The Green Papers: Midterm Election 2002
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Kentucky  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 6 Candidate Independent Gatewood Galbraith

Louisiana  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 3 Candidate Independent David Iwancio
CD 5 Candidate Independent Vinson Mouser
Received 1% of the 5 November 2002 vote. Will not proceed to runoff.
Listed as Independent by Secretary of State
CD 7 Candidate Independent Roberto Valetta

Mississippi  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 3 Candidate Independent Harvey Darden
CD 3 Candidate Independent Jim Giles

Nevada  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 3 Candidate Independent Pete O'Neil

New Jersey  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 4 Candidate Independent Hermann Winkelmann
Slogan: Honesty Humanity Duty
CD 5 Candidate Independent Michael J. Cino
Slogan: Lower Tax Independent
CD 6 Candidate Independent Mac Dara Francis X. Lyden
Slogan: Human Rights Advocate
CD 13 Candidate Independent Dick Hester
Slogan: Pro Life Conservative
CD 13 Candidate Independent Herbert H. Shaw
Slogan: Politicians are Crooks - Politicos son Corruptos
CD 13 Candidate Independent Esmat Zaklama
Slogans: The American Party, Anti-Corruption Doctor

Ohio  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 2 Candidate Independent James J. Condit, Jr.
Listed as write-in by Secretary of State
CD 5 Candidate Independent John F. Green
CD 10 Candidate Independent Judy Locy
CD 17 Candidate Independent James "Jim" Traficant
Former Congressman Traficant was elected in 2000 as a Democrat. On 11 April 2002 a federal jury found Congressman Traficant guilty of bribery and racketeering (News item). He was expelled from Congress on 24 July and received an 8 year prison term on 30 July 2002.

Oregon  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 3 Candidate Independent (Robert Curtis - pending)

Rhode Island  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 1 Candidate Independent Frank Carter, III
CD 2 Candidate Independent Dorman J. Hayes, Jr.
"Independent Home Protection"

Tennessee  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 2 Candidate Independent George Njezic
CD 3 Candidate Independent Timothy A. Sevier
CD 4 Candidate Independent William Tharon Chandler
CD 4 Candidate Independent Robert Harry "Bert" Mason
CD 4 Candidate Independent John Ray
CD 4 Candidate Independent Ed Wellmann
CD 5 Candidate Independent John Jay Hooker
John Jay Hooker is running as an Independent candidate for Governor, Senator, and Congressman CD 5.
CD 5 Candidate Independent Jesse Turner
CD 6 Candidate Independent J. Patrick Lyons
CD 8 Candidate Independent James L. Hart

Texas  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 31 Candidate Independent Russell C. Crawford

Vermont  2-year term (2003-2004)
At-Large Elected Independent Congressman Bernie Sanders

Wisconsin  2-year term (2003-2004)
CD 5 Candidate Independent Robert Raymond


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