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The Green Papers: 2016 General Election
Copyright Duly Appointed Presidential Electors
Vote: Monday 19 December 2016
During the Year 2016
'Each political Party or Independent presidential candidate nominates Electors in each State or equivalent'
Appointment of Electors: Well before the General Election in Presidential Election years, Elector-candidates are nominated (for these do not become actual "Electors" unless and until the presidential/vice-presidential ticket to whom they are "pledged" actually wins the Popular Vote in their jurisdiction through the results of voting in that General Election) by either Political Parties or by the listing of slates of such potential Electors for an Independent (or "Third Party") candidate on a petition for ballot access in a State (or the District of Columbia). It is commonest practice for such Elector-candidates (who, at least in the case of the Major Parties, almost always are Party insiders for whom being so nominated is an honor bestowed because of their loyal service to the Party) to be nominated for the position of Presidential Elector at the same time as, or at least in coordination with, the State (or D.C.)'s final determination of those who are to be at-large delegates to the Party's National Convention being held in the Summer of the Presidential Election year (though this is not always the case): thus, most such Elector-candidates are actually chosen even before the Parties have formally nominated their presidential/vice-presidential ticket contesting the General Election at said National Convention. Elector-candidates, however, can only be constitutionally "appointed" (that is, actually become) Electors as a result of the voting in that General Election.

Tuesday 8 November 2016
''The voters go to the polls and Electors are "appointed" as a result of the Popular Vote for President in each State or equivalent'
General Election: The voters in each State (& D.C.) "appoint" (based on their respective choices from among the presidential/vice-presidential tickets on the ballot in their State) slates of Electors to serve in the so-called "Electoral College" ('so-called' because the 538 Electors never ever meet all together in one place as the term "Electoral College" might imply) based on the law in each State (& D.C.). 48 States and the District of Columbia "appoint" their Electors on a winner-take-all basis (that is, the presidential/vice-presidential ticket with the plurality of the Statewide vote [= most votes from the State] is intended to get all that jurisdiction's Electors). In each of the two remaining States, Maine and Nebraska, the presidential/vice-presidential ticket that receives the plurality of the vote in each Congressional District is intended to get the vote of the 1 "district" Elector from that CD, while the presidential/vice-presidential ticket receiving the most votes Statewide is intended to get the votes of 2 "at-large" Electors from the State.
(Apparent electoral vote -- 270 needed to be elected.)
Trump: 306
Clinton: 232
Other: 0

Monday 19 December 2016
''The Electors meet in each State [and the District of Columbia] and formally cast their Electoral Votes'
Place and Time of Meeting of Electors: The Electors meet within their respective States or D.C. (again, there is no all-up meeting of the entire "Electoral College"-- each such Elector meeting is, in effect, one of 51 separate meetings of 51 different "Electoral College"s [one for each of the 50 States plus D.C.]), with each Elector in attendance casting 1 "Electoral Vote" for, separately, President and Vice President of the United States. No provision of the U.S. Constitution or Federal law requires Electors to vote in accordance with the Popular Vote in their respective jurisdictions from which they have been "appointed" in the General Election; however, State law or State Party rules (where these are authorized by State law to do so) might (or, for that matter, might not!) require that State's Electors to cast their Electoral Votes for the presidential/vice-presidential candidate to which they have been "pledged" via the results of the Popular Vote in that State cast during the General Election. The Electors record their votes on six Certificates of Vote and six Certificates of Ascertainment (three Certificates of each type for each of the two high Offices for whom the Electors are voting) and then sign, seal, and certify each set. One set for each high Office is sent to the President of the Senate (currently Vice President Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr.), while two sets for each high Office are sent to the Archivist. The Federal Register preserves one archival set for each high Office and holds the other set aside, subject to the possible call of the President of the Senate (again, in the case of the 2016 Election, Vice President Biden) to replace potentially missing or incomplete Electoral Vote certifications among other sets of Certificates.
Tally of electors from Certificates of Ascertainment
Trump: 306
Clinton: 232
Other: 0
51 of 51 Jurisdictions reporting
Tally of electors from Certificates of Vote
Trump: 304
Clinton: 227
Other: 7
51 of 51 Jurisdictions reporting
THE "FAITHLESS ELECTORS" - Presidential Electors who have defected in the past

