The Green Papers - 2006 Midterm Election
Contests to Watch and Polling Data

Updated 6 November 2006

36 Governor's chairs, 33 Senate seats, and 435 House Seats are up for election in 2006. During this primary season 4 incumbents lost their bids for renomination:

Outlook for the U.S. Senate in the 7 November 2006 Election (updated 6 November 2006):

Of the 33 U.S. Senate seats up for election in 2006:

  • for the Democrats: 11 Senate seats are certain or reasonably certain.
  • for the Republicans: 7 Senate seats are certain or reasonably certain.
  • for the Independent: 1 Senate seat is certain or reasonably certain.

This gives the Democrats 38, the Republicans 47, and 1 Independent. 14 U.S. Senate seats are left in SOME kind of "play"...

Of these 14 "in play", 8 lean Democratic and 1 leans Republican... neither Party, thus, has control of the Senate going by this total of 46 Democratic to 48 Republican "not up for election / certain / likely" seats alone...

This leaves 5 Senate seats with toss-ups that can go either way (and, if you then- if only for the sake of the argument- do that ol' coin flip-as-chance thing and split these 5 between the Parties, you actually end up with a quite possible result of the elections re: the U.S. Senate of 48 or 49 Democrats, 50 or 51 Republicans and 1 Independent...

All of which means that, should these numbers hold, the Republicans will barely retain control of the the Senate as a result of this year's 2006 Midterm Election.

Changes from 1 November to 6 November: None. However, some polls are showing that the toss-up seats in New Jersey and Virgina appear to be moving toward the Democratic candidates while the toss-up seat in Tennessee appears to be moving toward the Republican candidate. This movement is insufficient to change the predictions from toss-up.

Changes from 23 October to 1 November: None. However, the toss-up seats in New Jersey and Rhode Island appear to be moving towards the Democratic candidates while the toss-up seats in Tennessee and Virginia appear to be moving towards the Republican candidates. This movement is insufficient to change the predictions from toss-up.

Outlook for the House of Representatives in the 7 November 2006 Election (updated 6 November 2006):

  • for the Democrats: 188 House seats certain or reasonably certain.
  • for the Republicans: 168 House seats certain or reasonably certain.

Leaving 79 U.S. House seats in at least SOME kind of "play"...

Of these 79 "in play", 25 lean Democratic (giving the Democrats 213) while 32 lean Republican (giving the GOP side of the House aisle 200).

This leaves only 22 toss-ups that they can go either way (and, if you then- if only for the sake of the argument- do that ol' coin flip-as-chance thing you actually end up with a quite possible result of the elections re: the U.S. House of 224 Democrats and 211 Republicans with 218 needed for a majority.

All of which means that, should these numbers hold, the Democrats will take control of the House in this year's 2006 Midterm Election.

Changes from 1 November to 6 November: 3-4 seats have moved to the Democratic column. On 1 November the synopsis showed 220 or 221 Democrats to 214 or 215 Republicans. The 6 November numbers indicate 224 Democrats to 211 Republicans.


  • 188 Democratic.
  • 21 Lean Democratic to 25 Lean Democratic.
  • 23 Tossup to 22 Tossup.
  • 35 Lean Republican to 32 Lean Republican.
  • 168 Republican.
  • from Tossup to Leans Democratic: IN H02, NY H24, OH H18, PA H10
  • from Leans Republican to Tossup: AZ H05, OH H01, NH H02

Changes from 23 October to 1 November: Many contests appear to be tightening. On 23 October the synopsis showed 214 Republicans to 221 Democrats. The 1 November numbers show 214 or 215 Republicans to 220 or 221 Democrats. Most of the movement has been from Republican to Leaning Republican.


  • 191 Democratic to 188 Democratic.
  • 19 Lean Democratic to 21 Lean Democratic.
  • 22 Tossup to 23 Tossup.
  • 22 Lean Republican to 35 Lean Republican.
  • 181 Republican to 168 Republican.
  • from Democratic to Leans Democratic: GA H12, IN H07, SD
  • from Tossup to Leans Democratic: CO H07
  • from Leans Democratic to Tossup: FL H16, PA H10
  • from Leans Republican to Tossup: CT H05
  • from Tossup to Leans Republican: OH H01
  • from Republican to Lean Republican: AZ H01, CA H04, CA H11, CA H50, CO H04, CO H05, FL H08, IL H10, IN H03, IA H02, NE H01, NH H01, NY H03

Gubernatorial changes from 1 November to 6 November:

  • from Tossup to Leans Democratic: CO

Gubernatorial changes from 23 October to 1 November:

  • from Democratic to Leans Democratic: OK, PA
  • from Tossup to Leans Republican: NV
  • from Republican to Lean Republican: CA, GA, VT

Below is a state by state digest of offices up for election 2006 Midterm Election.

  • Offices marked **WATCH** have close, interesting, or contradictory information being reported by the pollsters.
  • Offices marked **NO INCUMBENT** have no incumbent running in the upcoming election.
  • Offices without a designation are likely to be won by the named candidate.


  • D: Democrat
  • LD: Leans Democrat
  • T: Toss-up
  • LR: Leans Republican
  • R: Republican
  • I: Independent
  • N: Nonpartisan

By the way, the only poll that matters is the one on 7 November 2006!

Information to build this list was obtained from the following sites (shown in alphabetical order by URL). Updated 6 November 2006.



