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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1980 and 2008)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1980 and 2008 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2008] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable

Democratic Affiliates: Democratic-Farmer Labor; Democratic-Nonpartisan League

Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
469 Incumbents
21 Candidates

StatePartyCandidate or LinkOffice
AlabamaDemocraticCongressman Bobby Neal Bright, Sr.Incumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Artur Genestre DavisIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticLieutenant Governor James Elisha "Jim" Folsom, Jr.Incumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticAgriculture and Industries Commissioner Ron SparksIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries
AlaskaDemocraticSenator Mark BegichIncumbent Senate Class 2
American SamoaDemocraticTerritorial Delegate Eni F.H. FaleomavaegaIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
DemocraticGovernor Togiola T.A. TulafonoIncumbent Governor
ArizonaDemocraticCongressman Gabrielle "Gabby" GiffordsIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticAttorney General Terry GoddardIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Raúl M. GrijalvaIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Ann KirkpatrickIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Harold E. "Harry" MitchellIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Edward L. "Ed" PastorIncumbent House CD 4
ArkansasDemocraticGovernor Mike BeebeIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Marion BerryIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticSecretary of State Charlie DanielsIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticLieutenant Governor William A. "Bill" HalterIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSenator Blanche Lambert LincolnIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticAttorney General Dustin McDanielIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticSenator Mark Lunsford PryorIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Michael Avery "Mike" RossIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticTreasurer Martha A. ShoffnerIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Victor Frederick "Vic" SnyderIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticState Lands Commissioner Mark WilcoxIncumbent Commissioner of State Lands
DemocraticAuditor Jim WoodIncumbent Auditor
CaliforniaDemocraticFrancisco AlonsoCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Joe BacaIncumbent House CD 43
DemocraticCongressman Xavier BecerraIncumbent House CD 31
DemocraticCongressman Howard L. BermanIncumbent House CD 28
DemocraticSecretary of State Debra BowenIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticSenator Barbara BoxerIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticAttorney General Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr.Incumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Lois G. CappsIncumbent House CD 23
DemocraticCongressman Dennis A. CardozaIncumbent House CD 18
Democraticstate Senator Gilbert "Gil" CedilloCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticController John ChiangIncumbent Controller
DemocraticCongressman Judy ChuIncumbent House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Judy ChuCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Jim CostaIncumbent House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Susan A. DavisIncumbent House CD 53
DemocraticBenita DuranCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Anna G. EshooIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Sam FarrIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticSenator Dianne FeinsteinIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Bob FilnerIncumbent House CD 51
DemocraticCongressman John Raymond GaramendiIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticLieutenant Governor John Raymond GaramendiCandidate for House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Jane HarmanIncumbent House CD 36
DemocraticCongressman Michael M. "Mike" HondaIncumbent House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Barbara LeeIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticTreasurer Bill LockyerIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Zoe LofgrenIncumbent House CD 16
DemocraticStefan "Contreras" LysenkoCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Doris K. MatsuiIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Jerry McNerneyIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman George MillerIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticNick Juan MostertCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticRafael F. NadalCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Grace Flores NapolitanoIncumbent House CD 38
(Democratic)Public Instruction Superintendent Jack T. O'ConnellIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticCongressman Nancy PelosiIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticEmanuel PleitezCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Laura RichardsonIncumbent House CD 37
DemocraticCongressman Lucille Roybal-AllardIncumbent House CD 34
DemocraticCongressman Linda T. SánchezIncumbent House CD 39
DemocraticCongressman Loretta SanchezIncumbent House CD 47
DemocraticCongressman Adam B. SchiffIncumbent House CD 29
DemocraticCongressman Brad ShermanIncumbent House CD 27
DemocraticCongressman Jackie SpeierIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Fortney "Pete" StarkIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman C. Michael "Mike" ThompsonIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Maxine WatersIncumbent House CD 35
DemocraticCongressman Diane E. WatsonIncumbent House CD 33
DemocraticCongressman Henry A. WaxmanIncumbent House CD 30
DemocraticCongressman Lynn C. WoolseyIncumbent House CD 6