Friday 6 January 2017
'The Electoral Votes are counted and tabulated before a Joint Session of Congress, after which it is officially declared who has been elected President and Vice President'
The so-called "Tabulation Joint Session of Congress": Congress meets in Joint Session (that is, Senate and House meeting together as a single body in the House of Representatives chamber in the U.S. Capitol) to formally count and tabulate the Electoral Votes with the President of the Senate (once more, re: the 2016 Election, Vice President Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr.) as the presiding officer of this so-called "Tabulation Joint Session". If at least one Senator and at least one House member jointly submit an objection to the counting of the Electoral Vote of any State (or D.C.), each House is required to immediately retire to its respective chamber to consider such an objection separately. If a State submits conflicting sets of Electoral Votes to Congress, the same procedure is utilized (the two houses immediately adjourn to their respective chambers to deal with the issue). If both houses, considering such an issue separately, happen to concur in the result (that is, they both agree as to whether or not a State's Electoral Vote should be counted and tabulated or they agree as to which set of conflicting Electoral Votes to count and tabulate), they return to Joint Session, count and tabulate the Electoral Votes they have thereby accepted and then continue with and complete the counting and tabulation of any remaining Electoral Votes (unless, of course, there should be another such objection raised re: another State); if, on the other hand, the two houses do not concur in the result, the votes of those Electors certified by the Governor of the State (or Mayor of Washington, D.C.) in question must be counted and tabulated as the Electoral Vote from that State (or D.C.), without exception, once the Joint Session is resumed. A candidate for President or Vice President must achieve a majority of the Electoral Vote (270 out of the total 538) in order to be declared elected by the President of the Senate (Vice-President Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr. in this case) at the conclusion of the Tabulation Joint Session. In the absence of such a majority, the House (voting by State and not as individuals [a majority of States (26 of 51) being required]) selects the President, while the Senate (voting as individuals and not by State [a majority of Senators (51 of 100) being required]) selects the Vice President.
Final Electoral Vote for President (270 needed to be elected)
for DONALD J. TRUMP of New York: 304 votes
for HILLARY R. CLINTON of New York: 227 votes
for COLIN POWELL of Virginia: 3 votes
for JOHN KASICH of Ohio: 1 vote
for RON PAUL of Texas: 1 vote
for BERNIE SANDERS of Vermont: 1 vote
for FAITH SPOTTED EAGLE of South Dakota: 1 vote
Final Electoral Vote for Vice President (270 needed to be elected)
for MICHAEL R. PENCE of Indiana: 305 votes
for TIMOTHY M. KAINE of Virginia: 227 votes
for ELIZABETH WARREN of Massachusetts: 2 votes
for MARIA CANTWELL of Washington: 1 vote
for SUSAN COLLINS of Maine: 1 vote
for CARLY FIORINA of Virginia: 1 vote
for WINONA LaDUKE of Minnesota: 1 vote

Reference: NARA | Federal Register | U.S. Electoral College

Find a preliminary list of electors at and .

Alabama   9 Electors.
1TrumpFrank Burt, Jr.
2TrumpWill Sellers
3TrumpJames Eldon Wilson
4TrumpTim Wadsworth
5TrumpJ. Elbert Peters
6TrumpMary Sue McClurkin
7TrumpRobert A. Cusanelli
8TrumpPerry O. Hooper, Jr.
9TrumpGrady H. Thornton

Alaska   3 Electors.
1TrumpSean R. Parnell
2TrumpJacqueline F. Tupou
3TrumpCarolyn B. Leman

Arizona   11 Electors.
1TrumpBruce Ash
2TrumpWalter Begay
3TrumpSharon Giese
4TrumpRobert Graham
5TrumpAlberto Gutier
6TrumpJerry Hayden
7TrumpCarole Joyce
8TrumpJane Pierpoint Lynch
9TrumpJ. Foster Morgan
10TrumpJames O'Connor
11TrumpEdward Robson

Arkansas   6 Electors.
1TrumpJonelle Fulmer
2TrumpJonathan Barnett
3TrumpKeith Gibson
4TrumpSharon R. Wright
5TrumpTommy Land
6TrumpJohn Nabholz

