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Thursday, November 9, 2000

The FLORIDA FL Sec'y of State's office has announced that they will be able to complete the recount by 5 PM EST (2200 UTC), Thursday 9 November.
Whoever wins Florida wins the Presidency.

As of 5 AM EST, 9 November (1000 UTC), the FLORIDA recount has been completed in 32 of the State's 67 Counties... the current FLORIDA vote totals (with any additional ballots found- as well as any invalid ballots thrown out- as a result of the recount in those Counties which have completed same factored in) are:

Bush 2,909,481
Gore 2,908,540

current margin for Bush: 941

It is the considered opinion of "The Green Papers" that, given the manner in which the recount has been proceeding since it started during the afternoon on 8 November, that when this recount (which, by the way, is only a preliminary one- an automatic recount occasioned by the closeness of the results in the Presidential race in Florida, as required by State law) is completed before 5 PM EST (2200 UTC) on 9 November, Governor George W. Bush will- in all likelihood- still be ahead in the resultant vote count in the State of FLORIDA.

The next step, once this preliminary recount is completed, would be to then wait on the arrival and counting of any outstanding absentee ballots sent in by overseas residents of FLORIDA; these must be postmarked no later than 7 November and apparently can be received up to 10 days after Election Day. There is no way of really knowing a.) how many absentee ballots will be returned in toto; b.) how many of these have already been counted in either the original returns from FLORIDA or the ensuing recount now underway or both; c.) the source of these absentee ballots (i.e. how many are from U.S. servicemen resident of Florida but now abroad or how many are from civilian citizens of Florida abroad and, if so, from which countries they would originate- all of which might provide some clue as to how they might impact the outcome in FLORIDA)... it is quite possible that the number of outstanding absentee ballots may be below the margin of victory for Governor Bush as a result of the recount.

It is, thus, highly likely that- come the completion of the recount on 9 November- FLORIDA will be declared to be in the Bush column officially, giving the Texas Governor 271 Electoral Votes and, with it, the Presidency. "The Green Papers", however, will make no call re: the Presidential race in FLORIDA until the recount is completed and the final results formally announced some time tomorrow. Any change in this situation will, of course, be noted in this space.

Popular vote (national margin 192,638 for Gore)

Florida still open (recount ongoing)
Oregon still open (apparent slow tallying of mail-in ballots)

Washington still open: absentee ballots yet to be counted (possible recount afterwards)
  HOUSE... FL CD22 still open (recounted along with of Presidential race in the state)
NJ CD12 still open (recount will be necessary... recount underway)

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