The Green Papers: Election 2004

Just for Fun!... mix n' match yer own 2004 Democratic national ticket!!!
revised Tuesday, January 28, 2002
(Wednesday, January 31, 2001)


It's often been said that the next election begins as soon as the newly-elected person is sworn into office, so I guess that means it's high time we all think about Election 2004! (less than 1400 days away now!!) [;-)]...

Of the 9 Presidents we have had since Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower was the last President without public office-holding experience, 7 have served as either a Governor or a Senator (only Ford and Bush the First had never served in the Senate or in a Governor's Mansion)... what this means is that it is more than likely that current Preident Bush the Second will be facing a ticket made up of two of the people on the following list of current Democratic Governors and U.S. Senators if and when he runs for re-election in 2004...

For those of you thinking that former Vice President Al Gore might try again in 2004- please keep in mind that not since 1968 has any candidate who lost the Presidential Election been subsequently renominated by his party or elected to the Presidency (also note that Nixon waited EIGHT years before trying again- he did NOT go for his party's nomination during the very next election cycle). For those of you who are thinking that some as yet unknown Democratic Party office-holder elected in the meantime (e.g. a new Democrat Governor or a new Democrat Class 2 Senator elected in the 2002 midterm elections) might be on the ticket, that- too- is most unlikely (a candidate elected to office so soon before the Presidential Nomination Process begins would have a tough time of it). Also keep in mind that any person on the list below who faces an election before 2004 MUST win RE-election to be a viable candidate (though a Governor on the list below who must step down before 2004 because of a term limit or who otherwise voluntarily chooses not to run for re-election [assuming they did not then run for, say, the Senate and lose] would still be considered viable).

Keep in mind things like geographical and ideological balance, cross off people who are too old to be President- as well as those with too little experience and, have fun, folks, picking your own Democratic presidential/vice-presidential ticket for 2004!!!

  • Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii
  • Governor Roy Barnes of Georgia
  • Senator Max Baucus of Montana
  • Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana
  • Senator Joe Biden of Delaware
  • Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico
  • Senator Barbara Boxer of California
  • Senator John Breaux of Louisiana
  • Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia
  • Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington
  • Senator Jean Carnahan of Missouri
  • Senator Thomas Carper of Delaware
  • Governor Benjamin Cayetano of Hawaii
  • Senator Max Cleland of Georgia
  • Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York
  • Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota
  • Senator Jon Corzine of New Jersey
  • Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota
  • Governor Gray Davis of California
  • Senator Mark Dayton of Minnesota
  • Governor Howard Dean of Vermont
  • Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
  • Senator Bryan Dorgan of North Dakota
  • Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois
  • Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina
  • Senator John Edwards of North Carolina
  • Senator Russell Feingold of Wisconsin
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein of California
  • Governor Parris Glendening of Maryland
  • Senator Bob Graham of Florida
  • Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa
  • Governor Jim Hodges of South Carolina
  • Governor Bob Holden of Missouri
  • Senator Ernest Hollings of South Carolina
  • Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
  • Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota
  • Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts
  • Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts
  • Governor John Kitzhaber of Oregon
  • Governor Tony Knowles of Alaska
  • Senator Herbert Kohl of Wisconsin
  • Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana
  • Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont
  • Senator Carl Levin of Michigan
  • Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut
  • Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln of Arkansas
  • Governor Gary Locke of Washington
  • Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
  • Senator Zell Miller of Georgia
  • Governor Ruth Ann Minner of Delaware
  • Senator Patty Murray of Washington
  • Governor Ronnie Musgrove of Mississippi
  • Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska
  • Senator Bill Nelson of Florida
  • Governor Frank O'Bannon of Indiana
  • Governor Paul Patton of Kentucky
  • Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island
  • Senator Harry Reid of Nevada
  • Senator John Rockefeller IV of West Virginia
  • Senator Paul Sarbanes of Maryland
  • Senator Chuck Schumer of New York
  • Governor Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire
  • Governor Don Siegelman of Alabama
  • Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
  • Senator Robert Torricelli of New Jersey
  • Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa
  • Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota
  • Governor Bob Wise of West Virginia
  • Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon

No one first elected in 2001 through 2003 to either the Senate or a Governor's chair would be able to become a serious Presidential possibility in 2004. For a Senator who is in a "Class 2" seat up for election this Fall or for a Governor eligible for re-election this Fall, a re-election, by a significant margin of victory, would be needed to keep his/her Presidential Nomination hopes for 2004 alive-- however, a Governor who will not be able to run for another term this Fall due to term limits will not have this problem and could (a-la Jimmy Carter) run for President in 2004 as an ex-Governor.

APPENDIX: GOVERNORS ELECTED IN 2001 (more likely to be Vice-Presidential Nomination possibilities)

  • Governor James E. "Jim" McGreevey of New Jersey
  • Governor Mark Warner of Virginia

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