33 seats
11 seats
8 seats
5 seats
1 seat
7 seats
1 seat
435 seats
188 seats
AL H05
AL H07
AZ H04
AZ H07
AR H01
AR H02
AR H04
CA H01
CA H05
CA H06
CA H07
CA H08
CA H09
CA H10
CA H12
CA H13
CA H14
CA H15
CA H16
CA H17
CA H18
CA H20
CA H23
CA H27
CA H28
CA H29
CA H30
CA H31
CA H32
CA H33
CA H34
CA H35
CA H36
CA H37
CA H38
CA H39
CA H43
CA H47
CA H51
CA H53
CO H01
CO H02
CO H03
CT H01
CT H03
FL H02
FL H03
FL H11
FL H17
FL H19
FL H20
FL H23
GA H02
GA H04
GA H05
GA H13
HI H01
HI H02
IL H01
IL H02
IL H03
IL H04
IL H05
IL H07
IL H09
IL H12
IN H01
KS H03
KY H06
LA H02
ME H01
ME H02
MD H02
MD H03
MD H04
MD H05
MD H07
MD H08
MA H01
MA H02
MA H03
MA H04
MA H05
MA H06
MA H07
MA H08
MA H09
MA H10
MI H01
MI H05
MI H12
MI H13
MI H14
MI H15
MN H04
MN H05
MN H07
MN H08
MS H02
MS H04
MO H01
MO H03
MO H04
MO H05
NV H01
NJ H01
NJ H06
NJ H08
NJ H09
NJ H10
NJ H12
NJ H13
NJ H13_
NM H03
NY H01
NY H02
NY H04
NY H05
NY H06
NY H07
NY H08
NY H09
NY H10
NY H11
NY H12
NY H14
NY H15
NY H16
NY H17
NY H18
NY H21
NY H22
NY H27
NY H28
NC H01
NC H02
NC H04
NC H07
NC H12
NC H13
OH H09
OH H10
OH H11
OH H17
OK H02
OR H01
OR H03
OR H04
PA H01
PA H02
PA H11
PA H12
PA H13
PA H14
PA H17
RI H01
RI H02
SC H06
TN H04
TN H05
TN H06
TN H08
TN H09
TX H09
TX H15
TX H16
TX H18
TX H20
TX H25
TX H27
TX H28
TX H29
TX H30
UT H02
VA H03
VA H08
VA H09
WA H01
WA H02
WA H03
WA H06
WA H07
WA H09
WV H03
WI H02
WI H03
WI H04
WI H07
25 seats
AZ H08
CO H07
GA H08
GA H12
IL H08
IL H17
IN H02
IN H07
IN H08
IA H01
IA H03
LA H03
NY H24
OH H06
OH H13
OH H18
OR H05
PA H07
PA H10
SC H05
TX H17
TX H22
WV H01
22 seats
AZ H05
CT H02
CT H04
CT H05
FL H13
FL H16
FL H22
IL H06
IN H09
KY H04
MN H06
NH H02
NM H01
NY H26
NC H11
OH H01
OH H15
PA H06
PA H08
VA H02
WA H08
WI H08
32 seats
AZ H01
CA H04
CA H11
CA H50
CO H04
CO H05
FL H08
ID H01
IL H10
IN H03
IA H02
KY H02
KY H03
MN H01
NE H01
NV H02
NV H03
NH H01
NJ H07
NY H03
NY H19
NY H20
NY H25
NY H29
NC H08
OH H02
OH H12
PA H04
TX H23
VA H10
WA H05
168 seats
AL H01
AL H02
AL H03
AL H04
AL H06
AZ H02
AZ H03
AZ H06
AR H03
CA H02
CA H03
CA H19
CA H21
CA H22
CA H24
CA H25
CA H26
CA H40
CA H41
CA H42
CA H44
CA H45
CA H46
CA H48
CA H49
CA H52
CO H06
FL H01
FL H04
FL H05
FL H06
FL H07
FL H09
FL H10
FL H12
FL H14
FL H15
FL H18
FL H21
FL H24
FL H25
GA H01
GA H03
GA H06
GA H07
GA H10
GA H09
GA H11
ID H02
IL H11
IL H13
IL H14
IL H15
IL H16
IL H18
IL H19
IN H04
IN H05
IN H06
IA H04
IA H05
KS H01
KS H02
KS H04
KY H01
KY H05
LA H01
LA H04
LA H05
LA H06
LA H07
MD H01
MD H06
MI H02
MI H03
MI H04
MI H06
MI H07
MI H08
MI H09
MI H10
MI H11
MN H02
MN H03
MS H01
MS H03
MO H02
MO H06
MO H07
MO H08
MO H09
NE H02
NE H03
NJ H02
NJ H03
NJ H04
NJ H05
NJ H11
NM H02
NY H13
NY H23
NC H03
NC H05
NC H06
NC H09
NC H10
OH H03
OH H04
OH H05
OH H07
OH H08
OH H14
OH H16
OK H01
OK H03
OK H04
OK H05
OR H02
PA H03
PA H05
PA H09
PA H15
PA H16
PA H18
PA H19
SC H01
SC H02
SC H03
SC H04
TN H01
TN H02
TN H03
TN H07
TX H01
TX H02
TX H03
TX H04
TX H05
TX H06
TX H07
TX H08
TX H10
TX H11
TX H12
TX H13
TX H14
TX H19
TX H21
TX H22_
TX H24
TX H26
TX H31
TX H32
UT H01
UT H03
VA H01
VA H04
VA H05
VA H06
VA H07
VA H11
WA H04
WV H02
WI H01
WI H05
WI H06
0 seats
36 chairs
7 chairs
10 chairs
4 chairs
9 chairs
6 chairs
Other Statewide70492630
1. Others: I: Independent, N: Nonpartisan.
2. "States": the 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

State by State breakdown

GovernorLRRepublican Governor Bob Riley
Lieutenant GovernorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Luther J. Strange, III
House 1RRepublican Congressman Josiah Robins "Jo" Bonner
House 2RRepublican Congressman Terry Everett
House 3RRepublican Congressman Michael "Mike" Rogers
House 4RRepublican Congressman Robert B. Aderholt
House 5DDemocratic Congressman Robert Edward "Bud" Cramer, Jr.
House 6RRepublican Congressman Spencer T. Bachus
House 7DDemocratic Congressman Artur Genestre Davis
Secretary of StateDDemocratic Secretary of State Nancy L. Worley
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General Troy King
TreasurerRRepublican Treasurer Kay Ivey
AuditorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican S. Samantha "Sam" Shaw
Commissioner of Agriculture and IndustryDDemocratic Agriculture and Industry Commissioner Ron Sparks

GovernorLR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Sarah H. Palin
Lieutenant GovernorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Sean R. Parnell
HouseRRepublican Congressman Don E. Young

American Samoa
Delegate to the House of RepresentativesDDemocratic Territorial Delegate Eni F.H. Faleomavaega

Senate 1LRRepublican Senator Jon L. Kyl
GovernorDDemocratic Governor Janet Napolitano
House 1LRRepublican Congressman Rick Renzi
House 2RRepublican Congressman Trent Franks
House 3RRepublican Congressman John B. Shadegg
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Edward L. "Ed" Pastor
House 5TRepublican Congressman J.D. Hayworth vs. Democratic Harold E. "Harry" Mitchell
House 6RRepublican Congressman Jeff Flake
House 7DDemocratic Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva
House 8LD**NO INCUMBENT** Party switch - Democratic Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State Jan Brewer
Attorney GeneralDDemocratic Attorney General Terry Goddard
TreasurerR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Dean Martin
Mine InspectorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Joe Hart
Superintendent of Public InstructionRRepublican Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne

