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2004 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Primary: Tuesday 3 February 20041
Regional Caucuses: Saturday 6 March 2004
State Convention: Saturday 17 April 2004
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Kerry, John F.101,809   42.6%30.   46.9%64.  100.0%
Clark, Wesley K.63,256   26.5%22.   34.4% 
Dean, Howard33,555   14.0%3.    4.7% 
Edwards, John16,596    6.9%  
Lieberman, Joe15,906    6.7%  
Kucinich, Dennis J.3,896    1.6%  
Sharpton, Alfred C. "Al"1,177    0.5%  
Gephardt, Richard "Dick"755    0.3%  
Moseley Braun, Carol325    0.1%  
LaRouche, Lyndon H., Jr.295    0.1%  
Barker, Dianne257    0.1%  
Wyatt, "Bill"233    0.1%  
Brand, Keith225    0.1%  
Penna, Fern208    0.1%  
Barchilon, William136    0.1%  
Muhammad, Huda119    0.0%  
Vitullo, Evelyn L.117    0.0%  
Caplette, Ray77    0.0%  
Uncommitted 9.   14.1% 
Total238,942  100.0%64.  100.0%64.  100.0%

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Arizona Primaries for Statewide offices and Congress


26 May 2004 Unpledged delegate preference update: Kerry: 3. Unpledged delegates appear in the "Soft Unpledged" column.

The Popular Vote above is based on official returns from the Arizona Secretary of State for the 8 February Primary.

Results from a party source:
Results from an official source:

Here's how we determine the delegate count:

  1. A candidate must receive 15% or more of the total popular vote to qualify for delegates. Discard votes cast for those candidates who do not qualify.
  2. Allocate congressional district delegates from the qualified vote in each district. Allocate Pledged PLEO and At-Large delegates using the state-wide qualified vote.
  3. In each jurisdiction (CD and statewide):
    1. Total qualified vote = total votes cast for the qualifying candidates in the jurisdiction.
    2. Allocation = (delegates for the jurisdiction) (candidate's popular vote) (total qualified vote).
    3. Assign each candidate the WHOLE NUMBER of delegates.
    4. If delegates remain, allocate each of the remaining delegates to those candidates with the LARGEST REMAINDERS.




Tuesday 3 February 2004: 55 of 64 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today's Arizona Presidential Primary. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  • 36 district delegates are to be allocated proportionally to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of Arizona's 8 Congressional Districts.
    • CD 1: 4
    • CD 2: 4
    • CD 3: 5
    • CD 4: 3
    • CD 5: 5
    • CD 6: 4
    • CD 7: 4
    • CD 8: 7
  • In addition, 19 delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary vote statewide.
    • 12 at-large National Convention delegates
    • 7 Pledged PLEOs

Saturday 6 March 2004: District Caucuses meet. Each Caucus chooses the district delegates to the Democratic National Convention based on presidential preference.

  • These caucuses choose the 36 district delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Such district National Convention delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders in proportion to the percentage of the support each candidate received in the Presidential Primary- a mandatory 15 percent threshold being required for such allocation.

Saturday 17 April 2004 - State Convention

The remaining 9 National Convention delegates consist of

  • 8 Unpledged PLEO delegates:
    • 5 Democratic National Committee members
    • 1 Governor
    • 2 Members of Congress (Representatives)
  • 1 Unpledged "add-on" (selected during the State Convention).

These 9 delegates and will go to the Democratic National Convention officially "Unpledged".

Delegation to the National Convention

Arizona Delegation (as posted by, 4 July 2004)