California   55 Electors.
1ClintonDustin R. Reed
2ClintonJohn M. Ryan
3ClintonFaith A. Garamendi
4ClintonKathleen R. Scott
5ClintonTimothy J. Farley
6ClintonAnalea J. Patterson
7ClintonJanine V. Bera
8ClintonDenise B. Wells
9ClintonMark W. Headley
10ClintonSusan Eggman
11ClintonJames A. Donahue
12ClintonChristine P. Pelosi
13ClintonSaundra G. Andrews
14ClintonMark A. Olbert
15ClintonDonna M. Ireland
16ClintonSteven D. Diebert
17ClintonSteve J. Spinner
18ClintonCeline G. Purcell
19ClintonJavier Gonzalez
20ClintonVinzenz J. Koller
21ClintonAna A. Huerta
22ClintonStephen J. Natoli
23ClintonAndres Ramos
24ClintonGail R. Teton-Landis
25ClintonNatalie P. Fortman
26ClintonShawn E. Terris
27ClintonDavid S. Warmuth
28ClintonLaurence S. Zakson
29ClintonTristian Brown
30ClintonSheldon Malchicoff
31ClintonHillary Crosby
32ClintonBenjamin Cardenas
33ClintonEdward Buck
34ClintonOlivia A. Reyes-Becerra
35ClintonRobert S. Torres
36ClintonPriscilla G. Richardson
37ClintonGwen Moore
38ClintonJacki M. Cisneros
39ClintonJohn P. MacMurray
40ClintonMarie S. Torres
41ClintonJane C. Block
42ClintonAndrew R. Krakoff
43ClintonEric C. Heins
44ClintonDorothy N. Vann
45ClintonSandra M. Aduna
46ClintonGregory H. Willenborg
47ClintonCarmen O. Perez
48ClintonUnique Wilson
49ClintonFrancine P. Busby
50ClintonPatrick E. Drinan
51ClintonChristine T. Kehoe
52ClintonKatherine A. Lyon
53ClintonShirley N. Weber
54ClintonEileen Feinstein Mariano
55ClintonLaphonza R. Butler

Colorado   9 Electors. The COLORADO Elector, Michael Baca, who attempted to vote for John Kasich instead of Clinton was replaced by Celeste Landry.
1ClintonTerry Phillips
2ClintonMary Beth Corsentino
3ClintonJerad V. Sutton
4ClintonRobert Nemanich
5ClintonAmy Noell Drayer
6ClintonAnn Knollman
7ClintonRollie Heath
8ClintonPolly Baca
9ClintonCeleste Landry

Connecticut   7 Electors.
1ClintonBarbara Gordon
2ClintonEllen Nurse
3ClintonEdward Piazza
4ClintonTyisha Walker
5ClintonChristopher Rosario
6ClintonRobert Godfrey
7ClintonSteven Jones

Delaware   3 Electors.
1ClintonMargaret Lynn Fuller
2ClintonLydia York
3ClintonLinda Cavanaugh

District of Columbia   3 Electors.
1ClintonAnita Bonds
2ClintonJack Evans
3ClintonFranklin Garcia

Florida   29 Electors.
1TrumpAdrian "Bo" Rivard
2TrumpLarry Ahern
3TrumpBrian Ballard
4TrumpKristy Banks
5TrumpMichael Barnett
6TrumpLizbeth Benacquisto
7TrumpRobin Bernstein
8TrumpPam Bondi
9TrumpJohn Browning
10TrumpSharon Day
11TrumpDena DeCamp
12TrumpNick DiCeglie
13TrumpJeremy Evans
14TrumpJohn Falconetti
15TrumpPeter Feaman
16TrumpKat Gates-Skipper
17TrumpJoe Gruters
18TrumpDebbie Hannifan
19TrumpBlaise Ingoglia
20TrumpTony Ledbetter
21TrumpMike Moberley
22TrumpSusan Moore
23TrumpJoe Negron
24TrumpClint Pate
25TrumpRay Rodrigues
26TrumpCarlos Trujillo
27TrumpRobert Watkins
28TrumpSusie Wiles
29TrumpChristian Ziegler

Georgia   16 Electors.
1TrumpBruce Azevedo
2TrumpBrian Burdette
3TrumpLott Dill
4TrumpJohn Elliott
5TrumpJames Evans
6TrumpBobbie Frantz
7TrumpLinda Herren
8TrumpRachel Blackstone Little
9TrumpDeborah McCord
10TrumpMichael McNeely
11TrumpMary Padgett
12TrumpNeil Pruitt
13TrumpKirk Shook
14TrumpFrank Strickland
15TrumpJohn White
16TrumpJohn Padgett

