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Governor:1(Term Limit: None; 4-year term)
Senators:2(Electoral Classes 1 and 2)
2000 Census:20,903,994 (7.41% of 281,998,273)
2004, 2008 Electors:34(6.32% of 538)
2002-2010 Representatives:32(7.36% of 435)
2010 Census:25,268,418 (8.16% of 309,785,186)
2012, 2016, 2020 Electors:38(7.06% of 538)
2012-2020 Representatives:36(8.28% of 435)

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Official Name/Status   All States
 The STATE of Texas
 Status: STATE of the Union
 Texas was an independent Republic prior to Statehood (independence from Mexico declared, 2 March 1836) and, thus, never constituted a U.S. Territory
 Admitted to the Union as a State: 29 December 1845 by a Joint Resolution of Congress (9 Stat. 108)
[NOTE: The Texas Annexation Resolution (5 Stat. 797) contained a provision specifically permitting Texas to divide itself into up to 5 new States of the Union; this provision, however, would unconstitutionally place Texas on other than the "equal footing" with its sister States declared upon its Admission (in 9 Stat. 108)-- see the essay May Texas *really* split itself into up to five States on its own? for further information]
  The 28th state.

Traditional Sections and Regions   All States
 Section: SOUTH
 Region: Lower ["Deep"] South
 Survey: Metes & Bounds

Constitutions   All States     Links to State Constitutions
 Enabling Act (of the Congress of the United States): 1 March 1845 [The resolution of this date annexing the Republic of Texas to the United States (5 Stat. 797) functioned as an equivalent to an Enabling Act authorizing formation of a State government and Admission thereafter; this annexation was formally accepted by the Republic of Texas (via a Consent Resolution adopted by the Congress of the Republic) on 23 June 1845 (and the State Constitutional Convention- upon first convening on 4 July 1845- formally made both the American and Texan Congressional Resolutions aforementioned the legal basis on which said Convention was thereafter entitled to act)]
1st (1836-1845) [Adopted: 17 March 1836 This was the Constitution of the REPUBLIC of Texas, framed by a Convention which convened on 1 March 1836, formally declared independence from Mexico on 2 March, adopted an "Executive Ordinance" to provide for a provisional government for the Republic and then drafted this Constitution, Ratified: 17 March 1836 not submitted to the People]
2nd (1845-1866) [Adopted: 27 August 1845 Convention convened, 4 July 1845, Ratified: 13 October 1845 ratified by a vote of 4,174 to 312; effective upon Admission, 29 December 1845]
3rd (1866-1869) [Adopted: 2 April 1866 Convention convened, March 1866, Ratified: 25 June 1866 ratified by a vote of 34,794 to 11,235]
4th (1869-1876) [Adopted: December 1868 Convention convened, 1 June 1868, Ratified: 3 December 1869 ratified by a vote of 72,395 to 4,924]
5th (1876-) [Adopted: 24 November 1875 Convention convened, 6 September 1875, Ratified: 17 February 1876]

Executive Branch   All States
Chief Executive
Successor to a Vacancy
  Lieutenant Governor [elected separately from GOVERNOR]
Major Executive Officers Elected Statewide   All States   2021 Office holders
  Governor: 4 year term, Election Cycle: 2018, 2022. Term Limit: None
  Lieutenant Governor: 4 year term, Election Cycle: 2018, 2022
  Attorney General: 4 year term, Election Cycle: 2018, 2022
  Comptroller of Public Accounts: 4 year term, Election Cycle: 2018, 2022
  Commissioner of Agriculture: 4 year term, Election Cycle: 2018, 2022
  Commissioner of General Land Office: 4 year term, Election Cycle: 2018, 2022
  Railroad Commissioner 1: 6 year term, Election Cycle: 2016, 2022
  Railroad Commissioner 2: 6 year term, Election Cycle: 2018, 2024
  Railroad Commissioner 3: 6 year term, Election Cycle: 2020, 2026

Legislative Branch   All States
Upper House
Lower House
  House of Representatives

Judicial Branch   All States
Court of Last Resort
  Supreme Court
  Court of Criminal Appeals
Intermediate Appellate Court
  Courts of Appeals [IN: district FOR: State/County]

Local Government
  County [Type: Strong, Executive: Judge, Legislative: COMMISSIONERS' COURT]
   precinct [Type: None, Executive and Legislative: no associated governmental structure]
Incorporated Municipalities  All States

Statutory Election Information   All States
Presidential Primary   All States
  1st Tuesday in March of Presidential Election years
[TX Election Code 41.007(c)]
State Primary   All States
  (--2011) "General Primary": 1st Tuesday in March of even-numbered years [TX Election Code 41.007(a)]
"Runoff Primary" (re: races in which no candidate has received a majority of the vote in the "General Primary"): 2d Tuesday in April of even-numbered years [TX Election Code 41.007(b)]
  (2012--) "General Primary": 1st Tuesday in March of even-numbered years [TX Election Code 41.007(a)]
"Runoff Primary" (re: races in which no candidate has received a majority of the vote in the "General Primary"): 4th Tuesday in May following the general primary election. [TX Election Code 41.007(b)]
Polling times   All States
  Polls open: 7 AM local time
Polls close: 7 PM local time.
[41.031(a) Voting Hours]

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