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2004 Presidential Hopefuls


Retired Army General Wesley K. Clark - 16 September 2003: Announced candidacy.
11 February 2004: Withdrew after 3rd place finish in the 10 February Tennessee and Virgina Primaries.
13 February 2004: Endorsed Senator John Kerry for President.
History: Chairman CEO Wesley K. Clark & Associates; 34 years Army, 4-star general; NATO Supreme Allied Command (1997-2000); 1966 West Point Graduate.

Vermont Governor Howard Dean - March 2002: Announced candidacy.
9 December 2003: Endorsed by former Vice President Al Gore.
6 January 2004: Endorsed by former Senator Bill Bradley.
18 February 2004, After coming in a distant third place in the Wisconsin primary, Governor Dean announced, "I am no longer actively pursuing the presidency."
25 March 2004: Endorsed Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry for President.
History: Vermont Governor (1991-2002); Vermont Lieutenant Governor (1986-Aug. 14, 1991); became Governor upon the death of Republican Governor Richard Snelling; Vermont State Legislator (1982-1986)

North Carolina Senator John Edwards - January 2, 2003: Setting up exploratory committee. 2003 September 16: Formally announced candidacy.
3 March 2004: After a second place showing on Super Tuesday, Senator Edwards announced that he has decided to suspend his campaign for the Presidency.
History: lawyer (1978-1998); North Carolina US senator (1999-present)

Former Vice President Al Gore - December 15, 2002: Stated that he will not run for President in 2004. On 9 December 2003, Mr. Gore endorsed former Governor Howard Dean for President..

Missouri Congressman Richard "Dick" Gephardt announced that he will file papers on Monday, January 6, 2003 to establish a presidential exploratory committee. After showing 4th place in the Iowa 19 January caucuses, Representative Gephardt's campaign announced that he will withdraw from the Presidential contest on 20 January 2004.
Endorsed Senator John Kerry for the Demcratic Nomination for President on 6 February 2004.
History: Lawyer, Missouri US Representative (1977-present); St. Louis Board of Aldermen (1971-1976).

Florida Senator Bob Graham - October 6, 2003: Withdrew. February 20, 2003: Stated that within a week, he will file FEC papers to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee. February 27, 2003 update: Senator Graham filed papers to form a Presidential Campaign Committee. October 6, 2003 - "Tonight I am announcing the end of my campaign for President of the United States."
History: Florida US Senator (1986-present, up for election in 2004); Florida Governor (1978-1986); Florida State Senator (1970-1978); Florida House of Representatives (1966-1970)

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry - December 1, 2002: Announced he was forming an exploratory committee.
History: Lawyer; Massachusetts US Senator (1985-present); Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor under Governor Michael Dukakis (1983-85)

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich - February 17, 2003: Announced he planning to file papers to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee.
22 July 2004: Kucinich endorses the Kerry-Edwards ticket.
History: Ohio US Representative (1997-present); Ohio State Senator (1995-1997); sought nomination for US House (1988, 1992); Cleveland City Council (1983); Cleveland mayor (1977-1979); candidate for US House (1974); candidate for US House (1972); Cleveland City Council (1969-1975)

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman - January 12, 2003: "I am a candidate for President in 2004...."
Withdrew Tuesday 3 February 2004 after failing to win any delegates to date.
History: Connecticut US Senator (1989-present); 2000 candidate for Vice President; Connecticut State Senator (1971-81); Connecticut Attorney General (1983-89)

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. - announced candidacy December 27, 2000

Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun - September 22, 2003: formal declaration of candidacy; February 18, 2003: The former Illinois Senator announced plans to file papers for a Presidential Exloratory Committee.
History: Illinois US Senator (1993-1998); Cook County recorder of deeds (1988-1992); Illinois State Representative (1979-1987).
15 January 2004: Dropped out of the Presidential race and endorsed Howard Dean.

Bill Pearman - July 2001: Announced candidacy. Unsuccessful candidate for Reform Party presidential nomination in 2000. Considering run for Democratic nomination in 2004.

Rev. Al Sharpton - August 20, 2001: Announced he was forming an exploratory committee.
2004 March 15: Announced he will support Senator John Kerry for the Democratic Presidential nomination.
History: Preacher, founder of National Youth Movement and National Action Network; ran for New York State Senate (1978, removed from ballot); candidate for US Senate (1992, 1994); candidate for New York City Mayor (1997)


President George W. Bush - May 16, 2003: Filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC Form One and FEC Form Two) as "Bush-Cheney '04 Inc.".
History: 43rd President (2001-present); Texas Governor (1995-2000 [resigned to assume the office of President])

(Vice President Richard "Dick" Cheney - May 6, 2003: Announced that he has agreed to be George W. Bush's running mate in 2004.)
History: Vice President (2001-present); Secretary of Defense (1989-1993); Wyoming Congressman (6 terms); Ford Administration (1974-1977); Nixon Administration (1969-1974)

Kenneth Scot Stremsky - of New Hampshire (added 12 July 2002; withdrew 25 March 2003).

American Independent

Michael A. Peroutka

Constitution Party

H. James "Jim" Headings


Peter Miguel Camejo

David Cobb

Kent Mesplay

Lorna Salzman


Ralph Nader. (Reference http://www.naderexplore04.org/). Announced candidacy 22 February 2004; formed and exploratory committee in October 2003 however he stated that he will not run under the Green banner.


Jeffrey H. Diket

Michael Badnarik

Gary Nolan

N. Ruben Perez

Aaron Russo

Peace and Freedom

Walter F. "Walt" Brown

Leonard Peltier