The Green Papers: Election 2000 
Republican PartyUtah Republican
Primary: Friday, March 10, 2000
Popular VoteDelegate Votes
Floor VoteHard Total
Bush, George W.  57,617  63%   29.  100%   29.  100%
Keyes, Alan  19,367  21%            
McCain, John  12,784  14%            
Forbes, Steve  859   1%            
Bauer, Gary  426   0%            
Total  91,053 100%   29.  100%   29.  100%
Voter Eligibility: Open Primary (party and unaffiliated), Polls Close at 8 PM MST (0300 UTC)
Delegate Selection: Winner-Take-All Primary

29 total delegates - 6 base at-large / 9 re: 3 congressional districts / 14 bonus

Last modified Tuesday, December 26, 2000
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The Popular Vote above is based on official returns from the 10 March Primary.
While this is an Open Primary, the Utah Republican party has restricted their primary to party members and unaffiliated voters. Voters who are not registered with a political party are considered unaffiliated. Party registration in Utah is optional.

Here's how we estimate the delegate count:

  1. The candidate receiving the highest popular vote receives 29 delegates. Bush has received the greatest number of votes.

Friday 10 March 2000: All 29 of Utah's delegates to the Republican National Convention are allocated to a presidential contender in today's Utah Presidential Primary.

  • "The 29 National Convention delegates are to be allocated to the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in the primary statewide, notwithstanding that candidate's percentage of the total primary vote statewide. This winning candidate will be said to have received the 'final net primary vote'".

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