ColoradoDemocraticSenator Michael F. BennetIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticSecretary of State Bernie BuescherIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman Diana L. DeGetteIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticTreasurer Cary KennedyIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Elizabeth Helen "Betsy" MarkeyIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Barbara O'BrienIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Edwin "Ed" PerlmutterIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Jared PolisIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticGovernor Willliam "Bill" Ritter, Jr.Incumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman John Tony SalazarIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticSenator Mark E. UdallIncumbent Senate Class 2
ConnecticutDemocraticAttorney General Richard BlumenthalIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticSecretary of State Susan BysiewiczIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman Joseph D. "Joe" CourtneyIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Rosa L. DeLauroIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticSenator Christopher J. DoddIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman Jim HimesIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman John B. LarsonIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Christopher Scott "Chris" MurphyIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticTreasurer Denise L. NappierIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticComptroller Nancy WymanIncumbent Comptroller
DelawareDemocraticAttorney General Joseph R. "Beau" Biden, IIIIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticSenator Thomas R. "Tom" CarperIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Matthew P. "Matt" DennIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticTreasurer Velda Jones-PotterIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticSenator Edward E. "Ted" KaufmanIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticGovernor Jack A. MarkellIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCommissioner of Insurance Karen Weldin StewartIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
District of ColumbiaDemocraticMayor Adrian M. FentyIncumbent Mayor
DemocraticTerritorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes NortonIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
FloridaDemocraticCongressman F. Allen Boyd, Jr.Incumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Corrine BrownIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Katherine Anne "Kathy" CastorIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Alan Mark GraysonIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Alcee L. HastingsIncumbent House CD 23
DemocraticCongressman Ron KleinIncumbent House CD 22
DemocraticCongressman Suzanne M. KosmasIncumbent House CD 24
DemocraticCongressman Kendrick B. MeekIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticSenator Bill NelsonIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticChief Financial Officer Adelaide Alexander "Alex" SinkIncumbent Chief Financial Officer
DemocraticCongressman Debbie Wasserman SchultzIncumbent House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Robert WexlerIncumbent House CD 19
GeorgiaDemocraticAttorney General Thurbert E. BakerIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman John J. BarrowIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Sanford Dixon Bishop, Jr.Incumbent House CD 2
DemocraticAgriculture Commissioner Thomas T. "Tommy" IrvinIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
DemocraticCongressman Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.Incumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman John R. LewisIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman James Creel "Jim" MarshallIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman David Albert ScottIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticLabor Commissioner Michael L. "Mike" ThurmondIncumbent Commissioner of Labor
GuamDemocraticTerritorial Delegate Madeleine Z. BordalloIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
HawaiiDemocraticCongressman Neil AbercrombieIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticSenator Daniel Kahikina AkakaIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Mazie K. HironoIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticSenator Daniel K. InouyeIncumbent Senate Class 3
IdahoDemocraticCongressman Walter Clifford "Walt" MinnickIncumbent House CD 1
IllinoisDemocraticCongressman Melissa Luburich BeanIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticSenator Roland W. BurrisIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman Jerry F. CostelloIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Danny K. DavisIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticSenator Richard J. "Dick" DurbinIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman G. William "Bill" FosterIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticTreasurer Alexander "Alexi" GiannouliasIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Luis V. GutierrezIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Deborah "Debbie" DeFrancesco HalvorsonIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Philip G. "Phil" HareIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticComptroller Daniel W. "Dan" HynesIncumbent Comptroller
DemocraticCongressman Jesse Louis Jackson, Jr.Incumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Daniel William LipinskiIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticAttorney General Lisa MadiganIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Mike QuigleyIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCook County Commissioner Mike QuigleyCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticGovernor Patrick "Pat" QuinnIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Bobby Lee RushIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Janice D. "Jan" SchakowskyIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticSecretary of State Jesse WhiteIncumbent Secretary of State
IndianaDemocraticSenator Evan BayhIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman André D. CarsonIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Joseph Simon "Joe" DonnellyIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Brad EllsworthIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Baron P. HillIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Peter J. ViscloskyIncumbent House CD 1
IowaDemocraticCongressman Leonard L. BoswellIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Bruce L. BraleyIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticGovernor Chester "Chet" CulverIncumbent Governor
