The Green Papers: General Election 2000

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Primary: Tuesday, May 2, 2000
2000 Electoral Votes:12(2.23% of 538)
Governor:1(Term Limit: No more than 2 4-year terms in any 3-term period)
Senators:2(Electoral Classes 1 and 3)
2000 Representatives:10(2.30% of 435)
1990 Census: 5,544,156(2.23% of 248,765,170)
Registered Voters (Nov 98): 3,377,956
Estimated Voting age population (Jan 98): 4,410,000 
Tuesday, November 7, 2000 Polls Close: 6 PM EST (2300 UTC) and 6 PM CST (0000 UTC) - Relatively small portions of this state are in CST and so the vast majority of the polls are closed by the time indicated EST, when the networks feel they can project
Candidates seeking office
Natural Law:2
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President  Electoral votes: 12, Term limit: No more than 2 4-year terms in a lifetime; Electors: How Appointed, Meeting Place, How they voted; Total Popular Vote: 2,199,305; List of States: Short, Long

 CandidateDemocrat901,980 41.01% Vice President Albert A. "Al" Gore, Jr.
 CandidateIndependent 16,959 0.77% Pat Buchanan
 CandidateLibertarian 15,530 0.71% Harry Browne
 WinnerRepublican 1,245,836 56.65% Governor George W. Bush
(12 Electoral Votes)
 Candidate"Write-In" 8 0.00% David Harold Birchler
Running under the "Republican Party" banner. No running mate.
 Candidate"Write-In" 5 0.00% Earnest Lee Easton
Running under the "Veterans Industrial Party" banner. No running mate.
 Candidate"Write-In"198 0.01% John Hagelin
Running under the "Natural Law Party" banner.
 Candidate"Write-In" 15 0.00% Keith Russell Judd
Running as an Independent. No running mate.
 Candidate"Write-In" 43 0.00% David McReynolds
Running as an Independent candidate but a candidate for the Socialist Party. No running mate.
 Candidate"Write-In" 18,506 0.84% Ralph Nader
Running under the "Green Party" banner.
 Candidate"Write-In"197 0.01% Howard Phillips
Running under the "Constitution Party" banner.
 Candidate"Write-In" 24 0.00% Joe Schriner
Running as an Independent. No running mate.
 Candidate"Write-In" 4 0.00% Gloria Dawn Strickland
Running as an Independent candidate. No running mate.

Governor  Term limit: No more than 2 4-year terms in any 3-term period, Current Governors  

 Democrat  Frank O'Bannon
First elected: 1996
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary. (The current Governor is NOT affected by this state's term limit).
 CandidateIndependent  Terry Boesch
 CandidateRepublican  Congressman David M. McIntosh
 WinnerDemocrat  Governor Frank O'Bannon
 CandidateNatural Law  Paul Wilson

Senate  6-year term, Current Senate  Senate Electoral Classes

Class 1Republican  Richard G. Lugar
First elected: 1976; re-elected: 1982, 1988, 1994, 2000
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 CandidateNatural Law  Larry Evans
 CandidateLibertarian  Paul Hager
 CandidateDemocrat  David L. Johnson
 WinnerRepublican  Senator Richard G. Lugar

Class 3Democrat  Evan Bayh
First elected: 1998
Seat up for election: Tuesday, November 2, 2004.

House of Representatives  2 year term, Current House  
4 Democrats
6 Republicans

CD 1Democrat  Peter J. Visclosky
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 CandidateLibertarian  Christopher Nelson
 CandidateRepublican  Jack Reynolds
 WinnerDemocrat  Congressman Peter J. Visclosky

CD 2Republican  David M. McIntosh
Open Seat. Congressman McIntosh successfully sought the Republican nomination for Governor.
 WinnerRepublican  Mike Pence
 CandidateDemocrat  Robert W. Rock

CD 3Democrat  Tim Roemer
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 CandidateRepublican  Chris Chocola
 WinnerDemocrat  Congressman Tim Roemer

CD 4Republican  Mark E. Souder
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 CandidateDemocrat  Michael Dewayne Foster
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman Mark E. Souder

CD 5Republican  Steve Buyer
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 CandidateLibertarian  Scott Benson
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman Steve Buyer
 CandidateDemocrat  Greg Goodnight

CD 6Republican  Dan Burton
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman Dan Burton
 CandidateDemocrat  Darin Patrick Griesey
 CandidateLibertarian  Joe Hauptman

CD 7Republican  Edward A. Pease
Open Seat. Congressman Pease was not a candidate for re-election.
 CandidateDemocrat  Michael Douglas Graf
 WinnerRepublican  Brian D. Kerns
 CandidateLibertarian  Robert Thayer

CD 8Republican  John N. Hostettler
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 WinnerRepublican  Congressman John N. Hostettler
 CandidateDemocrat  Paul E. Perry
 CandidateLibertarian  Tom Tindle

CD 9Democrat  Baron Hill
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 CandidateRepublican  Michael E. Bailey
 CandidateLibertarian  Sara Cotham
 WinnerDemocrat  Congressman Baron Hill

CD 10Democrat  Julia M. Carson
Renominated - 2 May 2000 Primary
 CandidateLibertarian  Na'llah Ali
 WinnerDemocrat  Congressman Julia M. Carson
 CandidateRepublican  Marvin B. Scott

Congressional District

Indiana has 92 counties and 10 congressional districts: 79 counties are wholly within a given congressional district; 13 counties are divided among more than one congressional district.

UNDIVIDED COUNTIES (wholly within one Congressional District)

  • CD 2: Decatur, Delaware, Madison, Randolph, Rush, Shelby and Wayne.
  • CD 3: Elkhart, LaPorte and St. Joseph.
  • CD 4: Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Lagrange, Noble, Steuben, Wells and Whitley.
  • CD 5: Benton, Blackford, Carroll, Cass, Fulton, Grant, Howard, Jasper, Marshall, Miami, Newton, Pulaski. Wabash, Warren and White.
  • CD 6: Clinton, Hamilton, Hancock and Tipton.
  • CD 7: Clay, Fountain, Hendricks, Montgomery, Owen, Parke, Putnam, Tippecanoe and Vigo.
  • CD 8: Daviess, Gibson, Greene, Knox, Lawrence, Martin, Orange, Pike, Posey, Sullivan, Vanderburgh and Warrick.
  • CD 9: Brown, Clark, Crawford, Dearborn, Dubois, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Perry, Ripley, Scott, Spencer, Switzerland, Union and Washington.

DIVIDED COUNTIES (split between more than one Congressional District):

  • Bartholemew: CDs 2 and 9
  • Boone: CDs 6 and 7
  • Henry: CDs 2 and 6
  • Jay: CDs 2 and 4
  • Johnson: CDs 2 and 6
  • Kosciusko: CDs 3 and 5
  • Lake: CDs 1 and 5
  • Marion: CDs 6 and 10
  • Monroe: CDs 7 and 8
  • Morgan: CDs 6 and 7
  • Porter: CDs 1 and 5
  • Starke: CDs 3 and 5
  • Vermilion: CDs 5 and 7

CD 10 is wholly within Marion County.