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AFGHANISTANSouth and Central Asia
ALBANIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
ALGERIAthe Middle East (including North Africa)
ANDORRAWestern and Central Europe
ANGOLAsub-Saharan Africa
ANGUILLANorth America (including the West Indies)
ANTIGUA and BARBUDANorth America (including the West Indies)
ARGENTINALatin (Central and South) America
ARMENIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
ARUBANorth America (including the West Indies)
AUSTRALIAAustralasia and Oceania
AUSTRIAWestern and Central Europe
AZERBAIJANEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
the BAHAMASNorth America (including the West Indies)
BAHRAINthe Middle East (including North Africa)
BANGLADESHSouth and Central Asia
BARBADOSNorth America (including the West Indies)
BELARUSEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
BELGIUMWestern and Central Europe
BELIZELatin (Central and South) America
BENINsub-Saharan Africa
BERMUDANorth America (including the West Indies)
BHUTANSouth and Central Asia
BOLIVIALatin (Central and South) America
BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
the BOSNIAN FEDERATIONEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
BOTSWANAsub-Saharan Africa
BRAZILLatin (Central and South) America
BRUNEI [DARUSSALAM]East Asia (the Far East)
BULGARIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
BURKINA [FASO]sub-Saharan Africa
BURUNDIsub-Saharan Africa
CAMBODIAEast Asia (the Far East)
CAMEROONsub-Saharan Africa
CANADANorth America (including the West Indies)
CABO VERDE [CAPE VERDE]sub-Saharan Africa
the CAYMAN ISLANDSNorth America (including the West Indies)
CHADsub-Saharan Africa
CHILELatin (Central and South) America
Mainland ("Communist") CHINA [People's Republic]East Asia (the Far East)
"Nationalist" CHINA [aka"TAIWAN"]East Asia (the Far East)
COLOMBIALatin (Central and South) America
the COMOROSsub-Saharan Africa
CONGO [Democratic Republic]sub-Saharan Africa
CONGO [Republic]sub-Saharan Africa
the COOK ISLANDSAustralasia and Oceania
COSTA RICALatin (Central and South) America
CÔTE d'IVOIRE [the IVORY COAST]sub-Saharan Africa
CROATIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
CUBANorth America (including the West Indies)
CYPRUS properEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
Northern CYPRUSEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
CZECHIA [the CZECH REPUBLIC]Western and Central Europe
DENMARKWestern and Central Europe
DJIBOUTIsub-Saharan Africa
DOMINICANorth America (including the West Indies)
the DOMINICAN REPUBLICNorth America (including the West Indies)
ECUADORLatin (Central and South) America
EGYPTthe Middle East (including North Africa)
EL SALVADORLatin (Central and South) America
ERITREAsub-Saharan Africa
ESTONIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
ETHIOPIAsub-Saharan Africa
the FALKLANDSLatin (Central and South) America
the FAROESWestern and Central Europe
FIJIAustralasia and Oceania
FINLANDEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
FRANCEWestern and Central Europe
FRENCH GUIANALatin (Central and South) America
FRENCH POLYNESIAAustralasia and Oceania
GABONsub-Saharan Africa
[THE] GAMBIAsub-Saharan Africa
GEORGIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
GERMANYWestern and Central Europe
GHANAsub-Saharan Africa
GIBRALTARWestern and Central Europe
GREECEEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
North America (including the West Indies)
GRENADANorth America (including the West Indies)
GUADELOUPENorth America (including the West Indies)
GUAMAustralasia and Oceania
GUATEMALALatin (Central and South) America
GUERNSEYWestern and Central Europe
GUINEAsub-Saharan Africa
GUINEA-BISSAUsub-Saharan Africa
GUYANALatin (Central and South) America
HAITINorth America (including the West Indies)
HONDURASLatin (Central and South) America
East Asia (the Far East)
HUNGARYEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
ICELANDWestern and Central Europe
INDIASouth and Central Asia
INDONESIAEast Asia (the Far East)
IRANSouth and Central Asia
IRAQthe Middle East (including North Africa)
IRELANDWestern and Central Europe
ISRAELthe Middle East (including North Africa)
ITALYWestern and Central Europe
JAMAICANorth America (including the West Indies)
JAPANEast Asia (the Far East)
JERSEYWestern and Central Europe
JORDANthe Middle East (including North Africa)
KAZAKHSTANSouth and Central Asia
KENYAsub-Saharan Africa
KIRIBATIAustralasia and Oceania
(Democratic People's Republic)
East Asia (the Far East)
[SOUTH] KOREA (Republic)East Asia (the Far East)
KOSOVOEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
KUWAITthe Middle East (including North Africa)
KYRGYZSTANSouth and Central Asia
LAOSEast Asia (the Far East)
LATVIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
[the] LEBANONthe Middle East (including North Africa)
LESOTHOsub-Saharan Africa
LIBERIAsub-Saharan Africa
LIBYAthe Middle East (including North Africa)
LIECHTENSTEINWestern and Central Europe
LITHUANIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
LUXEMBOURGWestern and Central Europe
