The Green Papers: Off Year Election 2003
Copyright 2003 Governor's Chairs
by State

This is a list of the current Governors' seats, the incumbents occupying them, and the candidacy status of said incumbents. Chairs up for election in the year 2003 are marked as such.

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Governor Links

California  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2002, 2006. Term Limit: 2 4-year terms
Partisan Composition: 1 Republican
Governor Candidate American Independent Diane Beal Templin
San Diego County. Attorney/Realtor/Businesswoman.
Governor Candidate Democrat Vik S. Bajwa
Sonoma County. Businessman/Father/Entrepreneur.
Governor Candidate Democrat Audie Elizabeth Bock
Alameda County. California State Assemblywoman District 16 1999-2000 (Green Party). Educator/Small Businesswoman.
Governor Candidate Democrat Art Brown
Los Angeles County. Film Writer/Director.
Governor Candidate Democrat Cruz M. Bustamante
Sacramento County. Mr. Bustamante is currently Lt. Governor.
Governor Candidate Democrat Robert Cullenbine
Santa Clara County. Anti-recall candidate. Retired Businessman.
Governor Candidate Democrat Bob Lynn Edwards
Alameda County. Attorney.
Governor Candidate Democrat Warren Farrell
San Diego County. Anti-recall candidate. Fathers' Issues Author
Governor Candidate Democrat Dan Feinstein
San Francisco County
Governor Candidate Democrat Larry Flynt
Los Angeles County. Hustler magazine publisher.
Governor Candidate Democrat Lorraine "Abner Zurd" Fontanes
Los Angeles County. Film maker.
Governor Candidate Democrat Diana Foss
Anti-recall candidate, Santa Clara County
Governor Candidate Democrat Gerold Lee Gorman
Contra Costa County. Engineer.
Governor Candidate Democrat James Henry Green
San Francisco County. Firefighter Paramedic/Nurse
Governor Candidate Democrat Garrett Gruener
Alameda County. High-tech Entreprenuer
Governor Candidate Democrat Joe Guzzardi
San Joaquin County. Teacher/Journalist
Governor Candidate Democrat Ralph A. Hernandez
Contra Costa County. District Attorney Inspector.
Governor Candidate Democrat Edward Thomas "Ed" Kennedy
Trinity County. Businessman/Educator.
Governor Candidate Democrat David E. Kessinger
Riverside County. Paralegal/Property Manager
Governor Candidate Democrat Kelly P. Kimball
Los Angeles County. Business Executive.
Governor Candidate Democrat Eric Korevaar
San Diego County. Anti-recall candidate. Scientist/Businessman.
Governor Candidate Democrat Dick Lane
Santa Clara County. Educator.
Governor Candidate Democrat Gary Leonard
Los Angeles County. Photojournalist/Author.
Governor Candidate Democrat Calvin Y. Louie
San Francisco County. Certified Public Accountant
Governor Candidate Democrat Frank A. Macaluso, Jr.
Tulare County. Physician/Medical Doctor.
Governor Candidate Democrat Paul "Chip" Mailander
San Diego County. Golf Professional
Governor Candidate Democrat Robert C. Mannheim
Los Angeles County. Retired Businessperson.
Governor Candidate Democrat Bruce Martin Margolin
Los Angeles County. Marijuana Legalization Attorney
Governor Candidate Democrat Paul Mariano
Contra Costa County. Attorney.
Governor Candidate Democrat Scott A. Mednick
Los Angeles County. Business Executive.
Governor Candidate Democrat Jonathan D. Miller
San Mateo County. Small Business Owner.
Governor Candidate Democrat John "Jack" Mortensen
Sacramento County. Contractor/Businessman.
Governor Candidate Democrat Paul James Nave
Marin County. Businessman/Prizefighter/Father
Governor Candidate Democrat Ronald Jason Palmieri
Los Angeles County. Gay Rights Attorney.
Governor Candidate Democrat Charles Chuck Pineda, Jr.
Sacramento County. State Hearing Officer.
Governor Candidate Democrat Bill Prady
Los Angeles County. Television Writer/Producer.
Governor Candidate Democrat Daniel C. "Danny" Ramirez
Imperial County. Businessman/Entrepreneur/Father
Governor Candidate Democrat Christopher Ranken
San Mateo County. Planning Commissioner.
Governor Candidate Democrat David Laughing Horse Robinson
Kern County. Tribal Chairman.
Governor Candidate Democrat Georgina "Georgy" Russell
Santa Clara County. Software Engineer.
Governor Candidate Democrat Darrin H. Scheidle
San Diego County. Businessman/Entrepreneur.
Governor Candidate Democrat Mike Schmier
Alameda County. Attorney.
Governor Candidate Democrat Christopher Sproul
San Francisco County. Anti-recall candidate. Environmental Agency.
Governor Candidate Democrat Lawrence Steven Strauss
Los Angeles County. Lawyer/Businessperson/Student
Governor Candidate Democrat Tim Sylvester
Santa Cruz County. Anti-recall candidate. Entrepreneur.
Governor Candidate Democrat A. Lavar Taylor
Orange County. Tax Attorney.
Governor Candidate Democrat Marc Valdez
Sacramento County. Air Pollution Scientist.
Governor Candidate Democrat William B. "Bill" Vaughn
Contra Costa County. Structural Engineer.
Governor Candidate Democrat Jim Weir
Nevada County. Community College Teacher.
