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2011 U.S. House
Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts
by Party

Senate Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Gubernatorial Popular Vote by Party
House Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Close Contests Summary - Decision by 2% or less
Contests Where No Candidate Received a Majority


The popular vote tallies are UNOFFICIAL and have been acquired from various sources.
The FEC tallies are compiled from each candidates' reported "Total Receipts". The grand total includes candidates participating in the general election -- the total EXCLUDES funds collected by candidates eliminated during the primary/caucus nomination process.
This tally may exclude results for uncontested contests.


The overview is grouped by Major Party (Democratic and affiliates, Republican), Major Third Party (Libertarian, Green), Other Third Party, Independent, and Others (write-in, scattering, none of the above, etc.). Votes cast for fusion candidates (candidates appearing under the banner of multiple parties) are tallied under the Major Party.

Affiliated Party
or Classification
Total Receipts
Other Third Party40 12,5873.16%$3,092,582
Independent70 5,3541.35% 
Green20 1,1770.30% 
Others30 4910.12% 
Libertarian20 00.00%$12,969
7 listings634100.00%397,776100.00%$18,229,152

Party Details

Candidate's Balloted Party(ies)Affiliated Party
or Classification
Total Receipts
Democratic; Working FamiliesDemocratic1152,71313.25%$2,076,697
Republican; Conservative; IndependenceRepublican1047,18711.86%$3,299,017
Republican; ConservativeRepublican1137,3429.39%$490,966
Democratic; Independence; Working FamiliesDemocratic1033,6568.46%$931,281
TeaOther Third Party1010,0292.52%$3,092,582
Independent AmericanOther Third Party102,4150.61% 
Socialist Workers PartyOther Third Party101430.04% 
No Party PreferenceIndependent3000.00% 
Peace And FreedomOther Third Party1000.00% 
16 listings 634397,776100.00%$18,229,152

Candidate Details

(I) = incumbent
* = winner
Total Receipts
CACD 36 Special*Janice HahnDemocratic47,00054.89%$1,695,063
CACD 36 SpecialCraig HueyRepublican38,62445.11%$2,197,411
CACD 36 SpecialDaniel H. "Dan" AdlerDemocratic  $259,708
CACD 36 SpecialPatrick "Kit" BobkoRepublican  $77,845
CACD 36 SpecialDebra BowenDemocratic  $485,611
CACD 36 SpecialMichael T. ChamnessNo Party Preference   
CACD 36 SpecialStephen "Steve" CollettLibertarian  $12,969
CACD 36 SpecialStephen Karl EiseleRepublican  $40,707
CACD 36 SpecialVince FlahertyWrite-in   
CACD 36 SpecialMichael A. "Mike" GinRepublican  $170,453
CACD 36 SpecialLoraine GoodwinDemocratic  $269
CACD 36 SpecialMaria E. MontanoPeace And Freedom   
CACD 36 SpecialGeorge NewberryRepublican  $11,081
CACD 36 SpecialKatherine PilotNo Party Preference   
CACD 36 SpecialMatthew "Matt" RoozeeNo Party Preference   
CACD 36 SpecialMichael Walter "Mike" WebbRepublican  $73,062
CACD 36 SpecialMarcy WinogradDemocratic  $100,644
NVCD 02 Special*Mark Eugene AmodeiRepublican74,97657.93%$751,375
NVCD 02 SpecialKate MarshallDemocratic46,66936.06%$817,842
NVCD 02 SpecialHelmuth LehmannIndependent5,3544.14% 
NVCD 02 SpecialTimothy "Tim" FasanoIndependent American2,4151.87% 
NVCD 02 SpecialGeorge S. BayDemocratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialChad DehneDemocratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialJill DerbyDemocratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialBlake FranzmanDemocratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialR. J. GillumDemocratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialJoe HuntDemocratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialZach JonesDemocratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialJacques Clement Maye, Jr.Democratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialNancy PriceDemocratic  $275
NVCD 02 SpecialRex RicksDemocratic   
NVCD 02 SpecialSharron E. AngleRepublican  $1,524,920
NVCD 02 SpecialGreg BrowerRepublican  $41,844
NVCD 02 SpecialHal CarmackRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialGuy FeltonRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialWilliam R. GravesRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialEdward "Ed" "Eddie" "Mr. Clean" HamiltonRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialRyan HendersonRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialEric HintermeyerRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialGreg HudsonRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialJames R. "Jim Bob" KohnRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialRobert X. LeedsRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialKirk S. LippoldRepublican  $77,530
NVCD 02 SpecialDaniel MillerRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialTroy "Gunny" OroscoRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialPhillip D. TelanderRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialBusch Voigts, Jr.Republican   
NVCD 02 SpecialJonathan M. YuspaRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialSidney "Sid" ZellerRepublican   
NVCD 02 SpecialBilly HowardGreen   
NVCD 02 SpecialB. Dale GrembanLibertarian   
NVCD 02 SpecialEarl Ammerman, IVIndependent   
NVCD 02 SpecialRoland LeeIndependent   
NVCD 02 SpecialChristopher SimonIndependent   
NYCD 09 Special*Robert L. "Bob" TurnerRepublican; Conservative37,34252.49%$490,966
NYCD 09 SpecialDavid I. WeprinDemocratic; Independence; Working Families33,65647.31%$931,281
NYCD 09 SpecialChristopher P. "Chris" HoeppnerSocialist Workers Party1430.20% 
NYCD 26 Special*Kathleen Courtney "Kathy" HochulDemocratic; Working Families52,71347.24%$2,076,697
NYCD 26 SpecialJane L. CorwinRepublican; Conservative; Independence47,18742.28%$3,299,017
NYCD 26 SpecialJohn R. "Jack" DavisTea10,0298.99%$3,092,582
NYCD 26 SpecialIan MurphyGreen1,1771.05% 
NYCD 26 SpecialBLANK & VOIDScattering2590.23% 
NYCD 26 SpecialSCATTERINGScattering2320.21% 
3 states4 offices63 candidates 397,776 $18,229,152

‡ Since this candidate ran in both a regular and special election, the candidate is listed twice in this table. The candidate's total receipts are however included only once in the subtotals.


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