GovernorLD**NO INCUMBENT** Party switch - Democratic Attorney General Mike Beebe
Lieutenant GovernorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Jim Holt
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Marion Berry
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Victor Frederick "Vic" Snyder
House 3RRepublican Congressman John Nichols Boozman
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Michael Avery "Mike" Ross
Secretary of StateDDemocratic Secretary of State Charlie Daniels
Attorney GeneralD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Dustin McDaniel
TreasurerD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Martha A. Shoffner
AuditorDDemocratic Auditor Jim Wood
Commissioner of State LandsDDemocratic State Lands Commissioner Mark Wilcox

Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Dianne Feinstein
GovernorLRRepublican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lieutenant GovernorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Tom McClintock
House 1DDemocratic Congressman C. Michael "Mike" Thompson
House 2RRepublican Congressman Walter William "Wally" Herger, Jr.
House 3RRepublican Congressman Daniel E. "Dan" Lungren
House 4LRRepublican Congressman John T. Doolittle
House 5DDemocratic Congressman Doris K. Matsui
House 6DDemocratic Congressman Lynn C. Woolsey
House 7DDemocratic Congressman George Miller
House 8DDemocratic Congressman Nancy Pelosi
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Barbara Lee
House 10DDemocratic Congressman Ellen O. Tauscher
House 11LRRepublican Congressman Richard W. Pombo
House 12DDemocratic Congressman Tom Lantos
House 13DDemocratic Congressman Fortney "Pete" Stark
House 14DDemocratic Congressman Anna G. Eshoo
House 15DDemocratic Congressman Michael M. "Mike" Honda
House 16DDemocratic Congressman Zoe Lofgren
House 17DDemocratic Congressman Sam Farr
House 18DDemocratic Congressman Dennis A. Cardoza
House 19RRepublican Congressman George P. Radanovich
House 20DDemocratic Congressman Jim Costa
House 21RRepublican Congressman Devin Gerald Nunes
House 22R**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Kevin McCarthy
House 23DDemocratic Congressman Lois G. Capps
House 24RRepublican Congressman Elton Gallegly
House 25RRepublican Congressman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon
House 26RRepublican Congressman David Dreier
House 27DDemocratic Congressman Brad Sherman
House 28DDemocratic Congressman Howard L. Berman
House 29DDemocratic Congressman Adam B. Schiff
House 30DDemocratic Congressman Henry A. Waxman
House 31DDemocratic Congressman Xavier Becerra
House 32DDemocratic Congressman Hilda L. Solis
House 33DDemocratic Congressman Diane E. Watson
House 34DDemocratic Congressman Lucille Roybal-Allard
House 35DDemocratic Congressman Maxine Waters
House 36DDemocratic Congressman Jane Harman
House 37DDemocratic Congressman Juanita Millender-McDonald
House 38DDemocratic Congressman Grace Flores Napolitano
House 39DDemocratic Congressman Linda T. Sanchez
House 40RRepublican Congressman Edward R. "Ed" Royce
House 41RRepublican Congressman Jerry Lewis
House 42RRepublican Congressman Gary G. Miller
House 43DDemocratic Congressman Joe Baca
House 44RRepublican Congressman Ken Calvert
House 45RRepublican Congressman Mary Bono
House 46RRepublican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
House 47DDemocratic Congressman Loretta Sanchez
House 48RRepublican Congressman John B. T. Campbell, III
House 49RRepublican Congressman Darrell Edward Issa
House 50LRRepublican Congressman Brian Phillip Bilbray
House 51DDemocratic Congressman Bob Filner
House 52RRepublican Congressman Duncan Hunter
House 53DDemocratic Congressman Susan A. Davis
Secretary of Stateno polling data
ControllerD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic John Chiang
TreasurerD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Attorney General Bill Lockyer
Attorney GeneralD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic former Governor Jerry Brown
Insurance CommissionerD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Lieutenant Governor Cruz M. Bustamante

GovernorLD**NO INCUMBENT** Current Republican - Possible Democratic takeover - Democratic Willliam "Bill" Ritter, Jr. vs. Republican Congressman Robert Louis "Bob" Beauprez
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Diana L. DeGette
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Mark Udall
House 3DDemocratic Congressman John Tony Salazar
House 4LRRepublican Congressman Marilyn N. Musgrave
House 5LR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Douglas L. "Doug" Lamborn
House 6RRepublican Congressman Thomas Gerard "Tom" Tancredo
House 7LD**WATCH** Open Republican Seat. Democratic Edwin "Ed" Perlmutter vs. Republican Rick O'Donnell
Secretary of StateR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Treasurer Mike Coffman
TreasurerLD**NO INCUMBENT** Party switch - Democratic Cary Kennedy
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General John W. Suthers

Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Joseph I. "Joe" Lieberman (running as an Independent)
GovernorRRepublican Governor M. Jodi Rell
House 1DDemocratic Congressman John B. Larson
House 2T**WATCH** Possible party switch - Republican Congressman Robert R. "Rob" Simmons vs. Democratic Joseph D. "Joe" Courtney
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Rosa L. DeLauro
House 4T**WATCH** Republican Congressman Christopher Shays vs. Democratic Diane Goss Farrell
House 5T**WATCH** Republican Congressman Nancy L. Johnson vs. Democratic Christopher Scott "Chris" Murphy
Secretary of StateDDemocratic Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz
TreasurerDDemocratic Treasurer Denise L. Nappier
ComptrollerDDemocratic Comptroller Nancy Wyman
Attorney GeneralDDemocratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Thomas R. "Tom" Carper
HouseRRepublican Congressman Michael N. Castle
Attorney GeneralD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Joseph R. "Beau" Biden, III
TreasurerDDemocratic Treasurer Jack A. Markell
AuditorRRepublican Auditor R. Thomas "Tom" Wagner, Jr.

District of Columbia
MayorD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Adrian M. Fenty
Delegate to the House of RepresentativesDDemocratic Territorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton

Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Bill Nelson
GovernorLR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist
House 1RRepublican Congressman Jefferson B. "Jeff" Miller
House 2DDemocratic Congressman F. Allen Boyd, Jr.
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Corrine Brown
House 4RRepublican Congressman Ander Crenshaw
House 5RRepublican Congressman Virginia "Ginny" Brown-Waite
House 6RRepublican Congressman Clifford Bundy "Cliff" Stearns
House 7RRepublican Congressman John L. Mica
House 8LRRepublican Congressman Richard Anthony "Ric" Keller
House 9R**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Gus Michael Bilirakis
House 10RRepublican Congressman C.W. "Bill" Young
House 11D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Katherine Anne "Kathy" Castor
House 12RRepublican Congressman Adam H. Putnam
House 13T**WATCH** Currently Republican. May switch parties - Democratic Christine L. Jennings Republican vs. Vernon "Vern" Buchanan
House 14RRepublican Congressman Connie Mack
House 15RRepublican Congressman David Joseph "Dave" Weldon
House 16T**WATCH** Was Republican Congressman Mark Foley's seat. Democratic Timothy Edward "Tim" Mahoney vs. Republican Joe Negron
House 17DDemocratic Congressman Kendrick B. Meek
House 18RRepublican Congressman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
House 19DDemocratic Congressman Robert Wexler
House 20DDemocratic Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz
House 21RRepublican Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart
House 22T**WATCH** Republican Congressman E. Clay Shaw, Jr. vs. Democratic Ron Klein
House 23DDemocratic Congressman Alcee L. Hastings
House 24RRepublican Congressman Tom Feeney
House 25RRepublican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart
Attorney GeneralR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Bill McCollum
Chief Financial OfficerR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Tom Lee
Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesRRepublican Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Charles H. "Charlie" Bronson