Governor Candidate Democrat Lingel H. Winters
Alameda County. Consumer Business Attorney.
Governor Candidate Democrat Michael J. Wozniak
Alameda County. Retired Police Officer.
Governor Candidate Green Peter Miguel Camejo
Sacramento County. Financial Investment Advisor. Green Gubernatorial candidate in 2002.
Governor Candidate Green Ivan Alexander Hall, III
Shasta County. Custom Denture Manufacturer
Governor Candidate Green Maurice Walker
Alameda County. Real Estate Appraiser.
Governor Candidate Green Daniel T. Watts
Santa Clara County. College Student.
Governor Candidate Independent Brooke Adams
Orange County. Business Executive
Governor Candidate Independent . Angelyne
Los Angeles County. Entertainer.
Governor Candidate Independent Mohammad Arif
Los Angeles County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Independent Badi Badiozammani
San Diego County. Entrepreneur/Author/Executive.
Governor Candidate Independent Joel Britton
Los Angeles County. Retired Meat Packer.
Governor Candidate Independent John Christopher Burton
Los Angeles County. Civil Rights Lawyer
Governor Candidate Independent Michael Cheli
Sonoma County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Independent Gary Coleman
Alameda County. Former child actor.
Governor Candidate Independent Mary "Mary Carey" Cook
Los Angeles County. Adult Film Actress.
Governor Withdrawn Independent Scott Winfield Davis - withdrew
Santa Clara County. Business Owner. Withdrew 20 August 2003. Mr. Davis is suspect in a 1996 Atlanta, Georgia homicide. Reference: KNBC Los Angeles News Item.
Governor Candidate Independent Ronald J. Friedman
Los Angeles County. Physician.
Governor Candidate Independent Leo Gallagher
Los Angeles County. Comedian.
Governor Candidate Independent Jack Loyd Grisham
Orange County. Musician/Laborer
Governor Candidate Independent Sara Ann Hanlon
Los Angeles County. Businesswoman.
Governor Candidate Independent C. Stephen Henderson
Monterey County. Teacher.
Governor Withdrawn Independent Arianna Huffington - withdrew
Los Angeles County. Author/Columnist/Mother. Withdrew 30 September 2003. Mrs. Huffington has urged her supporters to vote against the recall. Reference: KNBC TV Los Angeles.
Governor Candidate Independent Trek Thunder Kelly
Los Angeles County. Business Executive/Artist.
Governor Candidate Independent Jerome "Jerry" Kunzman
Contra Costa County. Chief Executive Officer
Governor Candidate Independent Todd Richard Lewis
Los Angeles County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Independent Mike P. McCarthy
San Luis Obispo County. Used Car Dealer.
Governor Candidate Independent Robert "Bob" McClain
Alameda County. Civil Engineer
Governor Candidate Independent Darryl L. Mobley
Contra Costa County. Businessman/Entrepreneur.
Governor Candidate Independent Leonard Padilla
Sacramento County. Law School President.
Governor Candidate Independent Jeff Rainforth
Sacramento County. Marketing Coordinator.
Governor Candidate Independent Kurt E. Rightmyer
Los Angeles County. Middleweight Sumo Wrestler.
Governor Candidate Independent Sharon Rushford
Santa Clara County. Businesswoman.
Governor Candidate Independent George B. Schwartzman
San Diego County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Independent Richard J. Simmons
Los Angeles County. Attorney/Businessperson.
Governor Candidate Independent B. E. Smith
Trinity County. Lecturer.
Governor Candidate Independent Patricia G. Tilley
Sacramento County. Attorney.
Governor Candidate Independent Brian Tracy
San Diego County. Businessman/Consultant.
Governor Candidate Independent Nathan Whitecloud Walton
San Diego County. Student.
Governor Candidate Libertarian Ken Hamidi
Sacramento County. State Tax Officer
Governor Candidate Libertarian John J. "Jack" Hickey
Butte County. Healthcare District Director.
Governor Candidate Libertarian Ned Fenton Roscoe
Napa County. Cigarette Retailer.
Governor Candidate Natural Law Iris Adam
Orange County. Business Analyst.
Governor Candidate Natural Law Darin Price
Humboldt County. University Chemistry Instructor.
Governor Candidate Peace and Freedom C. T. Weber
Sacramento County. Labor Official/Analyst
Governor Candidate Republican . Alex-St. James
Los Angeles County. Public Policy Strategist
Governor Candidate Republican Douglas Anderson
Ventura County. Mortgage Broker.
Governor Candidate Republican John W. Beard
Los Angeles County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican Ed Beyer
Orange County. Chief Operations Officer.
Governor Candidate Republican Vip Bhola
Los Angeles County. Attorney/Businessowner.
Governor Candidate Republican Cheryl Bly-Chester
Placer County. Businesswoman/Environmental Engineer
Governor Candidate Republican Todd Carson
Orange County. Real Estate Developer.
Governor Candidate Republican William S. "Bill" Chambers
Placer County. Railroad Switchman/Brakeman.
Governor Candidate Republican D. "Logan Darrow" Clements