MACAU [AOMEN]East Asia (the Far East)
MACEDONIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
MADAGASCARsub-Saharan Africa
MALAWIsub-Saharan Africa
MALAYSIAEast Asia (the Far East)
the MALDIVESSouth and Central Asia
MALIsub-Saharan Africa
MALTAWestern and Central Europe
[ISLE OF] MANWestern and Central Europe
the MARSHALL ISLANDSAustralasia and Oceania
MARTINIQUENorth America (including the West Indies)
MAURITANIAsub-Saharan Africa
MAURITIUSSouth and Central Asia
MAYOTTEsub-Saharan Africa
MEXICOLatin (Central and South) America
[the] MICRONESIA[N FEDERATION]Australasia and Oceania
MOLDOVAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
MONACOWestern and Central Europe
MONGOLIAEast Asia (the Far East)
MONTENEGROEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
MONTSERRATNorth America (including the West Indies)
MOROCCOthe Middle East (including North Africa)
MOZAMBIQUEsub-Saharan Africa
East Asia (the Far East)
NAMIBIAsub-Saharan Africa
NAURUAustralasia and Oceania
NEPALSouth and Central Asia
the NETHERLANDSWestern and Central Europe
the NETHERLANDS ANTILLESNorth America (including the West Indies)
NEW CALEDONIAAustralasia and Oceania
NEW ZEALANDAustralasia and Oceania
NICARAGUALatin (Central and South) America
NIGERsub-Saharan Africa
NIGERIAsub-Saharan Africa
NIUEAustralasia and Oceania
NORFOLK ISLANDAustralasia and Oceania
the NORTHERN MARIANASAustralasia and Oceania
NORWAYWestern and Central Europe
OMANthe Middle East (including North Africa)
PAKISTANSouth and Central Asia
PALAU [BELAU]Australasia and Oceania
["WEST BANK" and
the Middle East (including North Africa)
PANAMALatin (Central and South) America
PAPUA NEW GUINEAAustralasia and Oceania
PARAGUAYLatin (Central and South) America
PERULatin (Central and South) America
the PHILIPPINESEast Asia (the Far East)
PITCAIRNAustralasia and Oceania
POLANDEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
PORTUGALWestern and Central Europe
PUERTO RICONorth America (including the West Indies)
QATARthe Middle East (including North Africa)
ROMANIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
[the] RUSSIA[N FEDERATION]Eastern Europe (including Caucasus)
RWANDAsub-Saharan Africa
[the WESTERN] SAHARAthe Middle East (including North Africa)
SAINT HELENAsub-Saharan Africa
SAINT KITTS and NEVISNorth America (including the West Indies)
SAINT LUCIANorth America (including the West Indies)
SAINT PIERRE and MIQUELONNorth America (including the West Indies)
SAINT VINCENT and the GRENADINESNorth America (including the West Indies)
AMERICAN [=EASTERN] SAMOAAustralasia and Oceania
[WESTERN] SAMOAAustralasia and Oceania
SAN MARINOWestern and Central Europe
SÃO TOMÉ and PRÍNCIPEsub-Saharan Africa
SA’UDI ARABIAthe Middle East (including North Africa)
SENEGALsub-Saharan Africa
the SERB REPUBLICEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
SERBIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
[the] SEYCHELLESsub-Saharan Africa
SIERRA LEONEsub-Saharan Africa
SINGAPOREEast Asia (the Far East)
SLOVAKIAEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
SLOVENIAWestern and Central Europe
the SOLOMON ISLANDSAustralasia and Oceania
SOMALIAsub-Saharan Africa
SOUTH AFRICAsub-Saharan Africa
SOUTH SUDANsub-Saharan Africa
SPAINWestern and Central Europe
SRI LANKASouth and Central Asia
SUDANsub-Saharan Africa
SURINAMELatin (Central and South) America
SWAZILANDsub-Saharan Africa
SWEDENWestern and Central Europe
SWITZERLANDWestern and Central Europe
SYRIAthe Middle East (including North Africa)
TAJIKISTANSouth and Central Asia
TANZANIAsub-Saharan Africa
THAILANDEast Asia (the Far East)
TIMOR-LESTE [EAST TIMOR]Australasia and Oceania
TOGOsub-Saharan Africa
TOKELAUAustralasia and Oceania
TONGAAustralasia and Oceania
TRINIDAD and TOBAGONorth America (including the West Indies)
TUNISIAthe Middle East (including North Africa)
TURKEYEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
TURKMENISTANSouth and Central Asia
TURKS and CAICOSNorth America (including the West Indies)
TUVALUAustralasia and Oceania
UGANDAsub-Saharan Africa
UKRAINEEastern Europe (including Caucasus)
["the U A E"]
the Middle East (including North Africa)
"the U K"
Western and Central Europe
"the U S [(of) A]"
North America (including the West Indies)
URUGUAYLatin (Central and South) America
UZBEKISTANSouth and Central Asia
VANUATUAustralasia and Oceania
[the "HOLY SEE"]
Western and Central Europe
VENEZUELALatin (Central and South) America
VIET NAMEast Asia (the Far East)
the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSNorth America (including the West Indies)
the U S VIRGIN ISLANDSNorth America (including the West Indies)
WALLIS and FUTUNAAustralasia and Oceania
YEMENthe Middle East (including North Africa)
ZAMBIAsub-Saharan Africa
ZIMBABWEsub-Saharan Africa


  • the Middle East (including North Africa)
  • sub-Saharan Africa
  • Latin (Central and South) America
  • North America (including the West Indies)
  • East Asia (the Far East)
  • South Asia
  • Australasia and Oceania
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe


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