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SAINT HELENACountry Code.ACAscension Island
ANDORRACountry Code.ADAndorra
the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ["the U A E"]Country Code.AEUnited Arab Emirates
AFGHANISTANCountry Code.AFAfghanistan
ANTIGUA and BARBUDACountry Code.AGAntigua and Barbuda
ANGUILLACountry Code.AIAnguilla
ALBANIACountry Code.ALAlbania
ARMENIACountry Code.AMArmenia
the NETHERLANDS ANTILLESCountry Code.ANNetherlands Antilles
ANGOLACountry Code.AOAngola
 Country Code.AQAntarctica
ARGENTINACountry Code.ARArgentina
AMERICAN [=EASTERN] SAMOACountry Code.ASAmerican Samoa
AUSTRIACountry Code.ATAustria
AUSTRALIACountry Code.AUAustralia
ARUBACountry Code.AWAruba
FINLANDCountry Code.AXAland Islands
AZERBAIJANCountry Code.AZAzerbaijan
BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINACountry Code.BABosnia and Herzegovina
the BOSNIAN FEDERATIONCountry Code.BABosnia and Herzegovina
the SERB REPUBLICCountry Code.BABosnia and Herzegovina
BARBADOSCountry Code.BBBarbados
BANGLADESHCountry Code.BDBangladesh
BELGIUMCountry Code.BEBelgium
BURKINA [FASO]Country Code.BFBurkina Faso
BULGARIACountry Code.BGBulgaria
BAHRAINCountry Code.BHBahrain
BURUNDICountry Code.BIBurundi
BENINCountry Code.BJBenin
BERMUDACountry Code.BMBermuda
BRUNEI [DARUSSALAM]Country Code.BNBrunei Darussalam
BOLIVIACountry Code.BOBolivia
BRAZILCountry Code.BRBrazil
the BAHAMASCountry Code.BSBahamas
BHUTANCountry Code.BTBhutan
NORWAYCountry Code.BVBouvet Island
BOTSWANACountry Code.BWBotswana
BELARUSCountry Code.BYBelarus
BELIZECountry Code.BZBelize
CANADACountry Code.CACanada
the COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDSCountry Code.CCCocos (Keeling) Islands
CONGO [Democratic Republic]Country Code.CDCongo, The Democratic Republic of the
the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLICCountry Code.CFCentral African Republic
CONGO [Republic]Country Code.CGCongo, Republic of
SWITZERLANDCountry Code.CHSwitzerland
CÔTE d'IVOIRE [the IVORY COAST]Country Code.CICote d'Ivoire
the COOK ISLANDSCountry Code.CKCook Islands
CHILECountry Code.CLChile
CAMEROONCountry Code.CMCameroon
Mainland ("Communist") CHINA [People's Republic]Country Code.CNChina
COLOMBIACountry Code.COColombia
COSTA RICACountry Code.CRCosta Rica
MONTENEGROCountry Code.CSSerbia and Montenegro
SERBIACountry Code.CSSerbia and Montenegro
KOSOVOCountry Code.CSSerbia and Montenegro
CUBACountry Code.CUCuba
CABO VERDE [CAPE VERDE]Country Code.CVCape Verde
CHRISTMAS ISLANDCountry Code.CXChristmas Island
Northern CYPRUSCountry Code.CYCyprus
CYPRUS properCountry Code.CYCyprus
CZECHIA [the CZECH REPUBLIC]Country Code.CZCzech Republic
GERMANYCountry Code.DEGermany
DJIBOUTICountry Code.DJDjibouti
DENMARKCountry Code.DKDenmark
DOMINICACountry Code.DMDominica
the DOMINICAN REPUBLICCountry Code.DODominican Republic
ALGERIACountry Code.DZAlgeria
ECUADORCountry Code.ECEcuador
ESTONIACountry Code.EEEstonia
EGYPTCountry Code.EGEgypt
[the WESTERN] SAHARACountry Code.EHWestern Sahara
ERITREACountry Code.EREritrea
SPAINCountry Code.ESSpain
ETHIOPIACountry Code.ETEthiopia
FINLANDCountry Code.FIFinland
FIJICountry Code.FJFiji
the FALKLANDSCountry Code.FKFalkland Islands (Malvinas)
[the] MICRONESIA[N FEDERATION]Country Code.FMMicronesia, Federal State of
the FAROESCountry Code.FOFaroe Islands
FRANCECountry Code.FRFrance
GABONCountry Code.GAGabon
the UNITED KINGDOM [(GREAT) BRITAIN] "the U K"Country Code.GBUnited Kingdom
GRENADACountry Code.GDGrenada
GEORGIACountry Code.GEGeorgia
FRENCH GUIANACountry Code.GFFrench Guiana
GUERNSEYCountry Code.GGGuernsey
GHANACountry Code.GHGhana
GIBRALTARCountry Code.GIGibraltar
[THE] GAMBIACountry Code.GMGambia
GUINEACountry Code.GNGuinea
GUADELOUPECountry Code.GPGuadeloupe
