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2004 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Precinct Caucus: Tuesday 13 April 20041
County Assemblies and Conventions: Friday 23 April - Thursday 13 May 2004
District Conventions: Friday 14 May - Friday 21 May 2004
State Convention: Saturday 22 May 2004
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Kerry, John F.4,730   63.7%39.   61.9%50.   79.4%
Uncommitted1,454   19.6%10.   15.9% 
Kucinich, Dennis J.964   13.0%14.   22.2%13.   20.6%
Dean, Howard182    2.5%  
Edwards, John66    0.9%  
Clark, Wesley K.25    0.3%  
Sharpton, Alfred C. "Al"3    0.0%  
Total7,424  100.0%63.  100.0%63.  100.0%

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Colorado Primaries for Statewide offices and Congress


26 May 2004 Unpledged delegate preference update: Kerry: 10. Unpledged delegates appear in the "Soft Unpledged" column.

25 May 2004 update. Delegates as elected at the Colorado District Caucuses and State Convention:

Unpledged Add-on1

The Tuesday 13 April 2004 Precinct Caucus results were obtained from a party source. Media reports state that about 12,000 Democrats participated in the caucuses.

Here's how we estimated the delegate count from the results at the time of the Precinct Caucuses. Note that the 10 uncommitted positions were later picked up by Kucinich at the state convention.

  1. A candidate must receive 15% or more of the total popular vote to qualify for delegates. Discard votes cast for those candidates who do not meet the threshold.
  2. Allocate Congressional District delegates from the qualified vote in each district. Allocate Pledged PLEO and At-Large delegates using the state-wide qualified vote.
  3. In each jurisdiction (CD and statewide):
    1. Total qualified vote = total votes cast for the qualifying candidates in the jurisdiction.
    2. Allocation = (delegates for the jurisdiction) (candidate's popular vote) (total qualified vote).
    3. Assign each candidate the WHOLE NUMBER of delegates.
    4. If delegates remain, allocate each of the remaining delegates to those candidates with the LARGEST REMAINDERS.


12 March 2003 - Fox News reports that the elimination of the Colorado Presidential Primary was among proposals to reduce the state's 2002-03 budget by $800 million. Governor Bill Owens (Republican) signed a bill on 5 March 2003 which saves $2.2 million by eliminating the 2004 Presidential Primary.


There are two separate processes in Colorado that are dealt with simultaneously: Caucuses and conventions select Colorado's National Delegates while assemblies designate candidates for nomination at the 10 August Colorado state primary.

During the delegate selection process, a non-binding "straw" poll may be taken before an official poll.

Tuesday 13 April 2004: Precinct Caucuses meet in each precinct to choose delegates to the County Conventions based in proportion to the percentage of the support each candidate receives- a mandatory 15 percent threshold being required for such allocation.


Friday 23 April - Thursday 13 May 2004 - County Conventions. State Convention delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders in proportion to the percentage of the support each candidate receives at the County Conventions- a mandatory 15 percent threshold being required for such allocation.


Friday 14 May - Friday 21 May 2004: Congressional District Conventions. 34 of 63 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in Colorado District Conventions. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates at the congressional district.

  • 34 district delegates are to be allocated proportionally to presidential contenders based on the convention results in each of the State's 7 congressional districts.
    • CD 1: 6
    • CD 2: 6
    • CD 3: 5
    • CD 4: 4
    • CD 5: 3
    • CD 6: 5
    • CD 7: 5

Saturday 22 May 2004 - State Convention

19 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders based on a poll of the convention participants as a whole. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  • 12 at-large National Convention delegates
  • 7 Pledged PLEOs

The remaining 10 National Convention delegates consist of

  • 9 Unpledged PLEO delegates:
    • 7 Democratic National Committee members
    • 2 Members of Congress (0 Senators and 2 Representatives)
    • 0 Governors
    • 0 Distinguished Party Leaders
  • 1 Unpledged "add-on" (selected during the State Convention).

These 10 delegates and will go to the Democratic National Convention officially "Unpledged".

Delegation to the National Convention

Colorado Delegation (as posted by, 4 July 2004)