DemocraticTreasurer Michael L. "Mike" FitzgeraldIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticSenator Thomas Richard "Tom" HarkinIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Patty JudgeIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman David Wayne LoebsackIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticSecretary of State Michael A. MauroIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticAttorney General Tom MillerIncumbent Attorney General
KansasDemocraticLieutenant Governor Troy FindleyIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Dennis MooreIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticGovernor Mark ParkinsonIncumbent Governor
DemocraticAttorney General Stephen N. "Steve" SixIncumbent Attorney General
KentuckyDemocraticGovernor Steven L. "Steve" BeshearIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman A.B. "Ben" Chandler, IIIIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticAttorney General John William "Jack" ConwayIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticTreasurer L.J. "Todd" HollenbachIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticAuditor of Public Accounts Crit LuallenIncumbent Auditor of Public Accounts
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Daniel "Dan" MongiardoIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman John A. YarmuthIncumbent House CD 3
LouisianaDemocraticAttorney General James D. "Buddy" CaldwellIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticSenator Mary L. LandrieuIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticLieutenant Governor "Mitch" LandrieuIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Charles J. "Charlie" Melancon, Jr.Incumbent House CD 3
MaineDemocraticGovernor John Elias BaldacciIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Michael H. MichaudIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Chellie M. PingreeIncumbent House CD 1
MarylandDemocraticLieutenant Governor Anthony G. BrownIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSenator Benjamin L. "Ben" CardinIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Elijah E. CummingsIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Donna Fern EdwardsIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticComptroller Peter FranchotIncumbent Comptroller
DemocraticAttorney General Douglas F. "Doug" GanslerIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Steny Hamilton HoyerIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Frank Michael Kratovil, Jr.Incumbent House CD 1
DemocraticSenator Barbara A. MikulskiIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticGovernor Martin O'MalleyIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Charles Albert Dutch "C.A. Dutch" Ruppersberger, IIIIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman John Peter Spyros SarbanesIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Christopher "Chris" Van Hollen, Jr.Incumbent House CD 8
Massachusetts(Democratic)Treasurer and Receiver-General Timothy P. "Tim" CahillIncumbent Treasurer and Receiver-General
DemocraticCongressman Michael E. CapuanoCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Michael E. "Mike" CapuanoIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticAttorney General Martha CoakleyIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticAttorney General Martha CoakleyCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman William D. "Bill" DelahuntIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticAuditor A. Joseph "Joe" DeNucciIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticCongressman Barney FrankIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticSecretary of the Commonwealth William Francis "Bill" GalvinIncumbent Secretary of the Commonwealth
DemocraticSenator John F. KerryIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticAlan A. KhazeiCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Paul G. Kirk, Jr.Incumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Stephen F. LynchIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Edward J. "Ed" MarkeyIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman James P. "Jim" McGovernIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Timothy P. "Tim" MurrayIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Richard E. NealIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman John Walter OlverIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticStephen G. PagluicaCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticGovernor Deval L. PatrickIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman John F. TierneyIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Nicola S. "Niki" TsongasIncumbent House CD 5
MichiganDemocraticLieutenant Governor John D. Cherry, Jr.Incumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman John Conyers, Jr.Incumbent House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman John D. DingellIncumbent House CD 15
DemocraticGovernor Jennifer M. GranholmIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Dale E. KildeeIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Carolyn Cheeks KilpatrickIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticSenator Carl LevinIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Sander M. "Sandy" LevinIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Gary PetersIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Mark Hamilton SchauerIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticSenator Debbie StabenowIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Bart StupakIncumbent House CD 1
MinnesotaDemocraticCongressman Keith Maurice EllisonIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticSenator Al FrankenIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticSenator Amy KlobucharIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Betty McCollumIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman James L. "Jim" OberstarIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Collin Clark PetersonIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Timothy J. "Tim" WalzIncumbent House CD 1
MississippiDemocraticCongressman Travis W. ChildersIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticAttorney General Jim HoodIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Gene TaylorIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Bennie G. ThompsonIncumbent House CD 2