Los Angeles County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican Robert A. "Butch" Dole
Santa Clara County. Small Business Owner.
Governor Candidate Republican Gene Forte
Monterey County. Executive Recruiter/Entrepreneur.
Governor Candidate Republican Richard Andrew "Rich" Gosse
Marin County. Educator.
Governor Candidate Republican Jim Hoffmann
San Joaquin County
Governor Candidate Republican S. Issa
Los Angeles County. Engineer.
Governor Candidate Republican Michael Jackson
Los Angeles County. Satellite Project Manager
Governor Candidate Republican Stephen L. Knapp
Santa Clara County. Engineer.
Governor Candidate Republican Gino Martorana
Fresno County. Restaurant Owner.
Governor Candidate Republican Tom McClintock
Ventura County. Republican State Senator.
Governor Candidate Republican Dennis Duggan McMahon
San Francisco County. Banker.
Governor Candidate Republican Mike McNeilly
Los Angeles County. Artist.
Governor Candidate Republican Carl A. Mehr
San Diego County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican Jeffrey L. Mock
Los Angeles County. Business Owner.
Governor Candidate Republican Dorene Musilli
Sonoma County. Parent/Educator/Businesswoman
Governor Candidate Republican Robert C. Newman, II
Riverside County. Psychologist/Farmer
Governor Candidate Republican Gregory J. Pawlik
Los Angeles County. Realtor/Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican Heather Peters
Los Angeles County. Mediator.
Governor Candidate Republican Bryan Quinn
Santa Clara County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican Reva Renee Renz
Orange County. Small Business Owner.
Governor Candidate Republican Daniel W. Richards
San Bernardino County. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican Kevin Richter
San Joaquin County. Information Technology Mananger.
Governor Candidate Republican Jamie Rosemary Safford
Placer County. Business Owner.
Governor Candidate Republican Donald Ronald Sams
Agoura Hills. Businessman/Producer/Writer.
Governor Elected Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger
Los Angeles County. Actor/Businessman.
Governor Withdrawn Republican Bill Simon - withdrew
Los Angeles County. Republican Gubernatorial candidate 2002. Businessman. Mr. Simon withdrew his candidacy on 23 August 2003.
Governor Candidate Republican Randall D. Sprague
Sacramento County. Discrimination Complaint Investigator.
Governor Candidate Republican William Tsangares
Los Angeles County. Businessperson.
Governor Withdrawn Republican Peter V. Ueberroth - withdrew
Withdrew 9 September 2003. Los Angeles County. Former baseball commissioner. Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican James M. Vandeventer, Jr.
Los Angeles County. Salesman/Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican Paul W. Vann
Orange County. Financial Planner.
Governor Candidate Republican Van Vo
Orange County. Radio Producer/Businessman.
Governor Candidate Republican Chuck Walker
Santa Cruz County. Business Intelligence Analyst.
Governor Candidate Republican Jon W. Zellhoefer
Tecopa. Energy Consultant/Entrepreneur.
Governor Candidate Write-In . (Alphabetical list of 28 certified write-in candidates and their alternative names)
DONNIE ADLEN (Democrat); THOMAS "TOM" BENIGNO (Independent); HARRY WILLIAM BRAUN (Democrat); CHRISTY CASSEL (Independent); R. CHARLIE CHADWICK [aka: R. Charlie Chadwick, Charlie Chadwick, Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Chadwich, Chad, R. Charley Chadwick, Charley Chadwick, Charley Chaplin, Charley Chadwich, R. Charles Chadwick, Charles Chadwick, Charles Chaplin, Charles Chadwich, R. Chuck Chadwick, Chuck Chadwick, Chuck Chaplin, Chuck Chadwich, Go-Chad] (Independent); SHIRLEY COLY (Independent); PAULINE COOPER (Democrat); JANE H. DAWSON (Democrat); JASON ALAN GASTRICH (Republican); ROBERT D. GIBB [aka: Bob Gibb, Robert Gibb] (Democrat); YANCEY HAWKINS [aka: Yancy Hawkins, Y.H., Yancey, Yancy, Hawkins, Hawk] (Independent); CHARLES J. HENNEGAN (Republican); JACQUES-ANDRE ISTEL [aka: JAI] (Republican); MONTY MANIBOG (Democrat); CHRISTIAN F. MEISTER [aka: Master, Miester, Myster, Chris, Chris Master, Chris Miester, Chris Myster, Christian Master, Christian Miester, Christian Myster] (Democrat); VINCENT PALLAVER (Independent); LINCOLN PICKARD (Democrat); RUTH ANSON SOWBY (Republican); MATHILDA KAREL SPAK (Independent); RONALD W. SPANGLER (Independent); BILL THILL (Democrat); LYNDA L. TOTH (Democrat); JIM "POORMAN" TRENTON [aka: Poorman, Poor Man, James Trenton, Jim Trenton, Poorman Trenton, The Poorman, The Poor Man, James "Poorman" Trenton] (Republican); PAUL WALTON (Independent); DONALD P. WANG [aka: Donald Wang, Don Wang, D. Wang, D.P. Wang, Wang, The Wang, Wangster] (Republican); WIGNES K. WARREN (Democrat); JURLENE JEANNE KOKOA WHITE [aka: Jurlene Jeanne White, Jurlene J. Kokoa White, Jeri-Kokoa White, Jeri White, Kokoa White, Coco White, Jeanne White, Jean White] (Democrat); JOEL WIRTH (Republican).