Pledged District1431936
Pledged PLEO3047
Pledged At-Large50712
Total Pledged2233055
Alternate Pledged District0066
Alternate Pledged PLEO0000
Alternate Pledged At-Large1023
Total Alternates1089
Unpledged   9
Pages   2
Pledged District 1ClarkAvtar KhalsaFlagstaff, AZ
Pledged District 1ClarkGayl OvergaardGlobe, AZ
Pledged District 1KerryEvangeline RiosKearny, AZ
Pledged District 1KerryJoe RiosKearny, AZ
Pledged District 2ClarkMaryanne BickfordSun City, AZ
Pledged District 2KerryMartha BruneauGlendale, AZ
Pledged District 2ClarkLlewellyn HowellGlendale, AZ
Pledged District 2KerryDennis JensenSun City, AZ
Pledged District 3KerryVirgel CainCave Creek, AZ
Pledged District 3ClarkMatt JewettPhoenix, AZ
Pledged District 3KerryJudy KennedyPhoenix, AZ
Pledged District 3ClarkMerle LustigPhoenix, AZ
Pledged District 3KerryTim NelsonPhoenix, AZ
Pledged District 4DeanRosie LopezPhoenix, AZ
Pledged District 4KerryLaura PastorPhoenix, AZ
Pledged District 4ClarkBob RosenbergPhoenix, AZ
Pledged District 5KerryNancy BuelFountain Hills, AZ
Pledged District 5ClarkSusan CastnerScottsdale, AZ
Pledged District 5ClarkWilliam FitzgeraldScottsdale, AZ
Pledged District 5KerryRon OwenScottsdale, AZ
Pledged District 5KerryLisa PerezScottsdale, AZ
Pledged District 6KerryLucy BermanSun Lakes, AZ
Pledged District 6ClarkJohn ChiazzaGilbert, AZ
Pledged District 6ClarkBeverly Fox-MillerMesa, AZ
Pledged District 6KerryJerome MooersSun Lakes, AZ
Pledged District 7KerryRicardo HernandezTucson, AZ
Pledged District 7ClarkBarbara SilverburgTucson, AZ
Pledged District 7KerryLaura Elias De La TorreTucson, AZ
Pledged District 7DeanRoger WolfTucson, AZ
Pledged District 8KerryHon. Ted DowningTucson, AZ
Pledged District 8DeanBritt HansonBisbee, AZ
Pledged District 8KerryHon. George MillerTucson, AZ
Pledged District 8KerryRoslyn MillerTucson, AZ
Pledged District 8ClarkHon. F. Ann RodriguezTucson, AZ
Pledged District 8KerryEsther SharifTucson, AZ
Pledged District 8ClarkErik TrevinoTucson, AZ
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Ken ClarkPhoenix, AZ
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Gabrielle GiffordsTucson, AZ
Pledged PLEOClarkAnne GreenbergScottsdale, AZ
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Carter OlsonFlorence, AZ
Pledged PLEOClarkSteve OwensScottsdale, Az
Pledged PLEOClarkJoni RamosScottsdale, AZ
Pledged PLEOKerryHon. Marie RogersAvondale, AZ
Pledged At-LargeClarkDolly EmmettPhoenix, AZ
Pledged At-LargeKerryBalbir GrewalPhoenix, AZ
Pledged At-LargeKerryHon. Jack Jackson, Jr.Phoenix, AZ
Pledged At-LargeKerryLawrence KingScottsdale, AZ
Pledged At-LargeKerryGerald LussonPhoenix, AZ
Pledged At-LargeKerryShirley McAllisterSun City, AZ
Pledged At-LargeKerryDaniel OrtegaPhoenix, AZ
Pledged At-LargeClarkMargaret PierceGreen Valley, AZ
Pledged At-LargeClarkCarmen PrezelskiTucson, AZ
Pledged At-LargeClarkTheodore PrezelskiTucson, AZ
Pledged At-LargeKerryVivian Juan SaundersSells, AZ
Pledged At-LargeClarkDritan ZelaScottsdale, AZ
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryDiane CallTucson, AZ
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryDavid GoldwinPhoenix, AZ
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryPeggy Toomey HammonFlagstaff, AZ
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryAsh SilverburgTucson, AZ
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryEddie SmithGlendale, AZ
Alternate Pledged DistrictKerryLisa UnderhillPhoenix, AZ
Alternate Pledged At-LargeClarkByron HowardTucson, AZ
Alternate Pledged At-LargeKerryKarl TuckerTucson, AZ
Alternate Pledged At-LargeKerryHon. Mary Rose WilcoxPhoenix, AZ
Unpledged Add-on Hon. Terry GoddardPhoenix, AZ
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Raul GrijalvaBethesda, MD
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Ed PastorPhoenix, AZ
Unpledged DNC Member Martin BacalTucson, AZ
Unpledged DNC Member Janice BrunsonParadise Valley, AZ
Unpledged DNC Member James PedersonPhoenix, AZ
Unpledged DNC Member Alexis TameronMesa, AZ
Unpledged DNC Member Sue TuckerTuscon, AZ
Unpledged Governor
Delegation Chair
 Hon. Janet NapolitanoPhoenix, AZ
Page Sami HamedTucson, AZ
Page Kelly WardPhoenix, AZ

Congressional Districts  

Congressional Districts re: Counties

Counties District(s)
Apache CD 1
Cochise CD 8
Coconino CDs 1 & 2
Gila CD 1
Graham CD 1
Greenlee CD 1
La Paz CDs 2 & 7
Maricopa CDs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
Mohave CD 2
Navajo CDs 1 & 2
Pima CDs 7 & 8
Pinal CDs 1, 6, 7 & 8
Santa Cruz CDs 7 & 8
Yavapai CD 1
Yuma CD 7

1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.


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