MissouriDemocraticSecretary of State Robin CarnahanIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman Russ CarnahanIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman William Lacy Clay, Jr.Incumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Emanuel Cleaver, IIIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticAttorney General Chris KosterIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticSenator Claire C. McCaskillIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticAuditor Susan MonteeIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticGovernor Jeremiah W. "Jay" NixonIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Ike SkeltonIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticTreasurer Clint ZweifelIncumbent Treasurer
MontanaDemocraticSenator Max BaucusIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticLieutenant Governor John C. BohlingerIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticAttorney General Steve BullockIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticPublic Instruction Superintendent Denise JuneauIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticAuditor Monica J. LindeenIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticSecretary of State Linda H. McCullochIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticGovernor Brian SchweitzerIncumbent Governor
DemocraticSenator Jon TesterIncumbent Senate Class 1
NebraskaDemocraticSenator E. Benjamin "Ben" NelsonIncumbent Senate Class 1
NevadaDemocraticCongressman Shelley BerkleyIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticAttorney General Catherine Cortez MastoIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticTreasurer Kate MarshallIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticSecretary of State Ross MillerIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticSenator Harry Mason ReidIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman Dina TitusIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticController Kim WallinIncumbent Controller
New HampshireDemocraticCongressman Paul W. HodesIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticGovernor John LynchIncumbent Governor
DemocraticSenator Jeanne ShaheenIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Carol Shea-PorterIncumbent House CD 1
New JerseyDemocraticCongressman John H. AdlerIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Robert E. "Rob" AndrewsIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticGovernor Jon S. CorzineIncumbent Governor
DemocraticGovernor Jon S. CorzineCandidate for Governor
DemocraticCongressman Rush D. HoltIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticSenator Frank R. LautenbergIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticSenator Robert "Bob" MenendezIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Frank Pallone, Jr.Incumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman William J. "Bill" Pascrell, Jr.Incumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Donald M. PayneIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Steven R. RothmanIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Albio SiresIncumbent House CD 13
New MexicoDemocraticAuditor Hector H. BalderasIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticSenator Jesse F. "Jeff" Bingaman, Jr.Incumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Diane D. DenishIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Martin T. HeinrichIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticSecretary of State Mary E. HerreraIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticAttorney General Gary K. KingIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticTreasurer James B. LewisIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Ben Ray LujánIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticGovernor William B. "Bill" RichardsonIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Harry TeagueIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticSenator Tom UdallIncumbent Senate Class 2
New YorkDemocraticCongressman Gary L. AckermanIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Michael Angelo "Mike" ArcuriIncumbent House CD 24
DemocraticCongressman Timothy H. "Tim" BishopIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Yvette D. ClarkeIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Joseph "Joe" CrowleyIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticAttorney General Andrew M. CuomoIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticComptroller Thomas P. DiNapoliIncumbent Comptroller
DemocraticCongressman Eliot L. EngelIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticSenator Kirsten Elizabeth GillibrandIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman John Joseph HallIncumbent House CD 19
DemocraticCongressman Brian M. HigginsIncumbent House CD 27
DemocraticCongressman Maurice D. HincheyIncumbent House CD 22
DemocraticCongressman Steve J. IsraelIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Nita M. LoweyIncumbent House CD 18
DemocraticCongressman Daniel Benjamin "Dan" MaffeiIncumbent House CD 25
DemocraticCongressman Carolyn B. MaloneyIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Eric J. J. MassaIncumbent House CD 29
DemocraticCongressman Carolyn McCarthyIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Michael E. "Mike" McMahonIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Gregory Weldon MeeksIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman H. Scott MurphyCandidate for House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman H. Scott MurphyIncumbent House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Jerrold Lewis "Jerry" NadlerIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman William L. "Bill" OwensIncumbent House CD 23
DemocraticWilliam L. "Bill" OwensCandidate for House CD 23
DemocraticGovernor David A. PatersonIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Charles B. RangelIncumbent House CD 15
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Richard RavitchIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSenator Charles E. "Chuck" SchumerIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman José E. SerranoIncumbent House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Louise McIntosh SlaughterIncumbent House CD 28