Indiana  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2000, 2004. Term Limit: No more than 2 4-year terms in any 3-term period
Partisan Composition: 1 Democrat
Governor Candidate Republican (Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. - pending)
10 June 2003: The former White House budget director filed papers to start raising money for a 2004 gubernatorial run.

Kentucky  4 year term, Election Cycle: 1999, 2003. Term Limit: 2 consecutive 4-year terms
Partisan Composition: 1 Democrat
Governor Candidate Democrat A.B. "Ben" Chandler
Lt. Governor: Charlie Owen
Governor Elected Republican Congressman Ernie Fletcher
Lt. Governor: Stephen B. Pence [NOTE: original candidate for Lt.Governor Hunter Bates was found by judicial order of 26 March 2003 to not have met the constitutional residency requirements to serve in this office; Pence was named the replacement candidate running with Congressman Fletcher in the 20 May 2003 Primary]
Governor Candidate Write-In Stacy C. Abner
Lt. Governor: Harvey Carroll, Jr.
Governor Candidate Write-In Jeffrey Loren Hillebrandt
Lt. Governor: Margarita Nancy Hillebrandt

Louisiana  4 year term, Election Cycle: 1999, 2003. Term Limit: 2 consecutive 4-year terms
Partisan Composition: 1 Republican
Governor Elected Democrat Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
Outgoing Lt. Governor. Received 18% of the primary vote on 4 October 2003. Advances to 15 November runoff.
Governor Candidate Republican "Bobby" Jindal
Received 33% of the primary vote on 4 October 2003. Advances to 15 November runoff.

Mississippi  4 year term, Election Cycle: 1999, 2003. Term Limit: No one can serve more than 2 4-year terms in a lifetime
Partisan Composition: 1 Democrat
Governor Candidate Constitution John Thomas Cripps
Governor Candidate Democrat Governor Ronnie Musgrove
Governor Candidate Green Sherman Lee Dillon
Governor Candidate Reform Shawn O'Hara
Governor Elected Republican Haley Barbour
Haley Barbour was the Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1993 to 1997

New Mexico  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2002, 2006. Term Limit: 2 consecutive 4-year terms
Partisan Composition: 1 Democrat
Governor Candidate No Party Affiliation (Christina M. Vahlsing - pending)
added 27 May 2003

Washington  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2000, 2004. Term Limit: None
Partisan Composition: 1 Democrat
Governor Candidate Democrat (pending)
Possible candidates: Attorney General Christine Gregoire


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