GovernorLRRepublican Governor Sonny Perdue
Lieutenant GovernorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Casey Cagle
House 1RRepublican Congressman John Heddens "Jack" Kingston
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Sanford Dixon Bishop, Jr.
House 3RRepublican Congressman Lynn Acton Westmoreland (currently CD 8)
House 4D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.
House 5DDemocratic Congressman John Lewis
House 6RRepublican Congressman Thomas Edmunds "Tom" Price
House 7RRepublican Congressman John Linder
House 8LDDemocratic Congressman Jame Creel "Jim" Marshall (currently CD 3)
House 9RRepublican Congressman Nathan Deal (currently CD 10)
House 10RRepublican Congressman Charles Whitlow "Charlie" Norwood (currently CD 9)
House 11RRepublican Congressman Phillip J. "Phil" Gingrey
House 12LDDemocratic Congressman John J. Barrow
House 13DDemocratic Congressman David Albert Scott
Secretary of StateR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Karen Handel
Attorney GeneralDDemocratic Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker
Comptroller General/Commissioner of InsuranceRRepublican Comptroller General/Insurance Commissioner John Weimann Oxendine
Commissioner of AgricultureDDemocratic Agriculture Commissioner Thomas T. "Tommy" Irvin
Superintendent of EducationRRepublican Education Superintendent Kathy Cox
Commissioner of LaborDDemocratic Labor Commissioner Michael L. "Mike" Thurmond

GovernorRRepublican Governor Felix P. Camacho
Delegate to the House of RepresentativesDDemocratic Territorial Delegate Madeleine Z. Bordallo

Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Daniel Kahikina Akaka
GovernorRRepublican Governor Linda Lingle
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Neil Abercrombie
House 2D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Mazie K. Hirono

GovernorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Congressman C.L. "Butch" Otter
Lieutenant GovernorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Governor James E. "Jim" Risch
House 1LR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican William T. "Bill" Sali
House 2RRepublican Congressman Michael Keith "Mike" Simpson
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State Ben Ysursa
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General Lawrence G. Wasden
TreasurerRRepublican Treasurer Ron G. Crane
ControllerR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Donna M. Jones
Superintendent of Public InstructionD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Jana L. Jones

GovernorLDDemocratic Governor Rod R. Blagojevich
Lieutenant GovernorDDemocratic Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Bobby Lee Rush
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Daniel William Lipinski
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez
House 5DDemocratic Congressman Rahm Emanuel
House 6T**NO INCUMBENT** Currently Republican. Democratic L. Tammy Duckworth vs. Republican Peter J. Roskam
House 7DDemocratic Congressman Danny K. Davis
House 8LDDemocratic Congressman Melissa Luburich Bean
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Janice D. "Jan" Schakowsky
House 10LRRepublican Congressman Mark Steven Kirk
House 11RRepublican Congressman Gerald C. "Jerry" Weller
House 12DDemocratic Congressman Jerry F. Costello
House 13RRepublican Congressman Judy Biggert
House 14RRepublican Congressman J. Dennis Hastert
House 15RRepublican Congressman Timothy V. "Tim" Johnson
House 16RRepublican Congressman Donald A. Manzullo
House 17LD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Philip G. "Phil" Hare
House 18RRepublican Congressman Ray LaHood
House 19RRepublican Congressman John M. Shimkus
Secretary of StateDDemocratic Secretary of State Jesse White
Attorney GeneralDDemocratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan
TreasurerR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Christine Radogno
ComptrollerDDemocratic Comptroller Daniel W. "Dan" Hynes

Senate 1RRepublican Senator Richard G. Lugar
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Peter J. Visclosky
House 2LD**WATCH** Possible Democratic takeover. Republican Congressman J. Christopher "Chris" Chocola vs. Democratic Joseph Simon "Joe" Donnelly
House 3LRRepublican Congressman Mark Edward Souder
House 4RRepublican Congressman Steve Buyer
House 5RRepublican Congressman Danny L. "Dan" Burton
House 6RRepublican Congressman Mike Pence
House 7LDDemocratic Congressman Julia M. Carson
House 8LD**WATCH** Republican Congressman John Nathan Hostettler vs. Democratic Brad Ellsworth
House 9T**WATCH** Leans slightly Democratic. Republican Congressman Michael E. "Mike" Sodrel vs. Democratic Baron P. Hill
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State Todd Rokita
TreasurerR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Richard E. Mourdock
AuditorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Treasurer Tim Berry

GovernorT**NO INCUMBENT** Currently Democratic. Democratic Secretary of State Chester "Chet" Culver vs. Republican Congressman Jim Nussle
House 1LD**NO INCUMBENT** Currently Republican. Democratic Bruce L. Braley
House 2LRRepublican Congressman James A. "Jim" Leach
House 3LDDemocratic Congressman Leonard L. Boswell
House 4RRepublican Congressman Thomas P. "Tom" Latham
House 5RRepublican Congressman Steven A. "Steve" King
Secretary of StateD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Michael A. Mauro
Attorney GeneralDDemocratic Attorney General Tom Miller
TreasurerDDemocratic Treasurer Michael L. "Mike" Fitzgerald
AuditorRRepublican Auditor David A. "Dave" Vaudt
Secretary of Agriculture and Land StewardshipD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Denise O'Brien

GovernorDDemocratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius
House 1RRepublican Congressman Jerry Moran
House 2RRepublican Congressman Jim R. Ryun
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Dennis Moore
House 4RRepublican Congressman Todd W. Tiahrt
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh
Attorney GeneralLD**WATCH** Republican Attorney General Phill Kline vs. Democratic Paul J. Morrison
TreasurerRRepublican Treasurer Lynn Jenkins
Commissioner of InsuranceRRepublican Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger

