The Green Papers: General Election 2004
Copyright 2004 Governor's Chairs
by State

This is a list of the current Governors' chairs, the incumbents occupying them, and the candidacy status of said incumbents. Chairs up for election in the year 2004 are marked as such.

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Washington  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2000, 2004. Term Limit: None
Partisan Composition: 1 Democrat

Chair up for election   Democrat   Governor Gary Locke
First elected: 1996; re-elected: 2000.
Chair up for election: Tuesday 2 November 2004
Open Chair - 21 July 2003: Governor Locke announced that he will not seek re-election in 2004.
 ** Open Chair (no incumbent) **
 Manual Recount from an official source.
Machine Recount from an official source.
On Thursday 30 December 2004 the Secretary of State certified the manual recount results showing that Democrat Christine Gregoire won Governor's election by 129 votes out of 2,810,058. Mr. Rossi is considering contesting these results. History: Friday 3 December 2004- the Democrats officially challenged the certified machine recount Republican Dino Rossi won by 42 votes out of 2,808,342. Monday 6 December- Secretary of State Sam Reed issues a hand recount order. 23 December- the state Supreme Court rules that King County recount is to include 573 mistakenly rejected ballots and 162 misplaced ballots in the manual recount.
Manual Recount: (30 December 2004): Democrat Christine Gregoire: 1,373,361; Republican Dino Rossi: 1,373,232; Libertarian Ruth Bennett: 63,465.
Machine Recount (24 November 2004): Republican Dino Rossi: 1,372,484; Democrat Christine Gregoire: 1,372,442; Libertarian Ruth Bennett: 63,415.
Original Count: Republican Dino Rossi: 1,371,414; Democrat Christine Gregoire: 1,371,153; Libertarian Ruth Bennett: 63,346.
Total 2,810,058 100.00%  

West Virginia  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2000, 2004. Term Limit: 2 consecutive 4-year terms
Partisan Composition: 1 Democrat

Chair up for election   Democrat   Governor Robert E. Wise, Jr.
First elected: 2000.
Chair up for election: Tuesday 2 November 2004
The current Governor is unaffected by the State's term limit.
Open Chair - 12 August 2003: Governor Wise announced that he is not a candidate for re-election in 2004 (issue with marital infidelity).
 ** Open Chair (no incumbent) **
Total 744,433 100.00%  


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