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President Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Senate Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Gubernatorial Popular Vote by Party
House Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
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The popular vote tallies are UNOFFICIAL and have been acquired from various sources.


The overview is grouped by Major Party (Democratic and affiliates, Republican), Major Third Party (Libertarian, Green), Other Third Party, Independent, and Others (write-in, scattering, none of the above, etc.). Votes cast for fusion candidates (candidates appearing under the banner of multiple parties) are tallied under the Major Party.

Affiliated Party
or Classification
Libertarian80 342,6552.05%
Other Third Party30 23,6770.14%
Constitution10 17,6960.11%
Independent30 13,8400.08%
Green10 4,5750.03%
Others160 3,3390.02%
8 listings5411100.00%16,704,187100.00%

Party Details

Candidate's Balloted Party(ies)Affiliated Party
or Classification
Democratic; Working FamiliesDemocratic11170,7491.02%
Democratic-Nonpartisan LeagueDemocratic10109,0470.65%
MountainOther Third Party1016,7910.10%
MarijuanaOther Third Party105,5830.03%
Liberty UnionOther Third Party101,3030.01%
13 listings 541116,704,187100.00%

Candidate Details

(I) = incumbent
* = winner
DE*Jack A. Markell (I)Democratic275,99369.34%
DEJeffrey E. "Jeff" CraggRepublican113,79328.59%
DEMark Joseph PerriGreen4,5751.15%
DEJesse McVayLibertarian3,6680.92%
DEDavid C. GrahamWrite-in40.00%
IN*Mike PenceRepublican1,275,42449.49%
INJohn R. GreggDemocratic1,200,01646.56%
INRupert BonehamLibertarian101,8683.95%
INDonnie Harold HarrisWrite-in210.00%
MO*Jeremiah W. "Jay" Nixon (I)Democratic1,494,05654.77%
MODavid "Dave" SpenceRepublican1,160,26542.53%
MOJim HigginsLibertarian73,5092.69%
MOLeonard SteinmanWrite-in390.00%
MORonald E. LevyWrite-in140.00%
MT*Steve BullockDemocratic236,45048.90%
MTRick HillRepublican228,87947.34%
MTRon VandevenderLibertarian18,1603.76%
NC*Patrick "Pat" McCroryRepublican2,440,70754.62%
NCWalter H. DaltonDemocratic1,931,58043.23%
NCBarbara HoweLibertarian94,6522.12%
NCDonald KreamerWrite-in590.00%
ND*Jack Dalrymple (I)Republican200,52663.10%
NDRyan M. TaylorDemocratic-Nonpartisan League109,04734.31%
NDPaul SorumIndependent5,3561.69%
NDRoland Clifford RiemersIndependent2,6160.82%
NH*Maggie HassanDemocratic378,93454.61%
NHOvide M. LamontagneRepublican295,02642.52%
NHJohn J. BabiarzLibertarian19,2512.77%
UT*Gary R. Herbert (I)Republican688,59268.41%
UTPeter S. CookeDemocratic277,62227.58%
UTKenneth Rex "Ken" LarsenLibertarian22,6112.25%
UTKirk D. PearsonConstitution17,6961.76%
UTDennis C. OwenWrite-in20.00%
UTDavid J. CannonWrite-in10.00%
VT*Peter Shumlin (I)Democratic; Working Families170,74957.80%
VTRandy BrockRepublican110,94037.55%
VTEmily PeytonIndependent5,8681.99%
VTCris EricsonMarijuana5,5831.89%
VTDave EagleLiberty Union1,3030.44%
VTCombined Write-in votesScattering9690.33%
VTAnnette SmithWrite-in  
WA*Jay R. InsleeDemocratic1,582,80251.54%
WARob McKennaRepublican1,488,24548.46%
WAThomas Gerard GrajkowskiWrite-in  
WV*Earl Ray Tomblin (I)Democratic335,46850.49%
WVWilliam Joseph "Bill" MaloneyRepublican303,29145.64%
WVJesse JohnsonMountain16,7912.53%
WVDavid MoranLibertarian8,9361.34%
WVPhil HudokWrite-in  
WVFrankie RocchettiWrite-in  
WVBarbara Lynn SpurlockWrite-in  
11 states54 candidates 16,704,187 

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