DemocraticCongressman Paul David TonkoIncumbent House CD 21
DemocraticCongressman Edolphus "Ed" TownsIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Nydia M. VelazquezIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Anthony D. WeinerIncumbent House CD 9
North CarolinaDemocraticPublic Instruction Superintendent June St. Clair AtkinsonIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticCongressman G. K. ButterfieldIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticAttorney General Roy CooperIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticTreasurer Janet CowellIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Walter H. DaltonIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Bob EtheridgeIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticInsurance Commissioner Wayne GoodwinIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
DemocraticSenator Kay R. HaganIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Lawrence Webb "Larry" KissellIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticSecretary of State Elaine F. MarshallIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman Mike McIntyreIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Ralph Bradley "Brad" MillerIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticGovernor Beverly Eaves "Bev" PerdueIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman David E. PriceIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Joseph Heath "Heath" ShulerIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Melvin L. "Mel" WattIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticAuditor Beth A. WoodIncumbent Auditor
North DakotaDemocraticSenator Kent ConradIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Byron Leslie DorganIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman Earl Ralph PomeroyIncumbent House At-Large
Northern Marianas(Democratic)Juan Pan Tenorio "Pan" GuerreroCandidate for Governor
(Democratic)Territorial Delegate Gregorio Kilili Camacho "Kilili" SablanIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
OhioDemocraticCongressman John A. BoccieriIncumbent House CD 16
DemocraticTreasurer Kevin L. BoyceIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticSenator Sherrod BrownIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSecretary of State Jennifer L. BrunnerIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticAttorney General Richard "Rich" CordrayIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Steven Leo "Steve" DriehausIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Lee FisherIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Marcia L. FudgeIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Marcy C. KapturIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Mary Jo KilroyIncumbent House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Dennis J. KucinichIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Timothy J. "Tim" RyanIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticCongressman Zachary T. "Zach" SpaceIncumbent House CD 18
DemocraticGovernor Ted StricklandIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Betty Sue SuttonIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Charles A. "Charlie" Wilson, Jr.Incumbent House CD 6
OklahomaDemocraticLieutenant Governor Jari AskinsIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman David Daniel "Dan" BorenIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticAuditor and Inspector Steve BurrageIncumbent Auditor and Inspector
DemocraticAttorney General Edward "Drew" EdmondsonIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticLabor Commissioner Lloyd L. FieldsIncumbent Commissioner of Labor
DemocraticPublic Instruction Superintendent Sandy GarrettIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticGovernor Brad HenryIncumbent Governor
DemocraticInsurance Commissioner Kim HollandIncumbent Insurance Commissioner
DemocraticTreasurer Scott MeachamIncumbent Treasurer
OregonDemocraticCongressman Earl BlumenauerIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticSecretary of State Kate BrownIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman Peter Anthony "Pete" DeFazioIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticAttorney General John R. KrogerIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticGovernor Theodore R. "Ted" KulongoskiIncumbent Governor
DemocraticSenator Jeffrey Alan "Jeff" MerkleyIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Kurt SchraderIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticTreasurer Ben WestlundIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman David WuIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticSenator Ronald Lee "Ron" WydenIncumbent Senate Class 3
PennsylvaniaDemocraticCongressman Jason AltmireIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Robert A. BradyIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Christopher P. "Chris" CarneyIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticSenator Robert P. "Bob" Casey, Jr.Incumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Kathleen Ann "Kathy" DahlkemperIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Mike DoyleIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Chaka FattahIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman T. Timothy "Tim" HoldenIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticCongressman Paul E. KanjorskiIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticTreasurer Robert "Rob" McCordIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Patrick J. MurphyIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman John P. MurthaIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticGovernor Edward G. "Ed" RendellIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Allyson Y. SchwartzIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Joseph A. "Joe" Sestak, Jr.Incumbent House CD 7
DemocraticSenator Arlen SpecterIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticAuditor General Jack WagnerIncumbent Auditor General
Puerto Rico  