Hawaii   4 Electors. David Mulinix voted for Senator Bernie Sanders (instead of Hillary Clinton) and Elizabeth Warren (instead of Tim Kaine).
1ClintonJohn Bickel
2ClintonJanice Bond
3ClintonMarie "Dolly" Strazar
4Bernie SandersDavid Mulinix

Idaho   4 Electors.
1TrumpJennifer Locke
2TrumpC.A. "Skip" Smyser
3TrumpRob Beck
4TrumpCaleb Lakey

Illinois   20 Electors.
1ClintonToni Preckwinkle
2ClintonPatrick Daley Thompson
3ClintonSilvana Tabares
4ClintonJesus G. "Chuy" Garcia
5ClintonPam Cullerton
6ClintonNancy Shepardson
7ClintonVera Davis
8ClintonWilliam Marovitz
9ClintonBarbara Flynn Currie
10ClintonWilliam Brandt, Jr.
11ClintonMichelle Mussman
12ClintonLauren Beth Gash
13ClintonKevin Duffy Blackburn
14ClintonJerry Costello
15ClintonCarol Ammons
16ClintonMark Guethle
17ClintonFlint Taylor
18ClintonJohn Nelson
19ClintonDon Johnston
20ClintonShirley McCombs

Indiana   11 Electors.
1TrumpStephanie Beckley
2TrumpKevin M. Steen
3TrumpKelly M. Mitchell
4TrumpDaniel W. Bortner
5TrumpLaura D. Campbell
6TrumpJeffrey L. Cardwell
7TrumpDonald L. Hayes
8TrumpRandall Kirkpatrick
9TrumpEdwin J. Simcox
10TrumpEthan E. Manning
11TrumpCharles Williams

Iowa   6 Electors.
1TrumpJames Whitmer
2TrumpDon Kass
3TrumpDylan Keller
4TrumpAlan Braun
5TrumpKurt Brown
6TrumpPolly Granzow

Kansas   6 Electors.
1TrumpAshley McMillan Hutchinson
2TrumpHelen Van Etten
3TrumpMark Kahrs
4TrumpRon Estes
5TrumpClayton L. Barker
6TrumpKelly Arnold

Kentucky   8 Electors.
1TrumpJim Skaggs
2TrumpDave Disponett
3TrumpRobert M. Duncan
4TrumpMichael Carter
5TrumpScott J. Lasley
6TrumpWalter S. Reichert, Sr.
7TrumpMary D. Singleton
8TrumpTroy M. Sheldon

Louisiana   8 Electors.
1TrumpChristopher David Trahan
2TrumpLloyd A. Harsch
3TrumpCharles L "Charlie" Buckels, Jr.
4TrumpLouis R. Avallone
5TrumpKay Kellogg Katz
6TrumpLennie H. Rhys
7TrumpGarrett C. Monti
8TrumpSteven Scott Wilfong

Maine   4 Electors. The MAINE Elector who attempted to vote for Sanders instead of Clinton (but was ruled Out of Order and the voted for Clinton on a second ballot occasioned by this) was David Bright.
1ClintonDiane Denk (CD 1)
2ClintonDavid Bright (At-Large)
3ClintonBetty Johnson (At-Large)
4TrumpRichard Bennett (CD 2)

Maryland   10 Electors.
1ClintonLesley Israel
2ClintonRobert Leonard
3ClintonLillian Norris-Holmes
4ClintonSalome Peters
5ClintonHagner Mister
6ClintonClaudia Martin
7ClintonCourtney Watson
8ClintonKaren Britto
9ClintonSusan Ness
10ClintonWayne Rogers

Massachusetts   11 Electors.
1ClintonNazda Alam
2ClintonMaryGail Cokkinias
3ClintonMarie A. Turley
4ClintonDori Dean
5ClintonDonna S. Smith
6ClintonCheryl Cumings
7ClintonMarc R. Pacheco
8ClintonCurtis LeMay
9ClintonJason Palitsch
10ClintonPaul G. Yorkis
11ClintonParwez Wahid