House 1RRepublican Congressman Edward "Ed" Whitfield
House 2LRRepublican Congressman Ron Lewis
House 3LRRepublican Congressman Anne Meagher Northup
House 4T**WATCH** Leans slightly Republican. Republican Congressman Geoffrey C. "Geoff" Davis vs. Democratic Kenneth Ray "Ken" Lucas
House 5RRepublican Congressman Harold D. "Hal" Rogers
House 6DDemocratic Congressman A.B. "Ben" Chandler, III

House 1RRepublican Congressman Piyush "Bobby" Jindal
House 2D**WATCH** Democratic Congressman William Jennings "Bill" Jefferson or Democratic Karen R. Carter
House 3LDDemocratic Congressman "Charlie" Melancon, Jr.
House 4RRepublican Congressman James Otis "Jim" McCrery, III
House 5RRepublican Congressman Rodney Alexander
House 6RRepublican Congressman Richard Hugh Baker
House 7RRepublican Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr.
Secretary of StateR**NO INCUMBENT** Party change: Republican "Jay" Dardenne

Senate 1RRepublican Senator Olympia J. Snowe
GovernorLDDemocratic Governor John Elias Baldacci
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Thomas H. Allen
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Michael H. Michaud

Senate 1LD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Congressman Benjamin L. "Ben" Cardin
GovernorT**WATCH** Republican Governor Robert L. "Bob" Ehrlich, Jr. vs. Democratic Martin O'Malley
House 1RRepublican Congressman Wayne T. Gilchrest
House 2DDemocratic Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger
House 3D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic John Peter Spyros Sarbanes
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Albert R. Wynn
House 5DDemocratic Congressman Steny Hamilton Hoyer
House 6RRepublican Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett, Jr.
House 7DDemocratic Congressman Elijah E. Cummings
House 8DDemocratic Congressman Christopher "Chris" Van Hollen, Jr.
Attorney GeneralD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Douglas F. "Doug" Gansler
ComptrollerD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Peter Franchot

Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy
GovernorLD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Pickup - Democratic Deval L. Patrick
House 1DDemocratic Congressman John W. Olver
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Richard E. Neal
House 3DDemocratic Congressman James P. McGovern
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Barney Frank
House 5DDemocratic Congressman Martin T. "Marty" Meehan
House 6DDemocratic Congressman John F. Tierney
House 7DDemocratic Congressman Edward J. "Ed" Markey
House 8DDemocratic Congressman Michael E. Capuano
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Stephen F. Lynch
House 10DDemocratic Congressman William D. "Bill" Delahunt
Secretary of the CommonwealthDDemocratic Secretary of the Commonwealth William Francis "Bill" Galvin
Attorney GeneralD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Martha Coakley
Treasurer and Receiver-GeneralDDemocratic Treasurer and Receiver-General Timothy P. "Tim" Cahill
AuditorDDemocratic Auditor A. Joseph "Joe" DeNucci

Senate 1LDDemocratic Senator Debbie Stabenow
GovernorTDemocratic Governor Jennifer M. Granholm vs. Republican Dick DeVos
Lieutenant GovernorDDemocratic Lieutenant Governor John D. Cherry, Jr.
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Bart Stupak
House 2RRepublican Congressman Peter Hoekstra
House 3RRepublican Congressman Vernon J. Ehlers
House 4RRepublican Congressman David Lee "Dave" Camp
House 5DDemocratic Congressman Dale E. Kildee
House 6RRepublican Congressman Frederick Stephen "Fred" Upton
House 7R**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Timothy L. "Tim" Walberg
House 8RRepublican Congressman Michael J. "Mike" Rogers
House 9RRepublican Congressman Joseph K. "Joe" Knollenberg
House 10RRepublican Congressman Candice S. Miller
House 11RRepublican Congressman Thaddeus G. McCotter
House 12DDemocratic Congressman Sander M. "Sandy" Levin
House 13DDemocratic Congressman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick
House 14DDemocratic Congressman John Conyers, Jr.
House 15DDemocratic Congressman John D. Dingell
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General Mike Cox

Senate 1LD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic-Farmer Labor Amy Klobuchar
GovernorTRepublican Governor Tim Pawlenty vs. Democratic-Farmer Labor Attorney General Mike Hatch
House 1LRRepublican Congressman Gilbert W. "Gil" Gutknecht, Jr.
House 2RRepublican Congressman John P. Kline
House 3RRepublican Congressman Jim Ramstad
House 4DDemocratic-Farmer Labor Congressman Betty McCollum
House 5D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic-Farmer Labor Keith Maurice Ellison
House 6T**NO INCUMBENT** Currently Republican. Democratic-Farmer Labor Patty Wetterling vs. Republican Michele M. Bachmann
House 7DDemocratic-Farmer Labor Congressman Collin C. Peterson
House 8DDemocratic-Farmer Labor Congressman James L. "Jim" Oberstar
Secretary of StateTNo polling data - Republican Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer vs. Democratic-Farmer Labor Mark Ritchie
Attorney GeneralD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic-Farmer Labor Lori Swanson
AuditorRRepublican Auditor Patricia "Pat" Anderson

Senate 1RRepublican Senator Trent Lott
House 1RRepublican Congressman Roger F. Wicker
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Bennie G. Thompson
House 3RRepublican Congressman Charles W. "Chip" Pickering, Jr.
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Gene Taylor

Senate 1TRepublican Senator James Matthes "Jim" Talent vs. Democratic Auditor Claire C. McCaskill
House 1DDemocratic Congressman William Lacy Clay, Jr.
House 2RRepublican Congressman William Todd Akin
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Russ Carnahan
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Ike Skelton
House 5DDemocratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II
House 6RRepublican Congressman Samuel B. "Sam" Graves, Jr.
House 7RRepublican Congressman Roy Blunt
House 8RRepublican Congressman Jo Ann Emerson
House 9RRepublican Congressman Kenny Charles Hulshof
AuditorD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Susan Montee

Senate 1LD**WATCH** Possible party switch - Republican Senator Conrad Burns vs. Democratic Jon Tester
HouseRRepublican Congressman Dennis R. "Denny" Rehberg

Senate 1LDDemocratic Senator E. Benjamin "Ben" Nelson
GovernorRRepublican Governor Dave Heineman
House 1LRRepublican Congressman Jeffrey Lane "Jeff" Fortenberry
House 2RRepublican Congressman Lee Terry
House 3R**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Adrian M. Smith
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State John A. Gale
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General Jon Bruning
TreasurerR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Shane Osborn
Auditor of Public AccountsDDemocratic Auditor of Public Accounts Kate Witek

