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2006 Contests Where No Candidate
Received a Majority

Senate Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Gubernatorial Popular Vote by Party
House Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
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Contests Where No Candidate Received a Majority


The popular vote tallies are UNOFFICIAL and have been acquired from various media sources.
The FEC tallies are compiled from each candidates' reported "Total Receipts".
Except for the LA CD 2 runoff of 9 December 2006 and the TX CD 23 runoff of 12 December, the vote totals are from the 7 November 2006 election.
This tally does not include results for the following uncontested contests: AL CD 5, AL CD 6, AL CD 7, FL CD 2, FL CD 3, FL CD 19, FL CD 20, FL CD 23, IL CD 12, MA CD 1, MA CD 2, MA CD 3, MA CD 4, MA CD 5, MA CD 7, MI CD 13, NY CD 5, NY CD 6, NY CD 9, NY CD 22, TX CD 9, TX CD 11, WI CD 6.



(I) = incumbent
* = winner
Total Receipts
New York Comptroller
Winner's margin: 15.684%, 737,308 votes
*Alan G. Hevesi (I)Democratic; Independence; Working Families2,349,57849.98% 
J. Christopher CallaghanRepublican; Conservative1,612,27034.30% 
Blk.,Void, ScatteringScattering566,09212.04% 
Julia WillebrandGreen117,9082.51% 
John J. CainLibertarian40,4720.86% 
Willie CottonSocialist Workers Party14,7450.31% 
Indiana House CD 09
Winner's margin: 4.389%, 9,682 votes
*Baron P. HillDemocratic110,18549.95%$1,913,966
Michael E. "Mike" Sodrel (I)Republican100,50345.56%$2,730,270
David Eric "Eric" SchansbergLibertarian9,9204.50%$26,765
Idaho House CD 01
Winner's margin: 5.143%, 11,930 votes
*William T. "Bill" SaliRepublican115,84449.94%$1,085,175
Larry L. GrantDemocratic103,91444.80%$779,766
David Edwin "Dave" OlsonIndependent6,8602.96% 
Norman Andrew "Andy" Hedden-NicelyUnited Party2,8821.24%$20,085
Paul SmithConstitution2,4571.06% 
Illinois Governor
Winner's margin: 10.541%, 367,537 votes
*Rod R. Blagojevich (I)Democratic1,736,21949.80% 
Judy Baar TopinkaRepublican1,368,68239.25% 
Rich WhitneyGreen361,16310.36% 
Randall C. StufflebeamWrite-in19,2720.55% 
Mark Robert McCoyWrite-in4760.01% 
Timothy Ross NieukirkWrite-in2490.01% 
Angel L. RiveraWrite-in1340.00% 
Albert "Barney" SloanWrite-in1290.00% 
Mike ShortenWrite-in980.00% 
Jack L. "Captain" SpaniWrite-in810.00% 
Kevin J. BognarWrite-in760.00% 
Marvin J. Koch, Jr.Write-in390.00% 
Joseph S. KrugWrite-in290.00% 
David Louis The Christ SitoWrite-in160.00% 
Barry NewmanWrite-in60.00% 
William MillerWrite-in20.00% 
Connecticut Senate Class 1
Winner's margin: 9.980%, 113,251 votes
*Joseph I. "Joe" Lieberman (I)Connecticut For Lieberman564,09549.71%$18,996,689
Edward M. "Ned" LamontDemocratic450,84439.73%$20,580,703
Alan R. SchlesingerRepublican109,1989.62%$221,019
Ralph A. FerrucciGreen5,9220.52%$2,365
Timothy A. KnibbsConcerned Citizens4,6380.41% 
Carl E. VassarWrite-in800.01% 
John M. JoyWrite-in30.00% 
South Dakota Commissioner of School and Public Lands
Winner's margin: 1.852%, 5,722 votes
*Jarrod JohnsonRepublican153,48549.68% 
Bryce Healy (I)Democratic147,76347.83% 
Jade AgerLibertarian7,7162.50% 
Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor
Winner's margin: 1.622%, 14,843 votes
*Jari AskinsDemocratic454,11949.63% 
Todd HiettRepublican439,27648.01% 
Elmer Zen "E.Z." MillionIndependent21,6592.37% 
Virginia Senate Class 1
Winner's margin: 0.306%, 7,231 votes
*James H. "Jim" Webb, Jr.Democratic1,172,67149.60%$8,629,224
