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RICHARD E. BERG-ANDERSSON, research and commentary:

Mr. Berg-Andersson is an alumnus of Boston University's Class of 1978 with a degree in Music, which well prepared him for his role as the political analyst for "The Green Papers". "It was either that or continuing my career as Night Manager for a chain of convenience stores", says Mr. Berg-Andersson, who refused to be interviewed (his comments herein were taken from an unauthorized leak of the transcripts of several court-ordered wiretaps). "I figured that if I could do a neo-Schenkerian musical analysis relating the various Interval Vectors found in Charles Ives compositions, I could easily master the more arcane procedures of the Caucus/Convention system of choosing National Convention delegates."

Mr. Berg-Andersson was born in New Haven, Connecticut but, after a childhood spent on Staten Island, New York, was raised in a suburban north central New Jersey town from which he spent the better part of his adolescence and early young adulthood seeking escape: he eventually did so, successfully eluding recapture for nearly a decade and a half until he was found to be residing in New York City's Borough of Queens and was subsequently returned to the north central New Jersey suburbs to complete the remainder of what was now an extended sentence. "I choose a stratum of Society even lower than that of a Musician: that of Political Analyst", Mr. Berg-Andersson added. "Parents have been known to allow their daughters to marry a musician before they'd allow a wedding to a political pundit and here I am having had experience doing both!"

TONY ROZA, webmaster:

Mr. Roza is an alumnus of Boston University's Class of 1977 with a degree in Computer Engineering, which well prepared him for his role as the webmaster for for "The Green Papers".

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