The Green Papers: Off Year Election 2003
Copyright 2003 Governor's Chairs
by State

This is a list of the current Governors' seats, the incumbents occupying them, and the candidacy status of said incumbents. Chairs up for election in the year 2003 are marked as such.

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California  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2002, 2006. Term Limit: 2 4-year terms
Partisan Composition: 1 Republican
Governor Candidate Write-In . (Alphabetical list of 28 certified write-in candidates and their alternative names)
DONNIE ADLEN (Democrat); THOMAS "TOM" BENIGNO (Independent); HARRY WILLIAM BRAUN (Democrat); CHRISTY CASSEL (Independent); R. CHARLIE CHADWICK [aka: R. Charlie Chadwick, Charlie Chadwick, Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Chadwich, Chad, R. Charley Chadwick, Charley Chadwick, Charley Chaplin, Charley Chadwich, R. Charles Chadwick, Charles Chadwick, Charles Chaplin, Charles Chadwich, R. Chuck Chadwick, Chuck Chadwick, Chuck Chaplin, Chuck Chadwich, Go-Chad] (Independent); SHIRLEY COLY (Independent); PAULINE COOPER (Democrat); JANE H. DAWSON (Democrat); JASON ALAN GASTRICH (Republican); ROBERT D. GIBB [aka: Bob Gibb, Robert Gibb] (Democrat); YANCEY HAWKINS [aka: Yancy Hawkins, Y.H., Yancey, Yancy, Hawkins, Hawk] (Independent); CHARLES J. HENNEGAN (Republican); JACQUES-ANDRE ISTEL [aka: JAI] (Republican); MONTY MANIBOG (Democrat); CHRISTIAN F. MEISTER [aka: Master, Miester, Myster, Chris, Chris Master, Chris Miester, Chris Myster, Christian Master, Christian Miester, Christian Myster] (Democrat); VINCENT PALLAVER (Independent); LINCOLN PICKARD (Democrat); RUTH ANSON SOWBY (Republican); MATHILDA KAREL SPAK (Independent); RONALD W. SPANGLER (Independent); BILL THILL (Democrat); LYNDA L. TOTH (Democrat); JIM "POORMAN" TRENTON [aka: Poorman, Poor Man, James Trenton, Jim Trenton, Poorman Trenton, The Poorman, The Poor Man, James "Poorman" Trenton] (Republican); PAUL WALTON (Independent); DONALD P. WANG [aka: Donald Wang, Don Wang, D. Wang, D.P. Wang, Wang, The Wang, Wangster] (Republican); WIGNES K. WARREN (Democrat); JURLENE JEANNE KOKOA WHITE [aka: Jurlene Jeanne White, Jurlene J. Kokoa White, Jeri-Kokoa White, Jeri White, Kokoa White, Coco White, Jeanne White, Jean White] (Democrat); JOEL WIRTH (Republican).

Kentucky  4 year term, Election Cycle: 1999, 2003. Term Limit: 2 consecutive 4-year terms
Partisan Composition: 1 Democrat
Governor Candidate Write-In Stacy C. Abner
Lt. Governor: Harvey Carroll, Jr.
Governor Candidate Write-In Jeffrey Loren Hillebrandt
Lt. Governor: Margarita Nancy Hillebrandt


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