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Friday, November 10, 2000

As of 7 PM EST, 9 November (0000 UTC, 10 Nov), the office of the FLORIDA Secretary of State has announced that several counties would like to recount the recount; under State law, the counties have until Tuesday 14 November to do so... then, since valid overseas absentee ballots can be received through Friday 17 November (and keep in mind that there is no way of really knowing how many overseas absentee ballots will be returned in toto), it will not be until after that latter date that the FLORIDA vote for President can be officially certified and the 25 Presidential Electors from that State officially declared "appointed" as per the Constitution of the United States.

PALM BEACH County- one of 4 Florida counties in which Vice President Gore has asked for a hand count of the ballots- will conduct this hand counted recount (supplementing the preliminary recount of 8-9 November) on Saturday 11 November.

As of 5:30 AM EST, 10 November (1030 UTC, 10 Nov) the final numbers from the preliminary recount in the Presidential race in FLORIDA- with all 67 Counties in the State having completed their preliminary recounts:

Bush 2,910,198
Gore 2,909,871

current margin for Bush: 327

It is the considered opinion of "The Green Papers" (taking into account the trend of the recount) that, when the subsequent recount(s)- are completed and finally certified and announced, the final vote in FLORIDA will end up determining that Governor George W, Bush of Texas has, indeed, won the State of FLORIDA, will thereby gain 25 more Electoral Votes which will, in turn, give him 271 to Vice President Gore's 260 (with OREGON's 7 Electoral Votes still outstanding) and, thus, make George W. Bush, Republican, the 43d President of the United States of America. Therefore, "The Green Papers" has once again posted FLORIDA as being in the Bush column but with the caveat that this is pending the outcome of any potential legal challenges to Governor Bush's victory in the State on behalf of the presidential candidacy of Vice President Gore.

Popular vote (national margin 218,599 for Gore)

Florida still open (recount ongoing)
Oregon still open (99% of the vote counted)
Gore 671,178
Bush 667,803
Nader 68,175
Browne 6,744
Buchanan 6,490
Hagelin 2,309
Phillips 1,949

Washington still open: absentee ballots yet to be counted (possible recount afterwards)

FL CD22 Shaw vs Bloom still open
(recounted along with of Presidential race in the state)
NJ CD12 Holt vs Zimmer still open
(recount will be necessary... recount underway)

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