Workers Party - Maura DeLuca
House CD 11
Working Families; Democratic - Yvette D. Clarke
Republican; Libertarian - Stephen "Steve" Finger
Conservative - Marianna Blume
Freedom - Ollie M. McClean
House CD 24
Working Families; Democratic; Independence - Michael Angelo "Mike" Arcuri
Republican; Conservative - Raymond A. "Ray" Meier
Libertarian - Michael J. "Mike" Sylvia, III
Democratic - Congressman Ted Strickland
Republican - Secretary of State J. Kenneth "Ken" Blackwell
(Libertarian); Independent - William S. "Bill" Peirce
(Green); Independent - Robert "Bob" Fitrakis
House CD 4
Republican - James D. "Jim" Jordan
Democratic - Richard E. "Rick" Siferd
House CD 6
Democratic - Charles A. "Charlie" Wilson, Jr.
Republican - Charles "Chuck" Blasdel
House CD 13
Democratic - Betty Sue Sutton
Republican - Craig Foltin
House CD 18
Democratic - Zachary T. "Zach" Space
Republican - state Senator Joy Padgett
House CD 5
Republican - Lieutenant Governor Mary C. Fallin
Democratic - Paul David "David" Hunter
Independent - Matthew Horton Woodson
Senate Class 1
Republican - Robert P. "Bob" Corker, Jr.
Democratic - Congressman Harold E. Ford, Jr.
Independent - Eduardo "Ed" Choate, Sr.
Independent - David Gatchell
Independent - Emory "Bo" Heyward
Independent - H. Gary Keplinger
(Green); Independent - Christopher "Chris" Lugo
House CD 1
Republican - David Davis
Democratic - Ricky Lynn "Rick" Trent
(Green); Independent - Robert N. Smith
Independent - James William Reeves
Independent - Michael L. Peavler
Independent - Mahmood "Michael" Sabri
House CD 9
Democratic - state Senator Stephen Ira "Steve" Cohen
(Democratic); Independent - Newton Jake "Jake" Ford
Republican - Hoyt "Mark" White
House CD 22
Democratic - Nicholas V. "Nick" Lampson
Write-in; (Republican) - Shelley Sekula Gibbs
Libertarian - Bob Smither
Write-in; (Republican) - Donald Luther "Don" Richardson
Write-in; (Republican) - Joseph Vincent "Joe" Reasbeck, IV
Senate Class 1
Independent; (Democratic) - Congressman Bernard "Bernie" Sanders
Republican - Richard E. "Rich" Tarrant
Independent; (Republican) - Cris Ericson
Green; (Democratic) - Craig Hill
Independent - Peter D. Moss
Liberty Union - Pete Diamondstone
House At-Large
Democratic - Peter F. Welch
Republican - Martha T. Rainville
Independent - Dennis Morrisseau
Independent - Jerry Trudell
Green - Bruce R. Marshall
Independent - Keith Stern
Liberty Union - Jane Newton
Independent - Chris Karr
House CD 8
Democratic - Steven Leslie "Steve" Kagen
Republican - John G. Gard
Governor 10
Congressman 33
Senator 4

Parties appear in parenthesis and italics when a candidate receives the endorsement of a given Party and/or official sources indicate a candidate's association with a particular Party but only where the Party in question does not appear on the actual ballot as such.


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