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2004 Reform Party
Reform Party endorses Ralph Nader for President

11 May 2004 Press Release

The Reform Party of the United States of America overwhelmingly voted to endorse Ralph Nader for President of the United States.

In 1992, founder and presidential candidate Ross Perot received over 19 million votes. Four years later, Ross Perot received over 8 million votes. Today, the Reform Party USA has over 1 million active supporters. For example, in November, 2003, in Mississippi, Reform Party candidate Billy Blackburn pulled over 182,000 votes.

This year, with your help, Ralph Nader can win the office of the Presidency, since over 80 out of every 100 registered voters did not vote for Democratic or Republican candidates in the 2004 Primaries.

Reform Party USA Chairman Shawn O'Hara said, "Ralph Nader has stood up for the rights of American citizens his entire life. He is a man of peace, and with the help of every citizen who did not vote in the primaries, he can win the November presidential election. Want Reform, vote Reform, and vote for endorsed Reform Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader. On the whole, every time you go to the gas pumps, and see the high gasoline prices, look at what the Democrats and Republicans have done to you. Therefore, please vote for Ralph Nader for President."

Chairman Shawn O'Hara
National Press Secretary David Weller

11 May 2004 Nomination/Endorsement session

Since Monday, May 10th, the Reform Party USA has been successfully holding their nomination/endorsement session for president via teleconference.

In addition to a line for voting members, lines are being used for the candidates, non-voting members and general public, and the press, respectively. All six candidates successfully delivered their speech Monday night, near their scheduled time slot.

Ted Weill from the Reform Party of Mississippi bowed out of the race in support for Ralph Nader. The Reform Party USA presidential candidates represented a wide range of the philosophical spectrum, from the left, the center and the right. They were:

Ted Weill, industrialist
Ralph Nader, consumer rights attorney
John Buchanan, journalist and author
Richard Green, talk show host and newspaper editor
Michael Peroutka, attorney
Joe Turner, African-American healthcare advocate and attorney

"I am very pleased with this electoral process," stated Shawn O'Hara, RPUSA National Chairman. "All six candidates did a tremendous job speaking before the RPUSA National Committee."

Press members: Tonight, Tuesday, May 11th, at 8:00pm Central Time, a presidential candidate will be selected to represent the Reform Party USA.

David Weller, National Press Secretary

The Reform Party USA can be found at

Reform Party Ballot Access

The Reform Party's endorsement gives Ralph Nader Presidential ballot access in 7 states: Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, and South Carolina.


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