George F. Allen (I)Republican1,165,44049.29%$14,994,264
Glenda Gail "Gail" ParkerIndependent Greens26,1061.10%$26,482
California House CD 50_
Winner's margin: 4.553%, 7,195 votes
*Brian Phillip BilbrayRepublican78,34149.57%$2,559,686
Francine P. BusbyDemocratic71,14645.02%$3,636,717
William D. GriffithIndependent6,0273.81% 
Paul KingLibertarian2,5191.59% 
Florida House CD 16
Winner's margin: 1.889%, 4,417 votes
*Timothy Edward "Tim" MahoneyDemocratic115,83249.55%$2,838,536
Joe NegronRepublican111,41547.66%$872,199
Emmie Lee RossNo Party Affiliation6,5262.79% 
New Jersey House CD 07
Winner's margin: 1.674%, 3,239 votes
*Mike Ferguson (I)Republican95,83049.53%$2,932,480
Linda D. StenderDemocratic92,59147.86%$1,936,177
Thomas D. "Tom" AbramsIndependent3,0641.58% 
Darren YoungLibertarian1,9891.03% 
Missouri Senate Class 1
Winner's margin: 2.167%, 45,811 votes
*Claire C. McCaskillDemocratic1,047,04949.53%$11,906,356
James Matthes "Jim" Talent (I)Republican1,001,23847.36%$14,098,563
Frank GilmourLibertarian47,5042.25% 
Lydia L. LewisProgressive Party of Missouri18,2740.86%$5,937
California Lieutenant Governor
Winner's margin: 4.030%, 343,726 votes
*John Raymond GaramendiDemocratic4,189,58449.12% 
Tom McClintockRepublican3,845,85845.09% 
Donna J. WarrenGreen239,1072.80% 
Lynnette Marie ShawLibertarian142,8511.67% 
James D. "Jim" KingAmerican Independent68,4460.80% 
Stewart A. AlexanderPeace And Freedom43,3190.51% 
Montana Senate Class 1
Winner's margin: 0.705%, 2,847 votes
*Jon TesterDemocratic198,30249.07%$5,588,548
Conrad Burns (I)Republican195,45548.37%$8,057,326
Stan JonesLibertarian10,3242.55% 
Minnesota Secretary of State
Winner's margin: 4.894%, 104,609 votes
*Mark RitchieDemocratic-Farmer Labor1,048,82949.07% 
Mary Kiffmeyer (I)Republican944,22044.18% 
Bruce KennedyFor Independent Voters78,4963.67% 
Joel SpoonheimIndependence64,5373.02% 
California House CD 04
Winner's margin: 3.185%, 8,819 votes
*John T. Doolittle (I)Republican135,81849.05%$2,354,786
Charles Duane BrownDemocratic126,99945.87%$1,713,863
Dan WarrenLibertarian14,0765.08% 
Nevada Secretary of State
Winner's margin: 8.165%, 46,672 votes
*Ross MillerDemocratic278,57648.73% 
Danny TarkanianRepublican231,90440.57% 
Janine HansenIndependent American38,5776.75% 
None of these candidatesNone of these candidates22,5683.95% 
Alaska Governor
Winner's margin: 7.793%, 15,979 votes
*Sarah H. PalinRepublican99,61948.58% 
Tony KnowlesDemocratic83,64040.79% 
Andrew J. HalcroIndependent19,6839.60% 
Don R. WrightAlaskan Independence1,0510.51% 
William S. "Billy" ToienLibertarian5800.28% 
David M. MassieGreen4690.23% 
Nevada House CD 03
Winner's margin: 1.881%, 3,966 votes
*Jon C. Porter, Sr. (I)Republican102,17648.46%$3,015,397
Tessa Michelle HafenDemocratic98,21046.57%$1,497,306
Joshua HansenIndependent American5,3262.53% 
Joseph P. "Joe" SilvestriLibertarian5,1552.44% 
Wyoming House At-Large
Winner's margin: 0.523%, 1,012 votes
*Barbara L. Cubin (I)Republican93,33648.27%$1,284,570
Gary S. TraunerDemocratic92,32447.74%$985,453
Thomas R. "Thom" RankinLibertarian7,4813.87% 
Write-In VotesScattering2280.12% 
California Secretary of State
Winner's margin: 3.096%, 259,602 votes
*Debra BowenDemocratic4,032,55348.09% 
Bruce McPherson (I)Republican3,772,95144.99% 
Forrest HillGreen181,3692.16% 
Gail K. LightfootLibertarian171,3932.04% 
Glenn McMillon, Jr.American Independent135,8241.62% 
Margie AkinPeace And Freedom91,4831.09% 
