Footnotes for the Sessions of the
11th Congress, 1809-1811

session type convened adjourned President pro Tempore
of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives
SpecialSENATE4 March 18097 March 1809none- - - -

This Special Session of the SENATE was called by outgoing President Thomas Jefferson via executive Proclamation issued on 30 December 1808; no President pro Tempore was elected by the Senate, as Vice President George Clinton presided over the entire session.

1stExtra22 May 180928 June 1809Gregg, Andrew
(Rep.- Pennsylvania)
2ndlong27 November 18091 May 1810Gaillard, John
(Rep.- South Carolina)
3rdshort3 December 18103 March 1811Pope, John
(Rep.- Kentucky)


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