The Green Papers: Election 2000 
Republican PartyMassachusetts Republican
Primary: Tuesday, March 7, 2000
Popular VoteDelegate Votes
Floor VoteHard Total
McCain, John  324,708  65%    1.    3%   37.  100%
Bush, George W.  159,534  32%   35.   95%      
Keyes, Alan  12,630   3%            
Bauer, Gary  1,744   0%            
Forbes, Steve  1,407   0%            
Uncommitted  1,292   0%            
All others  374   0%            
Hatch, Orrin  262   0%            
abstention           1.    3%      
Total  501,951 100%   37.  100%   37.  100%
Voter Eligibility: Modified Open Primary, Polls Close at 8 PM EST (0100 UTC)
Delegate Selection: Winner-Take-All Primary

37 total delegates - 6 base at-large / 30 re: 10 congressional districts / 1 bonus

Last modified Sunday, December 24, 2000
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6 April 2000: John McCain is giving George Bush 7 delegates. The Massachusetts delegation will include Governor Paul Cellucci and Lt. Governor Jane Swift who are both Bush supporters. Jean Inman, McCain's Massachusetts campaign leader, will chair the delegation. "Soft Pledged" has been updated to show McCain 30, Bush 7. The "Hard Total" will continue to show the original McCain 37, Bush 0.

The Popular Vote above is based on official returns from the 7 March Primary. This is a winner-take-all primary. Votes for "No Preference" are recorded as "Uncommitted".

Here's how we estimate the delegate count:

  1. The candidate receiving the highest popular vote receives 37 delegates. McCain has received the greatest number of votes.

Tuesday 7 March 2000: All 37 of Massachusetts' delegates to the Republican National Convention are allocated to a presidential contender in today's Massachusetts Presidential Primary.

  • "The 37 National Convention delegates are to be allocated to the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in the primary statewide, notwithstanding that candidate's percentage of the total primary vote statewide. This winning candidate will be said to have received the 'final net primary vote'".

Complete list of candidates on the ballot:

Rocker, Angel Joy0 

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