The Green Papers: General Election 2000

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Primary: Tuesday, September 12, 2000
2000 Electoral Votes:4(0.74% of 538)
Governor:1(Term Limit: None; 2-year term)
Senators:2(Electoral Classes 2 and 3)
2000 Representatives:2(0.46% of 435)
1990 Census: 1,109,252(0.45% of 248,765,170)
Registered Voters (Nov 98):763,845
Estimated Voting age population (Jan 98):890,000 
Tuesday, November 7, 2000 Polls Close: 7 PM EST (0000 UTC) or 8 PM EST (0100 UTC) - NEW HAMPSHIRE permits its 13 cities to keep their polls open until 8 pm EST by local option- however, as there ARE only 13 cities among New Hampshire's 234 County subdivisions [the 221 "non-cities", of course, being the proverbial New England Town(ship)], the fact is that the vast majority of NH's polls have closed by 7 pm EST and the networks have no problem considering this hour as the earliest hour of potential projection.
Candidates seeking office
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President  Electoral votes: 4, Term limit: No more than 2 4-year terms in a lifetime; Electors: How Appointed, Meeting Place, How they voted; Total Popular Vote: 567,795; List of States: Short, Long

 WinnerRepublican273,559 48.18% Governor George W. Bush
(4 Electoral Votes)
 CandidateDemocrat266,348 46.91% Vice President Albert A. "Al" Gore, Jr.
 CandidateLibertarian 2,757 0.49% Harry Browne
 CandidateGreen 22,188 3.91% Ralph Nader
 CandidateConstitution328 0.06% Howard Phillips
 CandidateIndependence 2,615 0.46% Pat Buchanan

Governor  Term limit: None; 2-year term, Current Governors  

 Democrat  Jeanne Shaheen
First elected: 1996; re-elected: 1998
Renominated - 12 September 2000 Primary
 CandidateLibertarian  John Babiarz
 CandidateIndependent  Mary Brown
filed as "Independent": declared qualified for General Election Ballot as of 1 September 2000.
 CandidateRepublican  Gordon Humphrey
 WinnerDemocrat  Governor Jeanne Shaheen

Senate  6-year term, Current Senate  Senate Electoral Classes

Class 2Republican  Robert C. "Bob" Smith
Seat up for election: Tuesday, November 5, 2002.

Class 3Republican  Judd Gregg
First elected: 1992; re-elected: 1998
Seat up for election: Tuesday, November 2, 2004.

House of Representatives  2 year term, Current House  
2 Republicans

CD 1Republican  John E. Sununu
Renominated - 12 September 2000 Primary
 CandidateLibertarian  Dan Belforti
 CandidateDemocrat  Martha Fuller Clark
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman John E. Sununu

CD 2Republican  Charles Bass
Renominated - 12 September 2000 Primary
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman Charles Bass
 CandidateDemocrat  Barney Brannen
 CandidateLibertarian  Brian Christeson
 CandidateIndependent  Roy Kendel
running under the banner of the CONSTITUTIONAL AMERICAN PARTY

Congressional District

Congressional District 1 includes Belknap (except Sanbornton and Tilton), Carroll, Rockingham (except Atkinson, Salem, and Windham), and Strafford Counties.

Congressional District 2 includes Cheshire, Coos, Grafton, Hillsborough (except Bedford, Goffstown, Manchester, Merrimack), Merrimack (except Epsom, Hooksett, Pittsfield), and Sullivan Counties.