Pledged District26834
Pledged PLEO527
Pledged At-Large8412
Total Pledged391453
Alternate Pledged District707
Alternate Pledged PLEO000
Alternate Pledged At-Large112
Total Alternates819
Unpledged  10
Pages  2
Pledged District 1KerryHon. Ken GordonDenver, CO
Pledged District 1KucinichKenneth HermannDenver, CO
Pledged District 1KerryHon. Jennifer MelloDenver, CO
Pledged District 1KerryLino Lipinsky de OrlovDenver, CO
Pledged District 1KucinichVicki RottmanDenver, CO
Pledged District 1KerryHon. Elbra WedgeworthDenver, CO
Pledged District 2KerryArmene BrownWestminster, CO
Pledged District 2KucinichKim CohenBoulder, CO
Pledged District 2KerryDarryl EskinThornton, CO
Pledged District 2KerryRollie HeathBoulder, CO
Pledged District 2KerryPatricia MooreWestminster, CO
Pledged District 2KucinichJonathan SingerBoulder, CO
Pledged District 3KerryAl BeccoPueblo, CO
Pledged District 3KucinichMaggie FrickeBasalt, CO
Pledged District 3KerryChris MunozPueblo, CO
Pledged District 3KerryLeslie RobinsonRifle, CO
Pledged District 3KerryMichael SmithOak Creek, CO
Pledged District 4KucinichMark BennerHugo, CO
Pledged District 4KerryDaniel BuckFort Collins, CO
Pledged District 4KerryAnn HarrounLoveland, CO
Pledged District 4KerryJannine MohrLoveland, CO
Pledged District 5KucinichJames PotterCotopaxi, CO
Pledged District 5KerryEd RayeColorado Springs, CO
Pledged District 5KerryPatsy WursterPeyton, CO
Pledged District 6KerryAjenai ClemmonsGreenwood Village, CO
Pledged District 6KerryCarl DixonCastle Rock, CO
Pledged District 6KerryHon. Meg FroelichGreenwood Village, CO
Pledged District 6KerryRebecca McClellanCentennial, CO
Pledged District 6KerryPaul ThompsonCastle Rock, CO
Pledged District 7KerryAnn KnollmanArvada, CO
Pledged District 7KucinichJosh PendletonAurora, CO
Pledged District 7KerryHon. Ed PerlmutterGolden, CO
Pledged District 7KerryHon. Rita SchnidtArvada, CO
Pledged District 7KerryHon. Dave ThomasArvada, CO
Pledged PLEOKucinichHeather AyresAurora, CO
Pledged PLEOKerryFran ColemanDenver, CO
Pledged PLEOKerryRick GarciaDenver, CO
Pledged PLEOKerryMannie RodriguezDenver, CO
Pledged PLEOKerryDan SlaterCanon City, CO
Pledged PLEOKucinichChristy StoddardColorado Springs, CO
Pledged PLEOKerryVal VigilThornton, CO
Pledged At-LargeKerryMargaret AtencioDenver, CO
Pledged At-LargeKerryAndrea AutobeeDenver, CO
Pledged At-LargeKucinichCaitlin CianfloneGreeley, CO
Pledged At-LargeKerryJohn Fitz-GeraldGolden, CO
Pledged At-LargeKerryJosie HeathBoulder, CO
Pledged At-LargeKucinichJoel LeventhalDenver, CO
Pledged At-LargeKerryTish MaesDenver, CO
Pledged At-LargeKerryAlexis PerlmutterGolden, CO
Pledged At-LargeKucinichKhadija QadriDenver, CO
Pledged At-LargeKerryPaul RosenthalDenver, CO
Pledged At-LargeKucinichMichael Lee WhiteBoulder, CO
Pledged At-LargeKerryLinda YardleyDenver, CO
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryHon. Polly BacaDenver, CO
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryDiane BenningColorado Springs, CO
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryBeneranda ChaeonMonte Vista, CO
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerrySamuel IrvinWalsh, CO
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryWhitney KnausArvada, CO
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryBill MooreWestminster, CO
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryJohn PettyAurora, CO
Alternate Pledged At-LargeKerryRosario C de BacaDenver, CO
Alternate Pledged At-LargeKucinichMichael Russell NeilDenver, CO
Unpledged Add-on Hon. Ken SalazarDenver, CO
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Diana DeGetteDenver, CO
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Mark UdallWestminster, CO
Unpledged DNC Member Andrew BoianLakewood, CO
Unpledged DNC Member
Delegation Chair
 Chris GatesDenver, CO
Unpledged DNC Member Julia HicksArvada, CO
Unpledged DNC Member Mary Alice MandarichDenver, CO
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Ramona MartinezDenver, CO
Unpledged DNC Member Jonathan PostalDenver, CO
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Wellington WebbDenver, CO
Page Seneca HolmesDenver, CO
Page Jennifer RidderDenver, CO

Congressional Districts  

Congressional Districts re: Counties

County District(s)
Adams CDs 1, 2 & 7
Alamosa CD 3
Arapahoe CDs 1, 6 & 7
Archuleta CD 3
Baca CD 4
Bent CD 4
Boulder CDs 2 & 4
Chaffee CD 5
Cheyenne CD 4
Clear Creek CD 2
Conejos CD 3
Costilla CD 3
Crowley CD 5
Custer CD 3
Delta CD 3
Denver (coterminous with the city of Denver) CDs 1 & 6
Dolores CD 3
Douglas CD 6
Eagle CD 2
Elbert CD 6
El Paso CD 5
Fremont CD 5
Garfield CD 3
Gilpin CD 2
Grand CDs 2
Gunnison CD 3
Hinsdale CD 3
Huerfano CD 3
Jackson CD 3
Jefferson CDs 1, 2, 6 & 7
Kiowa CD 4
Kit Carson CD 4
Lake CD 5
La Plata CD 3
Larimer CD 4
Las Animas CD 3
Lincoln CD 4
Logan CD 4
Mesa CD 3
Mineral CD 3
Moffat CD 3
Montezuma CD 3
Montrose CD 3
Morgan CD 4
Otero CD 5
Ouray CD 3
Park CDs 5 & 6
Phillips CD 4
Pitkin CD 3
Prowers CD 4
Pueblo CDs 3
Rio Blanco CD 3
Rio Grande CD 3
Routt CD 3
Saguache CD 3
San Juan CD 3
San Miguel CD 3
Sedgwick CD 4
Summit CD 2
Teller CD 5
Washington CD 4
Weld CD 4
Yuma CD 4

1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.


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