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2012 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Municipal Caucuses / non-binding straw poll: Sunday 29 January - Saturday 3 March 2012
Municipal Caucuses / non-binding straw poll results announced: Saturday 11 February 2012
District Caucuses and State Convention: Saturday 5 May - Sunday 6 May 2012
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Romney, Willard "Mitt"2,373  37.97% 14  58.33%
Paul, Ronald E. "Ron"2,258  36.13% 10  41.67%
Santorum, Richard J. "Rick"1,136  18.18%  
Gingrich, Newton Leroy "Newt"405   6.48%  
Undecided60   0.96%  
Others18   0.29%  
Uncommitted 24 100.00% 
Total6,250 100.00%24 100.00%24 100.00%

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Unpledged delegate preferences as of
13 March 2012: Romney 2.
Source: Democratic Convention Watch 2012 GOP Superdelegate Endorsement List

The delegate selection processes herein was updated on 25 January 2012.

Rules and By Laws - The General Rules of the Maine Republican Party - As Adopted at Convention on May 7, 2010
Maine GOP Caucus Information

11 February 2012 from the Maine Republican Party: Mitt Romney Wins Maine Caucus

28 June 2012: Reports indicate some Ron Paul delegates are being challenged. Reference State of Maine Delegation being challenged. Notice of Contest from Notice of Contest Against the Maine Delegation.

28 August 2012: The RNC Credentials Committee replaced half of Maine's delegation with newly appointed delegates. Reference National GOP Muzzles Maine’s Voice. Reference Maine Delegates Report that The National GOP Muzzles Maine’s Voice at RNC.


Sunday 29 January - Saturday 3 March 2012: Maine Republican Party Municipal Caucuses. Each Precinct Caucus chooses the precinct's delegates to the District Caucuses and State Convention.

  • There is no formal system applied in the Municipal Caucuses to relate the presidential preference of the participants to the choice of the municipality's delegates to the District Caucuses and State Convention. The participants at each Municipal Caucus alone determine if presidential preference is to be a factor in such choices and, if so, how it is to be applied.
  • The proceedings of the municipal caucuses shall include ... Election of delegates ... to the state convention ... [The General Rules of the Maine Republican Party - Rule 8 d.]

The party will conduct a non-binding Presidential straw poll at the caucuses. The results of the straw poll will be made public on Saturday 11 February 2012. Note that some caucuses are held after 11 February-- see below. Since no National Convention delegates are bound to Presidential contenders, the straw poll does not violate the RNC's Tuesday 6 March 2012 timing rule.

The Maine Republican Party is encouraging all municipal committees to hold their caucuses between 4 to 11 February. Reference: Maine G.O.P. 2012 Caucus Information. Caucuses outside this date range:

  • Aroostook-- North Caucus: 3 February
  • Hancock County-- Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Waltham, Sorrento, Sullivan, Winter Harbor, Fletcher's Landing, Aurora/Amherst, Eastbrook, Franklin, Mariaville, Osborn: 18 February
  • Hancock County-- Castine: 3 March
  • Kennebec-- Rome: 16 February
  • Oxford-- South Paris, Buckfield, Greenwood, Hartford, Hebron, Norway, Otisfield, Oxford, Paris, Waterford, West Paris: 3 February
  • Penobscot-- Millinocket: 30 January
  • Waldo-- Frankfort: 1 February
  • Waldo-- Palermo, Unity: 29 January

Saturday 11 February 2012: The results of the Municipal Caucuses / non-binding straw poll are made public.

Here's how we estimate the delegate count as of 17 February 2012: (Note that zero national convention delegates are allocated during the Municipal Caucuses - national convention delegates are first elected in May.)

We will allocate the state's unbound 21 non-party leader delegates proportionally according to the popular vote for those candidates receiving 5% or more of the vote. This is a very rough estimate and will change by the time the state convention meets.

Saturday 12 February 2012 Municipal Caucuses
Updated Monday 5 March 2012 - Precincts Reporting: 99.719%
Source: Maine Republican Party
Delegates  21  8  8  4  1

Saturday 5 May - Sunday 6 May 2012: District Caucuses and State Convention. The National Convention delegates are elected during the 2nd day of the State Convention.

  • 6 district delegates are elected by caucus participants from each of Maine's 2 Congressional districts. These delegates will attend the Republican National Convention officially unbound to any Presidential candidate.
    • CD 1: 3
    • CD 2: 3
  • 15 delegates are elected by the Maine State Convention as a whole. These delegates will attend the Republican National Convention officially unbound.
  • 3 party leaders, the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the Maine's Republican Party, will attend the convention as unbound delegates by virtue of their position.

The proceedings of the state convention shall include ...

  • Elect delegates ... to the Republican National Convention. [General Rules of the Maine Republican Party - Rule 2. h. 1)]
  • ... three delegates ... shall be elected in ... each congressional district ... the remainder ... shall be elected at-large by the convention as a whole. [Rule 3. a.]
  • ... In the event of any ambiguities ... these rules shall be interpreted ... by the Executive Committee whose interpretation ... shall be ... binding ... [Rule 3. d.]
  • ... The proceedings of the district caucuses shall include ... Election of the district ... delegates ... to the Republican National Convention [Rule 4. c.]
  • ... The last business of the State Convention shall be the election of Delegates ... to the National convention. [Rule 24. f.]

WMTW TV on 6 May 2012: Ron Paul wins majority of delegates from Maine GOP

Maine Sunday Telegram on 6 May 2012: Ron Paul wins most of Maine's GOP delegates But Mitt Romney ... has dispatched his top lawyer to challenge the results.

6 May 2012 from Kennebec Journal: Paul wins most of Maine's GOP delegates.

Links submitted on 6 May 2012 by Dominik Kasprzak:
Chris Dixon: #RONPAUL WINS CD #2 DELEGATES, HAS 23 DELEGATES FROM #MAINE! #mepolitics and @dominobb 1 delegate is the State Chairman, and it's unclear where Webster stands. He doesn't like #RonPaul, though. #mepolitics #megop
The Washington Post: With Romney all but the nominee, Ron Paul snags delegate majority at Maine’s GOP ... Paul supporters were elected to 21 of the 24 delegate spots ... The 24th ... seat goes to party Chairman Charles Webster, who has remained uncommitted ....

Sources submitted on 6 May 2012 by Dominik Kasprzak:
CD1: Paul wins 3 delegates:!/cdixon25/status/199197961425653761
CD2: Paul wins 3 delegates:!/cdixon25/status/199259991859933184
At-large delegates: Paul wins 15 at-large delegates:!/cdixon25/status/199138003266965505
Party leader delegates: Paul wins 2 party leaders: the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman:!/cevans93/status/199243091138449408
1 is unknown: the chairman of the Maine's Republican Party:!/cdixon25/status/199262657872801793
Alternates: Paul wins 15 at-large alternates:!/cdixon25/status/199276282607968258
Paul wins 3 CD2 alternates:!/cdixon25/status/199263840561672192
From politico:

7 May 2012: We are using a soft count of Paul 21, Romney 2, Uncommitted 1.

The RNC credentials committee replaced 10 delegates prior to seating the delegation.

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