Michigan   16 Electors.
1TrumpJohn Haggard
2TrumpJack Holmes
3TrumpKelly Mitchell
4TrumpJudy Rapanos
5TrumpHenry Hatter
6TrumpRobert Weitt
7TrumpWyckham Seelig
8TrumpRoss Ensign
9TrumpMichael Banerian
10TrumpBrian Fairbrother
11TrumpKen Crider
12TrumpMary Vaughan
13TrumpJim Rhoades
14TrumpWilliam Rauwerdink
15TrumpHank Fuhs
16TrumpJoseph Guzman

Minnesota   10 Electors. The MINNESOTA Elector, Muhammad Abdurrahman, who attempted to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton was replaced by Jill Garcia.
1ClintonFred Knudson
2ClintonRoger Gehrke
3ClintonMarge Hoffa
4ClintonRaymond Hess
5ClintonJill Garcia
6ClintonBetsy O'Berry
7ClintonMike Wammer
8ClintonMary Murphy
9ClintonJules Goldstein
10ClintonSherrie Pugh

Mississippi   6 Electors.
1TrumpPatricia Ann Hebert
2TrumpJoe F. Sanderson
3TrumpCharles Evers
4TrumpJ. Kelley Williams
5TrumpWilliam G. Yates, Jr.
6TrumpWirt A. Yerger, Jr.

Missouri   10 Electors.
1TrumpTim Dreste
2TrumpJanice Perdue DeWeese
3TrumpHector Maldonado
4TrumpSherry Kuttenkuler
5TrumpCasey Crawford
6TrumpCindy O'Laughlin
7TrumpCherry Warren
8TrumpScott R. Clark
9TrumpAl Rotskoff
10TrumpSarah B. Miller

Montana   3 Electors.
1TrumpThelma Baker
2TrumpVondene Kopetski
3TrumpBetty Stockton

Nebraska   5 Electors.
1TrumpPhil Berlin (CD 2)
2TrumpJohn Dinkel (CD 1)
3TrumpChuck Conrad (At-Large)
4TrumpCraig Safranek (CD 3)
5TrumpPaul Burger (At-Large)

Nevada   6 Electors.
1ClintonDayananda Prabhu Rachakonda
2ClintonLarry Jackson
3ClintonJoetta Brown
4ClintonPaul Catha, II
5ClintonGreg Gardella
6ClintonTeresa Benitez-Thompson

New Hampshire   4 Electors.
1ClintonBeverly Hollingworth
2ClintonTerie Norelli
3ClintonCarol Shea-Porter
4ClintonDudley Dudley

New Jersey   14 Electors.
1ClintonAlaa R. Abdelaziz
2ClintonTahsina Ahmed
3ClintonAnthony Cureton
4ClintonLizette Delgado-Polanco
5ClintonEdward Farmer
6ClintonChristopher D. James
7ClintonLeroy J. Jones, Jr
8ClintonRetha R. Onitiri
9ClintonMarlene Prieto
10ClintonRonald G. Rios
11ClintonHetty M. Rosenstein
12ClintonKelly Stewart Maer
13ClintonMary Ann Wardlow
14ClintonHeriberta Loretta Winters

New Mexico   5 Electors.
1ClintonLorraine Spradling
2ClintonEdward Paul Torres
3ClintonNoyola Archibeque
4ClintonJohn Padilla
5ClintonRoxanne Allen

New York   29 Electors.
1ClintonWilliam J. Clinton
2ClintonAndrew M. Cuomo
3ClintonKathy C. Hochul
4ClintonThomas P. DiNapoli
5ClintonTheresia Schwartz
6ClintonCarl E. Heastie
7ClintonAndrea Stewart-Cousins
8ClintonBill de Blasio
9ClintonLetitia A. James
10ClintonScott M. Stringer
11ClintonMelissa Mark-Viverito
12ClintonByron W. Brown
13ClintonChristine C. Quinn
14ClintonBasil A. Smikle, Jr.
15ClintonMelissa Sklarz
16ClintonMario F. Cilento
17ClintonRhonda Weingarten
18ClintonErin Stevens
19ClintonMeredith Shepherd
20ClintonStuart H. Appelbaum
21ClintonGary S. LaBarbera
22ClintonLovely A. Warren
23ClintonStephanie A. Miner
24ClintonKatherine M. Sheehan
25ClintonAnastasia M. Somoza
26ClintonEve Guillergan
27ClintonRuben Diaz, Jr.
28ClintonHazel L. Ingram
29ClintonRachel D. Gold