Nevada Governor
Winner's margin: 3.954%, 22,935 votes
*James Arthur "Jim" GibbonsRepublican277,85547.90% 
Dina TitusDemocratic254,92043.94% 
None of these candidatesNone of these candidates20,6193.55% 
Christopher H. HansenIndependent American19,9663.44% 
Craig O. BerglandGreen6,7311.16% 
South Carolina Superintendent of Education
Winner's margin: 0.052%, 564 votes
*Jim RexDemocratic514,38247.50% 
Karen FloydRepublican513,81847.45% 
Timothy "Tim" MoultrieLibertarian19,7381.82% 
Tony FayyaziIndependence18,9651.75% 
Arnold E. KarrGreen9,0030.83% 
Ralph LindbladConstitution6,5510.60% 
Wisconsin Treasurer
Winner's margin: 0.423%, 8,648 votes
*Dawn Marie SassDemocratic969,11547.36% 
Jack C. Voight (I)Republican960,46746.94% 
Tim PetersonLibertarian59,5412.91% 
Winston Sephus, Jr.Green57,0632.79% 
Nevada Treasurer
Winner's margin: 5.585%, 31,922 votes
*Kate MarshallDemocratic270,15447.26% 
Mark DeStefanoRepublican238,23241.68% 
Mark Christopher AndrewsIndependent American35,7956.26% 
None of these candidatesNone of these candidates27,4254.80% 
American Samoa Delegate to the House of Representatives
Winner's margin: 6.363%, 702 votes
*Eni F.H. Faleomavaega (I)Nonpartisan5,19547.09%$42,587
Aumua Amata (Amata Coleman Radewagen) ColemanNonpartisan4,49340.72%$13,990
Muavaefaatasi Ae Ae, Jr.Nonpartisan1,34512.19% 
Minnesota Governor
Winner's margin: 1.020%, 22,483 votes
*Tim Pawlenty (I)Republican1,030,23646.72% 
Mike HatchDemocratic-Farmer Labor1,007,75345.70% 
Peter HutchinsonIndependence141,7266.43% 
Ken PentelGreen10,8660.49% 
Walt E. BrownQuit Raising Taxes9,6390.44% 
Leslie DavisAmerican3,7860.17% 
David W. HinkleyWrite-in30.00% 
Murphy WentworthWrite-in20.00% 
Nelson F. GonzalezWrite-in10.00% 
Colorado House CD 04
Winner's margin: 3.155%, 7,206 votes
*Marilyn N. Musgrave (I)Republican104,87645.91%$3,160,640
Angela Veronica "Angie" PaccioneDemocratic97,67042.76%$1,977,177
Frederic Arnold "Eric" EidsnessReform25,88011.33%$26,983
Nevada Controller
Winner's margin: 1.226%, 6,975 votes
*Kim WallinDemocratic256,92145.17% 
Steve Martin (I)Republican249,94643.94% 
None of these candidatesNone of these candidates31,5605.55% 
Floyd FitzgibbonsIndependent American30,3915.34% 
Vermont Auditor of Accounts
Winner's margin: 0.041%, 104 votes
*Thomas M. SalmonDemocratic111,74144.54% 
Randolph D. "Randy" Brock (I)Republican111,63744.50% 
Martha AbbottProgressive23,4839.36% 
Jerry LevyLiberty Union3,9131.56% 
Write-in VotesScattering1080.04% 
Texas Governor
Winner's margin: 9.214%, 404,844 votes
*Rick Perry (I)Republican1,714,61839.02% 
R. Christopher "Chris" BellDemocratic1,309,77429.81% 
Carole Keeton "Grandma" StrayhornIndependent789,43217.97% 
Richard S. "Kinky" FriedmanIndependent553,32712.59% 
James WernerLibertarian26,7260.61% 
Maine Governor
Winner's margin: 7.736%, 42,130 votes
*John Elias Baldacci (I)Democratic206,99138.01% 
Chandler E. WoodcockRepublican164,86130.27% 
Barbara MerrillUnenrolled117,11121.51% 
Patricia H. "Pat" LaMarcheGreen52,1509.58% 
Phillip Morris NaPierUnenrolled3,4600.64% 
Louisiana Secretary of State
Winner's margin: 1.927%, 12,409 votes
*"Jay" DardenneRepublican191,56229.75% 
Francis C. HeitmeierDemocratic179,15327.82% 
"Mike" FrancisRepublican168,18526.12% 
Mary ChehardyRepublican56,2258.73% 
James "Jim" Crowley, IIINo Party Affiliation24,2483.77% 
Allen "Al" LeoneRepublican12,8321.99% 
Rayburn ClipperLibertarian11,7221.82% 
33 offices

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