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2004 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Primary: Tuesday 2 March 20041
State Democratic Central Committee Meeting: Wednesday 19 May 2004
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Kerry, John F.286,955   59.6%47.   47.5%99.  100.0%
Edwards, John123,006   25.5%22.   22.2% 
Sharpton, Alfred C. "Al"21,810    4.5%  
Dean, Howard12,461    2.6%  
Kucinich, Dennis J.8,693    1.8%  
Uncommitted8,527    1.8%30.   30.3% 
Lieberman, Joe5,245    1.1%  
Clark, Wesley K.4,230    0.9%  
Glover, Mildred4,039    0.8%  
Moseley Braun, Carol2,809    0.6%  
Gephardt, Richard "Dick"2,146    0.4%  
LaRouche, Lyndon H., Jr.1,555    0.3%  
Total481,476  100.0%99.  100.0%99.  100.0%

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Maryland Primaries for Statewide offices and Congress


26 May 2004 Unpledged delegate preference update: Kerry: 7. Unpledged delegates appear in the "Soft Unpledged" column.

The Popular Vote above is based on official returns from the Maryland State Board of Elections for the 2 March Primary.

State Convention update: As determined by the 2 March primary, the pledged PLEO allocation was Kerry-6, Edwards- 3 and the At-Large allocation was Kerry- 10, Edwards- 5. However, the State Convention elected 7 Kerry pledged PLEO delegates, 2 Edwards pledged PLEO delegates, 11 Kerry At-Large delegates, and 4 Edwards At-Large delegates. Our hard count reflects the results of the primary and our soft count reflects the delegates "as elected".

Results from an official source:

Here's how we compute the delegate count:

  1. A candidate must receive 15% or more of the total popular vote to qualify for delegates. Discard votes cast for those candidates who do not meet the threshold.
  2. Allocate Congressional District delegates from the qualified vote in each district. Allocate Pledged PLEO and At-Large delegates using the state-wide qualified vote.
  3. In each jurisdiction (CD and statewide):
    1. Total qualified vote = total votes cast for the qualifying candidates in the jurisdiction.
    2. Allocation = (delegates for the jurisdiction) (candidate's popular vote) (total qualified vote).
    3. Assign each candidate the WHOLE NUMBER of delegates.
    4. If delegates remain, allocate each of the remaining delegates to those candidates with the LARGEST REMAINDERS.




Tuesday 2 March 2004: 69 of 99 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today's Maryland Presidential Primary. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  • 45 district delegates are to be allocated proportionally to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the State's 8 congressional districts. District-level delegates are elected by a two-part primary in which delegate positions are allocated based on a Presidential preference primary and filled through the election of delegates directly on the ballot.
    • CD 1: 5
    • CD 2: 5
    • CD 3: 6
    • CD 4: 6
    • CD 5: 6
    • CD 6: 4
    • CD 7: 6
    • CD 8: 7
  • In addition, 24 delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary vote statewide.
    • 15 at-large National Convention delegates
    • 9 Pledged PLEOs

Wednesday 19 May 2004: State Democratic Central Committee Meeting.

The remaining 30 National Convention delegates consist of

  • 28 Unpledged PLEO delegates:
    • 20 Democratic National Committee members
    • 8 Members of Congress (2 Senators and 6 Representatives)
    • 0 Governors
    • 0 Distinguished Party Leaders
  • 2 Unpledged "add-on"s (selected at the State Democratic Central Committee meeting).

These 30 delegates and will go to the Democratic National Convention officially "Unpledged".

Delegation to the National Convention

Maryland Delegation (as posted by, 4 July 2004)