North Carolina   15 Electors.
1TrumpLinda Ruth Lamm Harper
2TrumpCharles C. Staley
3TrumpKaren deJong Kozel
4TrumpMartha Williams Jenkins
5TrumpCeleste Cox Stanley
6TrumpDonald Matthew Webb
7TrumpRobert Muller
8TrumpJennifer Anne Dunbar
9TrumpAndrea Shannon Arterburn
10TrumpGlenn Pinckney, Sr.
11TrumpMark T. Delk
12TrumpDavid Speight
13TrumpAnn S. Sullivan
14TrumpLee Bossen Green
15TrumpDavid Glenn Smudski

North Dakota   3 Electors.
1TrumpDuane O. Mutch
2TrumpJohn M. Olson
3TrumpBeverly Clayburgh

Ohio   18 Electors.
1TrumpAlex Triantafilou
2TrumpMary Anne Christie
3TrumpCory Schottenstein
4TrumpJim Dicke, II
5TrumpCheryl Blakely
6TrumpMarilyn Ashcraft
7TrumpRobert Scott
8TrumpRichard Jones
9TrumpTom Coyne
10TrumpJudy Westbrock
11TrumpRalph King
12TrumpLeonard Hubert
13TrumpRobert Paduchik
14TrumpJames Wert
15TrumpBrian Schottenstein
16TrumpCurt Braden
17TrumpLeeAnn Johnson
18TrumpEd Crawford

Oklahoma   7 Electors.
1TrumpDavid Oldham
2TrumpTeresa Lyn Turner
3TrumpMark Thomas
4TrumpBobby Cleveland
5TrumpLauree Elizabeth Marshall
6TrumpCharlie W. Potts
7TrumpGeorge W. Wiland, Jr.

Oregon   7 Electors.
1ClintonFrank J. Dixon
2ClintonKaren Packer
3ClintonAustin Folnagy
4ClintonLeon H. Coleman
5ClintonHarry W. "Sam" Sappington
6ClintonTimothy Norman Powers Rowan
7ClintonLaura Gillpatrick

Pennsylvania   20 Electors.
1TrumpRobert Asher
2TrumpMary Barket
3TrumpRobert Bozzuto
4TrumpTheodore Christian
5TrumpMichael Downing
6TrumpMargaret Ferraro
7TrumpRobert Gleason
8TrumpChristopher Gleason
9TrumpJoyce Haas
10TrumpAsh Khare
11TrumpJames McErlane
12TrumpElstina Pickett
13TrumpPatricia Poprik
14TrumpAndrew Reilly
15TrumpCarol Sides
16TrumpGlora "Lee" Snover
17TrumpRichard Stewart
18TrumpLawrence Tabas
19TrumpChristine Toretti
20TrumpCarolyn "Bunny" Welsh

Rhode Island   4 Electors.
1ClintonHerbert Clayborne Pell
2ClintonGrace Diaz
3ClintonL. Susan Weiner
4ClintonFrank J. Montanaro

South Carolina   9 Electors.
1TrumpGlenn A. McCall
2TrumpDonald Matthew Moore
3TrumpTerry Hardesty
4TrumpJim S. Ulmer, Jr.
5TrumpBrenda M. Bedenbaugh
6TrumpWilliam E. Conley
7TrumpShery Smith
8TrumpMoye Graham
9TrumpJerry Hal Rovner

South Dakota   3 Electors.
1TrumpDennis Daugaard
2TrumpPamela S. Roberts
3TrumpMarty Jackley

Tennessee   11 Electors.
1TrumpJoey Jacobs
2TrumpBeth Scott Clayton Amos
3TrumpJason Mumpower
4TrumpSusan Mills
5TrumpLiz Holiway
6TrumpLynne Davis
7TrumpTom Lawless
8TrumpMike Callahan
9TrumpPatricia Allen
10TrumpShannon Haynes
11TrumpDrew Daniel

