The Green Papers: Midterm Election 2002
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House Seats by State

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Arizona  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 2 Candidate Write-In William Crum
CD 8 Candidate Write-In Jim Dorrance

Arkansas  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 3 Candidate Write-In (George Lyne - pending)

Colorado  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 3 Candidate Write-In Jason Alessio
CD 7 Candidate Write-In Stanford Andress
CD 7 Candidate Write-In Michael Reigle

Florida  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 1 Candidate Write-In Tom Wells
Filed with intent to qualify by petition method but changed to Write In. Party: Family Values.
CD 3 Candidate Write-In Jon Arnett
CD 4 Candidate Write-In Charles S. Knause
CD 5 Candidate Write-In Harry Werder
CD 9 Candidate Write-In Andrew Pasayan
CD 13 Candidate Write-In Wayne Genthner
CD 15 Candidate Write-In Donald Gibbens
CD 17 Candidate Write-In Michael Italie
CD 22 Candidate Write-In Stan Smilan
CD 23 Candidate Write-In B. B.B.

Georgia  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 7 Candidate Write-In John F. Sugg
Certified Write-In Candidate
CD 12 Candidate Write-In Marc Smith
Certified Write-In Candidate

Indiana  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 2 Candidate Write-In M. Myer Blatt
CD 2 Candidate Write-In James A. Mello
CD 7 Candidate Write-In James Kell "Jim" Jeffries
Write-in Democrat

Texas  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 7 Candidate Write-In John Richard Skone-Palmer


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