Pledged District143145
Pledged PLEO279
Pledged At-Large41115
Total Pledged204969
Alternate Pledged District077
Alternate Pledged PLEO000
Alternate Pledged At-Large044
Total Alternates01111
Unpledged  30
Pages  3
Pledged District 1KerryJoseph AldenSeverna Park, MD
Pledged District 1KerryDonna CantorSt. Michaels, MD
Pledged District 1EdwardsCharles DeanRidgely, MD
Pledged District 1EdwardsCheryl EvermanFederalsburg, MD
Pledged District 1KerryIna TaylorBel Air, MD
Pledged District 2KerryAlexander BoultonBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 2KerryClifford CollinsRandallstown, MD
Pledged District 2EdwardsJay HiddenSparrows Point, MD
Pledged District 2EdwardsLorretta JohnsonBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 2KerryMabel MurrayRandallstown, MD
Pledged District 3KerryHon. Bill BurlisonOdenton, MD
Pledged District 3EdwardsTom DolinaBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 3KerryKathleen FordBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 3KerryMarvin HurwitzBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 3EdwardsHon. Joan PrattBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 3KerryDorothy WalshAnnapolis, MD
Pledged District 4KerryHon. Rushern BakerCheverly, MD
Pledged District 4KerryMark FeinrothOlney, MD
Pledged District 4EdwardsDawn FlytheUpper Malboro, MD
Pledged District 4KerryHon. Anne KaiserOlney, MD
Pledged District 4KerryR. Michelle MeltonUpper Malboro, MD
Pledged District 4KerryJohn PorcariCheverly, MD
Pledged District 5KerryTed BesesparisCollege Park, MD
Pledged District 5EdwardsJustin ChappellLaurel, MD
Pledged District 5KerryJill DickeyBowie, MD
Pledged District 5KerryMichael GollinBowie, MD
Pledged District 5EdwardsMary GreenClinton, MD
Pledged District 5KerryEdith PattersonPomfret, MD
Pledged District 6EdwardsRobert BlumenthalJefferson, MD
Pledged District 6EdwardsCorynne CourpasWestminster, MD
Pledged District 6KerryHon. Jennifer DoughertyFrederick, MD
Pledged District 6KerryDan RupliBrunswick, MD
Pledged District 7EdwardsBelinda ConawayBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 7KerryGary HamerEllicott City, MD
Pledged District 7KerrySara HamerEllicott City, MD
Pledged District 7KerryWillie ThomasBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 7KerryLynne WarshawColumbia, MD
Pledged District 7KerryWalter WilliamsBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 8KerryNaomi BlochPotomac, MD
Pledged District 8EdwardsDonna CallejonGarret Park, MD
Pledged District 8EdwardsDouglas CookBethesda, MD
Pledged District 8KerryRichard HirnChevy Chase, MD
Pledged District 8KerryHon. Cheryl KaganRockville, MD
Pledged District 8KerrySusan LissChevy Chase, MD
Pledged District 8KerryRichard McKeonGaithersburg, MD
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Douglas DuncanRockville, MD
Pledged PLEOEdwardsHon. Carolyn J. B. HowardMitchellville, MD
Pledged PLEOKerryGlenn IveyCheverly, MD
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Jack JohnsonUpper Malboro, MD
Pledged PLEOEdwardsHon. Gloria LawlahHillcrest Hts, MD
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Susan LeeBethesda, MD
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Martin O'MalleyBaltimore, MD
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. James SmithReisterstown, MD
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Kathleen TownsendBaltimore, MD
Pledged At-LargeEdwardsBrandi CalhounClinton, MD
Pledged At-LargeEdwardsDonna EdwardsBaltimore, MD
Pledged At-LargeEdwardsHon. Camille ExumCapitol Heights, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryPatricia FoersterCockeysville, MD
Pledged At-LargeEdwardsHon. Lisa GladdenBaltimore, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryPam GuzzoneColumbia, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryJoseph HansenRockville, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerrySoo Lee-ChoBethesda, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryAnne MaherTakoma Park, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryErum MalikEllicott City, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryFred MasonBaltimore, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryMelanie MillerBowie, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryHon. Heather MizeurTakoma Park, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryWayne RogersAnnapolis, MD
Pledged At-LargeKerryDoris SpencerChesapeake Beach, MD
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryEdmund BennettAnnapolis, MD
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryOno EkehWaldorf, MD
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryLouise GallumMontgomery Village, MD
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryWilliam MinorBethesda, MD
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryRaymond RankinColumbia, MD
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryMaria WelchLutherville, MD
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryRuth ZlotowitzEllicott City, MD
Alternate Pledged At-LargeKerryHon. Connie DeJuliisBaltimore, MD
Alternate Pledged At-LargeKerryWilliam TaylorBaltimore, MD
Alternate Pledged At-LargeKerryHon. Veronica TurnerCamp Springs, MD
Alternate Pledged At-LargeKerryElizabeth ZogbyBaltimore, MD
Unpledged Add-on Hon. Sheila DixonBaltimore, MD
Unpledged Add-on Hon. Parris GlendeningAnnapolis, MD
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Benjamin CardinBaltimore, MD
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Christopher Van HollenWashington, DC
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Steny HoyerWashington, DC
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Dutch RuppersbergerTimonium, MD
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Albert WynnWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Thomas BuffenbargerBrookeville, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Alvaro CifuentesWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Maria CordoneUpper Marlboro, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Elijah CummingsWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member John GageWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Janice GriffinArlington, VA
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Sue HechtFrederick, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Weldon LathamWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Isiah LeggettAnnapolis, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Belkis Leong-HongGaithersburg, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Richard MichalskiUpper Marlboro, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Glenard MiddletonBaltimore, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Thomas MillerClinton, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Mary Jo NevilleDayton, MD
Unpledged DNC Member R. Scott PastrickWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Gregory PecoraroWestminster, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Carol PenskyWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Michael SteedWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member John SweeneyWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Beatrice TignorUpper Malboro, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Susan TurnbullBethesda, MD
Unpledged Senator Hon. Barbara MikulskiWashington, DC
Unpledged Senator
Delegation Chair
 Hon. Paul SarbanesWashington, DC
Page Mike DavisOwings Mills, MD
Page Hon. Keiffer Mitchell, Jr.Baltimore, MD
Page Nancy VossDenton, MD

1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.


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