Senate 1RRepublican Senator John Eric Ensign
GovernorLR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Congressman James Arthur "Jim" Gibbons vs. Democratic Dina Titus
Lieutenant GovernorD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Pickup. Democratic Robert "Bob" Unger
House 1DDemocratic takeover - Democratic Congressman Shelley Berkley
House 2LR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Secretary of State Dean Heller
House 3LRAlmost a tossup - Republican Congressman Jon C. Porter, Sr. vs. Democratic Tessa Michelle Hafen
Secretary of StateR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Danny Tarkanian
Attorney GeneralR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Don Chairez
TreasurerR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Mark DeStefano
ControllerTNo polling data. Republican Controller Steve Martin vs. Democratic Kim Wallin

New Hampshire
GovernorDDemocratic Governor John Lynch
House 1LRRepublican Congressman Joseph E. "Jeb" Bradley, III
House 2TRepublican Congressman Charles F. Bass vs. Democratic Paul W. Hodes

New Jersey
Senate 1TLeans slightly Democratic - Democratic Senator Robert "Bob" Menendez vs. Republican Thomas H. Kean, Jr.
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Robert E. Andrews
House 2RRepublican Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo
House 3RRepublican Congressman H. J. "Jim" Saxton
House 4RRepublican Congressman Christopher H. "Chris" Smith
House 5RRepublican Congressman Ernest Scott "Scott" Garrett
House 6DDemocratic Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.
House 7LRRepublican Congressman Mike Ferguson
House 8DDemocratic Congressman William J. "Bill" Pascrell, Jr.
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Steven R. Rothman
House 10DDemocratic Congressman Donald M. Payne
House 11RRepublican Congressman Rodney P. Frelinghuysen
House 12DDemocratic Congressman Rush Holt
House 13, term beginning January 2007D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Albio Sires
House 13, term November 2006 through January 2007D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Albio Sires

New Mexico
Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Jesse F. "Jeff" Bingaman, Jr.
GovernorDDemocratic Governor William B. "Bill" Richardson
House 1TRepublican Congressman Heather A. Wilson vs. Democratic Attorney General Patricia A. "Patsy" Madrid
House 2RRepublican Congressman Steve Pearce
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Tom Udall
Secretary of StateD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Mary E. Herrera
Attorney GeneralD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Gary K. King
TreasurerD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic James B. Lewis
AuditorD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Hector H. Balderas
Commissioner of Public LandsRRepublican Public Lands Commissioner Patrick H. "Pat" Lyons

New York
Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
GovernorD**NO INCUMBENT** Was Republican. Democratic Attorney General Eliot L. Spitzer
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Timothy H. "Tim" Bishop
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Steve J. Israel
House 3LRRepublican Congressman Peter T. King
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Carolyn McCarthy
House 5DDemocratic Congressman Gary L. Ackerman
House 6DDemocratic Congressman Gregory Weldon Meeks
House 7DDemocratic Congressman Joseph Crowley
House 8DDemocratic Congressman Jerrold Lewis "Jerry" Nadler
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Anthony D. Weiner
House 10DDemocratic Congressman Edolphus "Ed" Towns
House 11D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Yvette D. Clarke
House 12DDemocratic Congressman Nydia M. Velazquez
House 13RRepublican Congressman Vito J. Fossella
House 14DDemocratic Congressman Carolyn B. Maloney
House 15DDemocratic Congressman Charles B. Rangel
House 16DDemocratic Congressman José E. Serrano
House 17DDemocratic Congressman Eliot L. Engel
House 18DDemocratic Congressman Nita M. Lowey
House 19LRRepublican Congressman Sue W. Kelly
House 20LR**WATCH** Republican Congressman John E. Sweeney vs. Democratic Kirsten E. Gillibrand
House 21DDemocratic Congressman Michael R. McNulty
House 22DDemocratic Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey
House 23RRepublican Congressman John M. McHugh
House 24LD**NO INCUMBENT** Currently Republican. Democratic Michael Angelo "Mike" Arcuri vs. Republican Raymond A. "Ray" Meier
House 25LRRepublican Congressman James T. Walsh
House 26TCurrently Republican. Leans slightly Democratic. Republican Congressman Thomas M. "Tom" Reynolds vs. Democratic John R. "Jack" Davis, Jr.
House 27DDemocratic Congressman Brian M. Higgins
House 28DDemocratic Congressman Louise McIntosh Slaughter
House 29LRNearly a tossup. Republican Congressman John R. "Randy" Kuhl, Jr. vs. Democratic Eric J. Massa
Attorney GeneralD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Andrew M. Cuomo
ComptrollerDDemocratic Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi

North Carolina
House 1DDemocratic Congressman G. K. Butterfield
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Bob Etheridge
House 3RRepublican Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr.
House 4DDemocratic Congressman David E. Price
House 5RRepublican Congressman Virginia Foxx
House 6RRepublican Congressman John Howard "Howard" Coble
House 7DDemocratic Congressman Mike McIntyre
House 8LRRepublican Congressman Robert Cannon "Robin" Hayes
House 9RRepublican Congressman Sue Myrick
House 10RRepublican Congressman Patrick T. McHenry
House 11TLeans slightly Democratic. Republican Congressman Charles H. Taylor vs. Democratic Joseph Heath "Heath" Shuler
House 12DDemocratic Congressman Melvin L. "Mel" Watt
House 13DDemocratic Congressman Ralph Bradley "Brad" Miller

North Dakota
Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Kent Conrad
HouseDDemocratic Congressman Earl Ralph Pomeroy
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State Alvin A. "Al" Jaeger
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem
Commissioner of AgricultureDDemocratic Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson
Tax CommissionerRRepublican Tax Commissioner Cory Fong
Public Service Commissioner 2TNo polling information. Republican Public Service Commissioner Tony Clark

Senate 1LD**WATCH** Currently Republican, likely to switch parties. Republican Senator Richard Michael "Mike" DeWine vs. Democratic Congressman Sherrod Brown
GovernorLD**NO INCUMBENT** Currently Republican, likely to switch parties. Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland
House 1TRepublican Congressman Steven J. "Steve" Chabot vs. Democratic John J. Cranley, IV
House 2LRRepublican Congressman Jeannette H. "Jean" Schmidt
House 3RRepublican Congressman Michael R. "Mike" Turner
House 4R**NO INCUMBENT** Republican James D. "Jim" Jordan
House 5RRepublican Congressman Paul E. Gillmor
House 6LD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Charles A. "Charlie" Wilson, Jr.
House 7RRepublican Congressman David Lee "Dave" Hobson
House 8RRepublican Congressman John A. Boehner
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Marcy Kaptur
House 10DDemocratic Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich
House 11DDemocratic Congressman Stephanie Tubbs Jones
House 12LRRepublican Congressman Patrick J. "Pat" Tiberi
House 13LD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Betty Sue Sutton
House 14RRepublican Congressman Steven C. LaTourette
House 15TCurrently Republican. Republican Congressman Deborah D. Pryce vs. Democratic Mary Jo Kilroy
House 16RRepublican Congressman Ralph S. Regula
House 17DDemocratic Congressman Timothy J. Ryan
House 18LD**NO INCUMBENT** Currently Republican. Democratic Zachary T. "Zach" Space vs. Republican Joy Padgett
Secretary of StateT**NO INCUMBENT** No polling data. Currently Republican. Democratic Jennifer L. Brunner
Attorney GeneralT**NO INCUMBENT** No polling data. Currently Republican. Democratic Marc Dann
TreasurerT**NO INCUMBENT** No polling data. Currently Republican. Democratic Richard Cordray
AuditorT**NO INCUMBENT** No polling data. Currently Republican. Democratic Barbara Sykes