EQUATORIAL GUINEACountry Code.GQEquatorial Guinea
GREECECountry Code.GRGreece
 Country Code.GSSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
GUATEMALACountry Code.GTGuatemala
GUAMCountry Code.GUGuam
GUINEA-BISSAUCountry Code.GWGuinea-Bissau
GUYANACountry Code.GYGuyana
AUSTRALIACountry Code.HMHeard and McDonald Islands
HONDURASCountry Code.HNHonduras
CROATIACountry Code.HRCroatia/Hrvatska
HAITICountry Code.HTHaiti
HUNGARYCountry Code.HUHungary
INDONESIACountry Code.IDIndonesia
IRELANDCountry Code.IEIreland
ISRAELCountry Code.ILIsrael
[ISLE OF] MANCountry Code.IMIsle of Man
INDIACountry Code.INIndia
 Country Code.IOBritish Indian Ocean Territory
IRAQCountry Code.IQIraq
IRANCountry Code.IRIran, Islamic Republic of
ICELANDCountry Code.ISIceland
ITALYCountry Code.ITItaly
JERSEYCountry Code.JEJersey
JAMAICACountry Code.JMJamaica
JORDANCountry Code.JOJordan
JAPANCountry Code.JPJapan
KENYACountry Code.KEKenya
KYRGYZSTANCountry Code.KGKyrgyzstan
CAMBODIACountry Code.KHCambodia
KIRIBATICountry Code.KIKiribati
the COMOROSCountry Code.KMComoros
SAINT KITTS and NEVISCountry Code.KNSaint Kitts and Nevis
[NORTH] KOREA (Democratic People's Republic)Country Code.KPKorea, Democratic People's Republic
[SOUTH] KOREA (Republic)Country Code.KRKorea, Republic of
KUWAITCountry Code.KWKuwait
the CAYMAN ISLANDSCountry Code.KYCayman Islands
KAZAKHSTANCountry Code.KZKazakhstan
LAOSCountry Code.LALao People's Democratic Republic
[the] LEBANONCountry Code.LBLebanon
SAINT LUCIACountry Code.LCSaint Lucia
LIECHTENSTEINCountry Code.LILiechtenstein
SRI LANKACountry Code.LKSri Lanka
LIBERIACountry Code.LRLiberia
LESOTHOCountry Code.LSLesotho
LITHUANIACountry Code.LTLithuania
LUXEMBOURGCountry Code.LULuxembourg
LATVIACountry Code.LVLatvia
LIBYACountry Code.LYLibyan Arab Jamahiriya
MOROCCOCountry Code.MAMorocco
MONACOCountry Code.MCMonaco
MOLDOVACountry Code.MDMoldova, Republic of
MADAGASCARCountry Code.MGMadagascar
the MARSHALL ISLANDSCountry Code.MHMarshall Islands
MACEDONIACountry Code.MKMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
MALICountry Code.MLMali
MYANMA[R] (BURMA)Country Code.MMMyanmar
MONGOLIACountry Code.MNMongolia
MACAU [AOMEN]Country Code.MOMacau
the NORTHERN MARIANASCountry Code.MPNorthern Mariana Islands
MARTINIQUECountry Code.MQMartinique
MAURITANIACountry Code.MRMauritania
MONTSERRATCountry Code.MSMontserrat
MALTACountry Code.MTMalta
MAURITIUSCountry Code.MUMauritius
the MALDIVESCountry Code.MVMaldives
MALAWICountry Code.MWMalawi
MEXICOCountry Code.MXMexico
MALAYSIACountry Code.MYMalaysia
MOZAMBIQUECountry Code.MZMozambique
NAMIBIACountry Code.NANamibia
NEW CALEDONIACountry Code.NCNew Caledonia
NIGERCountry Code.NENiger
NORFOLK ISLANDCountry Code.NFNorfolk Island
NIGERIACountry Code.NGNigeria
NICARAGUACountry Code.NINicaragua
the NETHERLANDSCountry Code.NLNetherlands
NORWAYCountry Code.NONorway
NEPALCountry Code.NPNepal
NAURUCountry Code.NRNauru
NIUECountry Code.NUNiue
NEW ZEALANDCountry Code.NZNew Zealand
OMANCountry Code.OMOman
PANAMACountry Code.PAPanama
PERUCountry Code.PEPeru
FRENCH POLYNESIACountry Code.PFFrench Polynesia
PAPUA NEW GUINEACountry Code.PGPapua New Guinea
the PHILIPPINESCountry Code.PHPhilippines
PAKISTANCountry Code.PKPakistan
POLANDCountry Code.PLPoland
SAINT PIERRE and MIQUELONCountry Code.PMSaint Pierre and Miquelon
PITCAIRNCountry Code.PNPitcairn Island
PUERTO RICOCountry Code.PRPuerto Rico
PALESTINE ["WEST BANK" and "GAZA (STRIP)"]Country Code.PSPalestinian Territory, Occupied
PORTUGALCountry Code.PTPortugal
PALAU [BELAU]Country Code.PWPalau
PARAGUAYCountry Code.PYParaguay
QATARCountry Code.QAQatar
REUNIONCountry Code.REReunion Island
ROMANIACountry Code.RORomania
[the] RUSSIA[N FEDERATION]Country Code.RURussian Federation
