The Green Papers: Election 2000 
Republican PartyLouisiana Republican
Primary: Tuesday, March 14, 2000
Popular VoteDelegate Votes
Floor VoteHard Total
Bush, George W.  86,038  84%   29.  100%   29.  100%
McCain, John  9,165   9%            
Keyes, Alan  5,900   6%            
Forbes, Steve  1,041   1%            
Bauer, Gary  768   1%            
Total  102,912 100%   29.  100%   29.  100%
Voter Eligibility: Closed Primary, Polls Close at 8 PM CST (0200 UTC)
Delegate Selection: Proportional Primary

29 total delegates - 6 base at-large / 21 re: 7 congressional districts / 2 bonus

Last modified Sunday, December 24, 2000
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The Popular Vote above is based on official returns from the 14 March Primary.

Bush is the only candidate to receive at least 10% of the vote, therefore, he receives all 29 delegates.

15 December 1999 - Today the Louisiana Executive Committee voted to drop the 15 January 2000 Republican Party Caucuses in favor of a Presidential Preference Primary on 14 March 2000.

Tuesday 14 March 2000 - All of Louisiana's delegates are allocated on a proportional basis based on today's statewide Presidential Primary.

  • Candidates must receive at least 10% of the statewide vote to be allocated any delegates.
  • Any candidate receiving a fractional number of delegates is be allocated the nearest lower number of delegates.
  • Any delegate positions that remain open (as a result of threshold or rounding) are awarded to the candidate with the highest statewide vote total.
  • Results will be certified by the Secretary of State. Delegate selection will take place on no earlier that 24 hours and no later than seven calendar days after this certification.

Should a candidate release his or her delegates, the delegate is required to vote for one of the candidates participating in the 14 March 2000 election.

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