Rhode IslandDemocraticGeneral Treasurer Frank T. CaprioIncumbent General Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Patrick J. KennedyIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman James R. LangevinIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticAttorney General Patrick C. LynchIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticSecretary of State A. Ralph MollisIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticSenator John F. "Jack" ReedIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Elizabeth H. RobertsIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSenator Sheldon Whitehouse, IIIncumbent Senate Class 1
South CarolinaDemocraticCongressman James E. "Jim" ClyburnIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticEducation Superintendent James H. "Jim" RexIncumbent Superintendent of Education
DemocraticCongressman John McKee Spratt, Jr.Incumbent House CD 5
South DakotaDemocraticCongressman Stephanie M. Herseth SandlinIncumbent House At-Large
DemocraticSenator Tim JohnsonIncumbent Senate Class 2
TennesseeDemocraticGovernor Philip N. "Phil" BredesenIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Stephen Ira "Steve" CohenIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman James H. S. "Jim" CooperIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Lincoln Edward DavisIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Barton Jennings "Bart" GordonIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman John S. TannerIncumbent House CD 8
TexasDemocraticCongressman Henry R. CuellarIncumbent House CD 28
DemocraticCongressman Lloyd A. DoggettIncumbent House CD 25
DemocraticCongressman Chet EdwardsIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticCongressman Charles A. GonzalezIncumbent House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Alexander "Al" GreenIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Raymond E. "Gene" GreenIncumbent House CD 29
DemocraticCongressman Rubén E. HinojosaIncumbent House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Sheila Jackson LeeIncumbent House CD 18
DemocraticCongressman Eddie Bernice JohnsonIncumbent House CD 30
DemocraticCongressman Solomon P. OrtizIncumbent House CD 27
DemocraticCongressman Silvestre ReyesIncumbent House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Ciro D. RodriguezIncumbent House CD 23
UtahDemocraticCongressman James David "Jim" MathesonIncumbent House CD 2
VermontDemocraticSenator Patrick LeahyIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticAttorney General William H. "Bill" SorrellIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Peter F. WelchIncumbent House At-Large
Virgin IslandsDemocraticTerritorial Delegate Donna M. ChristensenIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
DemocraticGovernor John P. deJongh, Jr.Incumbent Governor
VirginiaDemocraticCongressman Frederick C. "Rick" BoucherIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Gerald E. "Gerry" ConnollyIncumbent House CD 11
Democraticstate Senator R. Creigh DeedsCandidate for Governor
DemocraticGovernor Timothy M. "Tim" KaineIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman James P. "Jim" Moran, Jr.Incumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Glenn Carlyle Nye, IIIIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Thomas Stuart Price "Tom" PerrielloIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Robert C. "Bobby" ScottIncumbent House CD 3
Democraticstate Delegate Stephen C. "Steve" ShannonCandidate for Attorney General
Democraticformer Treasurer and former Secretary of Finance Jody M. WagnerCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSenator Mark Robert WarnerIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticSenator James H. "Jim" Webb, Jr.Incumbent Senate Class 1
WashingtonDemocraticCongressman Brian N. BairdIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticSenator Maria CantwellIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Norman D. "Norm" DicksIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticPublic Lands Commissioner Peter James GoldmarkIncumbent Commissioner of Public Lands
DemocraticGovernor Christine GregoireIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Jay R. InsleeIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticInsurance Commissioner Mike KreidlerIncumbent Insurance Commissioner
DemocraticCongressman Rick R. LarsenIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman James A. "Jim" McDermottIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticTreasurer Jim McIntireIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticSenator Patty MurrayIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Brad OwenIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman David Adam "Adam" SmithIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticAuditor Brian SonntagIncumbent Auditor
West VirginiaDemocraticSenator Robert C. ByrdIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticAgriculture Commissioner Gus R. DouglassIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
DemocraticAuditor Glen B. Gainer, IIIIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticGovernor Joe Manchin, IIIIncumbent Governor
DemocraticAttorney General Darrell V. McGraw, Jr.Incumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Alan Bowlby MollohanIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticTreasurer John D. PerdueIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Nick Joe Joe Rahall, IIIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticSenator John Davison "Jay" Rockefeller, IVIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticSecretary of State Natalie E. TennantIncumbent Secretary of State
WisconsinDemocraticCongressman Tammy BaldwinIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticGovernor Jim DoyleIncumbent Governor
DemocraticSenator Russell D. "Russ" FeingoldIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman Steven Leslie "Steve" KagenIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Ron KindIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticSenator Herbert H. "Herb" KohlIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSecretary of State Douglas "Doug" La FolletteIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Barbara C. LawtonIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Gwendolynne "Gwen" MooreIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman David R. ObeyIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticTreasurer Dawn Marie SassIncumbent Treasurer
WyomingDemocraticGovernor Dave FreudenthalIncumbent Governor

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.


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