RWANDACountry Code.RWRwanda
SA’UDI ARABIACountry Code.SASaudi Arabia
the SOLOMON ISLANDSCountry Code.SBSolomon Islands
[the] SEYCHELLESCountry Code.SCSeychelles
SUDANCountry Code.SDSudan
SWEDENCountry Code.SESweden
SINGAPORECountry Code.SGSingapore
SAINT HELENACountry Code.SHSaint Helena
SLOVENIACountry Code.SISlovenia
NORWAYCountry Code.SJSvalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
SLOVAKIACountry Code.SKSlovak Republic
SIERRA LEONECountry Code.SLSierra Leone
SAN MARINOCountry Code.SMSan Marino
SENEGALCountry Code.SNSenegal
SOMALIACountry Code.SOSomalia
SURINAMECountry Code.SRSuriname
SÃO TOMÉ and PRÍNCIPECountry Code.STSao Tome and Principe
EL SALVADORCountry Code.SVEl Salvador
SYRIACountry Code.SYSyrian Arab Republic
SWAZILANDCountry Code.SZSwaziland
TURKS and CAICOSCountry Code.TCTurks and Caicos Islands
CHADCountry Code.TDChad
 Country Code.TFFrench Southern Territories
TOGOCountry Code.TGTogo
THAILANDCountry Code.THThailand
TAJIKISTANCountry Code.TJTajikistan
TOKELAUCountry Code.TKTokelau
TIMOR-LESTE [EAST TIMOR]Country Code.TLTimor-Leste
TURKMENISTANCountry Code.TMTurkmenistan
TUNISIACountry Code.TNTunisia
TONGACountry Code.TOTonga
TURKEYCountry Code.TRTurkey
TRINIDAD and TOBAGOCountry Code.TTTrinidad and Tobago
TUVALUCountry Code.TVTuvalu
"Nationalist" CHINA [aka"TAIWAN"]Country Code.TWTaiwan
TANZANIACountry Code.TZTanzania
UKRAINECountry Code.UAUkraine
UGANDACountry Code.UGUganda
the UNITED KINGDOM [(GREAT) BRITAIN] "the U K"Country Code.UKUnited Kingdom
 Country Code.UMUnited States Minor Outlying Islands
the UNITED STATES [of AMERICA] "the U S [(of) A]"Country Code.USUnited States
URUGUAYCountry Code.UYUruguay
UZBEKISTANCountry Code.UZUzbekistan
the VATICAN [the "HOLY SEE"]Country Code.VAHoly See (Vatican City State)
SAINT VINCENT and the GRENADINESCountry Code.VCSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
VENEZUELACountry Code.VEVenezuela
the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSCountry Code.VGVirgin Islands, British
the U S VIRGIN ISLANDSCountry Code.VIVirgin Islands, U.S.
VIET NAMCountry Code.VNVietnam
VANUATUCountry Code.VUVanuatu
WALLIS and FUTUNACountry Code.WFWallis and Futuna Islands
[WESTERN] SAMOACountry Code.WSWestern Samoa
YEMENCountry Code.YEYemen
MAYOTTECountry Code.YTMayotte
 Country Code.YUYugoslavia
SOUTH AFRICACountry Code.ZASouth Africa
ZAMBIACountry Code.ZMZambia
ZIMBABWECountry Code.ZWZimbabwe
 Generic.AERO21 December 2001, air-transport industry
 Generic.BIZ26 June 2001, businesses
 Generic.COM1 January 1985, commerical (RFC 1591)
 Generic.COOP15 November 2001, cooperative associations
 Generic.EDU1 January 1985, accredited educational instutions (RFC 1591)
 Generic.GOV1 January 1985, United States Government (RFC 1591)
 Generic.INFO26 June 2001, generic
 Generic.INT3 November 1988, international treaties (RFC 1591)
 Generic.MIL1 January 1985, United States Military (RFC 1591)
 Generic.MUSEUM20 October 2001, museums
 Generic.NAME17 August 2001, individuals
 Generic.NET1 January 1985, network providers (RFC 1591)
 Generic.ORG1 January 1985, organizations (RFC 1591), noncommercial
 Generic.PRO8 May 2002, credentialed professionals
 Infrastructure.ARPA1 January 1985, Internet Infrastructure


  • TheGreenPapers: country name as defined by this website.
  • TLD: Top Level Domain. There are three types of TLD "Top Level Domains":
    • Country Code (aka ccTLD): used by individual countries as they deem necessary.
    • Generic: created for use by the Internet Public.
    • Infrastructure: .arpa is used for Internet Infrastructure.
  • Reference: The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Last synchronized 9 April 2005.

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