The Green Papers: General Election 2000

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Primary: Tuesday, August 1, 2000
2000 Electoral Votes:6(1.12% of 538)
Governor:1(Term Limit: 2 consecutive 4-year terms)
Senators:2(Electoral Classes 2 and 3)
2000 Representatives:4(0.92% of 435)
1990 Census: 2,477,588(1.00% of 248,765,170)
Registered Voters (Nov 98): 1,403,682
Estimated Voting age population (Jan 98): 1,925,000 
Tuesday, November 7, 2000 Polls Close: 8 PM CST / 7 PM MST (0200 UTC) - Polls close at either 7 pm or 8 pm local time by local option. Closing at 7 pm MST is not mandated for locales in that time zone. Relatively few MST locales in KANSAS do, in fact, close their polls at 7 pm local time (MST) in order to have virtually the entire state's polls closed by 8 pm CST. There COULD be a few isolated polls in the far western portions of the state which remain open for an additional hour- 9 pm CST/8 pm MST.
Candidates seeking office
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President  Electoral votes: 6, Term limit: No more than 2 4-year terms in a lifetime; Electors: How Appointed, Meeting Place, How they voted; Total Popular Vote: 1,072,216; List of States: Short, Long

 CandidateConstitution 1,254 0.12% Howard Phillips
 CandidateDemocrat399,276 37.24% Vice President Albert A. "Al" Gore, Jr.
 CandidateLibertarian 4,525 0.42% Harry Browne
 CandidateReform 7,370 0.69% Pat Buchanan
 WinnerRepublican622,332 58.04% Governor George W. Bush
(6 Electoral Votes)
 CandidateIndependent 36,086 3.37% Ralph Nader
 CandidateIndependent 1,373 0.13% John Hagelin

Governor  Term limit: 2 consecutive 4-year terms, Current Governors  

 Republican  Bill Graves
First elected: 1994; re-relected: 1998
Chair up for election: Tuesday, November 5, 2002. (The current Governor is affected by a term limit and CANNOT run in the next election for Governor).

Senate  6-year term, Current Senate  Senate Electoral Classes

Class 2Republican  Pat Roberts
First elected: 1996
Seat up for election: Tuesday, November 5, 2002.

Class 3Republican  Sam Brownback
First elected to finish out the term in a Special Election: 1996 [held to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of Senator Robert J. Dole: 11 June 1996- which Sheila Frahm (Republican) had been appointed by Governor Bill Graves (Republican) to fill, 11 June 1996]; elected to a full term: 1998
Seat up for election: Tuesday, November 2, 2004.

House of Representatives  2 year term, Current House  
1 Democrat
3 Republicans

CD 1Republican  Jerry Moran
Renominated - 1 August 2000 Primary
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman Jerry Moran
 No other candidate from any other party listed; Congressman Moran apparently run unopposed.

CD 2Republican  Jim Ryun
Renominated - 1 August 2000 Primary
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman Jim Ryun
 CandidateDemocrat  Stanley Wiles

CD 3Democrat  Dennis Moore
Renominated - 1 August 2000 Primary
 CandidateRepublican  Phill Kline
 WinnerDemocrat  Congressman Dennis Moore

CD 4Republican  Todd Tiahrt
Renominated - 1 August 2000 Primary
 CandidateDemocrat  Carlos Nolla
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman Todd Tiahrt

Congressional District

Kansas has 4 congressional districts and 105 counties: 103 counties are wholly within a given congressional district while 2 counties are divided between more than one congressional district:

UNDIVIDED COUNTIES (wholly within a Congressional District):

  • CD 1: Barber, Barton, Chase, Cheyenne, Clark, Clay, Cloud, Comanche, Decatur, Dickinson, Edwards, Ellis, Ellsworth, Finney, Ford, Gove, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greeley, Hamilton, Haskell, Hodgeman, Jewell, Kearny, Kiowa, Lane, Lincoln, Logan, Lyon, McPherson, Marshall, Meade, Mitchell, Morris, Morton, Ness, Norton, Osborne, Ottawa, Pawnee, Phillips, Pratt, Rawlins, Reno, Republic, Rice, Rooks, Rush, Russell, Saline, Scott, Seward, Sheridan, Sherman, Smith, Stafford, Stanton, Stevens, Thomas, Trego, Waubansee, Wallace, Washington and Wichita.
  • CD 2: Allen, Anderson, Atchison, Bourbon, Brown, Cherokee, Coffey, Crawford, Doniphan, Franklin, Geary, Jackson, Jefferson, Labette, Leavenworth, Linn, Nemaha, Neosho, Osage, Pottawatomie, Riley, Shawnee, Wilson and Woodson.
  • CD 3: Johnson, Miami and Wyandotte.
  • CD 4: Butler, Chautauqua, Cowley, Elk, Greenwood, Harper, Harvey, Kingman, Montgomery, Sedgwick and Sumner.

DIVIDED COUNTIES: (split between more than one Congressional District)

  • Douglas: CDs 2 and 3
  • Marion: CDs 1 and 4