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Presidential Hopefuls


Warren Beatty, Actor (withdrew Jan 3, 2000)
Bill Bradley, Senator New Jersey, Launch Sept 8, 1999, withdrew March 9, 2000
Al Gore, Vice President, Launch June 16, 1999, Nominated August 16, 2000,
Sunday, November 26, 2000 7:35 EST -- Florida Secretary of State declares Bush the winner

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (not on nomination ballot)


Lamar Alexander, Former Governor Tennessee (withdrew)
Gary L. Bauer, Family Research Council (withdrew Feb 3, 2000)
George W. Bush, Governor Texas, Launch June 12, 1999, Nominated August 2, 2000.
Elizabeth Dole, Former Cabinet Secretary (withdrew Oct 20, 1999)
Steve Forbes, Businessman (withdrew Feb 9, 2000)
Orrin Hatch, Senator Utah (withdrew January 26, 2000)
John R. Kasich, Representative Ohio (endorsed Bush July 99)
Alan Lee Keyes, Former United Nations Ambassador (withdrew July 26, 2000)
John S. McCain, Senator Arizona, Declared candidacy Sept 27, 1999, Suspended campaign March 9, 2000 (not on nomination ballot)
Colin Powell, Retired US Army General (draft exploratory committee, Nov 17, 1999) (not on nomination ballot)
Dan Quayle, Former Vice President (withdrew Sept 27, 1999)
Angel Joy Rocker (not on nomination ballot)
Robert C. Smith, Senator (endorsed Bush July 99)
Charles Bass Urban (Texas) (not on nomination ballot)


Jello Biafra
Stephen Gaskin
Joel Kovel (not a candidate)
Ralph Nader, Declared candidacy Feb 21, 2000, Nominated Jun 25, 2000;
Vice President: Winona LaDuke; November 8, 2000 received 0 electoral votes


Harry Browne, Nominated 2000 July 2;
November 8, 2000 received 0 electoral votes

Don Gorman
Barry Hess
Larry Hines (inactive campaign)
Dave Hollist
Kip Lee (inactive campaign)
Edison P. McDaniels Sr. (inactive campaign)
L. Neil Smith (inactive campaign)


Robert Bowman (not on nomination ballot)
Charles Collins (not on nomination ballot)
Patrick J. Buchanan, Commentator, switched to Reform October 25, 1999, Nominated (Reform majority convention) August 11, 2000
November 8, 2000 received 0 electoral votes

Ross Perot (not a candidate as of 2000 July 02)
John Hagelin, Nominated (Reform minority convention), August 12, 2000
November 8, 2000 received 0 electoral votes

Donald Trump, announced October 25, 1999, withdrew February 13, 2000
George Weber (not on nomination ballot)

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