Texas   38 Electors. Chris Suprun of TEXAS, voted for Ohio Governor John Kasich (Republican) instead of Donald Trump and for Carly Fiorina instead of Mike Pence. TEXAS Elector William Greene voted for Ron Paul (instead of Donald Trump).
1TrumpMarty Rhymes
2TrumpThomas Moon
3TrumpCarol Sewell
4TrumpJohn Harper
5TrumpSherrill Lenz
6TrumpNicholas Ciggelakis
7TrumpWilliam Hickman
8TrumpLandon Estay
9TrumpRex Lamb
10TrumpRosemary Edwards
11TrumpMatt Stringer
12TrumpDebra Coffey
13TrumpBenona Love
14TrumpSherry Clark
15TrumpSandra A. Cararas
16TrumpDavid Thackston
17TrumpRobert Bruce
18TrumpMarjorie Martha Forster
19TrumpScott Mann
20TrumpMarian Stanko
21TrumpCurtis Nelson
22TrumpTina Gibson
23TrumpKendell Muenzler
24TrumpAlexander H. Kim
25TrumpVirginia Able
26TrumpJohn Dillard
27TrumpThomas Knight
28TrumpMarian Knowlton
29TrumpRex Teter
30Ohio Governor John Kasich (Republican)Stephen Suprun, Jr.
31TrumpJon Jewett
32TrumpSusan Fischer
33TrumpLoren Byers
34Ron PaulWilliam Lawrence Greene
35TrumpMary Lou Erben
36TrumpJanis Holt
37TrumpCandace Noble
38TrumpFred Farias

Utah   6 Electors.
1TrumpPeter Greathouse
2TrumpJeremy Jenkins
3TrumpKris Kimball
4TrumpCherilyn Eagar
5TrumpChia-Chi Teng
6TrumpRichard Snelgrove

Vermont   3 Electors.
1ClintonPeter Shumlin
2ClintonMartha W. Allen
3ClintonTimothy Jerman

Virginia   13 Electors.
1ClintonK. James O'Connor, Jr.
2ClintonVivian J. Paige
3ClintonLashrecse D. Aird
4ClintonBethany J. Rowland
5ClintonJasper L. Hendricks, III
6ClintonDebra Stevens Fitzgerald
7ClintonJames Harold Allen Boyd
8ClintonVirginia L. Peters
9ClintonJeanette C. Sarver
10ClintonKathy Stewart Shupe
11ClintonKeith A. Scarborough
12ClintonSusan Johnson Rowland
13ClintonTerry C. Frye

Washington   12 Electors. Robert Satiacum of WASHINGTON voted for Faith Spotted Eagle (instead of Hillary Clinton) and Winona LaDuke (instead of Tim Kaine). Peter Bret Chiafalo voted for Colin Powell (instead of Hillary Clinton) and Elizabeth Warren (instead of Tim Kaine). Levi Guerra voted for Colin Powell (instead of Hillary Clinton) and Maria Cantwell (instead of Tim Kaine). Esther John voted for Colin Powell (instead of Hillary Clinton) and Susan Collins (instead of Tim Kaine).
1ClintonVarisha Khan
2Colin PowellPeter Chiafolo
3ClintonRyleigh Ivey
4Colin PowellLevi Guerra
5ClintonPhillip Tyler
6ClintonJulie Johnson
7ClintonChris Porter
8ClintonDan Carpita
9Colin PowellEsther John
10ClintonEric Herde
11Faith Spotted EagleRobert Satiacum
12ClintonElizabeth Caldwell

West Virginia   5 Electors.
1TrumpRon Foster
2TrumpPatrick Morrisey
3TrumpAnn Urling
4TrumpMac Warner
5TrumpWilliam "Bill" Cole

Wisconsin   10 Electors.
1TrumpSteve King
2TrumpMary Buestrin
3TrumpKim Travis
4TrumpKim Babler
5TrumpBrian Westrate
6TrumpBrad Courtney
7TrumpKathy Kiernan
8TrumpDan Feyen
9TrumpKevin Hermening
10TrumpBill Berglund

Wyoming   3 Electors.
1TrumpKarl T. Allred
2TrumpBonnie Marie Foster
3TrumpTeresa L. Richards


  • Donald J. Trump elected President: 304
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton: 227
  • former Secretary of State Colin Powell: 3
  • Ohio Governor John Kasich: 1
  • former Texas Congressman Ron Paul: 1
  • Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders: 1
  • Native American Indian activist Faith Spotted Eagle: 1

270 (a majority of the 538 total) being necessary to elect.


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