GovernorLDDemocratic Governor Brad Henry
Lieutenant GovernorD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Jari Askins
House 1RRepublican Congressman John Sullivan
House 2DDemocratic Congressman David Daniel "Dan" Boren
House 3RRepublican Congressman Frank D. Lucas
House 4RRepublican Congressman Tom Cole
House 5R**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Lieutenant Governor Mary C. Fallin
Attorney GeneralDDemocratic Attorney General Edward "Drew" Edmondson
TreasurerDDemocratic Treasurer Scott Meacham
Auditor and InspectorDDemocratic Auditor and Inspector Jeff A. McMahan
Commissioner of LaborRRepublican Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau
Insurance CommissionerLR**WATCH** Currently Democratic, likely to switch parties. Democratic Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland vs. Republican Bill Case
Superintendent of Public InstructionDDemocratic Public Instruction Superintendent Sandy Garrett
Corporation Commissioner 2RRepublican Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony

GovernorLDDemocratic Governor Theodore R. "Ted" Kulongoski
House 1DDemocratic Congressman David Wu
House 2RRepublican Congressman Gregory Paul "Greg" Walden
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Peter A. "Pete" DeFazio
House 5LDDemocratic Congressman Darlene Hooley

Senate 1LD**WATCH** Likely to switch parties. Republican Senator Richard J. "Rick" Santorum vs. Democratic Treasurer Robert P. "Bob" Casey, Jr.
GovernorLDDemocratic Governor Edward G. "Ed" Rendell
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Robert A. Brady
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Chaka Fattah
House 3RRepublican Congressman Philip S. "Phil" English
House 4LRRepublican Congressman Melissa A. Hart
House 5RRepublican Congressman John E. Peterson
House 6TCurrently Republican. Leans slightly Democratic. Republican Congressman Jim Gerlach vs. Democratic Lois Murphy
House 7LD**WATCH** Possible Democratic pickup. Republican Congressman W. Curtis "Curt" Weldon vs. Democratic Joseph A. "Joe" Sestak, Jr.
House 8TCurrently Republican. Leans slightly Republican. Republican Congressman Michael G. "Mike" Fitzpatrick vs. Democratic Patrick J. Murphy
House 9RRepublican Congressman William F. "Bill" Shuster
House 10LD**WATCH** Currently Republican. Republican Congressman Donald L. "Don" Sherwood vs. Democratic Christopher P. "Chris" Carney
House 11DDemocratic Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski
House 12DDemocratic Congressman John P. Murtha
House 13DDemocratic Congressman Allyson Y. Schwartz
House 14DDemocratic Congressman Mike Doyle
House 15RRepublican Congressman Charles W. "Charlie" Dent
House 16RRepublican Congressman Joseph R. "Joe" Pitts
House 17DDemocratic Congressman T. Timothy "Tim" Holden
House 18RRepublican Congressman Tim Murphy
House 19RRepublican Congressman Todd R. Platts

Rhode Island
Senate 1TLeans slightly Democratic. Republican Senator Lincoln D. Chafee vs. Democratic Sheldon Whitehouse, II
GovernorLR**WATCH** Republican Governor Donald L. Carcieri vs. Democratic Lieutenant Governor Charles J. "Charlie" Fogarty
Lieutenant GovernorD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Elizabeth H. Roberts
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy
House 2DDemocratic Congressman James R. Langevin
Secretary of StateD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic A. Ralph Mollis
Attorney GeneralDDemocratic Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch
General TreasurerD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Frank T. Caprio

South Carolina
GovernorLRRepublican Governor Marshall C. "Mark" Sanford, Jr.
Lieutenant GovernorLD**WATCH** Republican Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer vs. Democratic Robert Barber
House 1RRepublican Congressman Henry E. Brown, Jr.
House 2RRepublican Congressman Addison Graves "Joe" Wilson
House 3RRepublican Congressman James Gresham "Gresham" Barrett
House 4RRepublican Congressman Bob Inglis
House 5LDDemocratic Congressman John M. Spratt, Jr.
House 6DDemocratic Congressman James E. "Jim" Clyburn
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State Mark Hammond
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General Henry McMaster
TreasurerDDemocratic Treasurer Grady L. Patterson, Jr.
Comptroller GeneralRRepublican Comptroller General Richard A. Eckstrom
Adjutant GeneralRRepublican Adjutant General Stanhope S. "Stan" Spears
Commissioner of AgricultureLD**WATCH** Republican Interim Agriculture Commissioner Hugh E. Weathers vs. Democratic Emile DeFelice
Superintendent of EducationT**NO INCUMBENT** Possible Republican pickup. Republican Karen Floyd vs. Democratic Jim Rex

South Dakota
GovernorRRepublican Governor Mike Rounds
HouseLDDemocratic Congressman Stephanie M. Herseth
Secretary of StateRRepublican Secretary of State Chris Nelson
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General Larry Long
TreasurerRRepublican Treasurer Vern L. Larson
AuditorRRepublican Auditor Rich Sattgast
Commissioner of School and Public LandsDDemocratic School and Public Lands Commissioner Bryce Healy

Senate 1T**NO INCUMBENT** Currently Republican. Leans slightly Republican. Republican Robert P. "Bob" Corker, Jr. vs. Democratic Congressman Harold E. Ford, Jr.
GovernorDDemocratic Governor Phil Bredesen
House 1R**NO INCUMBENT** Republican David Davis
House 2RRepublican Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.
House 3RRepublican Congressman Zach Wamp
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Lincoln Edward Davis
House 5DDemocratic Congressman James H. "Jim" Cooper
House 6DDemocratic Congressman Barton Jennings "Bart" Gordon
House 7RRepublican Congressman Marsha Blackburn
House 8DDemocratic Congressman John S. Tanner
House 9D**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic state Senator Stephen Ira "Steve" Cohen

