The Green Papers
The Green Papers
Appointment of the 2024 Electors
for President and Vice President
of the United States

Place and Time of Meeting on December 17, 2024
May Electors Defect?
THE "FAITHLESS SEVEN" - Presidential Electors who have defected in the past

This information is subject to updating and/or changes for 2024.

"Each State shall appoint, in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors..."
(U.S. Constitution: Article II, Section 1, clause 2)

STATEchosen bycitationon General Election
ballot as
Pledged by statute to support winning ticket?
ALABAMAPolitical Party organizationAla. Code 17-19-2(c)unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
ALASKAPolitical Party organizationAk. Statutes 15.30.020unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
ARIZONAPolitical Party primary electionAriz. Rev. Statutes 16-344named slate (at-large)No
ARKANSASPolitical Party state conventionArk. Code 7-8-302(1)unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
CALIFORNIAPolitical Party per statuteCalif. Elections Code 7100, 7300unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
COLORADOPolitical Party state conventionColo. Rev. Statutes 1-4-302unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
CONNECTICUTPolitical Party state conventionConn. Gen. Statutes 9-175unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAPolitical Party central committeeD.C. Code 1-1312(d)unnamed slate (at-large)Yes (oath or affirmation required when chosen)
DELAWAREPolitical Party state conventionDel. Code 15:3301unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
FLORIDAPolitical Party central committeeFla. Statutes 103.021unnamed slate (at-large)No
GEORGIAPolitical Party organizationGa. Official Code 21-2-130unnamed slate (at-large)No
HAWAIIPolitical Party state conventionHi. Rev. Statutes 14-21unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
IDAHOPolitical Party state conventionIda. Code 34-707named slate (at-large)No
ILLINOISPolitical Party state conventionIll. Compiled Statutes 10-5/21-1(a)unnamed slate (at-large)No
INDIANAPolitical Party state conventionInd. Code 3-8-4-2unnamed slate (at-large)No
IOWAPolitical Party central committeeCode of Ia. 54.5
unnamed slate (at-large)
KANSASPolitical Party central committeeKan. Statutes 25-804unnamed slate (at-large)No
KENTUCKYPolitical Party state conventionKy. Rev. Statutes 118.325unnamed slate (at-large)No
LOUISIANAPolitical Party organizationLa. Rev. Statutes 18:1253[A]named slate (at-large)No
MAINEPolitical Party state conventionMe. Rev. Statutes T.21-A; 321.2[C]unnamed (1 per congressional district/ 2 at-large)Yes
MARYLANDPolitical Party organizationCode of Md.: Art.33(Elec.Code), 8-503unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
MASSACHUSETTSPolitical Party central committeeMass. Gen. Laws c. 53, 8unnamed slate (at-large)No
MICHIGANPolitical Party state conventionMich. Compiled Laws 168.42unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
MINNESOTAPolitical Party state conventionMinn. Statutes 208.03unnamed slate (at-large)No
MISSISSIPPIPolitical Party state convention (nomination) / primary election (choice)Miss. Code 23-15-771unnamed slate (at-large)No
MISSOURIPolitical Party central committeeMo. Rev. Statutes 115.399unnamed slate (at-large)No
MONTANAPolitical Party organizationMont. Code 13-25-101unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
NEBRASKAPolitical Party state conventionNeb. Rev. Statutes 32-710unnamed (1 per congressional district/ 2 at-large slate)No
NEVADAPolitical Party state conventionNev. Rev. Statutes 298.020unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
NEW HAMPSHIREPolitical Party state conventionN.H. Rev. Statutes c. 655, 54unnamed slate (at-large)No
NEW JERSEYPolitical Party state convention or central committee (conflicting statutes)N.J. Rev. Statutes 19:13-2 conflicts with 19:13-15unnamed slate (at-large)No
NEW MEXICOPolitical Party state conventionN.M. Statutes 1-15-3unnamed slate (at-large)Yes (failure to do so: subject to criminal prosecution)
NEW YORKPolitical Party central committeeN.Y. Election Law 6-102unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
NORTH CAROLINAPolitical Party state conventionGen. Statutes of N.C. 163-1unnamed slate (at-large)Yes (failure to do so: subject to fine)
NORTH DAKOTAPolitical Party state conventionN.D. Century Code 16.1-03-14named slate (at-large)No
OHIOPolitical Party state conventionOhio Rev. Code 3513.11unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
OKLAHOMAPolitical Party state conventionOkla. Statutes 26-10-101named slate (at-large)Yes (oath required: violation subject to fine)
OREGONPolitical Party organizationOre. Rev. Statutes 248.355unnamed slate (at-large)Yes (must sign pledge upon being chosen)
PENNSYLVANIAPolitical Party presidential nomineePa. Consolidated Statutes 25*2878unnamed slate (at-large)No
RHODE ISLANDPolitical Party state conventionGen. Laws of R.I. 17-12-13named slate (at-large)No
SOUTH CAROLINAPolitical Party central committeeCode of Laws of S.C. 7-9-90unnamed slate (at-large)Yes (declaration of intent required: violators subject to criminal prosecution)
SOUTH DAKOTAPolitical Party state conventionS.D. Codified Laws 12-5-21named slate (at-large)No
TENNESSEEPolitical Party organizationTenn. Code 2-13-203named individuallyYes (but 'free agent' if either- or both- candidates on winning ticket are deceased at the time Electors meet)
TEXASPolitical Party organizationTex. Election Code 192.003unnamed slate (at-large)No
UTAHPolitical Party organizationUtah Code 20A-13-301unnamed slate (at-large)Yes (failure to do so: automatic resignation of Elector and replacement by vote of remaining Electors)
VERMONTPolitical Party state conventionVt. Statutes 17-2319, 17-2721unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
VIRGINIAPolitical Party state conventionCode of Va. 24.2-508unnamed slate (at-large)Yes
WASHINGTONPolitical Party organizationRev. Code of Wash. 29.71.020unnamed slate (at-large)Yes (failure to do so: subject to fine)
WEST VIRGINIAPolitical Party state conventionW.Va. Code 3-5-21unnamed slate (at-large)No
WISCONSINPolitical Party state legislative candidates and state officersWis. Statutes 8.18unnamed slate (at-large)Yes (unless candidate is deceased)
WYOMINGPolitical Party state conventionWyo. Statutes 22-19-102unnamed slate (at-large)Yes

chosen by


on General Election ballot as

Pledged by statute to support winning ticket?

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