Presidential Election 2016
Straw Polls


26 September 2015
Values Voter Summit Straw Poll
Washington, DC.

1,161 conference attendees voting.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz40835.1%
Dr. Ben Carson20417.6%
former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee16614.3%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio14812.7%
Donald Trump of New York564.8%
former Pennsylvania Rick Santorum474.0%
Carly Fiorina of California403.4%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal312.7%
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul191.6%
Write In Candidate110.9%
Ohio Governor John Kasich80.7%
former Florida Governor Jeb Bush70.6%
Vermont Congressman Bernard "Bernie" Sanders50.4%
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham40.3%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie40.3%
former Virginia Senator Jim Webb10.1%
former New York Senator Hillary Clinton10.1%
Vice President Joe Biden10.1%
former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee00.0%
former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley00.0%



14-16 March 2013
CPAC 2013 Presidential Straw Poll Results
Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

2,930 Straw Poll Votes Cast.
50 States and Puerto Rico represented in the balloting.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul  25%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio  23%
Other  14%
former Pennsylvania Governor Senator Rick Santorum  8%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie  7%
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan  6%
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker  5%
Neurosurgeon Ben Carson  4%
Texas Senator Ted Cruz  4%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal  3%
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin  3%
Undecided  1%
Totals 103%

Source: CPAC 2013 Straw Poll


22 September 2013
2016 Mackinac Presidential Straw Poll
Mackinac Island, Michigan.

526 conference attendees voting.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul18835.7%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie8215.6%
former Florida Governor Jeb Bush428.0%
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker397.4%
Texas Senator Ted Cruz366.8%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio254.8%
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan234.4%
former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin132.5%
South Dakota Senator John Thune122.3%
Texas Governor Rick Perry91.7%
former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum81.5%
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley81.5%
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (write-in)81.5%
Indiana Governor Mike Pence81.5%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal71.3%
Ohio Senator Robert Portman51.0%
New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez51.0%
Ohio Governor John Kasich40.8%
former Texas Congressman Ron Paul (write-in)20.4%
former Florida Congressman Allen West (write-in)10.2%
Minnesota Congressman Michelle Bachmann (write-in)10.2%
South Carolina Senator Tim Scott00.0%

Source: Gongwer News Service and Decider Strategies


11 October 2013
Values Voter Summit Straw Poll
Washington, DC.

762 conference attendees voting.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz31741.6%
Dr. Ben Carson10213.4%
former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum10113.3%
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul496.4%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio364.7%
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan314.1%
former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee273.5%
Indiana Governor Mike Pence233.0%
Minnesota Congressman Michelle Bachmann162.1%
Texas Governor Rick Perry121.6%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie91.2%
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker81.0%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal70.9%
former Florida Governor Jeb Bush60.8%
former Congressman and House Speaker Newt Gingrich40.5%
Utah Senator Mike Lee20.3%
New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez20.3%
former New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton10.1%
Kansas Governor Samuel D. "Sam" Brownback10.1%

Source: Mike Memoli


6-8 March 2014
The Washington Times / CPAC 2014 Straw Poll
Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

2,459 Straw Poll Votes Cast.
All 50 states plus DC represented in the balloting.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul  31%
Texas Senator Ted Cruz  11%
Neurosurgeon Ben Carson  9%
Other  9%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie  8%
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker  7%
former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum  7%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio  6%
Texas Governor Rick Perry  3%
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan  3%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal  2%
former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin  2%
former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee  2%
former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice  2%
Undecided  1%
Totals 103%

Source: CPAC 2014 Straw Poll


27 September 2014
Values Voter Summit Straw Poll
Washington, DC.

901 conference attendees voting.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz22825.4%
Dr. Ben Carson17919.9%
former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee10812.0%
former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum879.7%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal637.0%
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul637.0%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio303.3%
Texas Governor Rick Perry293.2%
former Massachusetts Governor Willard Mitt "Mitt" Romney252.8%
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker171.9%
Indiana Governor Mike Pence161.8%
Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann111.2%
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan101.1%
former Alaska Governor Sarah H. Palin91.0%
Utah Senator Mike Lee30.3%
former Florida Governor Jeb Bush20.2%
Ohio Senator Robert Jones "Rob" Portman20.2%
former New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton10.1%
Vice President Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr.10.1%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie10.1%
Oklahoma Governor Mary C. Fallin00.0%
New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez00.0%



28 February 2015
The Washington Times / CPAC 2015 Straw Poll
Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), National Harbor, Maryland

11,344 in attendance.
3,007 Straw Poll Votes Cast.
All 50 states plus DC represented in the balloting.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul 25.7%
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker 21.4%
Texas Senator Ted Cruz 11.5%
Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson 11.4%
former Florida Governor Jeb Bush 8.3%
former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum 4.3%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio 3.7%
Donald Trump of New York 3.5%
Carly Fiorina of California 3.0%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie 2.8%
former Texas Governor Rick Perry 1.1%
Undecided 1.0%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal 0.9%
former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin 0.8%
Other 0.7%
former Ambassador John Bolton 0.3%
former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee 0.3%
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham 0.1%
former New York Governor George Pataki 0.1%
Totals 100.9%


Thursday 21 - Saturday 23 May 2015
The Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2015 Straw Poll
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

958 votes cast

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson25.4%
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker20.5%
Texas Senator Ted Cruz16.6%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie 5.3%
Texas Governor Rick Perry 5.0%
former Florida Governor Jeb Bush 4.9%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal 4.1%
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul 4.1%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio 4.1%
former business executive Carly Florina 2.7%
former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee 2.7%
former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum 1.9%
Donald Trump of New York 1.2%
Internal Revenue Commissioner Mark Everson 0.8%
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham 0.5%
Ohio Governor John Kasich 0.2%
former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore 0.0%

Source: Southern Republican Leadership Conference


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