Senate 1RRepublican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
GovernorRRepublican Governor Rick Perry
Lieutenant GovernorRRepublican Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst
House 1RRepublican Congressman Louis B. "Louie" Gohmert
House 2RRepublican Congressman Lloyd "Ted" Poe
House 3RRepublican Congressman Samuel Robert "Sam" Johnson
House 4RRepublican Congressman Ralph Moody Hall
House 5RRepublican Congressman Jeb Hensarling
House 6RRepublican Congressman Joe L. Barton
House 7RRepublican Congressman John Culberson
House 8RRepublican Congressman Kevin Patrick Brady
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Alexander "Al" Green
House 10RRepublican Congressman Michael T. McCaul
House 11RRepublican Congressman K. Michael "Mike" Conaway
House 12RRepublican Congressman Kay N. Granger
House 13RRepublican Congressman Mac Thornberry
House 14RRepublican Congressman Ronald E. "Ron" Paul
House 15DDemocratic Congressman Rubén E. Hinojosa
House 16DDemocratic Congressman Silvestre Reyes
House 17LDDemocratic Congressman Chet Edwards
House 18DDemocratic Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee
House 19RRepublican Congressman Randy Neugebauer
House 20DDemocratic Congressman Charles A. Gonzalez
House 21RRepublican Congressman Lamar Smith
House 22, term beginning January 2007LD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic former Congressman Nicholas V. "Nick" Lampson
House 22, term November 2006 through January 2007R**WATCH** Republican Shelley Sekula-Gibbs
House 23LRRepublican Congressman Henry Bonilla
House 24RRepublican Congressman Kenny Ewell Marchant
House 25DDemocratic Congressman Lloyd A. Doggett
House 26RRepublican Congressman Michael C. Burgess
House 27DDemocratic Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz
House 28DDemocratic Congressman Henry R. Cuellar
House 29DDemocratic Congressman Raymond E. "Gene" Green
House 30DDemocratic Congressman Eddie Bernice Johnson
House 31RRepublican Congressman John R. Carter
House 32RRepublican Congressman Pete Sessions
Attorney GeneralRRepublican Attorney General Greg Abbott
Comptroller of Public AccountsR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs
Commissioner of AgricultureR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Todd Staples
Commissioner of General Land OfficeRRepublican General Land Office Commissioner Jerry Patterson
Railroad Commissioner 2RRepublican Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones

Senate 1RRepublican Senator Orrin G. Hatch
House 1RRepublican Congressman Robert William "Rob" Bishop
House 2DDemocratic Congressman James David "Jim" Matheson
House 3RRepublican Congressman Christopher B. "Chris" Cannon

Senate 1I**NO INCUMBENT** Independent Congressman Bernard "Bernie" Sanders
GovernorLRRepublican Governor James H. "Jim" Douglas
Lieutenant GovernorRRepublican Lieutenant Governor Brian E. Dubie
HouseLD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic Peter F. Welch
Secretary of StateDDemocratic/Republican Secretary of State Deborah L. "Deb" Markowitz
Attorney GeneralDDemocratic Attorney General William H. "Bill" Sorrell
TreasurerDDemocratic/Republican Treasurer Jeb Spaulding
Auditor of AccountsTNo polling data. Democratic Thomas M. Salmon vs. Republican Auditor of Accounts Randolph D. "Randy" Brock

Virgin Islands
GovernorD**NO INCUMBENT** Democratic John deJongh, Jr.
Delegate to the House of RepresentativesDDemocratic Territorial Delegate Donna M. Christensen

Senate 1TLeans slightly Republican. Republican Senator George F. Allen vs. Democratic James H. "Jim" Webb, Jr.
House 1RRepublican Congressman Jo Ann S. Davis
House 2TRepublican Congressman Thelma Day Drake vs. Democratic Philip Jefferson "Phil" Kellam
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott
House 4RRepublican Congressman J. Randy Forbes
House 5RRepublican Congressman Virgil H. Goode, Jr.
House 6RRepublican Congressman Robert W. "Bob" Goodlatte
House 7RRepublican Congressman Eric I. Cantor
House 8DDemocratic Congressman James P. "Jim" Moran, Jr.
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Fredrick C. "Rick" Boucher
House 10LRRepublican Congressman Frank R. Wolf
House 11RRepublican Congressman Thomas M. "Tom" Davis, III

Senate 1LDDemocratic Senator Maria Cantwell
House 1DDemocratic Congressman Jay R. Inslee
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Rick R. Larsen
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Brian N. Baird
House 4RRepublican Congressman Doc Hastings
House 5LRRepublican Congressman Cathy Ann McMorris
House 6DDemocratic Congressman Norm D. Dicks
House 7DDemocratic Congressman James A. "Jim" McDermott
House 8TRepublican Congressman Dave Reichert vs. Democratic Darcy Burner
House 9DDemocratic Congressman Adam Smith

West Virginia
Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Robert C. Byrd
House 1LDDemocratic Congressman Alan B. Mollohan
House 2RRepublican Congressman Shelley Moore Capito
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Nick Joe Rahall, II

Senate 1DDemocratic Senator Herbert H. "Herb" Kohl
GovernorLD**WATCH** Almost a toss up. Democratic Governor Jim Doyle vs. Republican Congressman Mark Green
Lieutenant GovernorDDemocratic Lieutenant Governor Barbara C. Lawton
House 1RRepublican Congressman Paul D. Ryan
House 2DDemocratic Congressman Tammy Baldwin
House 3DDemocratic Congressman Ron Kind
House 4DDemocratic Congressman Gwendolynne "Gwen" Moore
House 5RRepublican Congressman F. James "Jim" Sensenbrenner, Jr.
House 6RRepublican Congressman Thomas E. "Tom" Petri
House 7DDemocratic Congressman David R. Obey
House 8T**NO INCUMBENT** Leans slighly Republican. Republican John G. Gard vs. Democratic Steven Leslie "Steve" Kagen
Secretary of StateDDemocratic Secretary of State Douglas "Doug" LaFollette
Attorney GeneralLR**NO INCUMBENT** Possible Republican pickup. Republican J.B. Van Hollen vs. Democratic Kathleen M. Falk
TreasurerRRepublican Treasurer Jack C. Voight

Senate 1RRepublican Senator Craig L. Thomas
GovernorDDemocratic Governor Dave Freudenthal
HouseLRRepublican Congressman Barbara L. Cubin
Secretary of StateR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Auditor Max Maxfield
TreasurerR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Secretary of State Joseph B. "Joe" Meyer
AuditorR**NO INCUMBENT** Republican Rita Meyer
Superintendent of Public InstructionRRepublican Public Instruction Superintendent Jim McBride

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